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Detailed Lesson Plan in English Prepared by Rommel N.



Objectives At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to Identify statements that show cause and effect relationship.


Subject Matter Cause and Effect Relationship Reference/s: Fun in English Reading Textbook pages 94-101 Materials: Visual Aids and Pictures Values: Develop a genuine love for reading, love for family Procedure


A. Learning Activities Teachers Activity Good morning class Let us pray first (Checking of Attendance) say present if you are around Please pick up the pieces of paper under your chairs. So how was your weekend? Thats good! Have you enjoyed your weekend bonding with your family? Students Activity Good morning Sir! (One student will lead the prayer) (Students raise their hand and say present as the teacher calls their names.) (Students pick up the pieces of paper) It was great sir! Of course sir! It was a lot of fun!

Thats good to know. For this morning, our discussion will be in relation to a Yes sir! We love purple-colored dinosaur! family. Are you familiar with Barneys I love you song? Okay thats good, so are you ready to sing and have fun today? Yes!

Warm Up

Let us sing Barneys I Love You Song. (Students sing) I love you, you love me, were a happy family, With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, Hope you say you love me too. Okay now class, what can you say about the song? Does it tell us something important that we have already forgotten to do nowadays? How could you say so John? Sir, even though the song is very short, but I guess it is full of emotions.

Because sir I noticed that the song has a lot to do with our love for our family, that the real meaning of family is all about loving each other and nowadays kissing and hugging our parents or family members are not being practiced anymore. There are so many descriptive words in the song, the most obvious obe is I love you.

What else have you noticed which made you conclude that the song is all about love? Everybody had just sung very well, its now time to improve your pronunciation.

Pronunciation Drill Read the following words: Words with augh=/o/ sound Caught, naught, taught, naughty, daughter

Group 3 Oh happy birthday, Mama dear! San Ben, Liz and Bess with cheer. We love you much, we love you true. They kissed their mother, hugged her too. Group4 Like cats and dogs the two did struggle Each making sure to win the battle. They tried to push and then to pull, While Mama almost loses her cool.


Evaluation Read and understand carefully the following. Write ONLY THE LETTER of the correct answer.

_____1. Because he was tired, he scored poorly on the exam, ___ into the university. a. this will cause him to not be admitted b. this is a fact which will cause him to not be admitted c. a fact which will cause him to not be admitted d. a fact which will cause him to not admit _____2. ___ the TOEFL with a score of 550, he will be admitted into the university. a. Now that he passes b. That he has passed c. Now, he has passed d. Now that he has passed _____3. Since July 4th is a holiday, ___ have to go to work. a. so we do not b. we do not c. as a result, we do not d. thus, we do not _____4. Yousef went back to Saudi Arabia ___ to take care of some business in his company. a. and he needed b. because he needed c. which he needed d. because he need

______5. ___, he will return back to the United States to study English. a. Had Yousef taken care of his business in Saudi Arabia b. Now that Yousef has taken care his business in Saudi Arabia c. Now that Yousef has taken care of his business in Saudi Arabia d. Yousef has taken care of his business in Saudi Arabia but _____6. ___ have to work today, we should go to Laguna Beach. a. For we do not b. We do not c. Since we do not d. Since we do no _____7. Fabiana will not go to work today ___ a bit ill. a. , she is b. because she c. because she is d. which is she is _____8. ___, the temperature should begin dropping. a. Now that the sun setting b. Now that the sun set c. The sun setting d. Now that the sun has set _____9. ___ is important since most professional jobs require writing skills. a. Learn how to write b. Learning how write c. Learning how to write d. Learning how to write it is _____10. ___, the research paper is beneficial to students since it requires them to critically think, read, and write about a specific body of knowledge in which they have an interest. a. A requirement at most universities b. It is a requirement at most universities c. A requirement at most universities it is d. Requirement at most universities


Assignment Identify the CAUSE-AND-EFFECT RELATIONSHIP. Read the short fable. Underline the CAUSE and encicle the EFFECT.

A fox said to a crow with a piece of cheese between its beak, If you can sing as prettily as you sit, then you are the prettiest singer. The fox thought that once the crow starts to sing, the cheese would drop from her beak. But the crow carefully removed the cheese from the claws on one foot and said, they say you are sly, but you cannot fool me. Not giving up, the fox continued to praise the crow. I wish I could hear you tell about your talents but I have to go look for food because Im hungry.

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