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) An assembly of electrical equipment from the same origin and protected against overcurrent by the same protective device(s). a. outlet c. devices b. circuit d. switches 2.) Connection of the exposed and conductive parts of an installation to the main earthing terminal of that installation. a. insulation c. earthing b. guy wire d. conductor 3.) A dangerous physiological effect resulting from the passing of an electric current through a living body. a. electric shock c. mental illness b. car accident d. alzheimer disease The amount of light reaching a surface (such as a desk top) measured in lux (one lumen per square metre) for example 300 500 lux for offices with visual display units. a. flux c. intensity b. illuminance d. brightness The general term used to describe devices used to provide an audible alarm such as bells, sirens and klaxons. a. horn c. Fire alarm sounder b. buzzer d. speaker An assembly of main and auxiliary switching apparatus for operation, regulation, protection or other control of an electrical installation. a. switchgear c. control panel b. distribution board d. MCC A mechanical switching device used for the purposes of isolation of the supply from all, or a discrete section of, an installation. a. switch c. isolator b. circuit breaker d. fuse A fitting which houses one or more lamps and controls the distribution of light. a. lamp holder c. flourescent fixture b. box d. luminaire A device of group of devices which ensure the continuity of a power supply irrespective of fluctuations or interruptions in the mains supply. a. battery c. generator b. UPS d. alternative power source A luminaire containing one or more lamps, which operate from the emergency supply only upon failure of the normal mains supply. a. non-maintained luminaire c. fog lamp b. flashlight d. spotlight The supply to most domestic and small commercial buildings is ________, 230 V. All electrical equipment within the property is powered by this phase. a. poly phase c. fog lamp b. three phase d. single phase The most widely used transformer contain mineral oil and they are usually located outside due to the potential fire hazard if any oil leaks from the unit. a. dry type c. liquid filled b. power transformer d. current tracnsformer










13.) The effect of electric shock if the current level greater than ______, a ventricular fibrillation causing almost instantaneous death. a. 0.001 mA c. 1 mA b. 100 mA d. 2 mA 14.) Can be used horizontally and vertically and comprise standard lengths of metal casing containing bare copper bars supported at regular intervals by insulated supports. Alternatively, the copper conductors can be fully insulated. a. busbar c. cable tray b. conductor d. conduit This is piping made from steel or plastic, and is typically used for the distribution of small diameter cables. a. cable tray c. knob-&-tube b. cable trunking d. conduit This type of detector will trigger an alarm only when a fixed temperature is exceeded. a. Flame detector c. beam detector b. ionization detector d. fixed temperature heat detector The discomfort or impairment of vision experienced when parts of the visual field are excessively bright in relation to the general surroundings. a. intensity c. color rendering b. glare d. temperature Mainly used in utility projects such as street lighting, forecourt lighting, amenity lighting and other applications where good colour rendering is not necessary. a. sodium lamp c. incandescent b. CFL d. high pressure mercury lamps A method of providing remote surveillance of selected locations using small television cameras and cabling. a. CCTV c. security b. flat tv d. monitor A type of fire resistant electrical cable consisting of copper conductors embedded in densely compacted magnesium oxide insulation, contained within a copper sheath. a. Type MC c. PVC b. XLPE d. MICC A branch circuit ampere protection that shall be permitted to supply lighting units or other utilization equipment, or a combination of both. a. 15 or 20 Amp. c. 5 Amp b. 30 Amp. d. 45 Amp Appliance receptacle outlets installed in a dwelling unit for specific appliances, such as laundry equipment, shall be installed within____ of the intended location of the appliance. a. 1 500 mm c. 2 000 mm b. 1 800 mm d. 1 200 mm Conductors shall have a vertical clearance of not less than _____ above the roof surface. a. 2 400 mm c. 1 500 mm b. 600 mm d. 1 200 mm Service-drop conductors over residential property and driveways, and those commercial areas not subject to truck traffic where the voltage does not exceed 300 volts to ground shall have a minimum clearance of_______. a. 3 600 mm c. 3 000 mm b. 2 400 mm d. 5 500 mm Service raceways shall be equipped with a ______ at the point of connection to service-drop conductors. a. raintight service head c. weatherproof switch












b. meter d. service conductors 26.) For a one-family dwelling, the service disconnecting means shall have a rating of not less than ____________. a. 200 amperes,3-wire c. 100 amperes,3-wire b. 50 amperes,2-wire d. 100 amperes,4-wire 27.) The conductors for over-head service drop shall not be smaller than _________. a. 28.) 6.0 mm2 c. 14.0 mm2
2 2 b. 10.0 mm d. 8.0 mm Sheet metal enclosures with hinged or removable covers for housing and protecting electric wires, cable, and busbars in which conductors are laid in place after the wireway has been installed as a complete system. a. Auxilliary Gutter c. Cable tray b. Pull boxes d. Boxes A nonmetallic raceway of circular cross section, with integral or associated couplings, connectors, and fittings for the installation of electrical conductors and cables. a. Rigid Metallic Conduit c. Flexible Conduit b. Rigid Non-metallic Conduit d. Electrical Metallic Conduit Which of the following shall not be used for support of overhead service conductors. a. wooden pole c. trees b. steel structure d. concrete pole It shall be provided where fire walls, floors, or ceilings are penetrated. a. sealant c. bushing b. fire barriers d. grommet It shall be installed beneath the surface of concrete or other flooring material or in office occupancies where laid flush with the concrete floor and covered with linoleum or equivalent floor covering.





a. underground cable c. service lateral b. trench d. underfloor raceway 33.) Pendant lamp conductors shall not be smaller than ___________ for mogulbase or medium-base screw-shell lampholders. a. 4.0 mm2 c. 8.0 mm2
2 2 b. 2.0 mm d. 1.6 mm 34.) A lamp where the tube is coated internally with a fluorescent powder which absorbs the ultra-violet light and reradiates it as visible light. a. sodium lamp c. Flourescent lamp b. filament lamp d. metal halide lamp 35.) It has snap switches mounted in boxes and other enclosures and shall be installed so as to completely cover the opening and, where the switch is flush mounted, seat against the finished surface. It has a decorative finish. a. door panel c. faceplate b. box cover d. switches 36.) How much illuminance level shall be used in loading bays or toilets. a. 50 lux c. 300 lux b. 150 lux d. 500 lux

37.) Round access openings in a manhole shall not be less than _______ in diameter. a. 500 mm c. 450 mm b. 800 mm d. 650 mm 38.) A device capable of detecting movement by changes in emitted heat from objects/people within its pre-set detection range and inside its field of view. a. PIR c. daylight sensor b. heat sensor d. smoke detector 39.) A cable within a structured cabling system that connects the building distributor to a floor distributor. a. network cable c. patch cord b. Building backbone cable d. flexible cable 40.) What is an electrical symbol that indicates a letter "S" with a subscript of number "4". a. Four (4) gang switch c. Sub-meter b. Smooth Surface d. Four (4) way switch 41.) A type of lamp that produce a greenish white color effect on neutral surfaces, and which it strengthened the colors for yellow,blue,& green while it produce a grayed appearance for red. a. High-pressure sodium c. Metal halide b. Incandescent-Tungsten Halogen d. Flourescent - cool white 42.) A conductive part provided for the connection of a conductor to an accessory. a. outlet c. connector b. terminal d. plug 43.) A device inteded for the protection of personnel that functions to de-energize a circuit or portion thereof within an established period of time when a current to ground exceeds the values established for a device. a. GFCI c. circuit breaker b. switch d. time relay 44.) A cable designed for operation buried in the ground or installed in an underground duct conduit. a. bare copper c. fiber optic b. mesh wire d. underground cable A unit of electrical system that is intended to carry but not utilize energy. a. cord c. detectors b. device d. outlet An appliance which is fixed in one place to another in normal use. a. none of these c. stationary appliance b. portable appliance d. fixed appliance Concealed knob and tube wiring may not be used in which of the following locations? a. commercial garages c. hazardous locations b. theater d. all of these A conductor having no covering or electrical insulation whatsoever. a. insulated c. bare b. control wires d. underground cable A person who is authorized to sign and seal an electrical plans. a. Professional Mechanical Enginer c. Professional Electrical Engineer b. Registered Electrical Engineer d. Registered Master Electrician Constructed or protected so that exposure to the weather will not interfere with successful operation. a. b. vapor tight weatherproof c. d. raintight watertight