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ED 321 Lesson Plan # 4

Title: WKCE Test Review Session Topic: Algebraic Relationships th Grade: 8 Subject/Course: Mathematics Designer: Molly Rozga

Stage 1 Desired Results Established Goal(s) G

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, Grade 8 Mathematics F.a.1. Use two concurrent numeric patterns to describe and analyze functional relationships between two variables. F.a.2. Describe and analyze in words functional relationships in two concurrent numeric patterns using multiplication and exponents and describe the relationship in words. F.a.4. Describe and interpret linear patterns in tables and graphs. F.a.6. Describe real world phenomena represented by a graph. Describe real world phenomena that a given graph might represent. F.b.1. Solve single-variable inequalities using symbols. F.b.2. Solve single-variable one- and two-step equations with whole number, whole number integer, or rational coefficients with and without context. F.b.7. Evaluate formulas with and without context by solving for a specified variable.

Students will understand what material they should review prior to starting the WKCE exams.

U Essential Question(s)

Can you recall the information necessary to reach the correct answer? Can you apply strategies and tips to your study plan?

Students will know

Students will be able to

The kind of questions they can anticipate seeing on the WKCE exam. If there are any areas that they are not comfortable with, they will know what to study.

Recall the information necessary to reach the correct answer. Apply strategies and tips to your study plan.

Stage 2 Assessment Evidence Assessment will be informal. As I walk around the classroom, I will use a checklist to monitor student achievement. If time permits, I would like to have the students complete exit cards. I anticipate asking two questions: 1. What do you feel is a mathematical weakness? a. Number Operations and Relationships b. Geometry c. Measurement d. Statistics and Probability e. Algebraic Relationships 2. How will you apply the study tips to do your best?

Stage 3 Learning Plan L


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Smart Notebook file Multiple Choice Review Standard F Index Cards Study Tips handouts Paper for notes Writing utensil

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To get you ready for the math portion of the WKCE exam, we are going to take a little time to review algebraic relationships. What does the phrase algebraic relationships mean to you? Lets look at a comic strip from the funnies to start our discussion.

For each of the standards listed within the established goals, there is a multiple choice question. The answer options are moveable rectangles. Correct answers will reveal a green check mark, and incorrect answers will reveal a red X. There are link buttons on the bottom of each page that will take you either to a work page (if students struggle) or the next question (if most of the students showed mastery of concept). After the 7 questions, there is a list of study tips for math tests.

The final slide in the notebook is another Foxtrot cartoon. The young boys have carved pumpkins that demonstrate a significant mathematical value . If time permits, I will have the students complete an exit card. The assessment section contains the questions that I anticipate asking. I will remind the students that the study tips are designed to help them succeed on the WKCE exam.