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AYO. - JOYFUL, album released in Europe June 2006 and in the U.S.A. on November 20th 2007.

Encoded 192Kbps [Lame] mp3. Covers included. Ayo. [born as Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin on September 14th 1980 near Cologne, Germ any] is an Afro-German singer-songwriter. She uses the Yoruba translation Ayo. o f her first name Joy. The name has to be written with a dot below or behind the o without it, it would refer to a pitted board game popular among the Yorubas. A yo. was born as fourth child to her Nigerian father and Romani mother from Roman ia in Germany but lived as a baby for a short time in Nigeria. When she was abou t six years old her mother became addicted to heroin and spent some time in jail . After her parents divorced she and two of her siblings spent periods of time i n care and with foster families. When she was fourteen she was considered old en ough by the authorities to live again with her father. At the age of six Ayo. pl ayed for a short time the violin, then turned to the piano and later taught hers elf to play the guitar. When she was about 15, she wrote her first song, which w as about her mother, and helped her to cope with her traumatic childhood. Her mu sical taste was influenced by her fathers large selection of vinyl albums which included Pink Floyd, Fela Kuti, Donny Hathaway, Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley. When her father, who worked part-time as DJ while studying engineering in Germany, d iscovered her singing talent he recorded with her a first demo tape in a studio and allowed her to drop school at the age of eighteen. Her sound is often compar ed to Sade, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and Carole King. She is married to the Afro-German reggae singer Patrice with whom she has a son Nile who was born in l ate 2005. At the end of 2007 she moved with her family to the West Village, Manh attan, New York City. 'Joyful' is an album recorded in January 2006 within five days under live condit ions. All songs are composed and written by recording artist Ayo. except 'And It 's Supposed To Be Love' which is from Abbey Lincoln. In addition to her parents, two other influences helped her set the tone of this album, which very well cou ld have been recorded some 35 years ago. Firstly, theres mentor Donny Hathaway. Her other reference is Jimmy Cliff. Like her predecessors, she strives to natura lly and sincerely share her stories and touch others, boosted solely by her life experience and her dreams. After its European release in June 2006 the album re ached Double-Platinum in France, Platinum in Germany and Poland and Gold in Swit zerland, Greece and Italy. The release date for the United States was November 2 0th 2007. Tracks: 01 Down On My Knees 02 Without You 03 Letter By Letter 04 How Many Times 05 And It's Supposed To Be Love 06 Watching You 07 Only You 08 Help Is Coming 09 These Days 10 Life Is Real 11 What Is Love 12 Neva Been THE VIDEOS [XviD SkidVid] Ripped from disc, edited, no logos and encoded 720x372, 640x480, 720x416 and 720 x372 XviD Ayo. - And It's Supposed To Be Love [2007] Ayo. - Down On My Knees [2007]

Ayo. - Help Is Coming [2007] Ayo. - Life Is Real [2007] More of my audio/video releases can be found at: http://torrentbox.com/account-details.php?id=28701 Enjoy, skirgsk