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Tynisa Williams Dr.

Shumack 10 Nov 2010 FNDS 6243 Chapter 8 Homework Proposal to Produce Online Prescriptive Instructional Program Mastering Math Introduction Studies have shown a necessary cause between school performance and self-esteem. This means that poor performance in school causes low self-esteem, yet low self-esteem does not cause poor performance in school. Many students show poor performance, especially in math, because that cannot keep up with the pace of the class and gradually lose the necessary skills needed to progress in the subject. There is a need for a program that will allow students to learn at their own pace and learn the information necessary to improve performance. The LeNetta Banks Group deals with self-esteem and assists their clients by identifying resources to help students develop a high degree of self-care. TyEdTech Solutions is proud to present this proposal to produce Mastering Math, a prescriptive instructional program that will allow students to learn math lessons at their own pace and achieve math success. This proposal is an overview of the program that we think will be an excellent tool that the LeNetta Banks Group can offer to their clients and includes our approach, design, schedule and budget, and our qualifications. Project Definition Mastering Math will serve as a product that the LeNetta Banks Group will offer to their clients as a tool to improve math comprehension, school performance, and consequently self-esteem. Performance and deficiency in math will be prescribed by the students teacher. From that point, the students will get an individual profile and be assigned lessons to take in the program. In the past, when working with students, the LeNetta Banks group worked with students on study habits and describing what changes the student could make to improve their grades, such as go to tutoring or having a parent or older sibling review work. Now, a specific program can be prescribed that would take some of the guesswork away from the students and they can get started immediately. The student will be empowered to help themselves which will also increase confidence. This will also be beneficial to those students who do not have the assistance at home to help them. TyEdTech Solutions has in mind an online program that appeals to students, is fun and exciting for the student, and is easy to navigate. Students will benefit as well as parents. The

advantage the Mastering Math has over its competitors is that it is modernized, contains lessons with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and is designed with students in mind. Mistakes from the past include programs created that focused on the standards and not the students. There are similar products on the market; however, the most prominent program was created in 1998. A success review could not be found except by the company that produces the product. The environment is very open to receiving a program such as Mastering Math. In the future, there is room for growth of the program to include companion products. The growth of the program will be determined by the success and feedback of the first set of students that are prescribed the program. Companion program can include additional lessons for different grade levels, workbooks and worksheets, an e-course attachment, and eventually an adult version of the product that will be available for college students. Project Goals TyEdTech Solutions goal for this product is an 80% success rate for all students completing the course. Success will be determined by scores on the pretest. Supplementary goals for the product include an improvement in the students math scores by at least one letter grade and improvement in state testing scores. Acceptance of the goals will of course be reviewed by the client. Determination on whether the students have learned the content will be seen in posttest scores. If student is not able to complete the posttest after the lesson, they will be able to review with their teacher or will review the lesson again. Audience Description The audience for the product will consist of 7th grade students ranging in ages from 12 to 15 years. The students reside in the state of Alabama and speak English are their first language (future program development will include lessons in Spanish and other languages further in the future). Students will not be required to take the training but will definitely be motivated. Student attitudes will range from fearful to embarrassed, complacent, and apprehensive at the start of the program. By the time they are finished, those attitudes should change to feelings of comfort, confidence, and most of all less fearful. Average level of education is 6th grade and average reading level is 5th grade for the students using the program. Student needs will be assessed before beginning the program. Special consideration will be given to those students with different learning levels and the physically handicapped according to the regulations set forth by the Web Accessibility Initiative. Color designs were also chosen with students disability levels such as dyslexia and behavior disorders (BD).

Product Description Mastering Math is an online individually prescribed instructional program. What this means is that students who are struggling in math will be designated by their teachers to participate in the program. They will be prescribed topics that they need help with by the teacher. The teacher prescribes lessons through their registered account. They will assign the student and the lessons in the program. The student will then log into a student account and take the lessons are assigned to their account. An assigned lesson will consist of a pretest and then a video lesson on the topic. After completing the lesson, the student will take a posttest and then complete a feedback questionnaire on the lesson and the test. Lessons will vary in length from 5 to 15 minutes. There will be no time limit for either the pre- or posttest. The format and information provided in the lessons are not likely to change, though additional lessons may be added to the program. Length of time a student sits to use the program is dependent on the time allotted by the teacher if the program is used during school hours. Since the program will be available online, as long as the teacher has prescribed the lessons to the student, the program will be available for the student to use at home as well. The technical knowledge required to use the program will be minimal. The student should be able to log in and from there, it will be press and play. The tests will consist of any combination of multiple choice, matching, and text entry (fill in the blank). There will also be simulations available that will demonstrate to the student how to view a question and answer in the program. No certification requirements are necessary for the program since all subject matter experts (SMEs) on the project team are certified mathematics teachers. Pre- and post-assessments will be incorporated as part of the program. Tutorials on the use of the program will be available. Performance tracking will also be part of the program. This will allow the teacher to track the progress of their students. Parents will also be able to track their childs progress. Results from performance tracking will have the ability to be consolidated into reports. Time spent on lessons and correct/incorrect answers from tests will also be available in a report. Delivery Strategies Delivery of the program will be through a standalone website. For optimal performance, users should have Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows XP. The minimum platform that can be used with this program is Linux. Macintosh computers will also be able to utilize the program successfully. The connection speed should be 768 kbps or higher. The program will support all platforms and browsers to include all operating systems, mobile applications, and most software framework. The features and functions of the program include registration, tracking, bookmarking, scoring, grade book, reporting, glossary, index, feedback, contact information, and links to other resources.

The site will be designed to be inviting, modern, and fun. The usability of the program should appeal to the audience with colors to enhance student learning. Since all lessons and information provided will be original, there wont be any coordination with other materials. However, future paper material may be produced by TyEdTech Solutions in the future. Standard colors will be pale blue and pale pink. Overlay will be in blue/gray for dyslexic students and call out buttons will be in red, orange, or yellow to call attention to the information. Graphics will include simple animations, graphs, charts, illustrations, and will be included for most screens (provided by instructional designer). Original images for the program will be licensed. Photos will not be included. Audio will consist of narration also provided by instructional designer in female voice. Video lessons and tutorials will be originally produced and in .swf or .mp4 format. Licenses will be acquired for videos as well. TyEdTech Solutions Approach Deliverable Design document

Flowchart Technical Specifications Template Guide Wire Frames/Story Boards

Style Guide

Task Will include information on: Executive Summary Learning Needs Industrial Goals Audience Definition Delivery Environment General Outcomes Assessment Strategies Content Organization and Sources Instructional Strategies Standards Media Evaluation and Testing Program structure from opening page through the end of the program All platform, browser, and technical aspects necessary to run and view the program Each screen will follow a certain template as produced in the template guide A layout of the entire program page by page with information included for the lessons, tests, and feedback. Will also include screens shots with included content for a preview of how each page will look Examples and layout of all included text, media file, and graphics used in the program to include font, color schemes, captions, and headers.


Formative Evaluation


QA Implementation

A complete replica of the program for one lesson that will take the user from the menu to log in to taking a pretest, watching a lesson, taking a posttest, and providing feedback. The program will be tested by members of the project team. Necessary final corrections will be made at this point The product will be fully completed with all tests, content videos, storyboards, and graphics/media to be included Accurate implementation of the program will be tested at this point. The product will be presented to the client.

Standards The program content will be based on the state of Alabama Course of Study (ACOS) with objectives for certain lessons stemming from the Mathematics Curriculum Guide for Autauga County reprinted from the ACOS Mathematics, Bulletin 2003, No. 4. Schedule and Budget We project a 4-5 week project cycle for the first installment of the program. Our expectation is that successive additions to the program will occur within 8-9 weeks. We will collect information from student, parent, and teacher feedback and improve our product accordingly. In order to have the course up and running, see the table below for our proposed schedule: Week 1 2 3 4 5 Date Nov 9 Nov 12 Nov 19 Nov 26 Dec 3 Task/Deliverable Project proposal Design document, technical requirements, client review Production documentation, story boards, prototype, modifications, formative evaluations Graphics, media production complete, quality assurance Launch

Content is readily available. Each task accomplished will be reviewed by the client. Corrections will be incorporated expeditiously. Since TyEdTech Solutions has a team that covers web design and content editing, only one set of revisions will be allowed by the client free of charge. Any additional changes will occur at cost. Assumptions TyEdTech solutions will: 1. Assemble a team that has the necessary experience and qualifications to produce a professional and exemplary product.

2. Provide a status update to the client in a timely and consistent basis. 3. Maintain security of all files and obtain licenses on all original program content. 4. Notify the client with any schedule or budget conflicts. The LeNetta Banks Group and TyEdTech Solutions will: 1. Ensure that the program to be created and the schedule and design information planned is agreed upon by both parties and that the implementation of the program is to the specification of both parties. 2. Work together to ensure that every stage in the production of the program runs smoothly. 3. Ensure that the payment schedule runs according to plan. The LeNetta Banks Group will provide: 1. Clear and concise expectations of the product. 2. Timely reviews. 3. A clear sign off process for each stage of delivery. Based on the assumptions mentioned above, below are the estimated costs associated with production of the product. This is a preliminary estimate and any changes to the costs will be approved by the LeNetta Banks Group before an invoice is presented for payment. Project Management Instructional Development Graphics Software/Programming Web design/hosting QA Total $8,000 5,000 4,400 1,050 500 1,050 $20,000

Risks to Completion Since content will be provided by the instructional designer, receipt of content will not be a factor in timely completion. However, review and approval of information presented to the client must be done in a timely manner as ensure that the next step in the process can go forward. That being said, we recommend that the LeNetta Banks Group provide a point of contact that will expedite review of the products presented and reply back to the project team manager within 3 days. This point of contact should have the authority to approve or reject in the name of the LeNetta Banks Group. If there are any circumstances on the project team end that will affect the production schedule, we will notify the point of contact immediately. Together we can work to make the best product possible for your clients.

Out of Scope We understand that this proposal is based on presumptions and that the full product is not in view. Upon completion of the prototype, it is customary for some clients to see further revisions to the program that they would like or even a total change in the program requirements. TyEdTech Solutions are not against program changes that are not included in the original scope of the product. We do, however, reserve the right to accept or decline requests for out of scope product changes. If accepted, there will be a revision to the budget listed in this proposal.

Qualifications TyEdTech Solutions is highly qualified to design and produce this program. The experience level of each member of the project team is a testament to readiness for the project requirements. We are fully committed to presenting the LeNetta Banks Group with an outstanding product that will give them the tools they need to achieve their client goals. The project manager will be Ty Williams (middle school math teacher, instructional designer). The project team will consist of SMEs: Marilyn Saunders (high school math teacher), Chris Skipper (middle school math teacher), and Stacey Lindsey (college math professor). The web design reviewer will be Russ McKinney (LiveText Coordinator), and Jennifer Jacobs (English teacher) will serve as the copy editor.