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The Teams: Purple and blue There are certain advantages and disadvantages as to which team you are

on. For example the purple team can steal baron a lot easier due to the fact tha t certain heroes with long range spells can steal him from their jungle. The same goes for blue team and dragon, their jungle being located behind dragons spawn makes it easy for heroes such as Lux or Twisted fate to steal a quick dragon wit h their abilities. Also, take note as to who the enemy jungler is. Some jungles can take mi ni golems and gank at level two before the creeps even make it to the lane. If you're on purple team and there is a jungle twitch or shaco, they will probab ly be heading bottom soon and vice versa if you're on blue team. The Roles: Tank, Caster, Support, Jungle, DPS (Ranged or Melee), Roamers Tank: People often get confused as to what a tank actually is. If you're playi ng a tank it does not necessarily mean to stack health and armor. You have to kn ow what buy and when. Take a look at who is doing the most damage on the enemy t eam, and who needs to be controlled. If there is an enemy Master Yi who is compl etely destroying your whole team, your job as a tank is to make yourself prese nt and pose as a threat. Considering Master Yi is typically attack damage, it wo uld probably be wise to purchase a thornmail after some form of health. A th ornmail will make any fed dps completely ignore you, which will give you free re ign over the rest of his team. A tank is a hero with some form of Crowd Control(C C) and can soak up a hefty amount of damage. But you have to be able to put out damage as well, just not in the most direct way. A thornmail isn't you d ealing damage to someone, it's them damaging themselves by attacking you because you are a threat. All you really have to do as a tank is tank towers, ke ep the scary enemy heroes at bay while the rest of your team works them down. Do not be afraid to die. If you die but your team scores an ace, it was probably well worth it. A tank will typically be played as a solo top lane, a su pport bottom lane, or as a jungle. Caster(AP Carry): This is where the early/mid game damage comes from. Your AP carry will u sually go Middle, or under certain circumstances solo top. Very rarely will you see an AP carry go bottom lane or jungle(as of right now, the game is always developing and changing though). As an AP(Ability Power)carry the first 10 minutes of the game should be treated as essentially a 1v1 situation(Untill your jungler ganks of course). Try to farm as muc h creeps as possible while still harassing the enemy. But take caution not to pu sh the lane or you WILL get ganked. It is extremely important to note that not just in middle la ne, but in any lane. Pushing the lane without proper map awareness(wards, clairv oyance, etc) will result in you getting ganked, and then possibily losing a tower. You should onl y when you are certain it is safe to do so, either as a full team or after a suc cessful gank. Typically, once you hit 6 as an AP carry is when you will probably try t o go for a kill. You should run with flash and ignite as summmoner spells for th

at extra early game damage. Let's say you're playing Annie, and you hit 6 just be fore the enemy does. Assuming that you have been harassing them just enough to k eep them at about 50% HP.. it's time to go for the kill. As an annie you would wo rk up your stun by casting your Q on creeps, and once its up you would drop your spell combo and then ignite. If it didnt quite do the job your Q should be up and if they flashed away yours should still be up and you can secure a kill. This is p retty much the same with most AP carries. Support: If you're playing a support hero, let's say Taric. Your job is quite dif ferent from all the other roles. You will be going bottom lane typically with yo ur ranged carry and your job is to feed everyone else on your team kills, places wards consi stently throughout the game, and to keep your team alive. Your build should cons ist of at least two gold-per-5 items such as heart of gold and philosophers stone, because y ou will not be farming any creeps. It's important to note that as well, as a support you should not be taki ng any creep kills because the more you have, the less your ranged carry will ha ve. You should be running clairvoyance(CV) as a summoner spell and at the st art of the round you should be using it at their fountain to get a glimpse of th eir items just to see what they might have in store. Use your CV whenever it is up . You can use it to reveal the enemy jungler, or save one of your lanes from a g ank. As well use it to scout dragon and baron if the enemy has suddenly gone MIA. Sup port is one of the hardest roles to fulfill well and will take some time getting used to. Jungle: As a jungler your job is to gank the lanes for your team. After all that is the #1 rule, 'Win the lane, Win the game'. A jungler can take any number of different routes and should be discussed with your team before hand. You can start at min i golems and run a level two gank on one of the side lane. The most common path to take though is to start at blue buff, and simply work your way across. A sustained jungle route is when you don't take out any of the buffs early on, just the minor neutr al creeps. You then recall back and grab the necessary items to jungle untill level six. There are a few heroes who do not have to go back to do this, but as a result their gankin g is very weak early on which is the main reason one would take a sustained jungle route. The main objective is to reach six so you can really start doing some da mage to the lanes. If you do this though be sure to let your teammates know that there won't be many ganks coming early on. You should always buy at least one ward whenever you recall or purcha se wriggles latern which will allow you to place a free ward every five minutes. As jungler you're not going to want to take a lot of the kills early on when you gank. If it is possi ble try to let whoever you're ganking for have the kill. But by all means if you have t o get the kill then get the kill. Just know a fed team is better than a fed carr y. It is also up to you as a jungler to manage dragon. Dragon rewards +190

gold to all teammates and respawns every five minutes from the time of it's deat h. If you can get three dragons while maintaining lanes then you and your team will be mil es ahead. Be sure to also push lanes after ganking, towers win games not kills. You should be building fairly tanky but you have to have a good balance of damage as well. Take a look at yo ur team, do you already have enough beef? Or is your damage a little lackluster? Knowing what to buy and when to buy it is the key to winning any game. Ranged DPS: As the ranged carry of the team, YOU ARE THE ENDGAME. You are the key to winning a teamfight. You have to be able to maintain good positioning, while st ill being in range of the enemy heroes. Too many times a teamfight will be lost because the ra nged carry doesn't commit to a fight. There is a key factor as to how to play mo st ranged carries, and that's called kiting. Kiting is using the advantage of your ranged auto attacks to slowly widd le down those foolish melee heroes who try to chase you. A prime example of the ultimate kite hero is Ashe. With a slow built into her auto attacks she can hit you, run aw ay, then hit you again. Rinse and repeat untill everybody is dead. All kiting re ally is, is dishing out damage while maintaining a good amount of distance as to where you won't be exp osed. Roaming: This is a role that is used very rarely. Think of it like jungling, exce pt you don't kill any creeps. As a roamer you move from lane to lane essentially supporting and ganking. You will be behind in levels, and in farm so expect that. A good roamer can win games though.