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FLT for Children


By: Tri Susilowati K2207012

English Department Teacher Training and Education Faculty Sebelas Maret University Surakarta 2010

LESSON PLAN Class Semester Topic Time Allotment : 6th grade of Junior High School :1 : Showing direction : 1 X 45 minutes

A. Basic Competence Students are able to tell or describe expression of showing direction. B. Indicators 1) Students are able to imitate the expression correctly. 2) Students are able to react the command in action on the class. 3) Students are able to react the command in verbal communication on the class. 4) Students are able to pronounce the expression of showing direction correctly in the meaningful situation. 5) Students are able to describe the direction of the place in context.

C. Methods: 1. Communicative appoach 2. Activies based learning

3. Integrated language teaching

D. Materials: Vocabularies Nouns: school, hospital, police station, post office, park, market, library, zoo, mosque, court. Adjectives: ahead, left, right, good Verbs: go, get, turn

Language for showing direction How do I get to the? Go ahead, Turn right, Turn left, Good, Now, Im are in the Label building

Police station


Post office








Activities: A. Drilling B. Games E. Learning Experience: Opening activities:

1. Teacher gives greeting.

2. Teacher asks students where Nurul Amal Mosque is and asks one of them to

show the draw the direction.

3. Teacher explains what the classes are going to learn.

Main activities: 1.

Teacher writes some expressions of showing direction on the board. Teacher drills the expression and the words in the puzzle. Teacher corrects the students pronunciation. Teacher explains the example of showing direction. How do I get to the Nurul Amal Mosque? Go ahead, Turn right, Turn left, Then, turn right, Now, Im in the Nurul Amal Mosque


Teacher tells the students that they are going to have a Teacher divides the class into some groups and decides Teacher makes the map from labeling puzzle on the Teacher explains the rule of the game. Teacher gives the clue for every group. Teacher asks all the member of the group to involve in Teacher asks them to decide the leader in their group. Teacher asks them to start the game. Teacher evaluates the game. Teacher gives students the picture of the place. Teacher asks them to answer the question on it. Teacher asks them to show direction by drawing the line


the order.

floor. 8. 9. 10. the game. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.


on the picture. How does Bill get to the Movie Theatre?.


Teacher gives them time to do. Teacher explains the rule by walking around the class Teacher asks them to submit the paper. Teacher points one of them to read and show their

and checking the students job. 19.


answer in front of the class. Closing activities: Teacher reviews the expression of showing direction. Teacher has the students their feeling after learning the topic. Teacher closes the meeting. F. Evaluation: