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Cooperating Teacher Evaluation

ED 396 Candidate_Molly Rozga_____________________ Site__Greendale Middle School____

Cooperating Teacher Signature__Laura A. Smyczek_____________ Check all that are applicable. CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT (Standards 2, 3, 5, 7) [Coordination, Integrative Interaction] ___X__Organize, allocates, and manages resources of time, space, activities and attention to engage students productively ___X__Reinforces learning communities in which individual differences are respected and in which students work collaboratively and independently when possible ___X__Shows enthusiasm for teaching ___X__Treats children with respect, caring, warmth ___X__Creates a positive learning climate for children by giving appropriate verbal and nonverbal invitations to children ___X__Shows awareness of childrens attention span __X___Promotes child participation and social interaction ___X___Sees potential problems ___X__Responds in an effective and timely manner when problems occurred
____Not Observed _____Emerging _____Proficient __X__ Distinctive

INSTRUCTION (Standards 2, 3, 4, 7) [Communication, Coordination, Diagnosis, Integrative Interaction] ___X__Provides opportunities for active engagement, manipulation and/or testing of ideas and materials ___X__Demonstrates sensitivity to needs of individual children ___X__Identifies appropriate expectations for childrens performance, making adaptations when necessary ___X__Chooses appropriate teaching strategies, learning experiences, and materials to achieve instructional purposes and to meet student needs ____X_Uses positive encouragement effectively __X___Communicates clearly and accurately in verbal and/or nonverbal modes __X___Content is clearly explained __X___Gives clear directions and cues __X___Speaks with interest about topic __X___Reinforces participation ____Not Observed ____Emerging
____Proficient __X___ Distinctive

PROFESSIONALISM (Standard 10) [Communication, Integrative Interaction] __X___Relates professionally and effectively with the cooperating teacher, faculty, and parents ___X___Dresses professionally and consistently portrays a professional demeanor ___X__Arrives on time and remains as expected ___X__Attends as regularly scheduled ____Not Observed ____Emerging ____Proficient ___X__ Distinctive
Overall Performance:



___X__ Distinctive

COMMENTS: I am very impressed with Mollys professionalism and her love of teaching students mathematics. She is well-prepared as she enters her next field experience and future student teaching.

She is respectful of all students and the students respond positively to Mollys lessons and to the feedback she gives to students. Molly incorporates the IEP into the planning for students with special needs. She is able to make modifications to her lesson in advance and as the lesson unfolds.