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Multimedia Applications Multimedia Brokering National Security & Public Safety Products Network Management Products Optical Transport Packet Core Power Modules Provisioning Radio Access Service Delivery Platform Site Products Television User Data Management Services Portfolio A-Z Mobile Switching Media Gateway for Mobile Networks M-MGw MSC Server Media Gateway for Mobile Networks M-MGw IP Signalling Transfer Point IP-STP Mobile Switching Center MSC Together, our Mobile Media Gateway and Mobile Switching Center Server provide r eliable, efficient local switching with the smallest equipment footprint and low est power consumption available. The Mobile Media Gateway (M-MGw) provides distributed switching by connecting mo bile calls locally to other mobiles and landlines. Main benefits of the M-MGw include: Distributed local switching at RNC, BSC and other remote sites Easy scalability and high capacity within a single cabinet Compressed speech in the core network according to the 3GPP standard (improved sp eech quality is provided via speech enhancing functions) Automatic and dynamic capacity allocation between GSM and WCDMA traffic, PSTN int erconnect and support for TDM, ATM and IP interfaces in the same node Optimized platform design for real-time services requiring low delay Use of common processor boards to enable dynamic capacity allocation and handling of echo cancellation, voice-quality enhancements, transcoding, circuit-switched data, and code sending and receiving Fully integrated media stream processing in the M-MGw Support for flexible network design and MSC Server pooling through virtual media gateway functionality The M-MGw supports ETSI, ANSI and TTC standards. Our M-MGw is scalable, reliable and offers proven telecom-grade in-service perfo rmance. It utilizes highly integrated hardware to ensure the smallest equipment footprin t and lowest power consumption on the market. The distributed switching and compressed speech contribute to substantial saving s in transmission costs without reducing quality. Integrated media-stream proces sing removes the need for additional nodes further contributing to opex savings. Evolve toward all-IP and higher capacity The M-MGw works with the Mobile Switching Center Server (MSC-S) to provide a fut ure-proof softswitch architecture that is essential for a smooth evolution towar

d an all-IP environment. By flexibly handling TDM, ATM and IP interfaces in the same node, the solution e nsures a cost-effective migration from 2G to 3G and ready evolution to an all-IP network and IMS interworking. Our new generation Mobile Softswitch Solution, based on MSC Server Blade Cluster and the new hardware generation M-MGw GMPv4, provides even higher node capacity while cutting power consumption. The highly flexible solution includes scalable M-MGw capacity, within a single c abinet, to support optimal network design.