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17th International competition

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Since 1995 the The World of Art magazine has been encouraging young people to create and participate in international competitions, where they can compare their work to the work of children of the same age from other countries and continents. During that period the first gallery of children's art was founded in Slovenia - The Gallery of Childrens Art Works, The Old Castle of Celje, today at new location on Krekov trg 3, Celje dedicated to young artists under the age of 20. A lot of children from different countries of the world were awarded for their art masterpieces, which encouraged them for further art creativity. More than one 125.000 young artists from 90 countries of the world from all the continents have participated in our competitions. As the result we also have the world's biggest collection of young people's art works on the theme The Horse, which consists of 45.000 art works from 55 countries of the world; the collection of art works on the theme Still life includes almost 30 thousand paintings from 50 countries of the world, and the collection on the theme Castles- our cultural heritage consists of more than 10 thousand paintings from 35 countries, there are also 20.000 artworks on theme Who am I? from 60 countries and 20 thousand artworks on the theme Ethnological dresses and folklore dances of my people People have admired the awarded art works from our competitions at 180 exhibitions (65 of them were abroad in 26 countries). Art creativity always brings new challenges, also this time.

THE SIMPLY ART ART SCHOOL IN HONG KONG, CHINA, was set up in 1997 by a husband-and-wife team - Henry Lau Hoo Cheong and Iris Lee Chui Fan, who threw their jobs as architects to become art teachers. Simply Art has since flourished. Mr. and Mrs. Lau have themselves won prizes in local and international drawing and design competitions, and they want to pass their experiences to next generation. Both husband and wife said they want the younger generation to be more concerned about the environment, world peace, information technology, their local heritage and culture, which are essential for sustainable and quality life in future generations. Simply Art have been invited to publish a book on young art education and hold international art exhibitions with renowned foreign art institutions, museums and galleries to achieve cultural exchange as it is valuable chance for the local public to board their mind on art education. They believe that competition is a way of motivating learning and enhancing creativity. They also said the youth should know the traditional way of painting but must embrace new attitudes. Simply Art has also won prizes in its own right and the outstanding achievements of their young charges who have collectively received over 1000 international awards. They had been interviewed by United Nations, CNN, National Geographic, and numerous local and oversea media.

MIZYAL SANAT EVI FROM GAZIANTEP, TURKEY, was established in year 1988 by an academic artist-masters in painting Mizyal Karabiber Nacarolu to tech children art. Later, it has been extended to Mizyal Art Museum including not only the children paintings but also many different art collections such as prints, sculptures, 3D art, etc. from many different countries from Japan to America. Mizyal Art Museum executes various art events but mainly focused her works on the children art education and exhibiting their works in and out of the country. For 23 years, Mizyal Art Museum has been organizing International Children Art Competitions, children art workshops, short courses and long term art education. In her own historic building, Mizyal Art Museum gives lectures of art, painting, drawing, etc. Her students had won many awards at competitions in Europe, Japan, India, etc. Mizyal Karabiber Nacarolu had her art education in Reigate School of Art in London and she studied further on drawings in master level in drawing and painting at the Open College of Art, England. She has been the member of the juries of national and international art competitions and different events. Personally, she had won many awards in different countries and she has been invited to join many workshops. She set up many exhibitions in Turkey and abroad like England, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Greece, Japan. Mizyal Karabiber Nacarolu is the member of the International Union of Art UPSD, Culture of peace by Mediterranean Women Creators (FAM). The cooperation between the Institution for creative development of young people Celje and the Mizyal Art Museum is in development form the year 1998 onwards, among other, Mr. Mihailo Lianin, founder of Institution for Creative Development of Young People Celje, has been a regular jury member of the competitions organized by Mizyal Art Museum. In 2011 Mizyal Art Museum opened a new Worlds Children Art Galery and Museum in the historical Old House in Gaziantep-Turkey to exhibit more than 10 thousand selected children paintings. ARTINO ART STUDIO FROM BELGRADE, SERBIA was established year 1996 by an academic artist masters in graphic art Svetlana Vei Ralevi. Under the guidance of its founder, the Artino Art Studio executes numerous art projects such as: artistic education of young people, international exhibitions at home and abroad, art colonies for young people and international competitions for the young.. For her educational work and for art products from Artino they have already received numerous international and domestic awards. Svetlana Vei Ralevi is the receiver of an important Serbian award for development of culture, she is a member of multiple international expert juries for young people, among other, from 2011 she is the president of the international jury for the International competition in Celje, Slovenia and the coordinator of the Ada Art project in Serbia. The cooperation between the Institution for creative development of young people Celje and the Artino Art Studio is in development form the year 1998 onwards, among other, Artino was the organizer of the cultural manifestation from Slovenia in Serbia at the Educational Museum in Belgrade in the year 2000, the first one after the collapse of Yugoslavia, where they exhibited the artworks from the archive of the Gallery of Young Peoples Art Works International competition.

ANNOUNCE 17th International Competition of Children's Art Works The theme ETHNOLOGICAL DRESSES AND FOLKLORE DANCES OF MY PEOPLE
Who are my people and what kind of cultural legacy have I inherited? What do we want to preserve for our future generations? The identity of my people. Select the best, select something what represents your people for centuries, ethnological dresses and folklore dance of your nation. On the reverse side write down the name of the dress, dance, era in which it was important for your people and maybe also write down at what occasions dress was used, dances were preformed and send it to us. So go for it! Awards 50 best art works from each age group will be awarded with unique prizes; the best three authors from each age group will be awarded also with special gifts. Mentors who will have one awardee awarded with first prize or two or more with unique prize will also be awarded with an unique prize. Do not forget Put the entries of different age groups in separate envelopes: 1st group: up to 10 years, 2nd group: from 11-15 years, 3rd group: from 16 - 20 years All techniques on a paper are allowed. Art works should not exceed 30x42 cm. On the reverse side of the artwork you should put the following details in capital letters and in Latin alphabet: - name and surname of the author, date of authors birth - the date when the art work was created, - name and surname of the mentor, - the full address of the school, or author, if sent individually, - e-mail address of the school, or author, if sent individually, Please do not put the art works on pasparts. We will be receiving the art works from announcement to December 31st 2011 on the following address: THE GALLERY OF YOUNG PEOPLE'S ART WORKS, CELJE Krekov trg 3, 3000 CELJE, SI - SLOVENIA The results of the competition and all other information, date, location of the opening ceremony of the awarded art works will be available exclusively on our internet page from February 10th 2012 on: www.celje.si/en/theworld-ofart/ and in World of Art Magazine, February 2012 Please consider the conditions of the competition, as the jury will not appraise the works not respecting them. The received entries will not be returned to the authors, they will become part of the archive of The World of Art magazine. After appraisement it is possible to borrow the art works from the archive for school exhibitions.

May I ask you to add some table flags of your towns and states, some bank notes or coins of small face value and some used stamps of your country to the shipment of your pieces of art? Thus you will contribute to the collection of souvenirs of participating countries of our competitions, being collected for some years now. Part of the collection can be seen on our web page. We wish you good luck and a lot of pleasure in creating. THE GALLERY OF YOUNG PEOPLE'S ART WORKS CELJE Founder and competition leader MIHAILO LIANIN

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