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Student: Trịnh Xuân Sang

Vietnam’s culture is very diversified and rich. Addressing and

dressing are very specific sides. They are valued very much in
Vietnam. So visitors should be known them before arriving ? this

The first is the addressing, Vietnamese call close friends by first

name only, or “cậu, tớ, mày, tao”. The close others are be called by
title or title and first name. Everyone usually call? visitor by title and
first name for the first time. The title is valued very much in Vietnam.
Especially, if you call someone who is older than you ? no title, you
will be considered rude. So which title should you use for each one?
It depends on age and position between you and them.
The second is the dressing. Nowadays, Vietnamese dress freer
and easier than formerly. However, in some cases and some places
you should dress modest?, especially if you are a girl. There are in
the schools and the solemn places as the pagoda, the church, etc.
Note the color of dress, the funeral always is in black and white, the
wedding usually is in red. So you should know to dress suitable. In
else cases, as long as you don’t show a lot of cleavage, it is OK.

Vietnamese usually evaluate other people through ? way they

dress and talk for the first time. So the addressing and the dressing
are very important in Vietnam’s thought. You will be respected so
much if you follow it well.

Pham Xuan Hoang

Vietnamese Culture

What is culture? Culture is ? set of learned etiquette?, customary,

taboo?, table manners, and ideas that are characteristic? of a
particular society or population. Nowadays, there are economic times,
somethings ? changed, but Vietnamese still keep culture values,
indomitables and presever the national character. It’s very hard to talk
about all of Vietnamese culture, because it’s very big. So in this
essay, i just show out 2 main parts (what are they?). Maybe it can
help the foreigner? when they travel to Vietnam.
The first, the taboo in Vietnam. Taboo is mean not allowed
because of very strong culture or religious rule against behavior or
topics that are considered very offensive. In a meal , the youngests
have to invite the other older to have a meal, and when you eat, don’t
make a sound because it’s an impolite. You can talk in the meal but
avoid talk? about somethings dirty. When you finish, don’t leave food
in your part,maybe it’s a politeness in the other country but in
Vietnam it’s not. Because , formerly, Vietnamese treasures the food
and somewhat, it’s still kept until to day. When you give someone
present, avoid knife, scissor, daisy or lily because they’re signs of
death. Remember things above, you can visit a Vietnamese family
that you not to need particular other things.
And the second, the etiquette. The Vietnamese value modesty
and humility about one's accomplishments, and harmonious relations
with others. Seeking to avoid conflict in relationships, they often
prefer to speak about sensitive subjects indirectly. Outside of large
cities, making direct eye contact when talking to someone is
considered impolite; similarly, Vietnamese usually speak in a low
tone. Although when shopping the Vietnamese barter over prices, this
process is done politely; aggression is considered rude. The
Vietnamese sometimes appear to answer "yes" (dạ) to all questions.
However, this yes may be a polite way of saying "Yes, I am listening,"
or "Yes, I am confused," or "Yes, I do not want to offend. "Similarly,
the Vietnamese smile can be used to show all sorts of emotions, from
happiness to anger or even grief. Strong emotions are shared only
with family or close friends. Humour, however, is freely expressed.
Traditionally, Vietnamese greet each other by joining hands and
bowing slightly; however, in cities some men have adopted the
Western practice of shaking hands. In public, men often hold hands
as an expression of friendship. Hugging, however, is reserved for
relatives. (downloaded?)
Finally,. When you come to Vietnam, don’t to be shy of any thing.
Vietnamese culture is not so complicated. Because when you make a
mistake, just say “ I’m so sorry” and smile, you will be excused.
Every country in the world has some traditions, culture or innovations
to be proud of. I’m proud of myself because i’m a Vietnamese.

Huu Hai
The culture of Viet Nam is one of the oldest of such in the
southeast Asia. Although the culture is influence of many Asia
characteristics but it still retain many distinct customs, such as
cuisine, traditionally clothing and greeting etiquette. They bring about
attraction of Viet Nam.
The first, Vietnamese cuisine is extremely diverse. They are
divided into three main categories, each pertain to three main regions
(north, central and south).in the north, you can appreciate salty and
tastily dishes such as beef noodle soup, spicy cooked fish in hot pot,
spring rolls….in addition, you will be unforgettable when try to eat
spicy food of central such lemon grass and hot pepper, charcoal
grilled pork with vermicelli, beef and vermicelli in spicy soup…
besides, when you go to south where has characteristics flavor is
sweet and sour, such : stewed beef brisket, sweet and sour fish
The second, clothing was one of important cause beauty of
Vietnamese. You are inspired by 4-part dress, Áo Cánh , Áo Bà Ba,
the stereotypical which are dress by ancient commoner women.
Especially, the Áo Dài become so popular and widely ? that
nowadays women wear on special occasions such as weddings and
The last, greeting become customs on communication of
Vietnamese, people nod their head and saying good morning, (uncle,
sister, aunt, brother, ..) with everybody who they know and don’t know
. sometime, when meet a close friends they usually hug and invite
them for drink.
Finally, cuisine, traditionally clothing and greeting etiquette are
example about
Characteristics culture of Viet Nam. They make especially attraction
and beauty of Vietnamese. We are proud and try protecting them.

Vu Ngoc Linh

Our Earth has 202 countries. In your opinion, what country has
people who are the friendliest? Somebody says: China. Another says:
Russia. But almost people think this is Vietnam. Why? There is one
reason: their rule is strict but they are very active. We can see that in
their culture. (too general)
The first specific characteristic of Vietnam is greeting. In the
west countries, when people great each other they say: hello, good
morning … without title but in Vietnam, you must add title. When you
add title in greeting, you are expressing your respect for older people.
But if you are a foreign people, it’s OK when you greet without title.
But there is one thing you must remember: always smile when you
greet someone. Yes, this is Vietnamese people. They are always
smile, smile and smile. So if you ? sad, you can greet someone and
you will receive one smile.
Vietnamese people haven’t too much taboo. It depends on each
family. ? Example: you can’t turn your back to their altar; in Tet, you
can’t sweep the house… In general, if you are a guest, it’s OK
because they have an idiom: not to know, not to expiate one’s crime.
In their dining etiquette, they always think: guest first and host
second. Don’t surprise, when the host picks up the most delicious
dish for the guest and you must accept if you don't accept, the? will
think you don't like them. The meal only starts eating ? all member of
family must be in the meal.
? Summary Vietnamese culture are national character. They
have rule strict but they are very frienly.

You really spend time on your writing. Try next time.

Name: Ðinh Xuân Hoàng

The culture of Vietnamese

Vietnam is a beautiful country, there is a special culture, Vietnamese

people are very kind-hearted and hospitable (coherence?). But when
you go to my country, you should pay attention to etiquette and table
manner? of Vietnamese.
The first, Vietnamese people have respecful hevaviuor with older
people. When you meet older people or you go to their home, you
should say: " Hello, uncle or aunt,…..". And you don't talk about dirty
things as: abuse, revile, swear. Because there is impolite.
Finall, in meal of Vietnam's family, you should say older people out
for food or drink, you should wait for people to start the meal. And you
never speak when your mouth ? in full. And Vietnamese people have
sentence: " an trong noi, ngoi trong huong".
In conclusion, other countries have a differen culture and Vietnam
is too, as you should know about culture of Vietnam befor you visit
Vietnam. There is very useful for you.

Too careless writing, Hoang. Very simple ideas.

HỌ VÀ TÊN: Trần Quang Sáng

Cultures in Viet Nam
All country in the word equilateral has different cultures ???.
In Viet Nam, there are many different cultures and they are very

In Viet Nam, there are many salute. If you are their friends,
their natives or their neighbour, they’ll nod their head and saying good
morning. But if they don’t know you, they’ll nod ? head ? smile. In the
works, many people often shake hands and saying good moring. In
Viet Nam, almost of people don’t salute together by kiss or bow
because with they, it’s very impolite. There are differents for bother
and sister, men and women, younger and older, parents and
There is some special things in cultures in Viet Nam. Mostly
country in asian among there has Viet Nam used last names at
working. They often address people formally in business, senior
people or working and they address people informally with their
friends or their family. In table manners, you shouldn’t speak when ?
mouth is full, shouldn’t talk about dirtything, shouldn’t leave table ?
the last peson finish? and you shoundn’t eat up everything. Almost
people in Viet Nam don’t eat dogs meat, squid on the first days of
month because they think if you eat its, you’ll met some unlucky?. In
Viet Nam, peoples don’t talk about death because it’s very bad with
The customary in Viet Nam is developed. In the past, both
men and women were expected to be married at quite young ages.
Marriages were generally arranged by the parents and extended
family. But in the moderm Viet Nam, this has changed completely as
people choose their own marriage-partners based on love and
inconsideration primarily to thair own needs and wants. (similar to
Anh’ writing)The customary in Viet Nam has some special things but
it’s very impotant. The example: when they visited their friends, they
often give wine or fruits but they don’t give knife or scissors.

The culture in Viet Nam is very special. You should find

out about it before you go to here. There are many cultures in Viet
Nam, but I think it isn’t difficult with you.

Do Quoc Tuan
Vietnammese clothings
In Vietnam, there are 54 ethnic groups, each having unique
and specific styles of clothing. Traits often include splendid colors,
seemingly contradicting one another in each outfit: black and red,
blue and red or blue and white. Now I will introduce the traditional
clothing of the Viet, the most common natives of Vietnam .
The traditional costumes of native Vietnamese nations are
woven with natural fiber, such as hemp, silk or cotton. These
materials are fine, stable and light, appropriate for a tropical climate.
Vietnamese clothing ‘s famous in the world , special ‘s Ao dai and Ao
yem . These clothing ‘re beauty of women dressed always leaves a
deep impression on foreign visitors to Vietnam
In days gone by, royal regulations determined the color of
clothing. For civilian suits for men, only brown, black, black or white
was used; yellow was only used for kings; red was used for high
grade mandarins; and, blue or green decorated the outfits of lower
grade mandarins.
The traditional custume of the Viet, included for men, brown
clothing with turbans and wooden shoes or sandals. Formal dress
was of a white and black combination, while women were in smart
black shirts and jacket, and light brown shirts. Formal dress for
women includes three tunics: one of black or light brown, one of light
yellow, and on the inside, a rose tunic. While dressing, all three
buttoned at the rib-cage, and the parts from the chest to the neck are
turned to show the three different colors. The outfit is topped off with
the omnipresent conical hat.
For a very long time, the clothing of Vietnamese ethnic groups
has been influenced by foreign dress. Some traditional clothes have
been lost, substituted with more modern interpretations , however the
Vietnamese clothing sometimes ‘s uncomfortable for teen ages who
‘s self starter . (downloaded)

Trang Van Anh

The chances of Vietnamese culture

Each country has individual culture. for example, in Japan hey

has traditional clothes such as the kimono it means "something
oneWears. However our life ? changing very fast. It makes
traditional culture also changes. In vietnam, a country lie ? the
southeast of asia, and ? having a lot of special customs is also a
symbolic example on mariiage and clothing culture.
First, the way of marring now is different from those ? the past.
In the past both men and women were expected to be married at
queit young ages. Marriages were generally arranged by the parents
and extended family, with the children having little to no say in the
matter. Howere, in the modern life. This has changed completely as
people choose their own married parner base on love , and
sondidering primarily to their own needs and wants. (similar to Sang’s
In additional to, the clothing custom is having chances .
prefore, almost people used to wear modestly. In 1950s, the woman
liked wearing simple clothes which had a little colors ,and the man
was interested in loosing cothes. Howere , nowadays this is
completelly different from the past. The woman is fond of warking
with short jeans and short-shirts, and the man likes wear suit with tie
in work. Some men wear double white cothes which was voided
In conclustion, the vietmanese culture has changed a lot .
especialy, the chances is on marriage and clothing customs. It is the
truth because our life is changing very fast so it is bringing about
culture, and it is good singal.

Terrible grammar and spelling mistakes, Anh. You should really pay
attention when you are writing.

Name: Phan Viet Thang

Culture of Vietnam
What is culture? Culture is set of learned behaviors, beliefs,
attitudes, values, and ideas that are characteristic of a particular
society or population. One country has one culture; culture is different
from country to other country. In this page, I will introduce culture of
Vietnam which is one of the oldest of such in the Southeast Asian
region. The culture very big and rich, but I think if you want to visit
and greet Vietnamese you should know what you do’s or don’ts in
this country (downloaded)

The first, there are much activities which make you have a impression
on people: greeting, eating or visiting their home.. Greeting is very
simply, but if you don’t know you will become impolite. When you
meet friend, people you don’t know, you can nod your heard, or wave
your hand and say “Hello”. But if you meet people who ? older than ?
you say “hello aunt, uncle or brother, sister”, it depend? on ? they are
woman, or man and their ages. It’s easy. And when you visit their
home, you can buy some fruit which is cheap and easy to have, but
make you become a good people in their eyes. After that you should
learn how to use chopstick? if you want to make them surprise, you
will mix in their. But if you don’t know to use its, don’t worry, you can
use what you want, they are very hospitable, funny. But if you do this
activities after that, you can be have a bad impression on them.
Vietnamese are very hospitable, but they have some thing which is
taboo. The first if you go to the shrine you should wear modestly, and
don’t do some thing funny, or talk something dirty. It is very bad. And
? you eating in their house you should invite people and don’t eat
before old people eating, it’s impolite. Don’t make sound, don’t talk ?
some thing dirty, and don’t be arrogant. These are basic of behavior
which you should avoid.
Finally, you should know about culture before going to any country.
It’s make you relax and feel easy to live in this country. Culture is very
important, it need to be preserved and developed.

Unity and coherence???

Phan Van Cong

Vietnamese tradition music
In Vietnam, there are 54 ethnic groups, each having unique and
specific traditional music. With each genre of music has each Specific
characteristics and they represent different countries. Now We will
deal with some Vietnam tradition music as Ca tru, Cheo Opera, Quan
Ca tru was also called hat a dao or hat noi (literally song of
the women singers) .Ca tru music sounds strange to the uninitiated.
Clicks and clacks accompany the centuries old ballads. It is not the
kind of music that inspires toe tapping or humming. Ca tru flourished
in the 15th century in northern Vietnam when it was popular with the
royal palace and a favorite hobby of aristocrats and scholars.
Cheo is a form of popular theatre in Vietnam that has its roots
in ancient village festivals. The national Cheo repertoire includes
among others Truong Vien, Kim Nhan, Luu Binh - Duong Le, and
Quan Am Thi Kinh, which are considered treasures of the traditional
stage. Cheo opera is an integral part of Vietnamese theatre and is
well-enjoyed by people in both country and town, and by foreign
spectators as well. It is particularly relished by foreign tourists and
overseas Vietnamese on a visit to their country of origin.
The folk-song Quan Ho, a very rich and beautiful musical
storehouse of our people, has a very long lasting history. During all its
existence, successive creations have unceasingly changed the type
of the folk-song Quan Ho. Each year, on the 13th of the 1st lunar
month, on the Lim hills or in the Lim pagoda's park, among the
blossoming peony bushes, the pilgrims come from every corner of the
country and distinguished and smart young men and young girls of
the region gather for sight seeing, contemplating blossoming flowers,
encountering and making acquaintance with each other and listening
together to recitals of songs, or sing Quan Ho songs. Saying good-
bye to the festival, the Quan Ho young men and young girls return to
the field where they will work hard to produce crops. But they do not
forget to revise their songs and prepare new ones while awaiting the
next year competition. Labour and arts have really added wings to life
in the old Quan Ho villages. (downloaded)
Each country has each different tradition music but both of them
reglect people's livelihood spirit culture. They make their life to
become more richer and more diversified.

Lai Vu Mao
Different in Viet Nam culture

Viet Nam culture has now mil life word and Viet nam is ?
coutry where has fifty five nation??? live so it ? very manifold and
abundance about cluture.there are many different ??? in Viet nam
The first different is language. If everybody wanna talk
about somethink so people live in nouth or south in viet nam will
have to say different. In face, people live Hue or Nghe An and the city
near here allway say "chi, mô, rứa.răng......." and people in ???south
in viet nam allway say "vo. dzô, dzây.....". Furthermore their voice is
very socialty so it' s very different to heart and I don't understand
when they said that.
The second different ??? in the eating. In nouth in viet nam
everybody in family don't invite other people but in south in viet nam
when the family start to eat so young or children allway invite older
people (is it the other way around?). If you don's say that, everybody
thinks you don't have education. Besides people in south like eat food
which is very spacy and sweet but eitheir people in nouth
And the last but not leat, in the TET people in ??? south
have "hoa mai" in their home but people in ??? nouth have "hoa đào "
in their home. I think this is different bigest in differents.
Finally, there are many different in Viet Nam culture and
they created manifold and abundance for Viet Nam culture.
Doan Thu Thuy
Vietnamese Culture
The East culture is very plentiful and diversified. Especially, the East
people appreciate dining etiquette so much. And Vietnam.too.Let’s
find out ??? Vietnamese dining etiquette to know clearer about
culture and human of Vietnam.
The things you should do in the meal of Vietnam.The first,you should
invite everybody before having meal. If having older people ,you
should wait for them to start the meal. Then,you are just have the
meal. The second,if you ask somebody out for food or drink ,you
should pay.And the last,if you are guest,you should eat up everything
in your bowl because Vietnamese appreciate the food,especially,it’s
rice.And If you eat up,that also expess the meal of host is very
delicious.All of things express to care for and respect somebody and
also express your politeness.
The things you shouldn’t do in the meal of Vietnam.You shoudn’t
speak when ??? mouth is full and don’t make sound with bowl and
chopsticks.It is very impolite.Especially,don’t talk about dirty things in
the meal.It is the taboo of Vietnamese.It ‘ll make the meal lose
deliciousness.And you should note above things .
The meal of Vietnamese is very simple but table manner is not so
simple.It not only express??? personality of Vietnamese but also
express culture of country.It is very good .And we need ??/ conserve
it because it created Vietnamese culture.

Nguyen Ky Khoi
Something about Viet Nam's culture!

Vietnam's culture is quite original and affected by oriental culture.

There are a lot of rules and features but the table manner and the
addressing customs in Viet Nam are two things you should know
when you come here.
The first is table manners. Table manners in Viet Nam are quite
simple and similar with other oriental countries. They eating by chop-
sticks and rices is ??? main food but there are some rules which are
necessary for you when you come here. You should wait ??? older
persons to start a meal. Before the meal, you should invite
everybody. Don't leave the table till everybody finish??? their meal.
One important thing, you are not allowed to make voice by chop-
sticks in the meal.
The last thing is addressing customs. There are not rules when
you stay at home or at a party. But when you visit the pagoda or
temple, you'd better dress modestly. You also shouldn't dress very
open when you are at public places. When you participate a
conference, you should address honorific clothing.
Finally, the table manners and addressing customs are two quite
important things and necessary for you when you come to Viet Nam.
They are important but not really strict if you are a foreigner. You'd
better keep your lifestyle and try to learn something ??? possible.

Quite good, Khoi. Pay more attention to the essay structure.

Nguyen Dong
greeting and taboo in Vietnam

you are a foreigner and you want to travell ??? Vietnam and what do
you want to know about culturalviet Nam.what should you know the
first: greeting, taboo, table manner... To be Vietnamese,I advise that
you should research on greeting and taboo in Vietnamese.
the first, greeting of Vietnamese is very rich.when you visit
Vietnamese's house, You dont suprise when You are invited to have
lunch or dinner. It describe hospitality of Vietnames and you should
agree their invitation. they'll know that you also respect them. In
Vietnam, everyone like??? to be call first name, It ??? close to
somebody.But you always rememver that ritual is very important
with them. when you meet a girl, if you kiss or bow her, everyone will
say that :" you are impolite". You should shake hand with her, that's
About taboo in Vietnam, you ??? always care about it. when
you you was invited to the wedding, ???
you shouldn't send daisy so daisy describe unlucky, unhappy. about t
aboo on food, Vietnames dont have dog meat, duck
meat and squid on first days of month. On Tet's day, Almost Vietnam
ese dont sweep the floor so they think
that if they sweep the floor, lucky will close.
Inclusion,I think youshould find many information
about cultural Vietnam for your tourist. vietnames have
many good things. I am sure with you that you are comfortable and
happy if you understand ??? cultural Vietnam,
about vietnamese.
Thach Van Thanh

When you come to other countries, you should be careful in

your action, your talking,…You should to know about their culture to
avoid offensive them. Each countries have special culture symbolize
for their country. Vietnam has special culture, too. When you come to
Vietnam, you 'd to know some information about our culture. If you
are a traveler come Vietnam, I'll introduce some information about our
culture. Our culture is showed in the greeting, communication, table
manner, taboo,…

The first, it's greeting. With friend, neighbours, relatives, you

should say "good morning, good afternoon" and you'd call their title
( uncle, aunt, brother, sister,…). If you only call Vietnamese people by
first name then it's not respect??? them. When other people greets
you, you can greet again, you can nod your head and smile. It's the
polite of Vietnamese people. With people you don't know, you can
greet by Vietnamese greeting and sheckhand.

The secound, it's communication. you'd should be care in your

talking, your actions, you need use to work to accord. You avoid using
some work rude, you can ??? offensive. with male, you can call them
by uncle, brother,.. and with female,you can call them by aunt, sister,..

The last, it's table manner. Each country has dining etiquette
different, you'd care in your talking and your action for avoid
becoming impolite person. In Vietnam, you'd know some rules in the
mean. Before having ???, you'd invite everybody, ask somebody out
for foot or drinking,…Beside, have a few problem, you'd better avoid.
For example: "you don't speak when your mouth is full, shouldn't talk
so much and don't talk about anything dirty ". That's some dining
etiquette of Vietnam.

Finally, there are a lot of taboo??? in my country. The taboo is

very important with traveler. If you aren't careful, that's very
dangerous, you can violate their culture. In Vietnam, when you come
to the church, pagoda, temple, you don't wear sexy, and talk dirty,…

Including, Vietnam is a beautiful country with a good culture.

Vietnamese people is very friendly.
Le Viet Hung
Style of young people

Nowadays, Vietnam is a developing country, so social have many

in many fields. One of ??? changes is style of young people. Style of
them, that is about the changes in fashion, accessing information,
talking language and their thinking.

The first about changes of young people is style in fashion. Of

course, style in the modern social is very very different than style
in the older social, about clothing, shoes and accessories as
jewellery, ring, circle-hand….and many many others….About clothing,
young people like very much fashion of Japan or Korean with music
stars, film stars. Clothings follow??? that style maybe very
or very simple but they is also nice and cute…Especially, girls 9x,
they can go to school in jeans and even shorts, can go out in color
skirt or short skirt. And young people not only go out with nice
clothing so they can put following nice shoes, many accessories.

The next change is about accessing information. These are internet,

blog, chatting. Young people access internet very much, they can
search information on internet, can creat??? a blog, a nick chatting,
many done. With developing of internet in Vietnam, internet is
becoming popular with people, especially with young peole. Girls and
boys have their blog to write about their things, chat with their
friends on internet. Almost in young people have a nick chatting. Now,
chatting is replacing for phone calling with young people.

A change is so special, it is about talking language. Young peole like

innovation, like doing a special thing, and their language is also
special. They write document or paragraph or chatting not only by
alphabet, so they can use number to write. ??? Example, I write:
have one secretary", young people will write that: "th3y hav3 0n3
So it is a special way in writing.
The last change is about their thinking. Nowadays, young people live
comfortable, and free than before. They study, they play what they
want, they don't depend on their parents much than before. And in
social relationships, they can make friend with somebody. They have
their freedom to do many things which maybe good or bad. Thinking
young people is change much in the modern social.

Finally, young people changed much about fashion, accessing

information, talking language and their thinking. These changes is
good for them and for me. I also want to change many things.

Student: Phạm Thanh Tùng

Nowadays, Vietnam is the good country to visit. So if you are
the visitors of another country, you’ll have to know some cultural of
Vietnam. In this essay, I’ll introduce ??? you two cultures in Vietnam
which you have to know. This is greeting and table manner.
The first, greeting in Vietnam is different to other country. If
you meet you friends, your neighbours, you have to nod your head
and say hello, add theirs title to theirs name. For example: Duc is
your uncle, when you met him, you’ll say:” hello, uncle duc”. If you
meet some one you don’t know, please nod your head, smile and say
One culture which I want to introduce you is table manner in
Vietnam. Before the meals you have to invite everybody to eat, in the
meals, don’t make noise, don’t leave the table when the meal ??? not
finish??? yet. It is very rude to do that because it is the culture in
Totally, I gave you 2 cultures in Vietnam which you should
know to visit Vietnam. I hope it is useful to you. Goodbye and have a
good time in Vietnam.

It is not an essay, Tung, it is a short talk to some tourists.

Student: Le Mai Tu
Culturally literate about my country.
formerly, VietNamese people were very careful about their culture,
and many cultures were kept at the present time. And now, i'll
introduce about 2 cultures in VietNam, there 're table manners and
dressing of VietNamese woman.
First, what should you do for table manners in VietNam?
VietNamese people always use chopsticks in their meal, so when you
have a family meal in VietNam, you need to use chopsticks to eat.
Your two chopsticks should pull up together and insert a middle finger
between chopsticks and hold, You will find it difficult to use chopsticks
for the first time, but it's will be ok!. You need to care about a thing,
before eating, you should invite all people, and don't eat before the
older people eat. If not, they 'll think that you didn't respect with them.
Second, It's dressing of Vietnamese woman. In Vietnam, Ao Dai is
the traditional dress Vietnamese woman ??? for special occasion.
The women's Ao Dai consists of a long, decorated tunic extending
down below the knees, and a black or white dress or pair of loose
pants underneath. It's very nice and It has made Vietnamese women
more and more beautiful.
finally, beside from their painful history, the Vietnamese people
have many good cultures and many customs. And there are two
cultures of all in VietNam. If you travel to VietNam, I'll introduce all
exciting cultures here for you. Welcome to VietNam.

Nguyen Hoang Long


The first thing first, we have to understand “culture” . culture is mean

“learned behavior of people, which includes their belief systems and
languages, their social relationships, their institutions and
organizations, and their material goods - food, clothing, buildings,
tools, and machines”. Vietnam is country where has a tradition
originating in an ancient culture. Life always changes, but
Vietnamese still keep? somewhat culture.

The first,Meeting and Greeting.The Vietnamese generally shake

hands both when greeting and when saying good-bye. Shake with
both hands, and bow your head slightly to show respect. Bow to the
elderly who do not extend their hand. Vietnamese women are more
inclined to bow their head slightly than to shake hands. When
greeting someone, say “xin chao” (seen chow) + given name + title.
The Vietnamese are delighted if a Westerner can properly say “xin
chao” (because Vietnamese is a tonal language, “xin chao” can have
six different meanings, only one of which is "Hello").

The second :dining. A small dish or shaker of white crystal on the

table is more likely to be monosodium glutamate (MSG) than sugar or
salt. The Vietnamese style of dining is chopsticks and rice bowls.
Hold your rice bowl in your hand; it is considered lazy to eat from a
rice bowl that is on the table. The host may serve guests, but will
usually just invite everyone to begin helping themselves. Food is
placed on dishes in the center of the table from which each person
helps him/herself. An offer of tea at a reception or meeting is a ritual
form of hospitality and should not be refused.

And the last :Dress and gift.The Vietnamese dress very well. For
business, men should wear conservative but casual suits and ties.
Women should wear a conservative dress or a businesslike blouse
and pants. Gifts:Flowers are normally given only by men to women.
Always wrap a gift in colorful paper. When visiting a Vietnamese
home, bring a gift for the hostess. A gift for children or an elderly
parent is also appreciated. Give items useful for daily activity, like
designer soaps, cosmetics, lamps or framed pictures for the home.

Doan Thi Nu Trinh

Some things about greeting and table manner in Vietnamese

Nowadays, each country has a different culture from other countries.

Vietnam is not an exception. And there are some foreign people said
that "The culture and people of Vietnam are very hard to describe".
But I think it is not too hard to do that. Now. I will introduce some
things ??? Vietnamese culture: It is how to greet and table manner?
in my country

Firstly. I want to talk about the greeting in Vietnam. There are a lot of
ways to greeting there. Each way is suitable for situation, gender,
age, etc. For example: when people meet their grandfather,
grandmother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, friends, etc , they nod their
head and saying: Good morning, uncle( or aunt , brother, sister, etc ).
And when they meet people they don’t know , they nod head, too and
smile or saying hello, brother, sister, etc. The reason why in Vietnam,
there are a lot of greeting is language Vietnam is very rich so there
are a lot of way to call someone, it’s not only I and you as English or
another countries. The greeting is a show a respect with opposite

Not only there are a lot of way??? to greet in Vietnam but also there
are some noticeable table manners. Differently from America,
England, they usually pray or say something before having meal, but
in Vietnam, people invite every body to eat and wait? older people to
start the meal, this is a the rules of etiquette in meal. In addiction,
after having meal, young people should ask older people when they
leave in dining-table. They are some thing you should do in table
manner. Besides, you shouldn’t speak when your mouth is full, and
try don’t make sound when eating. They are similar with some
countries in Asia

In conclusion, I think Vietnamese culture is not difficult to adapt. It’s

very easy to practice when you come from foreign countries. You
should research in formations about my countries if you are foreign
people . Some thing I give you so a little, hope you can have knowing
some thing about greeting and table manner? in Vietnam

Tran Ba Khoa
Vietnamese culture

Vietnam is an oriental country and Vietnamese culture ?

influence on oriental traditional. Sometime I? sure that you can't
distinguish between Vietnam from other country in Asia But there are
still different in many details. Specific characteristics are the greeting,
form of address, ? table manners …

Vietnamese people and other? in oriental are in rice culture

area. They use chopsticks for the meals, they have the cult of ?
ancestors, they use lunar calendar and have Tet's holiday. The
Confucianism affected these cultures so much.

As a matter of fact, Vietnamese culture has the difference.

Only in Vietnam, they make question? about meal for greeting
although it is not time for meal. When a kid greets the older, he must
folds the arms and bow. And when the older greets a kid, he usually
touches the child's head. In some other country of oriental, touching
someone's head is a taboo, but in Vietnam, it is ok. Vietnamese
peoples are very friendly, so that you should make a small talk before
get? acquainted with somebody.

Actually, Vietnamese peoples would like to be called by title

and first name. But with a baby, you should address he by nickname,
for example, "Cho Cun,Cun …" you should ask his mother about his

Table manners are very importance in Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese peoples will see how you act during meal and evaluate
your personality. There are some rules in table manners in Vietnam.
That is: You should invite every body before having meal, You
shouldn't begin the meal before the oldest, you shouldn't make noise
during the meal, knocking the chopsticks is impolite in Vietnamese
meal …

Vietnam is a small country but there are many interesting

things in Vietnamese culture.

Good Khoa. Try harder next time.

Student's name :Le Cong Noi

some important etiquette in Viet Nam

Viet Nam is a small country in orient. they have a rich culture with
a lot of etiquette???.There are a lot of rules and features but
Vietnamese think table manners and the addressing customs are
the most important, you should know two things as was started above
when you come Viet Nam .
The first is table manners. Vietnamese use chop-sticks in meal
and rice is ??? main food in there.when every body sat down, we
must invite every body before having meal and you should remember
to wait ??? the oder person to start a meal.Finally, when you finished
you had better wait another person finish.don't Don't leave the table
till everybody finish??? the meal, this is a polite action.in Viet name ,
when you ask some body ??? go out for food and drink, you should
The last thing is addressing customs. when you stay at home or
go to a party , you can wear any thing you want .But don't show your
body too much, it isn't good. the most important things are you had
better dress modestly when you visit a pagoda , temple...or you to
participate in funeral procession.
Finally, the table manners and addressing customs are two quite
important things and necessary for you when you come to Viet Nam.
Etiquettes in Viet Nam aren't difficult to learn. I think you had better
learn about culture and ceremony of ??? country you want ? visit
before you come there.