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Head Project Engineering Background The company is going into expansion projects at allocated sites in Pune region for

r future expansions and growth for India . This is a multidivisional site with plans for setting up further divisional manufacturing facilities within the premises. This will include construction of new manufacturing buildings, provision of required process equipment, associated utilities and facilities, managing statutory requirements, and commissioning of the installed assets as per standards and guidelines. In addition, the capital expenditures for various divisions, which would typically consists of small or medium value projects, will require to be executed in time. All existing facilities and infrastructure needs will require to be managed. Capital budgeting and resource planning for the next 5 years is required to be done every year for the Pune region which will consolidate into the overall India capex budget. Average capital expenditure for the Pune region will be about Rs. 75- 100 Crores per year. Job Summary (General Overview of Job) This position is for Head of the Division Engineering (Projects) within the Pune region. The position will have all the project engineers within the region to reporting into it. The person in the position will lead the entire team and manage all the projects and capital expenditure for the Pune region as outlined above. The person will be responsible for supervising all the division engineering activities such as capital budgeting, spend forecast planning and adherence, implementation of project management systems, reviewing and providing guidance to ensure OTIF on projects. project planning, development of skills of engineers, govt. approvals related to engineering, 5 year engineering plan execution. Duties and Responsibilities The person will lead the divisional engineering project team at different sites. Uses project management and facilities engineering skills and tools such as: Stakeholder Analysis, Building Programming, Work Breakdown Structure, Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Process/Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), raising capital expenditure proposals for approval, Front End Engineering Packages (FEEP), project scheduling tools and facilities, and project closure techniques. Maintains awareness of current and developing safety, health, and environmental policies and procedures and applies same to all assignments. Estimates percentages of time spent. 1 Management of any single large project as overall project Coordinator. Will be responsible for the timely execution, capex control and completion of project as per full scope. Lead the overall divisional engineering projects - review and support for the execution of these projects through the project engineers. Will be responsible for ensuring that each project is planned, started, executed and closed as per agreed timelines and scope in full. Capital budgeting and resource planning carry out annual budgeting exercise for Pune region, long term strategic master plan for the 2 plants, immediate and long 25%



term resource planning for Pune region. 4 5 People engagement and development Target setting for team, performance appraisals, development action plan for engineers and facilitating training. Capex management systems cost tracking of all capex for Pune region, quarterly spend forecasting and compliance. Compliance to the capex systems, closure of projects. Capitalization and asset tagging. Statutory compliance for Engineering and all facilities management Self development and other miscellaneous 10% 10%

6. 7.

5% 10%

Qualifications B.E. in Mechanical / Electrical Engineering with 15-17 years experience in Engineering Project Management field. Also required are project management skills using engineering project management tools, analytical, communication and long-term planning skills. Business travel is expected and required. The level of travel varies depending on project requirement. Occasional travel out of India can be expected. Should be able to communicate well in English. Should have experience in managing multiple stakeholders. Note: Extensive experience only in construction project management is NOT desirable. Experience in handling multiple projects of varying complexities simultaneously is an added advantage. The position will be suitable for someone looking toward a career in Engineering Management role. Career growth opportunities in India : Short term (2 4 yrs): The role in RG itself will become larger as the Plant size and complexity grows with higher capex spends there. Long term possibilities (4yrs +) : Factory Manager position Project Manager for new Greenfield site leading to Head of Projects for 2 or more large sites (North region) Engineering Manager position for India