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Oakley cop & Co.

: Bandits of NCRPO
Nonitos last defense?

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After the Dream

HERE is a big war at the Bureau of Immigration. Commissioner Ricardo A. David Jr. and Associate Commissioner Siegfred Mison vs. Administrative Division boss Felino C. Quirante, Jr. Against David is a story in reverse of a biblical David-and-Goliath war. Quirante who may be nicknamed Higante literally due to physical size (but not in powers he wields) is the small man and David is the biggest man up there. Against Mison who may be nicknamed Pison owing to his name that sounds the same, or by the principle of idem sonams, the big name he brings into the BI is a matchup of sorts for Higante.
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T has become exceedingly disgusting. The problem on flooding repeats all over and over again. The only variations are the places and the causes, as well as the numbers of deaths and the extents of damages. It is however not much of a concern as to where the next flood would occur. The thing is that almost every place has experienced flooding. As to causes, there are only two: excessive rainfall or simple problems of clogging. As to excessive rainfall, history shows that it has always been caused by typhoons. As to simple problems of clogging, history again showed that flooding occurred particularly in Metro

Class suit vs local officials

For doing nothing on repeated floods


Calumpit people struggle through breast-deep waters. Manila due to clogging even with ordinary rains caused by casual climate changes. Of all these causes, it is the typhoon-induced rains that can be adjudged by anybody as force majeure or an act of God or an act of Allah as labeled by those who probably do not give regard to whether this statement insults the Mighty above or do not believe in the existence of God. Nevertheless, whether God exists or not is not an issue here. And to avoid a clash with those who do not believe, let us just call these typhoon-induced rains as circumstances beyond human control. Let me ask before we proceed: Does it mean that if an event is beyond human control we cannot avoid the damage? No, because we can. By using the principle of avoidance, we can always avoid or leave and stay away from the paths of destruction. Talking about typhoons, history shows that rains always come along or ahead whenever a typhoon is to come.


And when a typhoon comes, can we avoid it? Yes, because our weather bureau is so far efficient in saying a typhoon is coming and when it should enter land areas. It does not matter that there have been misses in predicting the amount of rainfall or the strength or the pinpoint location where the typhoon would hit land. What is important is the Pag-asa has not erred in announcing that a typhoon is coming to town and when it would strike land. So that what is important is we have a correct warning as to time. We may ask: Is there a sufficient time for avoidance between the time of announcement by the Pag-asa To page 2

SimplifiedLibelLaw ChapterII
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Marcos alone as enemy of democracy? Oh come on!

What is your answer Ruffy?

Rotary Club 3830s C-5 Pabahay a dumpsite?





Vol. II No. 69



Only roofs and tree tops are above water in Calumpit

Big men, ...

Both Mison and Quirante are lawyers. Both are big men in whatever category. But in this battle of big men all else are watching in bated breath. This is a history unfolding. Not once in the life of the bureau it has seen raging bulls locking horns with each other. For David, he is putting his almost unknown record in the military that merited the eyes of President P-Noy to choose him over his mistahs and the others to be the chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and, again, to tap him to lead one of the most corrupt bureaus of the government to Matuwid Na Daan. But to where Matuwid Na Daan is not known. Mison is staking his military pedigree. He is a West Point Military Academy alumnus and a son of former general Salvador Mison, a big man during the Marcos era and of the Lucio Tan group of companies. If he wins the fight, he can keep these intact. Otherwise, his honor may be torn into pieces not even the best jigsaw puzzle solver can solve. Quirante is staking his big honor, too. He was the hands-down favorite of fellow model employees who voted him as the best worker at the bureau. Thus, he was chosen as the Most Outstanding BI Employee and Model Division Chief. It appears that these honors were not bestowed on him officially because of this Big War. But if he wins at the end of the day, he will receive these honorable prizes before the sunset comes. Otherwise he would be thrown into oblivion not even the best man can resurrect, to reinforce the wrong idea that it is better to play with the bosses than stand on principles. And in this war, Quirantes enemies have a company in another lawyer, acting Intelligence Chief Atty. Ma. Antonette BucasasMangrobang, who as a lawyer has the responsibility to her country and friends to act always as Lady Antonette. (What a beautiful call.) But Quirante must remember that the words

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of Edmund Burke may not win the war for him. It is not for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. It is for evil to triumph is for good men to do not enough. In other words, if Quirante believes in his fight, he must fight with all his might. He must leave nothing to fear. After all, only those men who fight in the extreme manner for principles are remembered with glory forever. The genesis of the Big War It was not known how it all began. But what is clear is that it started just in the nick of time when the honors were to be bestowed officially for those voted by employees as the most outstanding in the ranks of one of the most corrupt government bureaus. By the way, if the bureau has been reputed to be one of the most corrupt, it is hoped that to be honored would not be like an honor among thieves. By the way again, one of the reasons the BI is tagged as one of the most corrupt is the value that reigns there: that it is alright to squeeze money for these came from nonFilipinos anyway. They do not mind that taking money of a person, a foreigner or not, is still a thievery of sort or a robbery by intimidation or a form of extortion in plain and simple language. They do not know the saying that says: Be honest even if all others are dishonest. The story nevertheless can be read from the complaint affidavit that Quirante filed against David and Mison for violation of grave misconduct, gross disrespect, and oppression. This story is like a twist of fate. David and Quirante were perceived as friends that the former gave the latter a very satisfactory rating as division chief for the first semester of 2011. But it is mystifying that when the day came for the honor to be hanged on the neck of Quirante, David backtracked from handing over the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence or PRAISE award. This insulting incident was furthered with another

contemptuous event. Right at that very moment, it was announced during the Bureaus anniversary celebration that Quirante was to be transferred from the office where he supervises more than a thousand employees to the office where he had to handle a staff of three in Makati City. Quirante saw it as something that pushed his back against the wall and he had nowhere else to run to but to fight back. Thus, although he has not been trained in the art of soldiery like David and Mison, Quirantes passion was ignited to fight back in the territory he knows best: the legal jungle. This must have shocked David who was used to be obeyed by men trained to the culture of Sir, yes sir. He must have not found any person fighting a subordinate in the ranks of armed men hardened by fights against terrorists and rebels. Quirante charged him for acting in manners that Higante called as arbitrary, whimsical, capricious, oppressive, malicious, with gross disrespect, ill willed, ones that were of grave misconduct and gross disrespect purposed to place him in contempt and ridicule before the employees who voted the person as a model employee. In other words, Quirante is just like saying that David and Mison are military men unbecoming officers and gentlemen. The charges Quirante filed an administrative complaint for grave misconduct, gross disrespect, and oppression against David before the Office of the Ombudsman. His hope was that the integrity of former Supreme Court Justice Conchita CarpioMorales will help the oppressed, the suppressed, and the depressed. Also, Quirante filed criminal complaints for unprofessionalism under RA 6713 and for causing undue injury to his honor and person under RA 3019, otherwise known as the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. Quirante insisted he was demoted. To page 5

of an oncoming typhoon and the time when all have already avoided before the typhoon hits town? Yes, history shows that the time has always been sufficient in so far as the performance of the Pag-asa is concerned. Three or two days before the entry, the Pag-asa has been making announcement that a typhoon is spotted in the exact latitude and longitude and travelling at an almost exact speed of the horizontal movement toward the Philippines, thereby giving a reasonable comfortable feeling as to when would the landfall occur. Now, a day is more than sufficient for the evacuation to be done to established higher grounds. If that is so, damage to lives and property can always be avoided if only the local officials the mayors, vice-mayors, the councilors, the governors, the vicegovernors and the board membersare diligent in protecting their electors from harms way. For instance, Calumpit and Hagonoy in Bulacan province now are under water as high as a two-storey building and they appear to be in the worst scenario among all Central Luzon towns. In all probabilities, the local officials here and the provincial officials led by Governor Willie Alvarado do not give so much attention to the announcement of the Pag-asa that typhoon Pedring was coming. Similar scenario must have been happening in the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Pampanga. And from these, what is clear is: THESE OFFICIALS DID NOTHING AND JUST LET THE TYPHOON COME. And in fairness to these officials, the residents in their respective areas also did nothing but just trying to sleep it out only to be awakened by water invading their homes. Now, can these residents make these officials pay? It is submitted that these local officials can be made by their respective voters to pay for the sin of omission. If there is a principle that says that between two parties who are

innocent, the party that shall pay shall be the one that has the most responsibility to act under the laws and under the circumstances and yet that party neglected to act as required by laws and circumstances. The local officials were voted for by the residents to act for their common good and common welfare, as well as for public safety and public order. These obligations are clearly stated or implied from the Local Government Code of the Philippines or RA 7160. On the part of the residents, the residents were not even warned or told to evacuate to higher places. Besides, Section 24 of RA 7160 clearly states: Section 24. Liability for Damages. - Local government units and their officials are not exempt from liability for death or injury to persons or damage to property. And in this particular case, the victims of floods will be claiming payment for the failure of these officials and their local government units to act. These officials and local government units cannot claim immunity from suit because only those acts that were done in the performance of official duties are protected. If this is so, immunity covers only what was done. It does not protect what was NOT DONE, or when there was a failure to act, or simply inaction. So that if all the residents of Calumpit and Hagonoy lost property that could have been saved by avoidance or lost lives, they can make their local officials pay for not doing their job under the general principle of damages or tort or quasi-delict or under

Section 24 of RA 7169. In addition, they can seek administrative punishments against these officials by filing complaints before the Office of the Ombudsman. And it is being made clear that the sins of these officials and the local government units they run are the sins of not setting up permanent evacuation centers on high grounds that would be enough to accommodate the residents; sins of not setting up permanent disaster rescue teams that are fully equipped with rubber boats or even spare tires and bancas, ropes, flash lights, and other life-saving devices that may be needed; sins of not setting up evacuation and security teams that will bring the residents to the nearest established sites and at the same time watch over the properties left in the houses; and sins of not setting up food preparation teams to cater to the needs of the residents while staying in all evacuation centers. These are simple mat-

ters to do and the Local Government Code commands all local government units to set aside a fix percentage of their total budget to calamity preparations. And if Calumpit and Hagonoy and their officials, as well the province of Bulacan and its officials, did not do these minimum diligence acts required by the circumstances, they can be held civilly liable under Section 24 of RA 7160 and administratively liable as well for being derelicts. Now, there are always officials who would blame past officials. To make it sure that all those responsible, including those who may have not acted during previous disasters, include all of them in the class suit. As soon as the water recedes, all residents of Bulacan must now organize and file the class suit! Dont worry if they bought your votes, these kupal officials will never ever admit that they bought your votes. Act now, Bulacan!

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October3-9,2011 Vol. II No. 69

Robbing fellow law enforcers of Oakley, money, etc

HIS is a fight for newly-installed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Nicanor Bartolome. An agent of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and a policeman assigned with the Criminal Investigation and Detective Group (CIDG) personally experienced having been robbed by fellow law enforcers. In their respective counter-affidavits, numbering at least 20 pages each, which they executed for the purpose of defending themselves against criminal and administrative accusations, Immigration officer Dexter L. Bernardo and PO1 Herschel B. Montezon detailed how they were arrested wrongfully and later stripped off forcefully of property. Bernardo emotionally cried out in anger as he narrated his stories on how his personal monies and belongings disappeared in the hands of operatives of the Regional Police Intelligence Operations Unit (RPIOU) stationed at the National Capital Region Police Office headquarters inside Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig.

The two called these guy who demanded from RPIOU policemen as him the CK perfume bottle found in Bernardos veBandits of NCRPO. hicle. But what probably hurt Oakley cop and perfume Bernardo and Montezon cop so much is when the team Of all the things Ber- of RPIOU cops suddenly nardo cannot forget, it is blocked their vehicle and his Oakley sunglasses that trained guns on them to is worth about P20,000.00 compel them to go down. Bernardo and Montebecause it got lost while being hanged inside his zon insisted they did not know at first why their Fortuner SUV. Of all the RPIOU op- vehicle was blocked and eratives, Bernardo cannot why armed men in civilforget SPO3 Rieus F. San ian clothes who turned Diego, who was boasting out later as RPIOU operaof a complete Oakley uni- tives suddenly surrounded form, not a police uniform. them, ordered them to get With this, Bernardo meant off, lay down on a conthat this cop wears Oakley crete pavement face down, apparel from head to foot. and handcuffed them. Only to turn out later, Another RPIOU cop that did not escape the Bernardo and Montezon minds of Bernardo and learned that they were beMontezon is SPO3 Lut- ing charged with a fabrigardo Labares, who they cated story that they were claimed forced himself to receiving money as an wipe fluorescent powder entrapment from a woman on their hands while they when this did not happen. The other cops who were being handcuffed with their hands in the joined in the illegal arrest of Bernardo and Monteback. Still, there is another zon were SPO1 Roldan unforgettable RPIOU cop Maganto, PO3 Gerald T. who cannot escape the Ziganay, PO2 Renato C. memory of Bernardo and Among, and their team this one is SPO3 Leo C. leader Chief Insp. Arvin Pajaro, who is tagged by B. Avelino. Also unforgettable to Bernardo as a perfume

FB photo of Perfume cop SPO3 Leo C. Pajaro

Facebook photo of Rieus San Diego: OAKLEY from head to foot Bernardo and Montezon is another RPIOU official named Chief Insp. Redentor M. Agcio, for signing affidavits on September 3, 2011 when some of these sworn statements were dated September 1 and September 2. This is therefore a crime of falsification. Biggest proof of innocence: fluorescent powder on back of palm The biggest proof to their claim of innocence is the Physical Science Report of the crime laboratory. The essence of the powder is that if there is the presence of it in the palm and on the side of the fingers facing the palm when a hand is closed, then the person held the marked money given in entrapment. The report showed Montezon to be negative of fluorescent powder. This means that he did not hold any marked money claimed to have been dusted with powder and claimed to have been given in entrapment. This report slapped the face of these RPIOU policemen and their alleged complainant, Joanna Morelos Hayashi, who falsely stated in her affidavit that she handed the marked money and the boodle money to Montezon while she was standing beside the front passenger window of the Fortuner where Montezon was seated. Montezon swore to God that Joanna had never ever handed any money to him. Another proof of the falsities of the claims of these RPIOU cops and the woman who is the wife of Japanese Nobuyuki Hayashi is the test results on Bernardo. His report showed Bernardo to be positive of the powder on his left palm and at the back of the same palm. If the money dusted with fluorescent powder is being held, the parts of the hands that will have powder are the palm and the side of the fingers facing the palm when the person is holding the powderdusted money bills. So how can the powder go to the back of the left hand of Bernardo is impossible to happen if indeed he held the alleged entrapment money. Rather, this physical report on Bernardo proves his claim that while he was being handcuffed and was to be escorted by SPO3 Labares to the crime laboratory in Makati City, Bernardo already got a hint that this cop would dust powder on his hands so that Bernardo closed his fist with all his might. But while he was doing this, Labares forced hard to open his hand and rubbed on his palm what Bernardo felt was a paper. So that the explanation why the back of his hand had powder is that while Labares was forcing open Bernardos hand, Labares powder-dusted paper was rubbing at the back of the hand while struggling to open the hand of Bernardo. With this, the claim of Bernardo and Montezon of innocence must be the truth. Aksyon 5 and Tulfo brothers dupe by RPIOU cops Obviously without their knowledge, the three Tulfo brothers who are hosting T3 television program of Aksyon 5 innocently believed in the RPIOU cops when the truth of the matter is that there was no entrapment incident that occurred. As a result, the T3 brothers mistakenly shamed Bernardo on air while he was being interviewed. That belief in RPIOU cops must have triggered one of the T3 brothers to tell Bernardo: Pinagsisihan mo na ba ang naging kasalanan mo? This question was premised on the belief that Bernardo and Montezon were guilty as the Tulfos must have thought about. If only the T3 brothers examined the evidence, they could have discovered the falsity and that they would know they were only taken for a ride by these RPIOU cops. Thus, the reputation of Bernardo and Montezon was so damaged tremendously unfairly. If it is unethical to display arrested persons in full view in a press conference, it is more unethical to presume the arrested persons guilty and ask them in public whether they regretted having committed the crime. Charges of robbery, arbitrary detention, falsification Bernardo and Montezon vowed to file criminal cases of robbery, arbitrary detention and falsification against all these RPIOU cops to prove their innocence and to teach the lesson they cannot forget. Since there was no such thing that entrapment money that occurred, the RPIOU cops committed the crime of arbitrary detention and falsification. And since Bernardo lost almost Php100,000 of his money, that the RPIOU cops only reported Php158,000.00, that they took his Oakley sunglasses, that they took his perfume, and several other valuables, the RPIOU cops also committed robbery or theft. Moreover, because Chief Insp. Agcio connived with his subordinates in faking the swearing date of the affidavits, Bernardo and Montezon will also charge him for falsification. To page 7

Another Facebook photo of Rieus Oakley San Diego.

Vol. II No. 69


Jerrys Blogs
By Jerry S. Yap
OUR inbox is full with clarifications and insistence that the stinky illegal dumpsite along C-5/Kaingin Road in Barangay La-Huerta, Paraaque City is indeed a pabahay or housing project of Rotary Club 3830, Mayor Jun Bernabe, and Gawad Kalinga. The project was alleged to be for the informal settlers of Paraaque. If it is not a dumpsite as insisted by many, why it is too stingy to the senses? If Paraaque Mayor Jun Bernabe is convinced it is not a dumpsite, then it is better for him to visit the place. Mayor, you might have been taken for a ride by your contractors. Our investigation shows the dump trucks said to be owned by one Boy Sanchez are often seen in the site. Mayor, hope you are familiar who Boy Sanchez is. Is he the contractor of the housing project for Gawad Kalinga? Mayor, if you are ignorant of the ill effect of the stinking trash dumped by your contractor along C-5/ Kaingin Road in Barangay La-Huerta, it is much advisable for you to take a walk to see the site with your naked eyes. You might vomit to emptiness if you inhale the trash-juice mixed with water of the Riverside. Also try to ask the residents near the site how they empty their bellies when they are inhaling the stingy smell from the housing project. Mayor Jun Bernabe, I have nothing personal against you. In truth, I fail not to praise you for your good deeds. But this time, I have an unsolicited advice: Please feel free to inspect the dumpsite that is toxic to the health of residents of Barangay Moonwalk, Barangay Sto. Nio and Barangay La Huerta. Mayor, you better hurry or you might be dumped behind by the inspection team of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). If that happens, you might be charged administratively, Mayor Jun Bernabe! This is a clear violation of Republic Act 9003 (THE ECOLOGICAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT). Is George Del Rosario Little Mayor of Pasay City? How true that until today, George Del Rosario alias Mr. Panasonic still displays machismo and power

as the Little Mayor of Pasay City? George Del Rosario was rumored as the political campaign financier who allotted P100 million for the candidacy of Mayor Antonio Tony Calixto. Del Rosarios influence is still felt in the four corners of city hall despite talks that Calixto has neglected and rejected him for interfering in the operations of the local government. Del Rosarios prowess in Pasay cannot be set aside as he had reportedly assigned his favored men to the Pasay PNP and the Pasay City Hall. Some of the men of Del Rosario are allegedly controlling and manipulating the flow of goodwill and grease moneys from the operators of illegal gambling, illegal terminals and night clubs, as well as sidewalk vendors. Are you aware of

Rotary Club 3830s C-5 Pabahay a dumpsite?

this, Mr. George Del Rosario? As payment for his political debt to Del Rosario, Mayor Calixto awarded him with hundreds of millions of pesos Pasay City waste management contract. Rumors winding around Pasay City Hall had it that Del Rosario was material for the admission of Calixto to the Liberal Party. Lately, Calixto was invited by Sec. Mar Roxas because of the information provided by Del Rosario. Pasay residents are puzzled by the silence of Calixto while Del Rosario interfered with the operations of the local government. Had it not for Del Rosario, Calixto could not win in Pasay City considering the influence and power of his opponents in the 2010 elections, the likes of former Mayor Wenceslao Pewee Trinidad and former Representative Connie Dy. If this rumor is true, then Pasay City residents are very lucky because they have two mayors. Lagueos dependency on illegal activities (Attention Gen, Nick Bartolme) Laguna is a historic province of the country. Our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was born in Laguna. He is not just a hero who loved our country. He is also a genius emulated not only by Malays but also by the Europeans he acquainted with. But it seems the priceless history of Laguna is forgotten by its new leaders, especially the law enforcers. Today, illegal activities invade Laguna. Count the STL-BOOKIES of one Vic Siman. In Batangas, the illegal gambling operations

of Boy Almazar and Karling. Accordingly, there is the uncontrolled illegal logging in Quezon province, and PAIHI in Laguna province. The small town lottery results are used for jueteng. There is no wonder why unnumbered Lagueos are addicted to illegal vices. Allegedly, one Colonel Pera-Pera-Ta is fearless in the name of Tongpats from illegal operators! The colonel boasted that he can take care of everything and that the order for the continuous operation of illegal activities has the go-signal of a Boss of PNP-PRO. PNP-PRO4 Regional Director, C/ Supt. Gil Meneses, your men are treading a wrong path. A path straight to the pockets!

Marcos alone as enemy of democracy? Oh come on!

WHATS the difference between the former presidents of the country to give the Congress the reason to single out the former strongman, Ferdinand Marcos, painting him as Enemy of Democracy? Accordingly, those who seek condemnation of the late dictator, whose cadaver still lies unburied, claimed that the former strongman was responsible in: 1. Declaring martial law, imposing a perfect authoritarian rule; 2.Commission of crimes against the lives of Filipinos; 3. Ending press freedom; and 4. Corruption. Let us fathom these claims, one by one, comparing the same with the former presidents of our country who had served after the late dictator. Firstly, yes, it was only the late strongman, whom the Ilocanos revered as Apo Lakay, who declared martial law. But after him, this power that allotted supremacy to the military has actually been baptized a new name: State of Emergency. We should not be deceived by the play of words, for in truth, martial law and state of emergency refer to the same potato. Like the late dictator who ruled the country with an iron fist, it cannot be denied that the late Corazon CojuangoAquino survived her presidency by declaring a state of emergency in December 1989. This she did for fear of the coups engineered by now Senator Gregorio Gringo Honasan. The declaration of state of emergency was also contemplated by the group of Joseph Estrada to save his presidency in 2001. But they failed to measure the succeeding events that occurred in a snap of fingers. Estrada was expelled from the Palace in February 2001. On February 24, 2006, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to survive her stay in Malacaang Palace, placed the country under a state of emergency in her Proclamation 1017, ordering

Hernz quarry
By Hernani Cuare
the Armed Forces of the Philippines to prevent or supress all forms of lawless violence. Her declaration of state of emergency coincided with the 20th Anniversary of the People Power revolt in 1986. If Marcos be declared as enemy of the state because of martial law, then, Aquino the mother and Arroyo be shamed the same, for martial law and state of emergency are declarations with the same purpose to empower the military to suppress civilian rights. Secondly, it is granted that the administration of Apo Lakay took the lives of innocent Filipinos who were perceived as movers against his rule. But how about the presidents who reigned after him? Filipinos should not bury in the mud of forgetfulness the deaths of innocent men during the reign of Corazon Aquino, especially the January 22, 1987 Mendiola massacre. The Mendiola massacre, also called as Black Thursday, was an incident that took place at the foot of the historic Mendiola Bridge, now Roces Bridge in memory of the late Chino Roces. The massacre was committed in broad daylight while the late President Aquino had her peace in the comfort of Malacaang Palace. Sporadic gunfire took the lives of 13 farmers and injured 43 others in that fateful afternoon. They were killed for demanding a genuine agrarian reform. Lest the Filipino people forget, those in command of guns were Gen. Ramon Montao, Col. Cesar Nazareno and Brig. Gen. Alfredo Lim. The administration of Fidel Ramos was not spared from the killings of innocent men and women. Recall the murders and kidnappings in Marag Valley in November 1992. The Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace even accused Ramos as expert only in rhetoric of peace and not in deeds. In the heydays of the expelled president, Joseph Estrada, atrocities were also noted. The most controversial was the Dacer-Corbito double murder case. The death of the late publicist Salvador Bubby Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito on November 24, 2000 was linked to Estrada and now Senator Panfilo Lacson. The case remains unsolved until today. The shameless administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was also dragged to numerous unsolved killings. Two noted atrocities

during her reign were the Maguindanao massacre, and the killings were reportedly engineered by now Bantay party list Representative Jovito Palparan who is tagged as the Butcher. The Maguindanao massacre happened on November 23, 2009 where 58 people died, including 33 journalists. The atrocities linked to former general Palparan purportedly happened when he was assigned in the Visayas from May 2001 to September 2006. If Marcos be declared as enemy of democracy due to atrocities, then why not declare Aquino the mother, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo also as enemies of democracy? Thirdly, it cannot be said that press freedom was ended by Marcos. It is more appropriate to say that the press was influenced by the power of camaraderie and money. This tradition of influence is carried until today. We, the citizens, can attest to this fact. Lastly, no one can deny the fact that Marcos and his cronies had

enriched themselves from 1972 to 1982. But how about the presidents and men after him? Did the men during Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo inhibit from the billions of pesos that are in their discretion? Definitely, the men in power after Marcos had robbed the Filipino people. Surely, greed of men in government is carried until today. This greed that breeds corruption in the government is also blamed on the craftiness of the dead Marcos. Why should the Congress blame the dead when they, the living and the powerful, are the new breed of robbers of the Filipino people? If Marcos is declared as enemy of democracy, it is fair and reasonable to do the same to the presidents and men after him! Poor Marcos, he cannot rise from his coffin in Batac, Ilocos Norte to defend himself.


Vol. II No. 69

What is your answer, Ruffy?

WHAT started as a wrong footing as adjudged by Dyaryo Magdalo is likely to crash Ruffy Biazon crying to his kingdom come. The first wrong step he did was when he announced that there are plenty of hao-shao journalists at the Customs zone and that he will get rid of all of them from the territory to end smuggling. Dyaryo Magdalo agreed to him when he said there are haoshao or fake journalists in the new world he now lords over. But it is simply illogical to say that smuggling can be ended by taking away these people he called hao-shiaos. First, there have been no reporters, haoshiaos or genuine, who have acquired pricey condominiums, golf courses, luxury cars and SUVs, big tracks of lands, or hundreds of millions in bank accounts. To the contrary, a few lifestyle checks done so far by the Ombudsman are in themselves enough to support the proposition that it is the Customs officials who should be excluded and not the reporters. At least, Dyaryo Magdalo is very sure in stating there have been no reporters, haoshiaos or genuine, who have been charged or convicted under the lifestyle checks. In fairness to those journalists who have traded their principles for favors, they are given only rewards that are miniscule compared to what Customs officials rake from smugglers and the money given to reporters as gifts are rewards for silence. Perhaps, Ruffy heeded the advice of Dyaryo Magdalo that it is for him to hit the smugglers, not the reporters. This belief rests on the fact that he called in a conference with all persons parading as media men within the Customs zone and he threshed out matters with them. Many in the conference who are writing for weekly papers circulated in the Customs demanded from Ruffy to identify who among them are hao-shiaos. He could not answer. Doubtful personalities Contrary to his divine word against haoshiaos, a piece or two of vulnerability have been eyed in Ruffy. This, after it was learned he took in deputy commissioner Rey Nicolas as his chief of staff. The latter was convicted by the Ombudsman after failing in a lifestyle check but was exonerated later. This is not saying that Nicolas was indeed guilty or innocent. But the unfairness of life dictates that it is too difficult for one to get out of the stigma of the accusations when convicted even after the conviction has been reversed. With this as a fact of life, the choice of a chief

Privileged spits
By Toto C. Causing
of staff becomes a wrong political move for Ruffy. Voters never inquire but vote according to their beliefs and reject according to their doubts. But if Ruffy does not care about his reputation because he might have no more political plans, so be it. It is his choice, anyway. Maybe he believes in the totalitarian principle that what matters most is the result: the end justifies the means. But if the people surrounding him on the basis of his trust in them are having doubtful reputation, it will be too hard for Ruffy to achieve his dream of establishing Matuwid Na Daan at the Customs. Any corrupt official there would just say, Look, whos talking? So that it is suggested by the editor-in-chief of this weekly who voted for Ruffy in the last senatorial elections that he should get people who are fresh to the eyes of the people in the Customs if he wants to gain first sufficient moral strength needed to achieve his goals. Task Force OCOM, another PASG Dyaryo Magdalo also learned that Ruffy is organizing Task Force Office of the Commissioner, or Magdalo gathered also that since Ruffy entered his new office, there has been no more alarm that has been issued. Alarm is issued whenever the data listed in an inward foreign manifest (IFM) does not match the list of import being declared by its importer. Actually, if only Customs men are truthful to their sworn duties, it is easy to stop smuggling. By just making the inward foreign manifests open to the public, the smugglers can no longer cheat because their declarations can always be checked against the IFMs and the correct taxes named duties are collected. Of all countries that are the ports of origin of all imports into the Philippines, it is only China that is feared to be not abiding by the game of truth. All others are perceived to be truthful in forwarding manifests to the Philippine government as part of a treaty aimed at curbing smuggling in any part of the world and as a means of getting true data of imports and exports for the purpose of balancing interests in accordance with the World Trade OrHiding of inward foreign ganization and General manifests Agreements on Tariffs and By the way, Dyaryo Trade. TF-OCOM. There should have been no doubt with this for it is within his prerogatives. But what is alarming is that this TF-OCOM would operate like another Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group (PASG). It is still too fresh in memory that this PASG has been labelled by many as highway robbers. This is because PASG men indiscriminately clawed container vans on highways or elsewhere, raided warehouses at will, seized any goods in display and all other revolting acts, all done without search warrants. The PASG men were capitalizing on the fears of importers: that it was better for them to give in to extortions and weekly tongs rather than fight off in courts. This fear that TFOCOM would only be another PASG is founded on the information Dyaryo Magdalo gathered that the names of persons being eyed to be tapped would be some of the big men of PASG then. If this is true, nothing separates Ruffy from PASG.

But what purpose will the IFMs serve if they are hidden? If the IFMs are furnished Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence Danilo Lim, he will have no trouble in the job of gathering information about all kinds of smuggling. Dyaryo Magdalos source said that the copies of IMFs are exclusive only to four offices: the offices of Customs Commissioner, Port Collector, Port Inspector, and Customs Audit. Why is it not provided with the Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence, who is ex-Gen. Lim? What is then the justification that IFMs must be confidential? A piece of advice to Ruffy: Dont let IFMs remain exclusive only to four offices. You will be held directly responsible for every smuggling act that may be discovered. No one else, but you, Ruffy. Since no alarm has been put out, Dyaryo Magdalos sources said that smugglers and their cohorts among Customs men have been feasting on. One sli p off Ruffy In September, insiders told Dyaryo Magdalo that a loose cargo was intercepted by the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Section (CIIS) at the Manila International Container Port (MICP). The imported items were said to be wireless lapel microphones from

China. They were said to have been held by the team of MICP-CIIS Chief May Galang, whose direct superior is CIIS Director Filomeno C. Vicencio, whose superior, in turn, is former General Lim. No less than present Assistant Customs Commissioner Siegfred Mison signed the University of the East certification stating that Vicencio has never been a student of UE, contrary to the latters statement in his PDS (personnel data sheet). So that Ruffy must deal this matter about Vicencio, whose wealth has grown beyond imagination since he was appointed by Gloria Arroyo more than a year ago but who was not replaced by my candidate for president, PNoy. The sources said somebody within the MICP-CIIS team floated the idea that P30,000 made magic for the wireless lapel microphones. On Wednesday, September 27, the cargo disappeared when typhoon Pedring left the country. The Customs insiders also said that three to four ships loaded with 600 to 700 container vans are arriving at the Port of Manila every week. With this number of container vans, the insiders said that the P30billion collection deficit of the bureau is more than easy to be filled up. What is your answer, Ruffy?

From being an administration chief where he has been exercising administrative and disciplinary jurisdiction over 1,000 personnel all over the country, he was transferred to the bureaus Makati extension office, where he has to supervise only six employees. He mused further that the Makati office is not even part of the plantilla of the bureau. He accused General David as a man of bad temper, a man who is abusive and discourteous, a man who is of indecisive character yet one who does not hide his contempt and lack of respect towards officials and employees of the BI. Quirante said that David failed to exercise his functions with dignity, courtesy, self-restraint, and civility in dealing with its officials and employees of the bureau and the transacting public as well. In other words, Quirante is insisting that David has a narcissistic personality disorder owing to extreme premium to machismo. He also accused David of governing the bureau by

Big men, Big war

From page 3 favoritism. Quirante said that BI acting Intelligence Chief Atty. Ma. Antonette Bucasas-Mangrobang has been exempt from punching attendance at their biometric clock. He added that favored staff and certain officials who have been there at the BI for only six months or less are paid with additional bonuses although they are not entitled to the goodies and cookies under the law. In his complaint before the Office of the Ombudsman, Quirante also accused Mison of conspiring with David in perpetrating that most humiliating event in his life. Sharing dilemma to De Lima Quirante also ran for his dilemma to Secretary Leila M. De Lima. In his September 14, 2011 letter, he expressed his resentment and extreme disgust over what transpired on September 3 that De Lima personally witnessed as the guest of

honor. Quirante believed he was set up by David to be humiliated in front of employees who voted for Higante as the model employee of the bureau. He labelled it as not within the definition of Matuwid Na Daan. He said that on September 2, 2011, Maan Pedro from Misons office informed him to attend the awarding ceremony the next day. In scratching the accomplishments of David at the AFP, it has been uncovered by Dyaryo Magdalo that one of his top records was during his tour of duty in Mindanao. There, it was said he reduced the number the regular members of the Abu Sayyaf terror group from 391 in 2009 to 386 in 2010. Meaning, he failed to cripple the group from terrorizing. His correct answers were only five out of 391 test questions. Robbery of honor in broad daylight Quirante also labelled his unparalleled experience to a robbery of honor

done in broad daylight. Instead of being bestowed the model employee honor that he presumably deserved, he was not conferred with it andin the exceedingly disgusting mannerit was announced in full view of the public that he was being reassigned to a lowly and inexistent post. Quirante was so dressed up that moment. He was so happy to savor what he expected should be the most important event in his life as a career government worker. Only to make it as the most unforgettable insult that could have killed him if his heart was not strong enough. Imagine the situation. He was informed he was going to be feted that he must attend the celebration. So he must come to receive the honors as BI Model Division Chief by under the PRAISE system and as the Most Outstanding Employee for 2011. Instead, he got shocked. The awards were not given. His honor was desecrated. While his co-employees were listening, Associate Commissioner Abdullah S. Mangotara announced the reassignment to the Makati Extension Office. No explanation

Associate Commissioner Siegfred Mison was given. His blood pressure shot up to 200/100. It was attested to by BI Medical Section Chief Dr. Maria Theresa O. Montenegro. The problem of this military man in civilian post The attitude of Commissioner David could be traced to his military training and experiences, in accordance with a biblical passage that says: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will never depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) David had been trained to be a military man. He schooled at the Philippine Military Academy in 1973 to 1977 when they were babies of the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He experienced the harshness of life during his active duty from 1977 to end up getting the mostcoveted dream of any PMAer: to be the chief of staff of the AFP. After retiring on March 8, 2011 from the AFP, his luck rolled on to find himself as head of a civilian office that is one of the juiciest in terms of income through evil and hidden ways. Of course, his discipline is the military code: Obey first before you complain. As if he does not know the motto: Mamamayan Muna, Hindi Mamaya Na! No wonder. David departed not from his tradition. Quirante cried out loud in pain in front of the employees who looked at him as their model and in the presence of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima as David just showed a Hitlers smile. Watch out! Dont blink!

Vol. II No. 69


Simplified Libel Law in the Philippines


HE extensive and detailed definition of libel is the one recited in Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines. This article states: Art. 353. Definition of libel. A libel is public and malicious imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status, or circumstance tending to cause the dishonor, discredit, or contempt of a natural or juridical person, or to blacken the memory of one who is dead. If this definition of the law is analyzed, we are seeing at imputation that brings shame as the root of libel. But what kind of imputation does the law refer to? To take this definition by the heart is somewhat uncomfortable, even to the lawyers. Easiest definition of libel: DIMP But for purposes of simplicity, easy comprehension and easy memory for journalists and other lay men, just remember the word DIMP. As formulated by the author, this DIMP encapsulates all elements to form one definition of libel. So hold your breath. Just remember the word DIMP and you know by heart what libel means. And if you know the definition, you would sufficiently be armed with knowledge to guide you in every article you write or word you utter before a broadcasting entity.

P stands for publication. Under libel law, there is no libel if there is no publication. This means that despite the existence of defamation, identification and malice, as long as the defamation is not published, there is no libel. In the context of old, the definition of publication was limited to the publication in print: be it in books, in magazines, in letters, in newspapers or anything that is written. In the modern context, publication includes broadcasting. In the most recent context, it now includes internet publications, either in the form of uploaded text or photo or videos. It also includes those text messages sent through cellular phones. Also included in this form are the fax messages. So, that by remembering DIMP you will know by heart what libel means. The formal and legal definition of libel under Article 353 The libel law of the Philippines itself states the kinds of defamatory imputation covered under Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code, such as: (a) imputation of a crime; (b) imputation of a vice, as in alcoholic or womanizer; (c) imputation of a defect, such as a defect in hearing and certain other physical defects; (d) imputation of an act that tends to cause dishonor, discredit or contempt of a person or that blackens the memory of one who is dead; (e) imputation of an omission that tends to cause dishonor, discredit or contempt of a person or that blackens the memory of one who is dead; (f) imputation of a condition that tends to cause dishonor, discredit or contempt of a person or that blackens the memory of one who is dead; D = Defamation (g) imputation of a status that tends to cause dishonor, discredit or contempt of a person or that blackens the memory of one who is dead; and D stands for defamation. (h) imputation of a circumstance that tends to cause dishonor, discredit or conImagine anything that could hurt another persons tempt of a person or that blackens the memory of one who is dead. ego and honor, or anything that can put him in shame This definition of the law is so broad that it covers almost everything that or public contempt, or anything that is a lie or false, causes dishonor, discredit or contempt of a person or that blackens the memory of this is what defamation is all about. one who is dead. There is no limit as to what kind of imputation is Along with imputations, the definition of libel requires the presence of publicadefamatory or not. The richness of the imagination tion of these imputations. of a writer can produce many forms of defamatory This is actually the D in the DIMP presented by the author. imputations. It can be done even in a cartoon or a Now, the next point of discussion is publication. movie or a painting. Formally and legally speaking, the law refers to publication as any act of making the imputation known to the public or persons other than the one being I = Identification defamed. And this act of publication includes publications in newspapers, magazines, I stands for identification. books, newsletters, letters, Internet web pages, cellular phone short messages By identification, what the libel law means is that popularly called in the Philippines as plain text, fax messages, email messages, it can be identified who are the persons or entities telegram although somewhat obsolete now, radio and television broadcasts. Also (a corporation, a partnership, a product, or brand of considered as a form of publication is an act of sending a defamatory letter to a services) being referred to as the one being defamed, person other the one being defamed in that letter. or being attacked or criticized. Some of these enumerated forms of publications are not found in those modes There is identification if the subject of the or manner enumerated by the law by which publication can be committed. defamatory imputations is expressly named. There The law that enumerates this is Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code, which is also identification if the name of the person being says: defamed can be identified from the descriptions Art. 355. Libel means by writings or similar means. A libel committed by given in the same published writeup or broadcast means of writing, printing, lithography, engraving, radio, phonograph, painting, item. theatrical exhibition, cinematographic exhibition, or any similar means, shall be punished by prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods or a fine M = Malice ranging from 200 to 6,000 pesos, or both, in addition to the civil action which may be brought by the offended party. M stands for malice. Under this law, the first mode of libel is by publishing some writings. This is Under the criminal law in the Philippines, the reason why libel is sometimes referred to as written defamation. Defamamalice means intention or deliberateness. This tion items done not by writing were originally referred to as oral defamation or must be separated from accidental or an act slander. done by mistake. By the law, acts considered as written defamation are those done by printing, For an act to be considered done with lithography, engraving or similar means. The current trends of high technology, malice, it must be an act or omission that such as internet mails, chats, web posts and blog posts, fax machines, text mesviolated a law and the violator knew at the sages or short messaging through cellular phones may be referred to as similar time of doing that act or omission that it means of writing because they contain letters. The same law now includes as was against the law. The condition of libel those acts of defaming by means of painting, theatrical exhibitions, cinematothe mind of this kind of person is what graphic exhibitions, radio, phonograph, or similar means. This means that any act is called commonly by lawyers and of defaming using a medium is considered libel. justices as ill will and spite. The next point of discussion comes to identification. Applying this basic Of course, a person cannot be put to shame if he is not named or identified. definition of malice in This is the reason that libel can only be had if the person subject of defamation is, or can be, identified. So that even if only descriptions of a person are written or broadcast yet he or she can still be identified by persons other than the person concerned from those

Chapter II Definition of Libel

libel law, it means that the libeler knows that the defamation is not true or is false yet he continued defaming another anyway. P = Publication descriptions, there is still the element of identification. The Philippine Supreme Court loves to call this element as identifiability although the word is not found in any English dictionary. Actually, it is an irony that the Supreme Court has introduced in its Rules of Court and rulings in cases many words not Latin but cannot be found in any dictionary of the Queens tongue. The third point of discussion is malice. Notice that the definition of libel under Article 353 starts with the phrase public and malicious. This means that for an act of defaming to be libel, besides being published there ought to be the existence of malice. To say there is malice in libel is to prove that there is that intention to defame. To say there is intention to defame is to show that the clear purpose is to defame only and nothing else. Thus, if the purpose in the writing or utterance of a remark is to criticize for the purpose of good governance or public good, or for the purpose of defense of ones honor, or a mere exercise of a right given by law or the constitution, there is no malice in libel to speak of. Also, if there was no intention but mere accident that the defamatory words were published, there is also no malice. An example of this covers utterances or writings made in spontaneous reactions to stimuli. In this situation, there is no purpose to speak ill of another. This is because it was just a natural response of a man or a woman being attacked, considering that it is an instinct of every human being to do acts for self-preservation. Also, to utter words that are a common expression in a community, like son of a beast or putang ina, is obvious to have no purpose to defame, such that there is no malice. Summary of the definition of libel: Be it under my theory of DIMP or under the law of libel in the Philippines, the definition of libel is the same. There is libel when four elements are present. These elements are defamation, identification, malice, and publication. Note the initials D in defamation, I in identification, M in malice, and P in publication. Hence, to know the definition of libel by the heart, just say it: DIMP! Until here, the author is confident that the reader will have now a good and broad idea of what is libel. Simply speaking, if one of the four elements in DIMP is absent there is no libel. As such, he is also confident that the reader will know what preventive measures to do when writing for newspaper publication or speaking for broadcast purposes.


Nonito Donaire of the Philippines jumps as he celebrate while watching Fernando Montiel of Mexico struggles to his feet in the second round of their WBC/WBO bantamweight championship bout as referee Russell Mora counts at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Donaire won by TKO in the second round to claim Montiels titles.


Vol. II No. 69

O N I T O The Filipino Flash Donaire Jr. is now into his less-than-a-month of training in preparation for his last title defense at 118 pounds against undefeated, two division world champion Omar

Andres Narvaez of Argentina to be held at the Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 23, Manila time. The WBC and WBO bantamweight champion is picking up the tempo as the fight night draws near. He has sparred 10 rounds with 3 separate

opponents and is feeling good about it. Although Nonito is eight pounds over the bantamweight limit as of this writing, his handlers said the excess weight does not pose a serious concern as he has not cut down on food yet. When asked about
ways, they had never been contacted by Dulay. It was only on September 2, 2011 when they received a call from Dulay for them to meet again at the same Caltex station. While waiting for Dulay at the parking area of the convenience store at the gas station, Bernardo said he saw Montezon arriving and boarding his Fortuner immediately. While inside the vehicle, they were talking to each other when Dulay called them over on Montezons cellphone that Dulay cannot come and instructed them to be the ones to talk to Joanna. At this point, Bernardo said he told Montezon that they would leave because they did not want to interfere with Dulays transaction with his Japanese friend. But as he was driving his Fortuner slowly, Bernardo said that Montezon saw Joanna sitting at the convenience store so that he opened the passengerseat window by one-fourth down and called Joanna to come near for the purpose of asking permission to leave because Dulay cannot come. At that juncture, Bernardo said he noticed that Joanna was hanging her fingers on the window of the Fortuner and was not

his clash against Narvaez, Donaire guaranteed to give his best shot against the undefeated Argentine. I know that hes a legend in Argentina hes a great fighter, he knows how to be offensive, he knows how to be defensive. Hes a
removing her fingers despite the fact that the vehicle was already started to drive away. As the Fortuner was trying to make a drive out to Edsa, the van of the RPIOU policemen blocked them and arrested them even without personally seeing whether an entrapment money was handed over or there was none. Let the good men remain It is basic that we arrest persons only when caught in the act to avoid suspicions. But since what these RPIOU policemen did was wrong, we will teach them a lesson they cannot forget. They cannot bring back our damaged reputation except by proving in court that they committed crimes of illegal arrest, robbery or theft and falsification, Montezon said. We want them also removed from the police service or they would victimize more persons. If they did this to us who are law enforcers, how much more to innocent civilians? Bernardo asked. Let the good men remain, Montezon and Bernardo chorused.

Bandits of ...
From page 3 Brief beginning In brief, Bernardo and Montezon said in their affidavits that their common friend named Jonathan Dulay called them to help him because the latter wanted to help his Japanese friend whose problem was that his visa has already expired for two years and a half. So that on August 26, 2011, Bernardo gave in and went to meet Dulay at the Caltex Station on Edsa corner Vergel St. in Pasay City. Upon arriving at the said refueling station, Bernardo saw Montezon in the company of Dulay. Then they went to the house of the Japanese who turned out to be Hayashi. There, Dulay met with the Japanese and his wife Joanna Morelos Hayashi at noon time. They then went to Brothers Burger on Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City for the lunch and it was there that they ate and discussed about the problem. During the lunch, Bernardo and Montezon said that they did not interfere with Dulay while Dulay was talking to this Joanna while they were exchanging words and jokes joyfully, including the discussions where Joanna presented her problem with regard to her husbands overstaying status as an alien. Bernardo and Montezon said that the conversation was so casual when they heard Dulay telling Joanna that it would cost them Php200,000 to fix the problem of her husband. After that, they parted ways. Bernardo left alone on his vehicle. But before that, Dulay turned over to him the papers and asked him to study how they could help the Japanese friend. At this juncture, they said that Dulay and Montezon left together aboard Dulays vehicle, where Joanna and her husband also boarded. After dropping Joanna and her husband at Edsa corner Vergel St., Dulay and Montezon left and eventually parted ways. Bernardo and Montezon said that since parting

fighter that knows how to win out there, thats why hes undefeated, said Donaire. Indications has it that Donaire is going up to the next division, the super bantamweight, because he has trained his sight on Mexican warrior Jorge Travieso Arce early next year before battling WBC champion Toshiaki Nishioka sometime in May or June. Donaire has been very vocal about his intentions and has time and again said that he always wanted to fight Arce. Top Rank big boss Bob Arum has also declared that the fight between the two is a real possibility since the original plan to fight Nishioka failed. The Japanese champion has just come off a hard-fought, twelveround decision over former world champion Rafael Marquez of Mexico. Nishioka wanted to take a rest and would not be ready until the first quarter of 2012. The next Pacquiao I think Donaire has a great opportunity to be a big, big superstar, Arum told the online edition of The Ring magazine in New York. The Hall of Fame boxing promoter has found the heir appar-

ent to Manny Pacquiao. When asked about who among the present crop of Filipino boxers could fill in the void once the Pacman hang up his gloves. Arum believes that Donaire has all the qualities needed to reach superstardom. Donaire at 28 is widely regarded as among the worlds Top 4 fighters today, poundfor-pound. As you know, Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter right now. To be compared to Manny and to be the next Manny Pacquiao, I mean, what else can you say? Donaire said. He has won world titles at flyweight (112 lbs) and bantamweight (118 lbs) divisions. Going up to the super bantamweight (122 lbs) division, Donaire is expected to lock horns with Arce, Nishioka, Cubans Guillermo Rigondeaux and Yuriorkis Gamboa. Being an avid supporter of breast cancer awareness programs, Donaire will be wearing bright pink gloves in his title defense against Narvaez. He wanted to bring more awareness to his cause come fight night. Donaire also announced that he is giving one lucky Filipino resident of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut the chance to sing our national anthem in

front of the thousands attending and the millions watching worldwide. The WBC and the WBO bantamweight champ is giving Filipino residents of the Tri State area an opportunity to be part of this great sporting event. Not only will he be able to watch the fight live at the Madison Square Garden but will also be taking the center stage in leading the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. The Filipino Flash announced through his Facebook fan page that everyone, regardless if you are an amateur or a seasoned professional singer, a student or a working professional, is encouraged to join the search. You can make a video clip of yourself singing our national anthem and upload the clip via YouTube and you can post the link of the video on Donaires Facebook page: Nonito Donaire Jr. (http://www.facebook. com/#!/nonitodonaire) or you can email the video clip together with a short biography and your contact information to fan@filipinoflash.com. The winner will be announced during the Filipino champs scheduled open public workout on October 15 at 1pm at the Gleasons Gym in Brooklyn, New York.

In this poem author Ed Cordevilla wants to write but expresses all the circumstances surrounding him that make him doubt to do what he wants after waking up from a dream. In a general sense, Ed exposes the general dilemma of any person wanting to do something to achieve his dream when distractions are invading his attention. My lesson from this poem is this: if you want to do something to fulfill your dream do it with all your might, decide immediately after sufficient reflection on whether to go ahead with it, and close your eyes to all else that steal your eyes, your heart, and your mind. According to Ed, who has become closer to me after discovering some of his depth, this poem is an excerpt from his Ten Thousand Lines Project For World Peace, an epic in progress. He began writing for this in January 2010. He is now at 7,000 lines. Excerpts of the epic already saw print at The Philippines Graphic Weekly Magazine and The Manila Times Sunday Magazine. When Ed consented to have some lines of his poetic journey published regularly in Dyaryo Magdalo, we feel lucky to keep our tradition of fine writing in the language of truth and in the spirit of liberty. But before we proceed, let me invite our readers to write your poems, submit it to totocausing@yahoo.com or berteni.causing@gmail. com, or post them as comments on my personal website http://totocausing.com, and we will see if we can see literary gems in them. And if lucky to be adjudged by me for publication, the poems will deserve my review before presenting them in order to give first to the reader an idea on what he would expect in reading the poem. Today, we present his excerpt he entitled After the Dream.

fter the dream, when everything has been said, Said and done, the pain felt and related to the reader, Would I be better, would I be a better man, Could I insist that this particular theory is right And the other wrong, would I be believed, Would I be believed if I say I did not know How to start this poem, never really have started Writing this poem, this poem about you And me which is also about the word, Which is also about peace, that I have always Contemplated, prayed and contemplated To write this poem, tried to imagine the start, Tried even harder to imagine the life I would be into If ever should I start writing the poem, Would I be better, would I be a better man, With enough bread to feed the clan, With enough bread and joy to last me two lifetimes, Thats why Im most afraid, most afraid To start, most afraid to even sense the right words That would have me starting, for after writing those words And reading them and rereading them And rereading them still I know life would be different, I know something would change, or everything would change, Would I see the sunrise the same way as before, Would I still enjoy the song on the radio, Would I be a better man, or far removed from my comfort, Would I still enjoy the movies, the cafes, Would you still love me, after the baring of the soul, After reading to you the stanzas, after the joy You would have witnessed in me while reading, Would you still feel love, or fear, fear for the future, Fear of what would I become, fear of what we would become, So, I imagine the words, imagine them forming, Imagine writing them and smiling as I write, Or try to feel the pain I would be feeling if I write, If I finally write the words I previously imagined, Would I please you, would I ever please you, But, here I am, in one corner of the world, Afraid to even jot down the words, most afraid, Most afraid of what words would make me into, What price to pay to write the words I have imagined, what precious price to pay, Would I use the notebook Ive used yesterday, Should I sit on the table by the window Or use the computer at the study, would it be better To use the laptop, would I be using a pen Or a keyboard, should I change my shirt, Remove the wristwatch to eliminate time, Should I buy a pack of cigarettes first Before I even start, should I take breakfast Then take vitamins, should I go to my secret place And talk to the turtles, should I even start, Should I even write, should I even imagine the words, Would it be better to turn on the television set And watch a favorite show, laugh with the studio audience As the host throws around his usual antics, or would it be better To watch the news, anger myself with the injustices That would always be there in the news, selling the news, Selling the network, providing for the fat salaries Of the news readers, should I wear socks,


Vol. II No. 69 October3-9,2011 Editors brief review of the poem:

oetry P eality R

Edwin Cordevilla

should I play the music, Could I even handle the dream, Lights in, lights out, the world outside humming the motor Melody, machines working at this very hour, machines as big As a building and as small as a molecule, would it matter, Would it really matter if I just dont write the words Ive imagined, would it matter if I dont even start imagining The words, would it really matter if I just leave the notebook Open without a single word written on it, What if I just sit down and watch the whole of civilization From my corner, I guess it wouldnt matter at all, Not at all, would it matter if I say I believe in fairies And angels while you dont, I think not at all, When I was a child, I dreamt as a child, Now, that I am a man in my 40s I dream the dreams of a grown man And that of a childs, I say to myself, `I have changed after all, I did change after all. I do enjoy the cafes, the conversations, I do enjoy reading you a poem or two, I enjoy summers and the rain, I enjoy the sunshine And the darkness as well, I enjoy your epics As I enjoy feeding the turtles, I enjoy the moon tangled with your hair, Oh! Should I just buy a newspaper And make it the space between you and me, Analyze the events, see the world from a distance, Calculate the risks in the stock market, Make a comment or two about current affairs, Or write a suggestion to the president, Would it matter, would it matter at all, Oh! I should stand and keep the house in order While the people are still fast asleep and dreaming, Make peace with myself and the world, then write long Poems about love, life and peace, write long lines About pain and sorrow and misery, write long Lines about joy and caring and sharing, Oh! They should matter somewhere, I guess They should matter to someone somewhere, Or, I would not be writing, I would not be Writing at all. Writing, I am most afraid. Most afraid to quicken the words And send them to their crisis, Most afraid to write down the words And let the day make them happen, Most afraid to let my guard down and expose Myself to angels and prophets, Most afraid to lift the pen and draw out the letters, To write down the words that would inhabit space, Inhabit thoughts that would live lives And walk among us. Would I recognize them, Or, would they recognize me at all. After the dreaming, the imagining of the words, After taking courage to write down the first few words, And risking my comfort, would it matter, Would anything matter at all. I guess I would just watch the sun rise in the morning And descend in magnificent sunset, I guess I would just watch a television show And laugh with the audience, I guess I would just go to the mall and watch a movie. I guess I would just grab a newspaper and read the events, Watch the world from a distance, smile at people, Whistle a tune and think of happy endings.

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