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Interview Tracking Sheet

Client/Job Id Client Name Project name Primary Skill Resources Duration Response Sebiz response Follow up status

email id- ndaya@buffalo.com

115764 Jerome Ndayishimiye VB/.NET application developer with experience
VB/.NET 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week contact him between 6:00 to 9:00 EST Unsent
He is fed up of this present provider, wants
us to complete his project, his project files
can be downloaded from the link provied ie
?? Tim Alexander Yahoo IM- talex6161 Unsent
Added him
asking" In yahoo
i want list,
to make had change
some phone of few
things in waiting to receive the
answers from the questionnare that wasyou
sent via words
can see chat, then
says the
" fullmock up has tofor
membership be waiting to receive
115876 Thomas LaRose Content Management PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 2 weeks created
free till dec 31st 2006" to be " full access questionarre
membership for free till dece 31st. 2007"
plus toand
Email getYahooID
all paypal gateway merchant ,
: honkwok@yahoo.com
he scripts
is asking removed out of work
Asking " Did asyouif see
we have
the web
any site
115611 Hon Kwok 'Build a Blog Network' C#/.Net 2 - ThreeQuarterTime3 weeks experience on
play65.com ? community server. and unsent
install ccbill gateway merchant server
scripts into website
The budget is 1200$ .us
says " I'm interested - If you aare
in making ok with
long and
layoutdoes you
site. are able
it take
There toaretoseveral
" Email-
115590 brian hile web developer'. PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week entire
in site
this area: of play65.com,
hile1971@comcast.net contact me and Unsent
we can start working now. ", Email-
info@odcom.ca, We have to ask about the
Java component or the flash coding, will he
skize.com us the one for the coding or we
114337 peter jenkin Clone play65.com'. PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 8 weeks have to produde of our own, Unsent
I would like to make a site very similar to
Yahoo with navigation for
id shariqx7, email-
layout gallery like dir.yourminis.com
shariqx7@hotmail.co.uk, 9 Has not written
114424 shariq khan 'mp3 player in visual studio programmed
in c# (c sharp)'. 1 - FullTime 1 week any comments ) Unsent
Please reply and include details about the
jobs you performed on PHP/MySQL that are
most relevant to the type of site I'd like to
open. " Contact via Email -
114369 John Yu Talented PHP Developer Needed' PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 3 weeks johnyu2@gmail.com Unsent
Was quite impressed by our profile, Added
us in his yahoo IM already thru jtan_slade,
He is always in an invisible mode, buzz him,
Can also contact him via Email
114637 John Tan Flash Game Programmer'. Flash/Macromedia 1 - FullTime 14 weeks johntanslade@gmail.com unsent

Asking our IM and PHONE availability, email-

107179 Robert Schroeter Online Gaming Site PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 10 weeks Asking this " What is Yahoo
bobbys@gmail.com, your role in the
ID- robertuva Unsent
development of the application? Do you
code, or just manage? Have you built any
signle page apps before? " Yahoo ID
justheatingup , Email id-
114339 Abraham Elias Community site'. AJAX 1 - FullTime 6 weeks abe@driven2empower.com unsent

contact him between 1-5 to discuss the time

frame and our credentials
112676 Tom Jelneck 'ASP Developer / VB Needed'. ASP 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week ontarget@ontargetwebsolutions.com unsent
wants to know the per hour charges contact
113511 Jereme David 'Web forms manager'. PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 8 weeks him via email jeremed@charter.net unsent

add him in AOL

messenger id-
113733 Chris Farrugia 'PHP/MySQL/HTML Design' PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 2 weeks chris@jumbohost.net sent info mail ChrisF79

??? Jay Michael 562-354-7251 had conversation had yahoo

Mockups chat, wants
to add button in
firefox browser
extension, have to
contact her thru yahoo chat, yahoo id- consult YOGESH or
113510 Nate Westheimer 'Build Basic Firefox Extension/Button' PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week hischainess sent info mail VINAY

contact him between 9 am - 6 pm CST

miller@cottonteam.com waiting for response
113415 Jeffrey Miller 'Web-based Reporting Organizer' PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 4 weeks sent info mail from the client's side

contact him between 9 am - 6 pm GMT on

skype skype id- boohoo.direct waiting to contact him
113037 Sunil Bhalla 'Zen Cart Ecommerce Template'. PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week Sent info mail thru skype
Sent info mail with spoke to her, her page
working hours is
timing, Also, waiting bestofthebestofeveryt
for his contact hing.com , must
112724 Wili Baronet 'realtor'. AJAX 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week wilibaronet@yahoo.com (310) 801-0633 number create a questionarre

Waiting to add him in

windows live
112815 Jeremy Bellefeuille 'FLOWING WATER EFFECTS - FLASH 8'
Flash/Macromedia 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week jeremy_bellefeuille@hotmail.com Sent info mail messenger

112100 Thomas Vu 'Redesign Real Estate Website' PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 4 weeks call at 714-726-2673 around 05:00 PST sent response email Call pending

get samples from

113036 David Drewette 'Google Maps developer' AJAX 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week webcomsystemsuk@yahoo.co.uk sent response email VINAY

waiting for response

112676 Tom Jelneck 'ASP Developer / VB Needed' ASP 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week Sent response mail from the client's side
wants us to contact between 1-5 ontarget@ontargetwebsolutions.com

We have to send him a questionarre for the

project description , jeff@healixglobal.com,
110601 Jeff brilliant flash/css developer - Flash/Macromedia
Flash/Macromedia 1 - FullTime 2 weeks 3104297230 Had conversation Pending questionarre

111249 Kim Scott 'full-time graphic designers Flash/Macromedia 1 - FullTime 2 weeks Re contact at kim@softwareprojects.com. sent response email Pending Survey

waiting for a response

112211 Peter Loebbecke 'OS Commerce Development' OsCommerce 1 - FullTime 2 weeks contact him at peter@graphicsbyaxiom.com sent response email from client's side
waiting for feasibility
111966 Jeremy Cummings 'TheProfessionalReview.com' PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week contact him at gtalk cummings.r.jeremy unsent from vinay
sent gmail invitataion
as well as email,
waiting response from
112116 David Raufeisen 'Skilled PHP/MYSQL/Linux Developer'PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 2 weeks contact him at david@fortyoz.org unsent client

waiting for feasibility

111869 Frank Toole 'Create a online tshirt designer quote system'.
PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 2 weeks contact him at phantom0048@yahoo.com unsent from vinay

asking for time

111080 Anthony W 'Wanted: creative website developer forHTML/DHTML
ongoing partnership' 1 - FullTime 1 week contact him at a.wan@t3unltd.com unsent estimate from vinay

contact him thru yahoo id: deepakb skype sent email asking for
111240 Deepak Batra 'Forums Creator' PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 4 weeks id: deepakbatra unsent contact info

contact her thru yahoo messenger sent email asking for

111189 Andrea Maurizio Gnerre 'newsvine.com clone' PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week andrea_gnerre unsent contact info

added and waiting

110994 Sarahmaria Gomez 5 - <10, AsNeeded Flash/Macromedia 1 - FullTime 4 weeks sarahmaria.gomez@gmail.com unsent from his acceptance

wants us to answer some questions, contact

him at nicholas.williams@e-content- sent email asking for
110572 Nicholas Williams 'PHP - MYSql - AJAX Developer' PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week management.com unsent contact info

contact thru gmail IM ie mdlast@gmail.com sent email asking for

110534 Michael Last 'Very Simple GUI to PAWN VM'. C/C++/Win32SDK 5 - <10, AsNeeded 2 weeks and skype id mdlast unsent contact info

sent email asking for

110539 Carmel Robinson 'Adult Entertainment'. HTML/DHTML 5 - <10, AsNeeded 2 weeks contact her at 775-624-1045 or 702-947-0780 unsent contact info

Sent the questionairre

she would get back to
us by 13 jan…
107884 Mike Allen 'ZenCart-PHP-MySQL Mobile Mrkt Website'.
PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 1 week contact him at mike.allen@usa.net unsent otherwise folow up

sent email asking for

105314 Mehrdad Emami 'Need Website similar to art.com' ASP 3 - HalfTime 4 weeks contact him at mehrdad@artcitycorp.com unsent contact info

contact him at 9 am - 6 pm EST. sent email asking for

100116 Peter Marquez Sr. HTMP and PHP or Python developer
with Flash experience
1 - FullTime 2 weeks pmarquez@netenvoys.com unsent contact info

he requested an interview with us , contact sent email asking for

106076 James Park 'webcam recorder' PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 2 weeks him james@vidjobs.com unsent contact info
contact him thru his yahoo im sent email asking for
109264 Jeanne WILMOT 'PHP Developer (JOOMLA PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week jeannekathryn unsent contact info

contact him thru his email

108192 Vaughan Lazar 'PHP Ace needed for new franchise' PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 4 weeks v.lazar@pizzafusion.com unsent

108940 Jinendra Mudhale Flash and AMFPHP Developer for Chat

System 1 - FullTime 2 weeks contact him at ondigit@gmail.com unsent

contact him at
108606 don timberlake 'excel spreadsheet to be uploaded using
populate OScommerce.'.
1 - FullTime 1 week sales@buynotebookscheap.com unsent

wants us to answer some questions,

106144 David Parkinson 'Rating System for Flash Content (presentation,
data collection,
3 - and
data transmission)'.
3 weeks contact him at david@keenscreen.com unsent

108152 Raj T 'Web design for weight loss application'HTML/DHTML 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week contact him thru his yahoo id overlake03 unsent

108150 Raj T 'LAMP/AJAX developer for weight lossMySQL

tracking application' 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week contact him thru his yahoo id overlake3. unsent

contact him thru mgsmosca@yahoo.com

108168 marc sauve 'Php site' PHP/MySQL 4 - OneQuarterTime 3 weeks unsent

call him at his cell between 8-5pm CST. 701-

106731 Brad Rutten 'Moving Websites' PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 1 week unsent

contact him as soon as possible

104662 Matthew Parker Customized Joomla Templates PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 1 week parkerm@mpdesign.us unsent

contact him at oscarm@sacefcu.org 9am-

4pm CST or
3pm-10pm GMT. Yahoo ID oscar_mcanally
105252 Oscar McAnally 'Web Designer w/PHP_MySQL experience'
PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 1 week unsent

106015 Mike Wuehler Flash/Macromedia Flash/Macromedia 3 - HalfTime 2 weeks contact him thru yahoo IM at wuehler unsent

106015 Richard Wakefield 'Dynamic Flash with Admin' Flash/Macromedia 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week Contact him at livewireinternet@gmail.com unsent

Contact him at michael@threejuice.com

106905 Mikey Volk Volkfactor' PHP/HTML/DHTML 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week , yahoo id- lazyclix unsent
wants us to contact him thru his skype id ie
106933 Aron Devauld 'Online Software Developer' PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 4 weeks adevauld unsent

contact him at writetoadil@gmail.com,

106032 Adil Hussain Skype/MSN integration PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 12 weeks yahoo id dillis2 unsent

wants to receive more information , contact

him thru launch@talentcircle.co.uk
106959 Andrew Hai '.NET (VB) Developer' VB/.NET 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week unsent

wants an estimate about number of hours

105804 Mark Collard Web forms & auto upload links HTML/DHTML 3 - HalfTime 4 weeks of this project. unsent

wants us to contact him thru email

106012 Amrit Kalra 'Online Classifieds Porta PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week teradata1@yahoo.com unsent

Get in touch by yahoo talk or google talk at

106022 Jim Wagner 'Proven .NET developer well versed in C#/.Net
building web services'1 - FullTime 8 weeks blackdigits. Feel free to email unsent

wants to know when will we finish project,

reply him thru his email
106228 David Leivesley 'DataGrid Project 2' VB/.NET 3 - HalfTime 1 week david.leivesley@winpure.com unsent

wants to have idea of people working in

this project, estimate and timeframe of the
project, does not have yahoo but wants us
106177 Bill Smith 'Home Page Templates Manager' PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week to email him msn AIM or Google talk id unsent

email him the fixed time and date of

106151 Nathaniel Baca 'Programmer Needed (desktop game launcher)'
C/C++/Win32SDK 1 - FullTime 1 week interview unsent

try sending email on Monday or Tuesday,

106111 Tim Alexander of Alexanders interview for job opening 'project manager'.
C#/.Net 3 - HalfTime 12 weeks he will review himself unsent

they will schedule to interview after 26th

105687 Jay Michael Jackson 'Flash Developer with Media Player Experience'
Flash/Macromedia 3 - HalfTime 12 weeks jan unsent

105339 David Bana DHTML / AJAX and PERL Web Developer

AJAX- AJAX 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week asked for some samples unsent

left his id andrewkimber@gmail.com

105254 Andrew Kimber 'Web developer required for real estateAJAX
based website' 1 - FullTime 8 weeks unsent

he commented" I think you are hired "

105040 Kevin Williams 'CubeCart Programmer php.mysSQL'. PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 2 weeks contact him at kevino.williams@gmail.com unsent
wants us to contact him at
104593 Michael Oshima 'SugarCRM expert to fix some configuration
and upgrade problems'
3 - HalfTime 5 weeks mhoshima@assembla.com unsent

left his email to contact

105300 David Johnson 'AJAX/PHP/MySql Site Developer'. PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week dave@aquariusinternet.com, unsent

105488 Joel Strellner 'Team of 2-3 PHP/MySQL Developers PHP/MySQL

needed' 3 - HalfTime 1 week left his yahoo id jstrellner unsent

wants a call back at 800-201-7539 ext 705

104219 Craig Lansing 'Hotel Portal System'. PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 4 weeks anyime between 8am - 5pm unsent

wants to install Attachmax into his website,

102630 Trever McGhee 'Software programmer' PHP/HTML/DHTML 3 - HalfTime 4 weeks wants to get the cost estimate unsent

wants us to contact him at

103069 Peter Michaud 'PHP/mySQL Web Application Development'
PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 1 week pmichaud@harborbluegroup.com unsent

appointed for an interview, contact at

103105 DeAnn Matza 'Web Application Developer' PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 5 weeks creativeinvitat@aol.com unsent

100484 Mohammad Musa 'PHP/MySQL developer' PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 4 weeks wants to fix a time for a chat unsent

102556 Gordon Clarke 'PHP Developer' PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 1 week Left his skype id redmonddrake unsent

102574 Igor Cherny 'Senior Flash Developer' Flash/Macromedia 1 - FullTime 2 weeks wants to have time for an interview with us unsent

wants to arrange an interview contact him

at david@actionstreams.com
102271 David Crownborne 'PHP Developer' PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 12 weeks yahoo id - vitaminskingdom unsent

left his number 510-303-7272 and skype id

102257 Dalbir Singh Graphic Designer with Illustrator and Corel
Draw Experience 3 - HalfTime 2 weeks ie dalbir.singh@gmail.com unsent

wants us to contact him at

96858 Project Work 'Flash Code bug fix and enhancements'
Flash/Macromedia 3 - HalfTime 52 weeks sdickerson@nutri-linktechnologies.com unsent

Wants to have time estimate to redesign

http://www.kuhfuss.de reply to
101855 Manfred Kuhfuss 'Senior PHP Developer with AJAX experience'
PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 1 week unsent
100921 Stephen Canning Flash game designer - CityOfPolitics.com
Flash/Macromedia 1 - FullTime 1 week unsent

101656 Paul Golota 'PHP Developer' PHP/MySQL 3 - HalfTime 2 weeks wants us to call him at 2159329157 unsent

Left id myproxy@comcast.net
100452 Dean Huntley 'PHP devleloper with CCS experience'PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 999 weeks wants to see CSS experienced unsent

Asked for contacting thru skpe. available

100478 Henry dillon PHP/MySQL developer PHP/MySQL 1 - FullTime 2 weeks from 1pm - 9 pm GMT skype id 'hgldillon' Unsent

93341 Chris Neumann Scrape a site to a database PHP/MySQL 5 - <10, AsNeeded 1 week Asked for time estimate and process Unsent

93403 'YUI Developer Wanted' AJAX 3- half time 1 week Asked to contact on Yahoo IM Unsent

93208 webmaster in emergency PHP/MySQL 3- half time 10 week Asked for skype contact unsent

91710 David Crownborne Graphic Designer / Flash Developer graphics 1-full time 2 week asked for interview sent response email

91998 Joseph Yasment eCommerce Site Developer PHP/MySQL 3- half time 2 week asked to call sent response email
79614 Faiz Khan PHP/MySQL Programmer PHP/MySQL 3- half time 10 week Asked for time to call sent response email
103105 deann matza Web Application Developer PHP/MySQL 1-full time 12 week sent response email
104108 Flash Video Player Flash 1-fulltime 4 Week sent response email
103990 nshapiro@judaicapress.com PHP/MySQL Programmer PHP/MySQL 1-5 hrs 5 hrs given a quote for 160 hrs sent response email
2- 2weeks
Send him email and get the required


Rejected ( knowledge tree

10th Jan we have to call him today

Client/Job Id Client Name Project name Primary Skill Resources Duration
Follow up
Response Sebiz response status Comments
Client/Jo Client Project Primary Sebiz Follow up
b Id Name name Skill Resources Duration Response response status

111970 Silvana Mucha
'Senior developer'
XML 5 - <10, AsNeeded
4 weeks unsent
wants to know about telecomfeasible
TDS switches silvana@nexu

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