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Chapter 1

Step 3 Brainstorming
1) Self-dispensing doctors do because : They (doctors) want to make a profit. Doctor's own desires. Facilitate patient. Pharmacy practice sites with very much. 1) Self Dispensing impact if done as : Medication error occurs The absence of accountability 1) There is the Law on Self Dispensing and penalties are as follows : RI Law No. 23 of 1992 article 1, which regulates health. RI Law No.29 year 2004 article 35 paragraph 1. Menkes/SK/VII/2002 article 42 contains the Midwife. Kepmenkes 1239/2001 of nursing practice. Health Law Article 108, paragraphs 1 and 2 on pharmacy practice. Article 198 which provides for criminal sanctions and fines of 100 million. Article 18 Kepmenkes No.900 of 2000 on registration and practice of midwives. 1) Midwives and Nurses Self Dispensing should not be done except in emergencies. 2) To supply the drugs, pharmacists have a license to carry the supply of drugs. 3) Some reasons for performing self-dispensing pharmacy while the doctor is not allowed to Self Dispensing : The economic factors. Turnover is tempting.

1) The doctor should perform a Self Dispensing with the terms : The existence of recipes Accountability in the event of medical error Location of at least 10 km Emergencies For the initial dose. 1) Self Dispensing good rejection is that we must have a foundation and provide an explanation. 2) In this second scenario is to include a pharmacy Panel.

3) There are no other types of pharmacies when viewed from the legislation is written here are other types of pharmacies but not standardized

12 . Drug Distribution Channels PBF Clinic Other PBF Hospitals with the installation of pharmacy licensed drug stores pharmaceutical industry 13) Impact of pharmacy pharmacy panel is going to harm others. 14.) Pharmacies panel can support for illegal drugs but depending on the worker. 15.) Pharmacies panels can distribute drugs such as Narcotics.

Step 4 Define the problem

1) Act and the sanctions Self Dispensing On June 19, 2011 Association of Pharmacists Indonesia describes sanctions pharmacist license revocation recommendation. Law no. 29 of 2004 on the practice of medicine Article 18 Kepmenkes N0.900 of 2000 on registration and practice of midwives sanctions in article 42 chapter 9 Nurse : A. Mild sanctions are revoked for 3 months B. Sanctions are being revoked for 6 months C. Severe sanctions are revoked for 1 year

2) Definition Pharmacies Panel

Pharmacies Panel is : which resembles the PBF as a drug dealer or a distribution The violations occurred at the pharmacy associated with drug distribution Type Pharmacy Panel : 1) medical representative (MR) looking for factory orders, the pharmacy sends the active medication, and perform billing, PBF give back up. 2) Salesman pharmacies seeking an order, send medicine and perform billing, PBF backing up

3) MR search for order, PBF pharmacies took over the task entirely in sending and do the billing, the total passive pharmacies. 4) MR factory looking for order, PBF take over some tasks of a pharmacy.