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Naresh Kumar M.

Email: naresh5789@live.com
#31/7,south Thirumalai Nagar, villivakkam, Chennai-600049,TamilNadu,India. Mobile : +91- 9962863380

In search of a challenging opportunity that helps me to improve my skills, knowledge and utilize my capabilities to the fullest. An opportunity that enables me to grow with the organization.

B.E (ECE) Final year (With 66% marks-2010),Sri Venkateswara College of Engg. & Thiruvallur. Tech,

12th grade (with 69% marks-2006) from J.G.V.V. M.H.S. School, Chennai. 10th grade (with 73% marks-2004) from J.G.V.V. M.H.S. School, Chennai

Experience Summary
Having 9 Months of Experience in Drive testing and physical optimization.
worked with vedang radio technology, Hyderabad as RF Drive test Engineer since October 2010 to june2011 For Vodafone and TATADOCOCMO (nokia siemens networks projects).

Technical Skills
Operating system Field of Interest Communication. : Windows 7, Xp, 2000. : CCNA, Telecommunication, networking and Mobile

CCNA course completed in CITS, chennai

Industrial Training
Attended In-Plant training at BSNL (RTTC, Maraimalai Nagar), Chennai

Project Work (B.E)

An Efficient Fault-Tolerant Distributed Channel Allocation Algorithm for cellular networks. A channel allocation algorithm in a cellular network consists of two parts: a channel acquisition algorithm and a channel selection algorithm. Some of the previous works in this field focused on centralized approaches to allocating channels. But, centralized approaches are neither scalable nor reliable. Recently, distributed dynamic channel allocation algorithms have been proposed, and they have gained a lot of attention due to their high reliability and scalability. But, in most of the algorithms, the cell that wants to borrow a channel has to wait for replies from all its interference neighbors and, hence, is not faulttolerant. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm that is fault-tolerant and makes full use of the available channels. It can tolerate the failure of mobile nodes as well as static nodes without any significant degradation in service.

Academic awards
2nd prize in paper presentation Event at Renovar 09 held at Gojan School of Business and Technology, Chennai 3rd prize in. paper presentation Event at kriya 09 held at PSG Technology, Coimbatore. Presented papers at various National Level technical symposium

Personal Details
Fathers Name Nationality Sex Marital Status Date of Birth Languages Known : : : : : : M.Seshadri Indian Male Single July 05 1989 English, hindi, Tamil and Telugu

I hereby declare that all the above-mentioned information is authentic and true to the best of my knowledge. Date: 01/08/2011 Naresh kumar M.S