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1st Letter of Last Name

Player Registering Deck: Player Playing Deck:

UDE Number: UDE Number: Marvel Team Up

Deck Registration: Please sort the cards in the following order and register, using numerical digits, in the
received (right) column. Please alert a judge if you make any mistakes.
Hulk: Joe Fixit Deck Swap: When instructed, pass the deck along with this decklist.
IMPORTANT-After Swapping: Check the contents of the deck you received against the received column.
Number of cards playing Number of cards received Card Name with Subheader Please alert a judge if there are any mistakes. Otherwise, build a deck with a minimum of 30 cards. Record
in deck in sealed product the deck you built in the playing (left) column.

Crime Lords
 Carnage: Psychopath  Spider-Man: Parasitic Host Equipment  Marvel Crossover
 Hulk: Joe Fixit  Chameleon: Man of Many Faces  Spider-Man: Stark's Protégé  Alien Symbiote  Midnight Massacre
 Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth  The Sentry: Golden Guardian of Good  Capture Net  Need a Lift?
 Dr. Octopus: Master of Evil  Venom: Lethal Protector  Demonic Embryo  Netherworld Gift
 Quicksilver: Terrigenesis Rebirth  Electro: Shock Jock  Wolverine: Canucklehead  Ego Gem  One-Man Rampage
 Francis Klum <> Mysterio: Mutant Magician  Zabu: Constant Companion  Eye of Agamotto  Planet of the Symbiotes
 Fusion: Markley  Spider-Mobile  Poker Night
 Ronan the Accuser: Exiled  Gog: Alien Menace Underworld  Teleportation Ring  Rabbit Fire
 Harry Osborn <> Green Goblin: Unfortunate Son  Baron Mordo: Karl Amadeus Mordo  Ring of Fire
Marvel Defenders
 Jason Macendale <> Hobgoblin: Possessed Lunatic  Black Rose: Roxanne Simpson Location  Ritual Sacrifice
 Archangel: New Defender
 Lizard: Voracious Predator  Blackheart: Black King  Damocles Base  Sand Trap
 Beast: New Defender
 Maguire Beck <> Mad Jack: Jack o' Lantern  Chthon: Demon of the Darkhold  Empire State University  Secret Defenders
 Brunnhilde <> Valkyrie: Barbara Norriss
 Nitro: Robert Hunter  Demogoblin: Disembodied Demon  Hidden Cache  Siege of Darkness
 Devil-Slayer: Eric Simon Payne
 Razorfist: Sociopathic Mercenary  Doppelganger: Killer Clone  Mausoleum  Soul Survival
 Dr. Strange: Founding Father
 Rhino: Unstoppable Force  Dormammu: Dread Dormammu  Monster Island  Spider Hunt
 Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme
 Slyde: Jalome Beacher  Dr. Doom: Just Reward  New Baxter Building  Spider-Sense Tingling!
 Gargoyle: Isaac Christians
 Spider-Man Robot: Timespinner  Dweller-in-Darkness: Fear Lord  Ravencroft Institute  Spider-Signal
 Hawkeye: Loud Mouth
 Spider-Slayer V.X.: Arachnid Hunter  Ebenezer Laughton <> Scarecrow: Undead Lunatic  Sanctum Sanctorum  Star-Crossed
 Hellcat: Patsy Walker
 Spot: Dr. Jonathan Ohnn  Illyana Rasputin <> Magik: Queen of Limbo  Stark Tower  Stealthcraft
 Hellstorm: Son of Satan
 Swarm: Fritz von Meyer  Madelyne Pryor: Goblyn Queen  Surtur's Anvil  Strange Love
 Howard the Duck: Master of Quack-Fu
 Trapster: Peter Petruski  Meatmarket: Lilin  The Dark Dimension  Suffocation
 Hulk: Grumpy Green Goliath
 Venom: Mac Gargan  Mephisto: Mephistopheles  The Vault  Target Practice
 Hulk: Strongest One There Is
 Venom: The Hunger  Modred the Mystic: Servant of Chthon  The "B" Team
 Iceman: New Defender
 Vulture: Aerial Stalker  Morbius: Shadow of the Vampire Plot Twist  The Annihilation Wave
 Jack of Hearts: Jack Hart  Morlun: Totem Hunter  Against All Odds  The Arrival
 John Walker <> U.S. Agent: Loose Cannon Skrull  N'astirh: Liege of Limbo  Astral Projection  The Book of the Vishanti
 Johnny Blaze <> Ghost Rider: Damned
 Super Skrull: Kl'rt  Noble Kale: Lord of Hell  Banished to the Abyss  The Contract
 Kyle Richmond <> Nighthawk: Heart of the Team  Pilgrim: Lilin  Big Leagues  The Enforcers
 Professor X: Illuminati Spider-Friends  Queen Lilith: Den Mother  Book of Cagliostro  The Great Game
 Richard Rider <> Nova: Xandarian Nova Corps
 Alyosha Kravinoff: Son of Kraven  Satana: Satana Hellstrom  Bounty Hunt  The Illuminati
 Samantha Parrington <> Valkyrie: Chooser of the Slain
 Aunt May: Golden Oldie  Shathra: Sharon Keller  Breakout  The Order
 Silver Surfer: Earthbound
 Black Cat: Nine Lives  Shuma-Gorath: He Who Sleeps but Shall Awake  Burns at the Touch  Transformation
 Silver Surfer: Prodigal Herald
 Blade: Nightstalker  Thanos: Courting Death  Catch You Later!  Trial by Jury
 Sub-Mariner: Neptune's Fist
 Captain America: Heroic Paragon  The Dwarf: Soul Broker  Consulting the Orb  Undead Legions
 Sub-Mariner: King of Atlantis
 Daredevil: New Kingpin  The Mindless Ones: Army  Crimson Bands of Cyttorak  We Had a Team-Up
 Tania Belinskya <> Red Guardian : Cold Warrior
 Darkhawk: Chris Powell  The N'Garai: Army  Dark Bargain  What Are Friends For?
 Wendell Vaughn <> Quasar: Protector of the Universe
 Elektra: Leader of the Hand  Umar: Sorceress Sublime  Dark Designs  Zzzax Attax!
 Wong: Mystical Manservant  Frank Drake: Nightstalker  Zarathos: Demon of Fire  Death's Embrace
 Ka-Zar: Lord Kevin Plunder  Defenders Defend!
 Luke Cage: Neighborhood Watch Wild Pack  Demonic Association TOTAL

 Dark Beast: McCoy  Man-Thing: Theodore Sallis  Battlestar: Lemar Hoskins  Dimensional Rift
 Michael Collins <> Deathlok: Schizophrenic Cyborg
Mattie Franklin: Reserve Webhead  Chen: Amy Chen  Down, but Not Out
Negative Zone
 Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu  Crippler: Carl Striklan  Drink This!
 The Void: Robert Reynolds  Night Thrasher: Dwayne Michael Taylor  Dominic Fortune: Soldier of Fortune  Feminine Wiles
 Phil Urich <> Green Goblin: Lunatic Laugh  Fin: Intruders  Gift Wrapped
 Punisher: Frank Castle  Man-Eater: Intruders  Gotcha!
 Cassandra Nova: Genocidal Tendencies  Shanna the She-Devil: Shanna O'Hara Plunder  Paladin: Intruders  He Who Watches
 Sleepwalker: Rick Sheridan  Powell: Southern Charm  Imperius Rex!
Sinister Syndicate
 Speedball: Robert Baldwin  Quentino: Raul Quentino  InIndebted
 Albert Malik <> Red Skull: Axis of Evil
 Spider-Man: The Sensational Spider-Man  Sandman: Intruders  Justice Is Served!
 Answer: Aaron Nicholson
 Spider-Man: Spider-Hulk  Silver Sable: World's Deadliest Mercenary  Legacy of Evil
 Black Tarantula: Carlos LaMuerto
 Spider-Man: The Amazing Bag-Man  Wild Pack Recruit: Army  Legion of Losers
 Bullseye: Assassin for Hire