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Task 2: Create four new folders by using Windows Explorer 1. On NYC-DC1, open Windows Explorer. 2.

On drive C, create folders named: Marketing Managers Investments CustomerService

Task 3: Set share properties for the folder 1. Right-click the Marketing folder, and then click Share. 2. In File Sharing dialog box, type TOR_MarketingGG, and then click Add. 3. Change the permission level to Contributor, and then click Share. 4. Repeat creating shares for each of the remaining folders, assigning the groups and permissions. TOR_BranchManagersGG (Managers Folder) TOR_InvestmentsGG (Investments Folder) TOR_CustomerServiceGG (CustomerService Folder)

Task 4: Create another shared folder by using Share and Storage Management MMC. 1. On the Start menu, in Administrative Tools, click Share and Storage Management. 2. Start Provision Share Wizard. 3. Click the Browse button. In the Browse Folder window, create a new folder named CompanyNews on the C drive. 4. Do not change any other settings, but click Next all the way through to the Create button. Click Create, and then click Close. 5. In the Shares list of the Share and Storage Management MMC, right-click CompanyNews, and then click Properties. 6. In the Permissions tab, click Share Permissions. Add the Domain Users group, and notice that their permission is set as Read. 7. Add the TOR_BranchManagersGG group, and give them Full Control permissions. 8. Finish the Permissions settings, and exit Share and Storage Management MMC.

Task 5: Create a new group and shared folder for an interdepartmental project 1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers MMC. 2. Click the Toronto OU, and add a new global security group named TOR_SpecialProjectGG. 3. Expand the following Toronto OUs, and use the Add to group command to add the users listed in the table: Toronto OUs Names Investment Aaron Con Marketing Aidan Delaney Branch Managers Sven Buck Customer Service Dorena Pashke 4. Close Active Directory Users and Computers. 5. Create a new folder in drive C, and name it SpecialProjects. 6. Share the folder, adding the TOR_SpecialProjectGG group that has Contribute permission levels. 7. Click Share.

Task 6: Block inheritance of a folder in a shared folder 1. Open the SpecialProjects folder. 2. Create a new folder called Unshared. 3. Change Unshared Properties by removing the inheritable permissions. 4. Give permissions back the Administrator.

Exercise 2: Evaluating the Shared Folder Implementation Task 2: Check the permissions for Company News 1. After you are logged on as Sven, open the Company News folder and create a text file. Name it News.txt. 2. Create a folder named News, and drag News.txt into it. 3. Close the Company News window and log off.

Task 3: Check permissions of interdepartmental share Special Project 1. Log on as Dorena with the password Pa$$w0rd. 2. Open the Special Project volume and create a text document. 3. Try to open Company News. Open the News.txt file inside the News folder. 4. Log off as Dorena.