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Module 3

Creating AD DS Groups and Organizational Units

Scenario Woodgrove Bank is an enterprise that has offices located in several cities throughout the world. Woodgrove Bank is opening a new subsidiary in Vancouver, and they need an OU design for the subsidiary. Woodgrove Bank has deployed AD DS on servers running Windows Server 2008, and one of your primary tasks will be to create a new OU design and move users from current positions to the new subsidiary.

Exercise 1: Creating AD DS Groups

In this exercise, you will create three new groups by using Active Directory Users and Computers. You will create one group by using Dsadd. You will add users to the groups and inspect the results. Task 1: Start the virtual machines, and then log on 1. Click the 6419A Lab Launcher shortcut on your desktop. The Lab Launcher starts. 2. In the Lab Launcher, next to 6419A NYC-DC1, click Launch. 3. In the Lab Launcher, next to 6419A NYC-SVR1, click Launch. 4. Log on to NYC-DC1 as WOODGROVEBANK\Administrator with the password Pa$$w0rd. 5. Minimize the Lab Launcher window. Task 2: Create three groups using Active Directory Users and Computers 1. On NYC-DC1, open Active Directory Users and Computers. 2. In the WoodgroveBank.com domain, create a new group in the Users container using the following parameters: Group Name: VAN_BranchManagersGG Scope: Global Type: Security

3. Repeat step 2 to create two more groups that have the same scope and type. The two group names are as follows: VAN_CustomerServiceGG VAN_InvestmentGG

Task 3: Create a group using Dsadd command-line tool 1. At a command prompt, enter the following command: dsadd group cn=VAN_MarketingGG,cn=Users,dc=WoodgroveBank,dc=com samid VAN_MarketingGG secgrp yes scope g 2. Press ENTER.

3. Use the Find command to locate the new group in the WoodgroveBank.com OU.

Task 4: Add members to the new groups 1. In Active Directory Users and Computers, search the WoodgroveBank.com domain by using the standard Find box to find each of the user accounts listed in the table in Step 2. 2. Add each worker to the groups indicated in the following table:


Task 5: Create a new user account based on the customer service template 1. In Active Directory Users and Computers, click the Users container in WoodgroveBank.com. In the contents view area, right-click VAN_BranchManagersGG, and view its properties. 2. Open the Members tab and observe that Neville Burdan and Suchitra Mohan are now members


Result: At the end of this exercise, you will have created three new groups by using Active Directory Users and Computers, and one new groups by using Dsadd. You also will have added users to the groups and inspected the results.