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Insights & Hope

I thought about what I was going to mention and now I know what has to be done. I have to express my thinking and with clear accuracy about the current events going on in the world. Im going to show what comes into my mind filled with a variety of emotions plus insights. Fundamentally, you know what my beliefs are and you know how I get down. My pedigree is all encompassing of honesty, improvement, and promoting truth here. Now, in the beginning of the twenty-first century, old wounds and new challenges is traveling the world landscape. We no longer have the existence of the Soviet Union (which was built up by the Western banking elite in order to promote the Hegelian Dialectic of the contrasting philosophies of Capitalism and Communism. Communism has its weakness and immoral economic composition, but the wealthy as Dr. Martin Luther King said used unbridled Capitalism as a means to permit the bondage & exploitation against black slaves and people of color throughout the centuries. Today, cartel-capitalism is executed in order to utilized as a method to exploit the poor [of blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Native Americans, etc.] here in America plus abroad. No economic system is completely perfect. That Cold War have been utilized by elite factions as a means to suppress authentic nationalism, to incorporate the centralization of wealth into a feudal system as admitted by Professor Carroll Quigley, and to develop globalization). Yet, now the mainstream media promotes paranoia about terrorism. Far too often, the mainstream media refuses to expose a lot of real terrorism in the world. They can talk about terrorism in the Middle East, while ignoring the CIAs terror campaign against people in the Third World spanning the circumference of more than six decades. The intelligence agencies of the MI6, MI5, the Mossad, etc. have conducted similar acts of ineptitude and destructive, secretive acts against fellow human beings as well. They or the CFR/Trilaterial Commission/Bilderberg Group influenced mainstream media readily ignore the brutal CIA/Western elite puppet states enacting civil liberty suppression, neo-liberal economic policies, and other ways to deprive basic human dignity. The ultimate truth is that we live in a new era, yes, but old problems carried over from the twentieth century still plague us in the twenty-first century. Although, all human beings have every right to promote freedom in spite colonialism, in spite of oppression, and

in spite of a sick, evil war on terror. This century is determined on how we deal with not only with prejudice, but with human rights, technological developments, & our economic destiny. Another aspect of our problems exists in the realm of culture. Culture can be beautiful if utilized in constructive, transparent, and obviously positive modes. Yet, it can be destructive if culture is executed to unnecessarily suppress individuality, suppress free thought, or teaches any form of abhorrent bigotry. In our time, readily, the military industrial complex utilize Western culture as a tool to advance the base form of economic materialism, the war on terror, a phony version of socalled patriotism, and tensions among both genders in the human family. This is expressed in the fiction ironically called reality TV shows, the fruitless, distracting debates among both genders, and the stereotypes promoted against human beings (as a means to debase human dignity without enriching justifications at all). The military industrial complex use a sick exploitation of the military as a means to develop a fervor for warfare & violent conflict (under the Orwellian phrase of a global democratic revolution) instead of promoting true peace, justice, and an end to war. An end to war means an end to barbaric war. It is not at the hand of troops (even though when we should treat the troops equally to any other person without the worship of them or unfair denigration of them) or man that gives human rights. Rightsareunalienable andtheycomefromthe handofGodalone. Deceptive rhetoric is readily a common practice among the corporate elite in order to justify the crimes in the war on terror. One example is how the mainstream media yells about the so-called liberation of Libya. On the other hand, NATO firebombed civilian targets and the so-called liberators have a lead a demonic campaign of killing & raping black Africans in Libya. How can I as a black man support this stuff when my own people are being murdered, lynched, and raped in Libya by bigoted terrorists? In good conscious, I cant support this war on terror. War, as have been proven by a wide range of progressive scholars, readily enrich the corporate elite while it readily deprives necessary domestic services to assist the common people in nations globally. For example, the bombs in Vietnam killing men, women, and children ignored the need during the 1960s to fight a real war on poverty & affirm a real revolution of values. The Vietnam War caused over 58,000 Americans to lose their lives including more than 2 million Vietnamese men, women, and children being murdered. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was one out of many deceptive events that was utilized as a means for war hawks & those of reaction to allow the Vietnam War to exist as long as it did. Likewise, the war on terror stripped the necessarily resources to rebuild our American infrastructure. The war on terror has permitted the torture of human beings and the assassination of an American citizen without a fair trial by a jury in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Thiswaronterror isevil andcriminalwithout anymoraljustificationwhatsoever. The neo-conservatives anti-peace rhetoric solely benefit the oligarchy not true humanity. Also, some people (especially the young) succumb heavily to peer pressure and they feel the incessant need to wear certain clothing, act a certain way, and have certain material possessions (for materialism is one contributing factor to the present economic recession that we witness today not just derivatives or Wall Streets corruption) in trying to be in their minds accepted in the world. Some of these deluded individuals use material possessions as a means to escape in their minds ridicule. They fear ridicule, but it is the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of true understanding (without fear of anything else).

You dont have to radically change yourself in order to seek acceptance. A real person is satisfied with their own unique style beyond the pressures from mainstream society. Materialism permits greed, exploitation, and is one contributing factor to the existence of poverty in the world. A materialistic culture never progressively leads into a more enlightened people. We must have better concern with helping people out altruistically than worry about Gucci, lusting after a certain automobile, and using clothing to define oneself whole being (instead of allowing the Creator to define yourself). There is nothing wrong with being creative in the fundamental expression of the form of fashion legitimately. On the other hand, if you only define your value by what you wear or how much money you have, then you have some insecurity issues. I dont uniformly bow down to peer pressure at all. I believe in the worth and dignity of all human life and the potential of any human to achieve excellent, extraordinary accomplishments in the world. Irrespective of our physical appearance, our clothing, or our speech our value is equal to any other human being. Our value has been determined as equal to any other human by conception as all human beings are created in the image of one God. Although, Im not ashamed of my physical appearance since Im thankful of being black, being knowledgeable about the world around me, and being mature enough to recognize my intrinsic value. So, a revolution of thinking ought to be made manifest in the world society where not only ethics are promoted, but spiritual renewal, a war against poverty, and an opposition to the slick form of social bigotry (or judging a person as pretty much as inferior by what he or she looks like, talks like, or acts like. This bigotry is just as evil and unjustified as any form of bigotry). The reality is that your eclectic tastes and unique styles are blessings from the Creator in order to enrich your life, enrich other individuals lives, and enrich your own personality. You have grown men and grown women almost 50 years old abhorring their neighbor for superficial, ignorant reasons. Therefore, it is important for all us to firmly reject narrow-minded attitudes toward our neighbors. Im going until my dying day show the truth. We know the truth. We can never ascend into our real potential unless we adequately develop pronounced solutions to justly end poverty as we know it. So, our concerns shouldnt be just individual, its should be a concern of the general welfare of the individual & collective consciousness of the entire human race. In our day, some reactionaries mention that we have no money, they embrace a deficit hawk mentality, and they support totally the interests of corporations. The reactionary ethos is heavily promoted by the Koch brothers who spend tons of money to fight against environmental protections and the interests of the poor. Yet, the reality is that corporations arent gods to be genuflected. America ought to be a nation composed of and by the people alone. America shouldnt be economically or morally dominated by corporations. Many corporations have been at the forefront in the issuance of dangerous genetically modified foods, the funding of reactionary dictators the world over, and the theft of trillions of dollars at the expense of the suffering poor & middle class. These facts signify the necessity of some regulations and some boundary lines established in our economic system in order to permit a social safety net plus other reforms to help our human beings. Government resources (not just private power) are essential to be a part of keen portions of the solution necessary to end the great enemy of poverty. We cant be totally broke financially when there is a surplus of money in Social Security. Social Security was established in order to assist the concerns of elderly that lacked adequate benefits during the early part of the twentieth century. America cant be totally broke when Wall Street have achieved record economic profits and is presently hoarding trillions of dollars of wealth. America cant be totally broke when economic inequality readily persists to allow the top 1 percent of the super wealth to own a disproportionate amount of wealth in the world. You will notice that Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Bill OReilly refuse to mention these transparent facts, but I will. I will do it all day

and all of time with vigor. Therefore, if there is a redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich, we have the God-given right to promote economic policies that help the poor instead of hindering the poor or hinder the employment of individuals.

It is vitally crucial for us as a people to fight for our civil liberties. Without our civil liberties, our standard of living in the world is threatened and our cherished freedoms will be totally annihilated. Since 9/11, there has been an enormous amount of violations of the civil liberties of American peoples spanning backgrounds. Leading scholars from across the political spectrum have exposed the tragic anti-human rights compositions of the Patriot Act, the USA Military Commissions Act, and other specific unjust laws. An unjust law is morally repugnant in any name. The abundant of militarized police, the outright overt existence of police brutality against innocent protesters, the state killing of innocent people after death row, and the marginalization of those who express legitimate grievances are examples of an evil, slick police state permitted by the enemies of liberties. It is a great task, but a real task to support not only civil liberties, but to oppose militarism. Its truly a shame that we have witness a society that permits fusion centers, e v i l racial profiling, the mass incarceration of innocent human beings, and slick methods of voting rights suppression when these acts reflect an archaic nineteenth century mindset in the midst of a twenty-first century society. That is why thousands of human beings even in the United States decided to go out and activate protests against the corrupt policies of Wall Street. It isnt just Wall Streets fault for our present predicament. Its the fault of an oligarchy that uses puppet government leaders and degenerate policies in order to overtly enslave humanity into the status quo. One thing many populists are right about is that many of our problems financially existed from the policies from the Federal Reserve not just Wall Street.

Most people agree that Wall Street enacting corruption and stealing money are wrong activities. Patriots of a myriad of stripes have exposed the economic manipulation by the FED that has caused constant booms and busts. Frankly, I have no issues with those that dont want the Federal Reserve and want it replaced with an economic system that is based on sound money. Even more powerful than the Federal Reserve is the Pilgrim Society, various Nobility bloodlines, the Vatican/Jesuit networks, and other entities that ought to be opposed and exposed fully in our time. The City of London is an economic center with higher power than even the FED. The BIS or the Banks of International Settlements is definitely more powerful than the FED as based in Basel, Switzerland. The deal is the central bankers use a debt filled money system (instead of a debt free money system) as a way to control the composition of the economy and grow the debt in the world society. Those greedy, evil rich people (of the globalists) reap what they sown. We dont have to deal with them. Theyve shown the world their cruelty and its our job to fight for real power that doesnt include their ideologies. I want to mention this too. Some in Western society want to suppress real manhood and exploit real womanhood. There is nothing wrong with acting like a real man if youre a man and acting like a woman if youre a real woman. I am a man, so its fine for any man to have a real aggressive, go getter attitude in trying to achieve great accomplishments and to never be emasculated to suit the whims of political correctness. Far too often, males are falsely told in mainstream society that harboring legitimate strength is wrong. This supremacist mainstream media & some grown narrowminded adults demonize any man or any woman for that matter that is strong willed, very intelligent, and willing to fight for justice. So, a man and a woman shouldnt be disrespected if they are smart, they are doing the right thing, and they genuinely seek reforms in their communities. A man should aspire to greatness, not being a deadbeat or thug. A real man and a real woman shouldnt be degraded at all. WE SHOULD BE FREE. WE ARE BORN FREE AND THE EXCELLENT CALL FOR REVOLUTIONARY VALUES, INTELLECTUAL GROWTH, AND POWER FOR THE PEOPLE ARE BETTER THAN ALIGNING WITH THE INTRESTS OF OLIGARCHY (AND REACTION). Manhood is not the antithesis of meekness. It is a part of the concepts of meekness, being nice, upright, and being confidently strong to promote justice for all peoples in the planet Earth. Likewise, women have the right to be strong and exhibit a potent mind that refutes old stereotypes about females in general. In the final analysis, we all have to be real, we ought to admit our errors or mistakes, and we should grow more morally in order to activate morecompassioninsociety. My core convictions are still maintained in my thinking like a hard piece of concrete. Yet, I am more progressive in thinking as compared to 15 years ago. We should have a politically independent approach in solving our complications. I dont believe in worshipping the Republicans or the Democrats. I worship God alone excluding politically correct expediency or political establishment patronage. I do believe in fair wages. I do believe in health care for all of humanity. I do believe in the equal value of all peoples from conception unto death in respecting the sanctity of human life. I do believe in the existence of nation-states without oppressive multinational corporations dictating governmental policies. I do agree that with millions of Americans in foodstamps, we need a radical economic plan to give a guaranteed annual income plus other solutions to end poverty as we know it. The private sector and the government have the responsibility to fully & comprehensively answer the needs of the poor. Frankly, justice strongly promoted is better than advancing the call of lusting for popularity or being accepted in a fold.

Its very vital to promote improvements in our health. Real people from across the political spectrum desire to make reforms involving human health. Today, there are new pestilences transpiring in the world. There is a new mutant strain of the bird flu virus from August of 2011. It has been spreading in Asia like in the nations of China and Vietnam. Some fear that this new mutant virus can spread into more widespread areas. Bird flu is normally classified as H5N1. People from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO have concerns that the new variant of bird flu may spread to other places. The American blood supply has been infected by Babesiosis or a growing tick borne infection. The CDC warned about it in September of 2011. The infection can cause severe disease or even death that cant be detected via any diagnostic procedures at the present time before people donate blood. Mike Adams from his Natural News.com offers tons of real information on health all of the time. There is tons of wisdom to help humans living long. Some people eat more fruits and vegetables that can increase a humans life expectancy. Drinking filtered water can cause people to have more nutrients without pesticides, solvents, and carcinogens. Drinking water sufficiently in large glasses can help stop overeating as well. Green tea (including grapefruit, omega 3 fats, apples, yogurt, etc.) can help the human immune system and suppress the aging process temporarily. Deep breathing can lower blood pressure, raise our energy levels, it can relax muscles, and improve our athletic performances. More relaxing and less stress can cause a person to live longer as well.

As many folks realize, silence to oppression is equal to betrayal. Those of us in think now about what's really doing on in the world should be cognizant of our neighbors. If our neighbor is suffering abuse, we should to defend our neighbor. If we see conflict, we have to right to do our part to try to end it. It is constant and swift actions that can a great prerequisite in ending stupendous challenges along life's road. Now, in the final analysis, everyone should speak up. Speaking up and doing something about any evils is better than complaining about an issue without any form of action. It's better to oppose Wall Street crimes, unjust wars, religious deception, GMO foods, poverty, and other injustices than do nothing. Peter Schiff officially sold out to the 1%. We know hes an Austrian economic agent and now hes out of the closet in support of the 1%. Thats a disgrace. He tried to talk with Wall Street demonstration and try to promote his social Darwinianist, archaic laissez faire capitalism ideology. Laissez faire capitalism has been a contributing factor in the international slave trade, the evil Opium trade, and the promotion of moral relativism. He said how much should be allowed to keep in a condescending fashion. The reality is that people should keep their money under the responsibility to pay taxes. Paying legitimate taxes is found in the Constitution. The progressive taxation system helps the poor and sending extra tax brackets can be done to help people from across the economic spectrum too. I dont believe in calling Schiff a fool like some protesters have done. Yet, he is dead wrong for handling the 1 percent with kid gloves. The international banks have taken over regulations and we need common sense regulations. Some regulations are good and some are bad. Not all regulations are evil. Therefore, we should maintain regulations that are legitimate and eliminate any evil regulations. Effective government is the solution as JFK said not just any form of government. Everyone opposes crony capitalism, but I dont believe in worshipping Ayn Rand. Peter Schiff can talk about income taxes, but in the 19th century we had slavery, child labor, and other evils. We have had unprecedented economic growth from 1945 to the 1970s (with a higher tax rate on the wealthy back then). The Constitution gives Congress the right to tax, build roads, promote science, and to have other policies using the federal government to promote the general welfare of the people. Peter Schiff is in love with the agenda of Wall Street. D.C. did wrong and Wall Street did it as well. We dont need to follow lobbyists for war mongers, Big Pharma, and Wall Street interests at all.

In spite of lifes daunting challenges, hope is certain a concept I hold dear. I still believe in hope. Having hope doesnt include a belief in a fantasy or an Utopian existence. Unlike others, I don't believe in pessimism or constant negative energy. It was the doctrines of the revolutionary Jesus Christ who promoted peacemaking, loving your neighbor, the defense of the poor & disadvantaged, and a radical unity among believers. His ethics and transformative views spurred so many social plus moral improvements in the face of the Earth. It was one man named William Tyndale that promoted religious liberty and the freedom of speech which inspired many movements worldwide. It was Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and other heroes that motivated a nation to end legalized slavery in the United States of America. It was many people that lead real independent movements worldwide that caused the end of European colonialism in numerous nations of color throughout the world. So, throughout human history, real men, real women, and real children have either led or have been a part of authentic movements for inspiring changes in the minds & hearts of the human race. They survived and persevered against a mountain load of odds. Some of them suffered way worse than a typical modern day Westerner. So, we should never lose hope. Also, we should have sympathy to the poor where he or she lives in the ghetto, the trailer park, tent city, Appalachia, or any community stricken with poverty. Many of these conditions are created not by the poor, but by a supremacist elite clique that seeks economic deprivation instead of true economic renewal for all peoples. We shouldnt mock or denigrate any human being suffering in harsh conditions (filled with poverty, unemployment, low wages, lax resources, and other numerous desperate conditions). The precise reason is that real empathy is far more righteous than embracing hateful stereotypes. In the final analysis, a human being should have the opportunity to have a job, to have health care, and to have an education regardless of their wealth or income level. If the actions of one person had historically made dynamic improvements in the world then we can the persistent power to make dynamic benefits among our communities. We should have the hope to speak, to protest, and to gather in society to call for reforms via legitimate grievances. I will always have hope since it's perfectly human to do so. Fighting for human excellence is great. There is nothing wrong with a person eloquently and fluently seeking justice, righteousness, & truth.

So, any brother and sister (including anyone worldwide regardless of background or physical appearance) should keep their heads up, stay real, never let the world get you down, stay true, and fight for that prize that we all seek.

By Timothy