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Mir AI Control Panel 1.20 [STRINGS] Language File=english_translation.txt Author=Miranda Blade Save changes=Your configuration has been changed.

Do you wish to save it now? Config saved=Config.lua has been saved Please relog=Please relog to your Ragnarok Online client, to load the new config uration Config updated=Old or missing configuration data have been updated Delete?=Do you really want to delete this item? [COMPONENTS] GB_Motion.Caption=Kind Homunculus CB_DontChase.Caption=Don't move CB_DontChase.Hint=Ranged attack mode: the homunculus doesn't chase the enemy and does only long range bolts, until the monster comes close. CB_AdvMotion.Caption=Try to detect area spells and frozen monsters CB_AdvMotion.Hint=This works for aggressive monsters only and can give false pos itives Lbl_Lvl.Caption=Level: Tab_Extra.Caption=Extra CB_BoltOnChase.Caption=Interception CB_DetectNoPots.Caption=Detect out of potion CB_DetectNoPots.Hint=With this option checked, the AI disables Auto Aid Potion w hen you are out of potion CB_NoMovingTargets.Caption=Don't attack moving monsters CB_NoMovingTargets.Hint=The AI don't attack a monster that is walking or followi ng someone CB_Your1st.Caption=Take care of homunculus enemies first CB_Your1st.Hint=The homunculus will kill ALL his/her enemies before to help the alchemist CB_SwitchTarget.Caption=Switch target on battle, to go to help the owner CB_SwitchTarget.Hint=OFF=the homunc finishes his/her enemy off first, then he/sh e comes to help you GB_AAP.Caption=Auto Aid Potion (Potion Pitcher) Support Lbl_AidPotMinHP.Caption=When homunculus HPs are less than: Trk_AAP_Perc.Hint=Percentage of HPs left CB_PotType.Item[0]=Throw Red Potions (lvl 1) CB_PotType.Item[1]=Throw Orange Potions (lvl 2) CB_PotType.Item[2]=Throw Yellow Potions (lvl 3) CB_PotType.Item[3]=Throw White Potions (lvl 4) CB_PotType.Hint=Skill level CB_AAP_Mode.Item[0]=Disabled CB_AAP_Mode.Item[1]=Support evasive maneuvers CB_AAP_Mode.Item[2]=Support attacks CB_AAP_Mode.Item[3]=Support attacks and evasive maneuvers CB_AAP_Mode.Item[4]=Support everytime (in idle mode too) CB_AAP_Mode.Hint=Circumnstances in wich Auto Aid Potion will be used GB_HomuATK.Caption=Homunculus: Attack and Evade Lbl_AtkMinHP.Caption=Attack when HPs > Lbl_EvadeMinHP.Caption=Evade when HP < Lbl_SkillTimeOut.Caption=Max time for skills (ms): Edit_SkillTimeOut.Hint=No aggressive skills (Caprice or Moonlight) after this ti me, but for "with_full_power" mode Edit_MaxRange.Hint=(cells) the homunculus disengages from attacks when he/she is too far Lbl_MaxDistance.Caption=Max enemy distance from the alchemist: CB_NoAggro.Caption=Cautious CB_NoAggro.Hint=OFF = aggressive ("attack" mode) against monsters that are not i n the Tact List. ON = passive ("react") for these monsters CB_CircleOnIdle.Caption=Circle around the alchemist when full

CB_CircleOnIdle.Hint=When the HPs and SPs are full, the homunculus repeats a seq uence of steps, as specified in Patrol.lua CB_FollowAtOnce.Caption=Follow the alchemist at once CB_FollowAtOnce.Hint=If the alchemist moves away from the enemy, stop any attack or interception and follow the alchemist at once GB_AAA.Caption=Alchemist Auto Attacks Lbl_Weapon.Caption=Weapon with skill: Lbl_AAAMinSP.Caption=Min SP CB_CartRevo.Item[0]=disabled CB_CartRevo.Item[1]=for single target too CB_CartRevo.Item[2]=for 2 or more targets CB_CartRevo.Item[3]=for 3 or more targets CB_CartRevo.Item[4]=for 4 or more targets CB_CartRevo.Hint=Required minimum conditions in order to cast Auto Cart Revoluti on CB_CrazyUproar.Hint=Auto cast Crazy Uproar when you attack GB_HPRange.Caption=HP Range Btn_Create.Caption=Save configuration Btn_Create.Hint=Update Config.lua with your new settings Tab_Skill.Caption=Homunculus Skills Lbl_Tab_HomunSkills.Caption=Please choose the minimum amount of SP for each skil l and the skill level to use (OFF = skill disabled). Tab_Tact.Caption=Tactics Lbl_Behavior.Caption=Behaviour: Lbl_Use.Caption=Skill: Lbl_MobName.Caption=Monster Name Spin_AAA_MinHP.Hint=Auto attacks don't starts if alchemist's HPs are less than t his value (so you have the time to use a tele clip) Spin_AAA_MaxHP.Hint=Auto attacks don't starts if alchemist's HPs are more than t his value (choose a value > your max HP to disable this) CB_AST.Hint=Weapon based skill: please specify your equipped special weapon Spin_Skill_AMI_BULW.Hint=Minimum SP amount required to cast this skill Edit_TactID.Hint=RO Monster ID. Please click on the ID link to serach for an ID Edit_TactName.Hint=You can write what you like here: the AI looks only at the ID CB_TactBehav.Hint=AI behaviour against the selected monster CB_TactSkill.Hint=Skill usage against the selected monster Btn_TactAdd.Hint=Add a new tactic or a new separator Btn_TactDel.Hint=Delete this row Btn_TactUp.Hint=Move this row up Btn_TactDown.Hint=Move this row down