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2010 IEEE Project Titles, Embedded System Project Titles

NCCT, Final Year Projects Embedded Systems * Microcontrollers * VLSI * DSP * Matlab FINAL YEAR PROJECTS - IEEE PROJECTS 2011-2012

NCCT, Final Year Projects Embedded Systems * Microcontrollers * VLSI * DSP * Matlab FINAL YEAR PROJECTS - IEEE PROJECTS 2011-2012 Why NCCT Complete Guidance * On time Completion * Excellent Support * Multi platform Training * Flexibility 001A 2.4-GHz CMOS Short-Range Wireless-Sensor-Network Interface for Automotive Applications 002A Decision Method for Placement of Tactile Elements on a Sensor Glove for the Recognition of Grasp Types 003A General Active-Learning Framework for On-Road Vehicle Recognition and Tracking 004A Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System A New Rectifier Stage Topology 005A Laboratory Testbed for Embedded Fuzzy Control 006A Multisensor Intelligent Device for Real-Time Multiphase Flow Metering in Oil Fields 007A New Intelligent Remote Control System for Home Automation and Reduce Energy Consumption 008A Novel MEMS Respiratory Flow Sensor 009A Real-Time Wireless Brain-Computer Interface System for Drowsiness Detection 010A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology 011A Triaxial Accelerometer-based Physical Activity Recognition 012A Vision System for Autonomous Weed Detection Robot 013A Wearable Airbag to Prevent Fall Injuries 014A Wearable Sensor for Unobtrusive, Long-Term Assessment of Electrodermal Activity 015A Wireless Quiz System using Low Power Microcontrollers 016A ZCS Full-Bridge Converter Without Voltage Overstress on the Switches 017Adding New Functions to the Remote Airfield Lighting System 018An Efficient Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Interface Circuit Using a Bias-Flip Recti?er and Shared Inductor 019An Efficient Wind-Photovoltaic Hybrid Generation 020An Electronic Voting System for Haptic Touchscreen Interface 021An embedded electric meter based on Bluetooth data acquisition system 022An Intelligent Secure and Privacy-Preserving Parking Scheme Through Vehicular Communications


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023An RFID-Based Intelligent Vehicle Speed Controller Using Active Traffic Signals 024An Universal Remote Controller with Haptic Interface for Home Devices 025Analytical Approach for Well-Being Assessment of Small Autonomous Power Systems with Solar and Wind Energy Sources 026Anti-cheating Monitoring System of the Electronic Truck Scale 027Application of AMR Based on Powerline Communication in Outage Management System 028Automatic Detection of Train Arrival Through An Accelerometer 029Automatic Payload Deployment System 030Autonomous Light Control by Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks 031BioRob-Arm A Quickly Deployable and Intrinsically Safe, Light - Weight Robot Arm for Service Robotics Applications 032Biosensing Textiles for Personalised Healthcare Management 033Bluetooth-Enabled In-Home Patient Monitoring System 034Breath Analyzer for Alco locks and Screening Devices 035Camera-in-hand Robotic System for Remote Monitoring of Plant Growth in a Laboratory 036Combined Scheduling of Ultrasound And GPS Signals in A Wearable ZigBee-Based Guidance System for The Blind 037Computer controlled Intrusion-detector and automatic firing-unit for border1 038Cooperative caging using autonomous aquatic surface vehicles 039Design and Built of on Load Fully Electronic Tap Changer with Triac Switch Simulation and Practical Results 040Design and Application of Mobile Embedded Systems for Home Care Applications 041Design and Implementation of a Bi-directional Power Converter for Electric Bike with Charging Feature 042Design of a Novel Efficient Human-Computer Interface An Electrooculagram Based Virtual Keyboard 043Design of intelligent residential lighting control system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network and fuzzy controller 044Development and Fuzzy Control of a Pipe Inspection Robot 045Development of Remote Waste Gas Monitor System 046Development of a Distributed Elevator Control System Based on the Microcontroller 047Development of Intelligent Power Wheelchair Assisting for People on Daily Life using Motion Recognition 048Digital Average Current-Mode Control of PWM DC-DC Converters Without Current Sensors 049Efficiency based modulation for wheelchair driving collaborative control 050Efficient Communication in Autonomous Robot Software 051Efficient Movement Detection for Human Actions Using Triaxial Accelerometer 052Electronically Operated Anti-Snoring Pillo 053Embedded Control Z-Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor 054Energy Harvesting From Piezoelectric Materials Fully Integrated in Footwear 055Energy-efficient Autonomous Four-rotor Flying Robot Controlled at 1 kHz 056Engineering Quality Control of Solar-powered Intelligent Water-saving Irrigation 057Field Experience With Performances Evaluation of a Single-Crystalline Photovoltaic Panel in an Underwater Environment 058Flexible On-Board Stream Processing for Automotive Sensor Data 059GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation Management Services 060GSM based ECG Tele-Alert System and more.........


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