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Dear Mr.

why answering campaign email can sometimes get deep

So as a subscriber on the Barack Obama FaceBook page I get some fairly

mundane updates. Standard re-election stuff that is a prerequisite to the grind of winning the hearts and minds. Stuff like this Here at President Obama's campaign headquarters, we receive hundreds of letters (and photos) from supporters each week. Vicki wrote in response to an email thanking her for her support. I thought this was funny, because a while back I DID respond to an email from the Obama campaign entitled Frustrated. and so. To: info@barackobama.com Date: Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:48 PM Subject: Re: Frustrated

Dear Mr. President, It cannot be easy to deal with a side of the American electorate that hates you, your skin color and the fact that a man of your skin color is the President of the United States of America. But you are, sir. And while leadership demands making sure government functions through compromise, it looks as though you have forgotten that you were overwhelmingly elected to direct, motivate and energize the rest of us. It looks as if you've forgotten that we chose you to lead.

To this point, time and again, when extremist views have been foisted into the ring of political possibilities, you have suggested bargaining with the credit of the Democratic principles of unionization, "The Great Society" and even social security, all of which were paid for in blood, sir. Thus when these "chips" rest on the same table of Tea Party illogical and dehumanizing regressive ideals they are deflated to small sighs of simple political adjustments and this demoralizes your base. It is obvious you have miraculously moved this country forward but, while it's easy to find words for Left detractors or Liberal critics,...you have no same like verbal rebukes, retorts or salvos for those who would destroy the tenuous ship we all sail in order to destroy you. Their hurtful and meandering obstructionism needs to be delineated and called out. To be held up by you as ridiculous and then you need to "welcome their enmity" while proposing bills to help their constituency. At each of your victories the Right Tells a Lie, obstructs boldly and you allow them another seat at the bargaining table the next "go-round". You were voted in to stop that thinking in Washington, but time and again the middle-right gets their way and the obstructionists have made it worse and it's the liberal philosophy that gets blamed. All involved seem to get what they want. Except for the people who elected you, sir. No matter how powerful your emails come across, the action of you truly confronting those who seek to inflict damage to you or the office can motivate an electorate who've come to think that you won't stand for yourself let alone...them. Sooner or later theyll ask the question... When, sir, do we get our President? -brandon bowlin

I got a robo answer thanks for writing! Ill try again later.