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ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code , Section IX Company Name: www.WPSAmerica.com Company Address: info@WPSAmerica.com, 1 (877) 977-9353
PQR No.: DEMO-PQR Welding Procedure Specification WPS No.: DEMO-WPS Date: 12,12, 2005 Revision No.: (0)

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Material Specification: SA-515 Welded to Material Specification: SA-515 Thickness of Test Coupon mm (in): 90 mm (3.54 in.) Other Information: This is a DEMO PQR from www.WPSAmerica.com Type or Grade: 60 P-No.: 1 Group No.: 1 Type or Grade: 60 P-No.: 1 Group No.: 1

Diameter of Test Coupon mm (in): n/a

Joint Design: Double-Vee groove weld Backing: No Backing Backing Material (Refer to both backing and retainers.): n/a Groove Details (or per production drawing): Root Opening G: 0 to 1/8 in. Root Face RF: 1/8 in. Groove Angle: 60 (both sides) Radius (J-U): n/a

Joint Details/ Sketch:

Table for recorded information; Refer to QW-409

Pass No. (s) 1 to 3 4 to n Process Filler Metal Classification E7018 E7018 Filler Size Diameter mm (in) 4.0 mm (5/32) 4.8 mm (3/16) Current Amps 160-200 220-250 Volts Wire Feed Speed mm/min (in/min) n/a n/a Travel Speed mm/min (in/min) 5-10 (in/min) 5-10 (in/min) Max. Heat Input kJ/mm (kJ/in) Or Remarks Root Pass Fill and Cap Passes


24-26 24-26


Date: 12,12, 2005

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Welding Process (es): Type (s):

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Manual


AWS Classification (Electrode-Flux Class for SAW) SFA Specification Filler Metal F-No. Weld Metal Analysis A-No. Size of Filler Metals mm (in) Trade name of Filler Metal Max. Welding Pass Thickness mm (in) Deposited Weld Metal Thickness mm (in) Weld Deposit Chemistry Flux Trade Name Other information: This is a DEMO PQR from www.WPSAmerica.com E7018 SFA 5.1 4 1 5/32 to 3/16 in. PHILIPS-SMAW 3/16 in. 90 mm (3.54 in.) n/a n/a

Position of Groove Welding Progression 1G

Preheat Temperature C (F) Interpass Temperature C (F) 150 C 150 C

GAS (QW-408)
Shielding Gas Type (Mixture) Flow Rate Flow Rate Flow Rate lt/min. (cfh) lt/min. (cfh) lt/min. (cfh) Trailing Gas Type (Mixture) Gas Backing (Mixture) n/a _ n/a _ n/a _


Details may be shown on Table of Sheet 1 of 3 Current/ Polarity Amps (Range) Volts (Range) Wire Feed Speed (Range) mm/min (in/min) Travel Speed (Range) mm/min (in/min) Mode of Metal Transfer for GMAW Tungsten Electrode Size mm (in) Tungsten Type DCEP 160 to 230 24 to 26 n/a 5 to 10 (in./min) N/A _ N/A

String or Weave Bead Multiple or Single Electrodes Multiple or Single Pass (per side) Orifice or Gas Cup Size Contact Tube to Work Distance mm (in) Initial and Interpass Cleaning Method of Back Gouging Oscillation Peening Other information: This is a DEMO PQR from www.WPSAmerica.com String and Weave Bead Single Multiple n/a n/a Brushing and Grinding Grinding Not Required Not Required


Holding Temperature Range C (F): 600 to 620 C Heating Rate C/hr (F/hr): 120 C/hr Cooling Rate C/hr (F/hr): 120 C/hr Holding Time Range: 1 Hour per in. Method: Furnace Method: Open Air



Date: 12,12, 2005

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Specimen No. TA1 TA2 TM1 TM2 TB1 TB2 Width mm (in) 25,1 25,1 25 25,1 25 25 Thickness mm (in) 30 30 30 30 30 29,8 Area mm x mm (in x in) 753 753 750 753 750 745 Ultimate Total Load, Kg (lb) 36212 Kg 36712 Kg 35712 Kg 35612 Kg 36412 Kg 36312 Kg Ultimate Unit Stress, MPa (psi) 471 (MPa) 477 (Mpa) 466 (MPa) 463 (MPa) 475 (MPa) 478 (MPa) Type of Failure and Location Ductile out Weld Ductile out Weld Ductile out Weld Ductile out Weld Ductile out Weld Ductile out Weld


Type and Figure No. QW 462.2 PL1 QW 462.2 PL2 QW 462.2 PL3 QW 462.2 PL4 Results Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory Remarks Ductile Ductile Ductile Ductile


Specimen No. TVA1 TVA2 TVA3 TVB1 TVB2 TVB3 Specimen Size mm x mm (in x in) 10 X 10 10 X 10 10 X 10 10 X 10 10 X 10 10 X 10 Test Temperature C (F) 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C 0C Impact Values Joule J (ft-lb) 78 39 83 73 78 73 Lateral Exp. % Shear mm/mm Drop Weight Break: Yes/ No

Notch Location

in weld in weld in weld in weld in weld in weld

Comments (Notch type, etc.): Charpy V Notch, 2 mm

Other Tests (Notes): No further tests are required.

Radiographic-ultrasonic examination:
RT report no: 1230-RT UT report no: 2310-UT Result: O.K. Result: O.K.


Result-Satisfactory: Penetration into Parent Metal: Macro-Results: n/a Welders name: Joe Smith Name of Laboratory: Quality Weld Lab, Inc. Tests conducted by: WPSAmerica.com Laboratory Tests Number: TN-46547 Clock No.: 123-12-1234 Stamp No.: JS-02

We certify that the statements in this record are correct and that the test welds were prepared, welded, and tested in accordance with the requirements of Section IX of the ASME Code.

Additional Notes: This is a DEMO PQR from www.WPSAmerica.com Manufacturer or Contractors Welding Engineer:
Name: Weld Guy Signature: W.G. Title: Welding Engineer Date: 12,12, 2005

Authorized by:
Name: John Smith Signature: J.S. Title: QA Manager Date: 12,12, 2005