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Zephaniah Micah L.

Esguerra T1-1R CEAT 2009-62445 Zombadings 1: Patayin sa shokot si Remington The time when people dont pay much attention to independent films is over. Indie films have been making a lot of noise lately. Ang Babae sa Septic Tank was very successful, in terms of both profit and awards. It was even chosen as the Philippines entry to the 84 th academy awards. And now, Zombadings 1: Patayin sa shokot si Remington is keeping up the momentum. Prior to watching the film, all Ive heard about it is that its very funny. Some people, though, say that the story was not the good. So honestly, I did not know what to expect. Prior to his transformation, Remington was very masculine and was engaged in manual labor. He then slowly turned gay, first with his language, then with his actions, and finally his sexual preference. All this was due to a curse put on him by an angry gay person when he was little due to his insensitive insults. I realized that in real life, there are some people that think of being gay as a curse. After all, they are not accepted by everyone, but they cant change who they are. However, in the later part of the movie, Remington was finally able to acknowledge who he really is. He even agreed to stop looking for someone who will take his place of being gay. According to him, he can be happy if he accepts who he is. Indeed, accepting who you are is one of the first steps in achieving happiness. Homophobia was also presented in the movie. At the start of the movie after a few scenes of Remingtons childhood was shown, people were talking about a serial killer who murders only gay men. This might be absurd to some of the audience. However, this may not be too far from real life. There have been reported cases on violence against homosexuals. In the movie, the killer was the friend of Remingtons father. The father, the murderer, and their friends were always shown in the movie as gay haters. They would laugh and insult them. So I was surprised when the gun was accidentally shot at one of the friends and he died. Only gays were affected by the gun, so that means that he was one of them. He kept his true identity to himself and made fun of other gays, maybe so he will not be discovered. It was just sad that he wasnt able to show the world who he truly was. I think he was not really happy with what he was doing. One scene I will not forget is when Remington was about to give up on being free of the curse. He thought that he might become happy with his new self. Hannah told him that he cant be gay. At first, I was annoyed at her because I thought she was selfish and just wanted Remington to be straight again so they can be together. I thought, is it wrong to admit who you really are? However, she then mentions that Remington is not deserving to be gay, since gays fight their whole lives, while he was willing to give up when faced with a couple of troubles. And thats when I realized that this movie is so cool. Most people think that gays are the third sex, that they are lower than males. And here Hannah is, telling a man, in front of many other men, that he did not deserve to be called gay. At that moment I want to high five her. I love her! Really. Another happening that I really like is Remingtons fathers sacrifice. He himself was not a fan of gays. However, for his son, he was willing to be one his whole life. The scene was very touching, especially when he said, hindi ba ako maaaring maging ama, pag bading na ako? This guy is one commendable father.