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Satyajit Ray

* satyajitray1984@yahoo.com ( 0671-2441493


• Design and Analysis skills include Rational ROSE.

• Web Development skills includes HTML, Java and Microsoft .Net.
• Good interpersonal skills, commitment, result-oriented, hard working with a quest and zeal to
learn new technologies and undertake challenging tasks.


To become a successful professional in the technical field to work in an innovative and

competitive world, which help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential.


Degree Institution Year of Percentage


B.E. National Institute of Science and Technology, 2006 64% (till 6th
(Computer Science Berhampur semester )
and Engineering)

XII Standard J.K.B.K. Govt. College, Cuttack 2002 57%

X Standard SRI Aurobindo Institute of Higher Studies and 2000 83%
Research, Cuttack


Operating Systems : Windows 95 / 98, Windows 2000/2003 Server, Win-XP, Linux.

Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA
Web Tools : HTML, Microsoft .Net, PHP
Tools : Microsoft Office, Sun Office

§ Completed a course from NIST, Berhampur based on Sun Certified Java
Professional for Java2 Platform spanning one month.
§ Completed a course from NIST, Berhampur based on Object Oriented Analysis
and Design for Rational ROSE spanning one month.
§ Presented a paper on Windows Server 2003.
§ Presented a paper on Multi Core Processor.

§ Participate in state level athletic meet during the intermediate as well as during



Title : Role of computer in investigation of crime scene.

Duration : One Month
Organization: National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur.
Role : Web Page Design
Tools : HTML

HTML is a designing package provides different tools required for the designing of different types of
web pages. The above project was based on the designing of web pages containing different pages of
describing different crime scene and linking them to a main page from where we got all the pages.

§ Use HTML coding for creating web pages.
§ Created different pages containing various fundamentals of crime scene.
§ Linking each page to an index page from where each page can be open.


Title : Student Information System.

Duration : One Month
Organization: National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur.
Role : Form Design
Tools : Java

Java includes dynamic and flexible object oriented programming methodology. The above project
based on designing of forms containing different aspects of storing the information related to any
§ Creating use case view of the whole system i.e. user and process interaction.
§ Creating forms using Java code.
§ Each form contains details of user process interaction.


Title : Payroll System.

Duration : One Month
Organization: National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur.
Role : Design and Analysis of System.
Tools : Rational ROSE

Rational ROSE is a CASE tool used to develop the design, integration, implementation with the
documentation. In Payroll System the different user and process interaction are established and design
them to a whole system. The internal and external documentation are done using ROSE.

§ Analysis of requirement and specification.
§ Creating use case of user process interaction.
§ Developing the work flow diagram through different interaction diagram, class
view etc.
§ Coding each class or module to work as per requirements.
§ Implementing the each module to the whole system.
§ Documentation of the whole system.


Title : On finding Optimum path from Gopalpur to NIST using Artificial Intelligence.
Duration : Three Months
Organization: National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur.
Role : Software Development
Tools : Turbo C

Optimum path from source to destination can be retrieved using searching of different path present in
between the given source and destination. The searching technique are from artificial intelligence search
technique, which try to do computer which human do better. Dynamic programming is the search
technique used to find the optimum path.

§ Developing the directed weighted graph view of every path possible from source
to destination.
§ Creating search tree from the graph for searching of optimum path.
§ Dynamic Programming algorithm used on the search tree to find the optimum
path and its weight.
§ Documentation of the whole system.

Father’s Name: Mr. Rabindra Nath Ray

Date of Birth: 25th Oct 1984
Marital Status: Unmarried
Hobbies: Web Page Designing, Collecting Various Soft wares, Playing
Cricket/Football, Painting, Cooking, Listening Songs, watching
Language Known: English, Oriya, Hindi.
Contact Address: C/O Rabindra Nath Ray(Reader In Commerce) , AnandVihar Lane , AT-
Chauliagunj , PO-Nayabazar , Cuttack , Orissa , PIN-753004

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