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The Book of Zerub

Chapter One 1. In the beginning, were zillions of years ago: Not 6000 years ago. 2. Billions of people interpret the stars as forever; billions also interpret the Earth as 6000 years old. 3. The Bible is Holy and inspired from The Father, man is the sinner. 4. The Bible is a jigsaw puzzle; mortals have tried to piece together. 5. The Father loves a mystery, and Faith is the key to the 5th dimension and its power. 6. Moses talked with Jesus in the tent and interpreted the words and visions he saw 7. Moses was mortal. Chapter Two 1. As imperfect beings we all need to be guided by The Father. 2. The Father uses a chain commands to show His word to the world. 3. The prophets are gone, Jesus is also above: the Holy Spirit is left here to guide mortals. 4. The devil is against the Fathers plan, though he copies all its features. 5. The system is the copy of the heavenly worlds. 6. The Father gave this world to Satan for a time, till the Kingdom returns. 7. The word of God is open to whosoever will listen to the Holy Spirit. Chapter Three 1. Knowing the Father is the key to all things and eternity. 2. The Father looks at mortals as one person: He sees a beautiful woman for His son (Himself) 3. The Father does not acknowledge the wicked: they are blurry to Him, a cloud that vanishes into darkness. 4. Salvation is being apart of that sexy woman (bride), to live in love and righteousness. 5. Life eternal is wrapped up in the arms of Jesus, the image of the Father. 6. Eternal death is being absent from Jesus, outside; to fend for yourself for eternity. 7. Joy is to be one cell in the body of the bride; eternally. Chapter Four 1. The Father has been in existence before the physical world was. 2. The Father created His own wife, way before there was an Earth. 3. The Father created Angels of all types, they became like us, purged and purified. 4. The super bodied angels can transform and live in other dimensions. 5. The angels were reaped as we will be and some were chosen as His entity, His bride, His wife. 6. We see the angels as one God the Holy Spirit. A comforter, a dove, a woman, as wisdom. 7. The Father loves His wife, Jesus loves His real mother. Chapter Five 1. The Father is God, He is of higher dimensions, and His persona is love. 2. God is many, three we know of. God is one supreme entity made of many cells. 3. God is God and beside Him there is no other, nor ever shall be. He eternally grows. 4. God owns and rules this physical world and the trillions of planets and worlds in them. He also owns worlds beyond the 4th dimension.

5. God the Father visited this Earth many times and will visit again soon. 6. The macro (Galaxies) and micro (atoms) universes are infinite and ever growing, as is God. 7. God loves us His creation. Chapter Six 1. The galaxies were created over time, as Earth was in a time frame also. 2. The Father has controls that run this world and other worlds. 3. Creating has been going on since time began (in the beginning). Creating planets, worlds of animals, plants. 4. The Kingdom of God in this physical 4th Dimensional (galaxies) is solely His. He gives the power to rule them to His elect. 5. The creatures He creates through time; grow and then help to create, maintain, work in His Kingdom. 6. The kingdom of God is beyond all physical comprehension. 7. There are zillions of physical worlds; then there are other dimensions (worlds) as well. Chapter Seven 1. God is the master designer; He has the final say in all designs. 2. The galactic center consumes old planets, matter and recycles it. 3. The creating of our solar system has been going on for countless years. 4. We His elect have the pleasure to watch and learn how to create. 5. We His wife, become an important part of His creation process; we help. His helpmate. 6. The laws of physics are Gods laws to run the universe. 7. All matter is subject to Gods laws of physics, (via anti-matter) that mortals will not discover. Chapter Eight 1. Nothing is new; all have been done zillions of times before this Earth was created. 2. God reaps worlds via there ignorance of mortality. 3. God is the master gamester and always leaves the pieces of the puzzle for even the simplest child to work out. 4. Choices are made; souls are grown. Love is born through blood and the birth of a new entity. 5. The worlds become a harvest field; daily choices of love are making a holy race of people. 6. Choices of self serving are made; rejection of love and an unholy race of people are created. 7. God alone chooses the time to bring worlds into the Kingdom. Chapter Nine 1. God personally controls all His worlds via His children (Godhead) 2. Jesus will personally control Earth with us as His wife. We both bow to the Father. 3. The Father controls the angel worlds. 4. The Father has a bazaar living pod, that cruse the galaxies. 5. Columns have a special place in the Kingdom. 6. Every creature in the angelic Kingdom bows its knee to the Father. 7. Q. Does the Father and His wife bow there knee to His Father? The angelic Kingdom is at war still.

Chapter Ten 1. The rebellion against God is an eternal struggle. 2. God always wins; He always has and always will. 3. There are various forms of punishment for the rebels, souls are eternal. 4. Physical punishment is a reality in the entire Kingdom. 5. God is ever merciful and will go to extremes to restore righteousness and love. 6. The only way to prosper in the kingdom is to submit to God. 7. Some creatures will be cast into voids (between universes) that are so dense of darkness, they will never be found again. Chapter Eleven 1. The Earth was a watery world that the Father hovered over 6000 years ago. 2. The Father set up His living pod over this watery world and commanded the light bearer to call His creation team there. 3. We all set up over the watery planet and the plans were emplaced. 4. Millions of super gods went to work on our Earth. The Father His son and His wife; the engineers. 5. Joy is the main theme and the Father is very exciting, like painting, new things are added. 6. Creating of worlds come to an end via a rest day. 7. We never stop learning. Chapter Twelve 1. God climaxes His creation with a new thing. 2. All creation is a blueprint of God and His persona. 3. God is unpredictable except in love. 4. The Father created Man and Woman in His and His wifes image, right down to our neural network. 5. The Earth was created, populated; 6000 years ago. All His worlds run on a 7000 year time frame. 6. God loves His creation and protects them eternally. 7. The wise and loving will rule His creations forever. The unwise are ruled. Chapter Thirteen 1. Man and the angels are friends and sisters in the Godhead, we fellowshipped before the flood. 2. The laws of God are forever and are absolute in every world. 3. The rebellion from the laws of God causes destruction and judgment. 4. God sets boundaries on His birth worlds, till they are regenerated into the Kingdom. 5. Choices define the extent of boundaries within a birth world. 6. Man in the first 1500 years of Earth chooses to rebel against God. 7. The Father released the firmament and broke open the depths to destroy the Earth 4500 years ago. Chapter Fourteen 1. Lucifer has fallen to a greater rebellion, and wants to destroy Mans soul and body. 2. God sends his prophets and children to save the Earth and souls of man. 3. Jesus, the son of God and heir to the throne of the Kingdom, was sent to Earth to save it. 4. The devils now being defeated are in destructive mode and want to destroy as many souls as possible.

5. God allows the devils destruction to bring about a more perfect wife for His son. 6. The crown of life belongs only to the Christians/saved that persevere. 7. To live in Satans system is a burden, to die in it is a glory. Chapter Fifteen 1. The war has an end and its victor is already crowned. 2. The angels participate in the war. 3. The angels work in the 5th dimension and use its power of sowing and reaping. 4. The word of God breaks into the 5th dimension and decides the outcome of a physical situation. 5. Physical defeat is not spiritual defeat, anti-matter works on principles of the meek rule not the aggressive. 6. The words and parables and secrets of Jesus gospel are the weapons of this war to bring about victory. 7. The key to anti-matter/5th dimension power is the word. Sowing and reaping. Chapter Sixteen 1. Heaven is a real physical place comprising all 4 dimensions, and including the 5th dimension. 2. The Heavenly city is cloaked (invisible) it is the largest of all pods known as a Kingdom. It is alive not just dead stones. 3. Jesus owns and is the King of a Kingdom here in our Milky Way galaxy. 4. Smaller pods are used to ferry souls around the galaxy, they are baby pods and teen pods. 5. Suffering on a birth world is a blessing in disguise. 6. Other teen pods from distant galaxies serve in remote parts of His universe, as lessons and training. 7. All pods like whales on Earth; all love there masters, they like animals do not have unlimited choices. Chapter Seventeen 1. The knowledge of man is subject to limited guidelines and cannot surpass the will of God. 2. Mans wisdom without the favor of the Father amounts to a destructive end, just like the devils. 3. God has been creating through eternity and will continue creating through eternity. 4. Children born in the Kingdom learn lessons from birth worlds, without having to adopt flesh and blood. 5. God in Christ the lamb of sacrifice, is beyond the comprehension of sinful mortal man. 6. The Kingdom of Heaven and all Kingdoms are childlike in nature and though in the 5th dimension they are simple in our symbiotic relationship with them. 7. Jesus in the Kingdom is the face of understanding we all look to. Chapter Eighteen 1. The Kingdom explodes with business and excitement. 2. Pods shuffle devils around to the Father; for instructions and limited power. 3. Lucifer is granted 1260 days of greater power by the Father at the end of this age. 4. All creatures all galaxies love to watch the grand final of each birth world. 5. Sides are drawn up for the last 3 years of a birth world via the sealing or symbols of man.

6. With the granting of Lucifers power is also the granting of the elects power, balance is restored. 7. The two elect leaders are practically indestructible, until the last few days. Chapter Nineteen 1. Love and charity define the two sides of Gods creation. 2. Your eternal journey begins when in your heart you chose to either love or hate. 3. Your place in this journey is defined by the magnitude of the love or hate you express on your birth world; the magnitude is defined by the spirit of Jesus. 4. Every created being has an invisible guardian that writes there book of life, written to the smallest detail. 5. Your book of life follows you around for all eternity. 6. There is life and happiness in the acts of love, there is darkness and death in the choice of hate. 7. God is one, God is Love. Chapter Twenty 1. Angels and guardians control this world via the system of placement of spirit beings. 2. Lucifer possesses the man called the anti-Christ, and sets himself up as god at the grand final. 3. There is always a holy land on a birth world, to symbolize the leadership of the Kingdom. 4. Confusion rules the mortals in a grand final. 5. The anointed ones are spared the disasters and confusion, some of the chosen are tested. 6. Flesh/pleasure is the tool used by the devils to divide and destroy the world. 7. God always ends a birth world with a battle of supper power. Chapter twenty-one 1. All religions and faiths become one, under one banner; at the sealing of the world. 2. The mortals sealed by the flesh of the rebels are kept in constant fear and tribulation. 3. All the sealed of Love and rejecters of the system, use 5th dimensional power to survive the tribulation period. 4. Salvation is still available during a grand final. 5. The bride, the wife of Jesus; purifies herself during this tribulation period. 6. God rescues His wife at the end and we with Jesus, return to destroy the Earth and most of its inhabitants. 7. We with our husband rule forever, first in a 1000 year era of peace then permanently. Chapter Twenty-Two 1. Jesus personally captains the last days and chooses His anointed ones. 2. Symbols are used and parables to keep the dangerous truth from the moral devils, until the last 3 years. 3. The end of a birth world is unpredictable via choices, God is the final commander. 4. During the feast rewards are given to the faithful elect, and a taste of dominion is established, with a blood feast. 5. A feast is held at the end of a birth world, to celebrate victory and crown the elect (bride). 6. All mortals are kept in a veiled secrecy about the Kingdom until the grand final. 7. When all sides are sealed the truth is revealed.