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Kordeks Korner
Welcome to Kordeks Korner ! This is a biweekly newsletter to share what is available within our library and on the internet for you to use to support your curriculum. The resources will also be posted on my blog, Kordeks Korner, for future reference.
A Biweekly Newsletter Issue 2 - Oct 4 2011f

Hallowilloween: Nefarious Silliness

By: Calef Brown Call Number: 811 BRO Grade: K-4 This is a collection of poems celebrating Halloween with fantastic illustrations. Suggestion: These poems would be fun to read with the holidays at the end of the month. Also could have students choose a favorite character and write a paragraph why.

The Secret Olivia Told Me

By: N. Joy Call Number: E JOY Grade: K-4 This story is about how a secret can be exaggerated the more it is told. There is a red balloon that illustrates the secret growing. Suggestion: This story is good as a teaching point when classes are having trouble with telling secrets. It also can be used to discuss how illustrations can help give more information.
Suggestion: This is a good story to use for sequencing in a story using the illustrations. It could also be used for a creative writing activity. The story could be used to discuss the value of

Once Upon a Banana

By: Jennifer Armstrong Call Number: 811 BRO Grade: K-4

This silly book is told through its illustrations illustrations and imagination. along with a few street signs. It tells the story of what goes wrong if you do not throw your Pair with David Wiesner book (Tuesday or Sector7) banana peel in the garbage.

which makes looking through your bookmarks easier


If you have ever been on one computer and you wanted a link on another computer, then Diigo is for you!
Diigo is web-based bookmarking tool that can be accessed from any computer or electronic device. What this means instead of bookmarking a website into Firefox or Safari,
Kordeks Korner

Besides adding tags to your it goes into your online Diigo account and as bookmarks, you can also write a description long as you have the Internet you have access. about it. I nd this benecial because, if I have not looked at the link for a period of You can use Diigo on: time, the description refreshes my memory. Laptops, iPhones, Androids, iPads There are premium services but the free To save bookmarks to Diigo is as simple as services are more then adequate, with adding Diigolet to your bookmark toolbar. unlimited bookmarking. When bookmarking, you can create tags for each link. Tags are descriptive words to describe the bookmark (ex. space, dictionary, blog, etc.) You can have as many tags as you want per bookmark. Tags are also searchable Another bonus of diigo is you can make your bookmarks available to other individuals. Click HERE to peruse my diigo bookmarks. There are over 400 bookmarks. I am working on adding descriptions and better tags.

Technology Resources

Sun and Moon Scope

Website: http://www.sunmoonscope.com/ Curriculum: Science, Grade 2 and up Uses: Excellent to use as a class introduction to the location of the moon and sun during seasons and phases Features: - Choose one of the eight phases of the moon - Choose a season, equinox, or solstice - Rotate the axis/orientation for observation - Has a compass as the base - Man in the middle changes attire based on season - Able to move the sun around orbit

Website: http://storybird.com/ Curriculum: Grade 1 and up Uses: Write a story book using premade illustrations. Excellent way for students to work with story elements (plot, character, conict, etc). Could be used in whole group, small group, or individually. Features: - Need an account to create books - Can make a class account - A large variety of artists to choose from for illustrations - Simple layouts and text - Easy to use

Website : http://www.qwiki.com/ Curriculum: Grade 2 and up Uses: This is a type of online encyclopedia that can be used like wikipedia. An interesting aspect is that the information is read to the students. It is a good beginning place for information when doing research. Features:
- Information is read to students - Variety of topics - Images along with text - Clicking on images provide more ! information - Gives both basic and detailed facts

Additional Resources
Lunar Phase Interactive http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/ 007299181x/student_view0/chapter2/ lunar_phases_interactive.html# This is another website which can be used to learn about the lunar phases. This is very simplistic but shows how the moon moves through the night sky and allows you to choose specic calendar dates.

My America Farm http://www.myamericanfarm.org/ This website is about agriculture and where food comes from. It has eComics, activities, videos, and games. Some of the games included math activities.

19Pencils http://19pencils.com/ On this website you can nd and share lessons, quizzes, and activities. They have items for most any topics. A good resource to check when looking for ideas.

Kordeks Korner