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PREFACE Having the highest reputation in the Korean language education for more than 80 years, the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University Language Research and Education Center has compiled a large quantity of textbooks to enhance the Quality of the Korean Language Education. Recently the demand for the Korean language has been increased by foreigners ‘around the world as well as Koreans living out of the nation. Far this reason, the demands of the learners for textbooks have also become diverse. Therefore, the Korean Language Institute af Yonsei University Language Research and Education Center has published a new set of textbooks for the various learners to acquire the Korean Language and Korean culture The textbooks published by the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University Language Research and Education Center are classified into three parts: “Yonsei Korean 1° and ‘Yonsei Korean 2° for beginners, “Yonsei Korean 3° and “Yonsei Korean 4' for intermediates, and finally ‘Yonsei Korean 5 and "Yonsei Korean 6' are for advanced leamers. Each book is ‘composed to develop the communicative functions that are required according to the learners’ capability of the Korean usage. This set of Yonsei Korean’ is an integrated collection, made up of various kinds of tasks and activities as well as focused practices of vocabulary and grammar, These practices enhance all of the four communicative skills: listening, speaking, ‘reading and writing. The interesting topics and situations discussed in the textbooks will enable leamers to perform a wide range of communicative functions using the Korean language, We strongly believe that the “Yonsei Korean’ would be very helpful to all of the potential Korean learners hoping to ‘master the Korean language, as well as those in the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University Language Research ‘and Education Center. Yonsei University Language Research and Education Center Korean Language Institute Compilation Committee dep © (MA AF] 1 2 ols uP ate Yel BES olFele oe 712 Gale] How at WAM H lobo a Fakes FALLS HOH) ols} Veh VEAL of Fo} BH, Vals} MAS ayo gl gol CHL ofahS ws] sh ich SEF 10H] BS olsFo}zy gen}, zh ah she] Boe ol-Fo}z ghey, “al ase1 T he go] 7-8 ESS] SAO oS SAAS] WIRE SoS VS) hs} Has Pah sich. BAS] P8S 3 ASS} yA Bho] UES ANS Wel Be Als} siew, Wolk 2} Ye] ASS} Of 8], BY, Tha, BSS Aol 2} ON CHS US toll Voh7] 4] Ahh. Ie] opal} Ye Heal] HITE Bos Bela A) OF EHS O1G2S Hol HE Of FS} BY, 715 SE MSL F SLES Bien} Yo} ACH oe REO OS HS} S PG] fe}e BANS Vol a hel Agee] AS AS NES sheet, SA HAS zp she] ssh es MS 2S Hole} 2A BE) USS Aste] * 127}-B BF oles ol Bo= 9}Fel9] eal] vlal ete] Ess 7A she oe cee gh Aas AS, OF SH, ABshs} Se) BE chsh O19], 2 Ae, a, BA VB, chs} ey, B7] alee] GAS PTH] get, 2 sho] ae Fall abso VAs AA sSLeo), 2 ao] ASS Ve AS PLA Oe Fe BOS Ala sich ‘She Sabah Sheztae] thealeh St SALLE 7h53} 2M, OFS Alaa get, * Bech Ho] Pals} BAS APF AYAC|st ABA! cha} PALS Bap} ea} g.o.n] Hs} zlol] chsh YAS ABOS WE) ASAT. AFC] Sah} ahe ehh] Yes As shave} No] 2, Who} Mahe PASI aay Be Otel Ba, 79] aise Ths, © lft 2) 45) aly 7hah aaa off] $5.8 2 A sisLon, staal U9 Al elt shal Wl whe HEshol AAs. "IA BHT Of] CHE Boke eons 7H asco Ee GES old CFO} 4] Bay LOS 2} ao}c} 7 YES Ow Wee ee als} eal ash 25) euel He age BN AWA] ashi, stale Shep SoM AG SUE 7159) Hh ale 2} shhh 29 4 aseisteed abl ze} bale apo FAL PASLSM, WP, E71, S71, 27191 7h ale AAS Aa aed ee Dabvlo} Sle) ws S sel pasa, 2} do] ob stoke aa} woes Be dake alajeisict, Esk: 4 a9] B Hel Age] Ag4y} as] Bais Us| Peete ow goo) ade d+ be zhte) A Bt sich, & y7] Gets] Bahs} vate BAY aie] BSS Ssh she S A\Ael ala] ha Rah SF LE Sate. AME 2 sO Oe OE 7h Eos Belssos SE A) e he Sy alsa