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Integrating SAP and Kronos Solutions


Extend the Value of Your SAP Investment

Your SAP environment is the high-performance backbone of your organizations IT infrastructure. Kronos, the leading provider of workforce management solutions, empowers you to extend the capabilities of your SAP ERP investment by integrating with our Workforce Central suite. Our SAP-Certified Integration offering is designed to provide ease of integration and seamless interoperability while protecting your investment in SAP technology.

Maximize the value of your Kronos and SAP data and applications Protect your investment in SAP ERP technology Simplify integration with SAP Human Capital Management and SAP Production Planning Speed and ease integration and interoperability using Enterprise Services

Discover the benefits of Kronos SAP-Certified Integration

Supported by both Kronos and SAP, the SAP-Certified Integration offering for Workforce Central v6.1 is the ideal solution for customers seeking to integrate SAP ERP 6 and Workforce Central v6.1. It uses the SAP ERP Connector available in Kronos Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) as well as a set of SAP-certification templates that support common integration scenarios.

The building blocks for seamless integration

Features of the SAP-Certified Integration offering include integration templates1 that support SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) and Production Planning (PP). When used in combination with standardized Enterprise Services, these templates simplify integration efforts and reduce the time it takes for IT to give users access to shared data between systems. In effect, an integrated SAP-Kronos solution enables you to maintain a single source of information for significant time and cost savings. SAP-certified templates for SAP HCM simplify the integration with Kronos Workforce Timekeeper v6.1, making it easy for you to: Send cost centers from SAP ERP to Workforce Central labor levels Send employee demographics from SAP ERP to Workforce Central person records Send payroll data from Workforce Timekeeper to SAP ERP

SAP-Certified Integration Architecture

Interface Designer


SAP HR Module SAP PP Module

SAP Platform/ Netweaver

E n t e r p r i s e

S e r v i c e s

Workforce Integration Manager (WIM)

Workforce Timekeeper Workforce Activities

SAP Landscape

Workforce Central Applications

Templates are generic links or interfaces that can be used as a starting point to speed and simplify integration efforts. In all cases, a template file must be customized for use in a specific customer installation.

Integrating SAP and Kronos

SAP-certified templates for SAP PP simplify the integration of Kronos Workforce Activities v6.1, making it easy for you to: Send Production Orders and associated operations from SAP ERP to Workforce Activities. You can even set up these templates to run in real time. Send Activity Events from Workforce Activities to SAP ERP Production Order Confirmation Time Tickets. Enterprise Services, a standard and interoperable method, simplify the process of integrating interactions between applications over a network.

SAP-Certified Integration specifications

SAP-Certified Integration for Workforce Central v6.1 requires WIM v6.1.5 or higher, which is available in Workforce Central v6.1.5 and higher. WIM is not available in Workforce Connect v6.0. In addition, SAP Certified Integration: Supports SAP templates: With specific data fields for HR, Payroll, and Production Planning Editable by Kronos Services and customers Certified by SAP Maintained as SAP modifies versions Is available for use With Workforce Central v6.1.5 or higher Requires WIM (Workforce Connect not supported) Requires SAP ERP v6.0 Enhancement Pack 3 or higher Supports Enterprise Services3 shipped with SAP ERP and Business Applications Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) exposed as Enterprise Services by customers Supports Enterprise Services Definition Language v1.1: Kronos WIM Enterprise Services Connection

Flexible integration methods

Because integration needs vary, Kronos offers a number of flexible ways to integrate your SAP system with our workforce management applications. In addition to our SAP-Certified integration methodology, SAP-Kronos interfaces are available to support manual, scheduled, or event-driven processes. These processes are driven by the following integration types: SAP-Certified Integration : As described above

Flat-file transfer (FFT): Reading legacy data in spreadsheet tables or sequential files, converting the data into the target format, and importing the data into the SAP or Kronos database as required Plant data collection (PDC): An interface using Idocs (Intermediate documents), a standard Kronossupported process for sending neutral flat files via Workforce Connect or WIM, on the Kronos side and an SAP-distributed integration method on the SAP end

Get the Kronos Services advantage

Kronos Services has a proven track record of successful SAPKronos integrations. What does that mean for your organization? Youre able to integrate your SAP ERP system with Kronos Workforce Central with peace of mind that your investment in SAP technology is safe and protected. And that youll get maximum value from the data and applications you integrate.

Note: Contact your Kronos sales representative if you are interested in implementing field-configured FFT or PDC integrations.

Interested in learning more?

To find out more about the benefits of integrating your SAP ERP system with the Kronos Workforce Central suite, visit www.kronos.com or call us at +1 800 225-1561.

2 3

The SAP-Certified Enterprise Services link and interface templates are compatible with Workforce Central v6.1.5 and higher. SAP ERP source and output types use Enterprise Services, the stated integration direction of SAP.

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