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By Group 1

Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson and Inspector Lestrade met at a local hotel to discuss about the murder at Boscombe Pool. At that time, Inspector Lestrade still believed that James was guilty. When Alice Turner arrived, Inspectore Lestrade introduced her to Holmes and Dr. Watson. Alice Turner told them that the McCarthys were arguing about her. Charles was forcing James to marry Alice. Holmes requested to see Alices father but she refused because her father was too ill. The, she went back home.

By Group 2

Holmes, Watson and Lestrade visited the prison that James was put in. At Ross-onWye prison, Holmes and Lestrade had an interview with James. James admitted that he had an argument with his father but he did not murder him. James did not know who the killer was. James is a young and handsome with a good heart but Holes thought that he is not very clever. Miss Turner believed that James was innocent. Also Holmes found out that James actually wanted to marry Alice but he was already married at that time. Watson was shocked upon knowing this. Holmes said that maybe something good can come from all this mess.

By Group 3

Holmes enlightens Watson that there are two new developments. Firstly, he knows that Charles knew the murderer well as he had made an appointment with the person at Boscombe pool. This can be seen when Charles said the word Cooee to call his friend. The next day, Holmes and Watson meet Inspector Lestrade at Boscombe Pool to look for clues at the murder site. Lestrade informs Holmes and Watson than John may not live long as he is seriously ill since the murder of Charles McCarthy. He also reveals to them that Turner and Charles were old friends and as such, Charles did not pay any rent to John even though he lived on Turners estate. Upon investigation, Holmes discovers the footprints belonging to James and the gamekeeper, Mr Moran. Watson, however, draws his attention to another clue some strange footprints with square toes, made by some special boots. This sets Holmes thinking and asks Watson to leave him alone with his thoughts. Holmes realises that there are more important clues at the murder site that would most probably lead him to the solution if the case.

By Group 4

Holmes found the real weapon that was used to murder Charles McCarthy. Holmes was also able to identify the characteristics of the murderer of this case. It is now up to Inspector Lestrade to find out who is the murderer. When Holmes and Dr Watson were back in London, Holmes explained to Watson about the clues that he found. Some of the clues that Holmes found were the type of boots that the murderer wore and the type of cigar that he smoked. After the explanation, Dr Watson got the idea on who the murderer is.

By Group 5

At Holmes house at Baker Street, Mr John turner visited him. Mr Turner went there because Mr Holmes wanted to see him. Holmes told Mr Turner that he knew everything about Charles murder. Mr Turner asked Holmes for help and told him not to tell his daughter. He wrote a confession on a piece of paper to be revealed if James McCarthy was found guilty. Mr Turner also revealed about his past in Australia, as Jack Black of Ballarat.

By Group 6

Mr. Turner told Holmes about his past. After twenty years, in Regent Street London, McCarthy saw Mr. Turner. He reminded Mr. Turner of him by calling him Black Jack of Ballarat. McCarthy asked Mr. Turner for a place to stay and some money but Mr. Turner refused. As a result, he blackmailed him by threatening to reveal what happened in Ballarat to the police. McCarthy had no choice but to help him. Since then, Mr. Turner had no peace. McCarthy still blackmailed him by threatening to inform the police about his true identity if he did not give him money. McCarthy even wanted his son to marry Alice to get Mr. Turners money. However, at Boscombe Pool, McCarthys son said that he could not marry Alice. Knowing about his plan, Mr. Turner had no choice but to kill Charles McCarthy. Mr. Turner did not feel proud of it. Holmes assured Mr. Turner that his secret is safe with Dr. Watson and him. If the judge found James as guilty, only then they would use Mr. Turners confession. If the judge found him innocent, they would destroy it. Luckily, James was found innocent and the secret was forever safe.