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Approval This is a project report submitted in for the award of bachelors degree of science in computer science at Uganda Christian

University being approved by my supervisor Sign . Mr.Wabwire John Bosco date .

Abstract An e-learning system developed for distance learning based on the Ugandan syllabus. In this project, the pedagogical basis underlying the design and development of the system is explained. Through the use of this web-base application, the processing of test exercises is automated and made faster. The e-learning system facilitates peer-assessments, questioning, educational material viewing (this includes multimedia files) and practice learning activities. The goal of this work is to leverage the popularity of web-based learning to the Ugandan learners.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my supervisor Mr. Wabwire John Bosco and Mr. Ssejjuko Ronald and any other lecturer who could have academically contributed towards my efforts during the project time.

I would also like to appreciate the work of my family members who gave me financial support and most sincere thanks go to my parents Mr. Lwalwa Dison, Mrs. Nakiiwala Assanansi, Mrs.Nakamya Janet and John Den mead Smith who are helping me and catering for all expenses during the project.

I again extend my great appreciations to friends who have been praying for me, worked hand in hand with me during that hard time. I thank God for all he has done to me, what he is doing and what he preparing me for round and what he has enabled me go through.

In conclusion, I thank the staff of Uganda National Bureau of Standards who offered me an opportunity to train with them under the department of ICT. Great thanks go to Mr. Keith Musani and Agoa Topista the ICT Coordinator for there guidance. May the good lord bless them abundantly.

List of Abbreviations GB HDD MB MHz MYSQl PHPMYADMIN QPPA RAM Tel UML XP Gigabytes Hard disk Megabytes Megahertz My Select Query Language Hypertext Processor My Administration Question Peer Performance Assessment Random Access Memory Technology enhanced learning Uniform Modeling Language

List of figures Fig1: Concept design diagram Figure 1: Data flow Diagram Fig 2: Entity relationship Diagram Fig3: A use case diagram Fig4: User login interface education center Fig5: Questions and answers chat room. Fig6: Post and posted question details Fig7: Member registration Fig8: The testing process Fig9: Above shows the Degree of relation ship

List of tables Table 1: User login table Table 2: Questions table Table 3: settings Table 4: Users table Table5: Rating Table6: language Table7: filter Table8: country Table9: category Table10: Answer Table 11: Work plan

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