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Amigos del Padre Hurtado

Teacher:Anglica Portilla C. Student:


There is a house Hay una casa There are two dogs Hay dos perros

There is not a house No hay una casa There are not two dogs No hay dos perros

Is there a house? Hay una casa? Are there two dogs? Hay dos perros?

1. Agregue there is o there are a las siguientes oraciones segn corresponda.

Example: There are many stars in the sky. 1. ________ a fly in my soup. (There is, There are) 2. ________ many parks in New York. (There is, There are) 3. ________ any tigers in Africa. (There isn't, There aren't) 4. ________ lots of hotels in big cities. (There is, There are) 5. ________ a bank near here? (Is there, Are there) 6. ________ life on Mars? (Is there, Are there) 7. ________ a telephone I can use? (Is there, Are there) 8. ________ a football game tomorrow. (There is, There are) 9. ________ 8 students in my class. (There is, There are) 10. _______ many people my town. (There isn't, There aren't)
2. Ordene las oraciones reorganizando las palabras sueltas. Example: are-many-stars-the -sky -in -there - There are many stars in the sky. 1. there's - book - a - on - desk - my __________________________________ 2. are - many - trees - there - near - house - my ________________________________ 3. there's - some - food the- fridge- in ____________________________________ 4. at - 9.00 - there's - party - a. ___________________________________________ 5. there - are - any - cafes? _____________________________________

C.E.I.A. Amigos del Padre Hurtado

Teacher:Anglica Portilla C. Student:


La mayora de los sustantivos forman el plural agregando -s o -es. Plural boats houses rivers Cuando terminan en -y precedida por una consonante, el plural se hace con -ies. Plural flies cities babies Algunas formas irregulares para plurales. Algunos de los ms comunes son: Plural women men children teeth feet people wives lives potatoes cactus nucleus analysis diagnosis oasis thesis crisis phenomenon criterion datum cacti nuclei analyses diagnoses oases theses crises phenomena criteria data

Singular boat house river

Singular a fly a city a baby

Singular woman man child tooth foot person wife life potato

Algunos toman la misma forma en singular y plural Plural sheep fish species aircraft

Singular sheep fish species aircraft

Algunos tienen forma plural pero el verbo se conjuga de manera singular

news The news is on at 9.00 p.m. athletics Athletics is good for young people. linguistics Linguistics is the study of language. billiards Billiards is played all over the world. Algunos tienen forma plural y toman verbo plural

trousers My trousers are too tight. jeans Her jeans are black. glasses Those glasses are his. Otros incluyen: savings, thanks, steps, stair, customs, congratulations, tropics, wages, spectacles, outskirts, goods