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InOpen Technologies

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About InOpen
InOpen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a IIT Bombay (Mumbai) based technological startup in Educational sector. It designs and develops cutting edge curriculum and educational solutions for academia and Industry. InOpen offers products and service to public - private schools, Govt. for ICT related projects as well as for e-learning industries.

Key Points :
1. Incorporated in Sept 30th 2009. Incubated at IIT Bombay in Nov 2009. 2. Product presently Used by 35000 students across 52 schools from 2000 students in Dec 2009. 300+ Teachers trained to use the product. Free E-Book has been downloaded in 112 countries with zero spent on advertising. 3. Team Growth from 4 people in Nov 2009 to 30 people presently. 4. Revenue expected for FY10 : 10 Million INR (10X growth from 09-10). Lock in Contracts of 22.5 Million INR for a span of 2 - 3 years.
info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in


Rupesh Kumar Shah Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Shridhar Shukla Dr. Sridhar Iyer Director Co-Founder & Director Co-Founder & MD - GS Labs, Prof in Dept. Of CSE, IIT Bombay Past: Director & COO Persistent Systems

Dr. Farida Khan Advisor Research Scientists in Dept. Of CSE, IIT Bombay

Dr. Sahana Murthy Advisor Prof in Dept. Of Distant Education, IIT Bombay
Past: Faculty at MIT USA

info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in

Products and Services

The need for an active computer learning based curriculum is addressed through an
up-to-date cutting edge IT curriculum, titled Computer Masti (CM). Designed as a content-service solution to teach IT/CS in schools. The content is presented in a story format around 3 characters. Adopts a constructivist pedagogical approach, which encourages the characters to ask questions, and to explore on their own. Key Points : 1. IIT Bombay - InOpen collaborative Product. Extensive Research content. Intellectual Property. 2. Acceptance across all kinds of schools and varied IT setups. 3. Implemented across 35 schools in 1 year. 4. Available in 8 Indian Languages and 2 Foreign Languages. 5. Featured in leading national Newspapers, Media blogs and Research papers / Journals
info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in

Business Model & Revenue Metrics (1/2)

1. Implement Products in Schools in service around content model. Services range from Turnkey solutions to basic Implementation models 2. Supplies content to Edu. Companies and e-learning Industries for implementing solutions in Govt. Setups for ICT learning and CAL projects. 3. Vocational Trainings for ITI projects, College Students and Organizations. Creates knowledge and employment among adults. 4. E-Content for New Generation smart-phones and Tablets.
Engage with 1000 School (Approx. 500,000 students) Premium Content Generator and Resource Training Company

Engage with 35 School (Approx. 20,000 students)

Engage with 150 School (Approx. 125,000 students) Directly as well as with our Business Partners




Strategy till 2014

info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in

Clients and Testimonials

Esteemed Clients
Super stuff! - Mark Shuttleworth - Founder, Canonical and Ubuntu . A dream for every parent and must for every child Economic Times - ET Now
Jamnabai Narsee, Mumbai

Vikhe Patil School, Pune

This is a story where we in the west can look to the developing world, to a country like India who is using technology innovatively. I am talking about Computer Masti.. - Times of India The Curriculum is very helpful for teachers with its Teachers guide.The worksheet and the activities are very attractive. I enjoyed it very much - Mrs. Haseena Suresh IES group of schools

SSRVM Art of Living Schools

Springled School. Rizvi Foundation Mumbai

The curriculum makes me feels good as I able to relate to the need which I see in my schools.The students are bored of dry and mechanical Curriculum - Mr. Chandrasekhar Orchid International School, Nasik Our Routine Computer Classes have turned into so fun.... - Mrs. Lalitha Hariharan Principal, Rizvi group of schools

Kendra Vidyala, Mumbai

Al Barkat School Anjuman Islam

info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in

Future Targets
to be considered as a World Class Content Generation and TeacherTraining Company by 2013-14. We intend to supply the highest quality of content and Training in all major subjects for schools. We will use our customer experience to reach our vision

CM 2.0 beta by Q4 2011-12. Bring the same learning experience on web by combining
learning, practice and assessment on the same page. Q4-FY-10-11

CM in 8 indian Languages and 2 Foreign Languages along-with CMLS in 5 languages by InOpens We

CM Everywhere Initiative - Utilize Open Source Potential to gain online Community Support for making CM available in Ipad, Kindle, Android Devices, etc by FY Q2-11-12. wish to at least open 2 company operated centers for Teacher and student learning activities and take it to 100 by 2018.

info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in

Why Us ?
1. We have unfair advantage over competition

We are ahead of competition in reference to Content.

2. We have displayed our capability for execution

- Unfair advantage to Computer Masti. The JV with IIT Bombay creates The brand in Education Sector.

Carried POC and grown in a well structured manner. Monthly burn rates were kept low in-spite of the regular growth in team size
and expenditures. A combination of
Young Executive team, a well experienced Academic team along-with a strong BOD. 3. We have received some visibility. 15 news articles in 1st year.

Media Love - The Wall Street Journal, Economic Times, Times of India,

Hindustan Times, The Asian Age, DNA and few others carried articles about us.
info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in




Thank You
Rupesh Shah | Co-Founder & CEO | rupesh@inopen.in

info@inopen.in | www.inopen.in