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A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our People in Egypt Part 6

By the Mujahid Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, May Allah Protect Him

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Pictures of protesters in Canada against the corruption of Mubarak, raising the picture of Malik El-Shabazz. Video excerpts from Malik El-Shabazz, Malcolm X, may Allah have mercy on him: We're non-violent with people who are non-violent with us. But we are not non-violent with anyone who is violent with us. Anytime you beg another man to set you free, you'll never be free. Freedom is something that you have to do for yourselves. What is the price of freedom? The price of freedom is death. No, no, no, no, I will never say that progress is being made. If you stick a knife in my back 9 inches and pull it out 6 inches, there's no progress. You pull it all the way out, that's not progress. The progress is healing the wound that the blow made.

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, may Allah protect him: In the name of Allah, and all praise be to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, companions, and those who follow him. O Muslim brothers everywhere, As-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu. Thereafter: This is the sixth episode of A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt. In episodes one and two, I had begun to discuss the state of affairs of Egypt and how this state can be changed. Then, the winds of the courageous, popular uprising started to rise in Tunisia and Egypt, and then in Libya and Yemen. So I decided to leave the series of discussions that I had begun in the rst two episodes to discuss fundamentally what was happening in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. And today, I feel that it is appropriate to focus the discussion on Libya, Egypt, and Syria, due to the signicance of the events that are occurring there now. To begin with, I wish to repeat what I had mentioned in the previous episode, that our speeches may reach our precious Ummah late, due to this vicious war against our Ummah being waged by the Crusader alliance led by America. I hope that our precious Ummah will forgive us, for Allah knows I wish to be in the front line of the uprising of the Ummah against oppression and the oppressors. Before my emigration from Egypt, I had been keen on participating in the popular protests since 1968, against the setback of the regime of Gamal Abdel Nasser. Then, I participated in many popular protests against Sadat and his regime. I was one of the revolutionaries in Tahrir Square in 1971, and with me in these protests were the same honorable brothers who took noble stands in the last Egyptian revolution against Hosni Mubarak and his corrupt regime. Were it not for my fear of causing them difculty or harm, I would mention them by name and compliment their courageous stances. I also called more than once in my speeches for the Arabs in general, and the Egyptian people specically, to rise up against the regimes of corruption and tyranny that have been imposed upon us. 2

What I mean to say is that my brother Mujahideen and I are prevented from instant communication with our Ummah during its pains and hopes, due to the circumstances of the vicious Crusader war being waged by America against our Ummah. However, by the grace of Allah, we are waging, along with our Ummah, the same battle against the greatest of criminals and their proxies in our lands. Every victory for the Mujahideen is a victory for the Ummah in its battle of reform to establish a government based solely on Islam, justice, and Shura; and rejecting oppression, corruption, and subordination. Our respected people in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, I wish to divide my speech into several parts: The rst message: To our fellow Muslims in Libya The second message: To our fellow Muslims in Egypt The third message: To our fellow Muslims in Syria

As for the message to our fellow Muslims in Libya: I hope that our Muslim Ummah in Libya would be very well aware about the conspiracy being hatched against Libya by NATO. NATO is not a charitable foundation. Rather, it is an alliance of the greatest dominators in this world, and they aim through this campaign of theirs, to destroy the corrupt regime of Gadda and replace it with a regime subordinate to them, through which they can steal the oil of Libya and its resources, forcing it to submit to their wants and policies. They seek to turn Libya into a new Iraq, as through the call to rid Iraq of the tyrant Saddam Hussein, they established a proxy regime. This criminal plan must be sabotaged and resisted by the Muslim Ummah in Libya and the countries surrounding it. The most important method to achieve this is to strengthen the self-reliance of our people in Libya. The Muslims in countries neighboring Libya, especially in Egypt, and especially the tribes of the Western desert, must rise up and march forth to support their brothers in Libya with money, food, medicine, and weapons, and they must ght along with them against the mercenaries of the tyrant Gadda. This is a specic obligation on the people of Egypt; all those who are able should go to them, especially those with the experience required to ght against Gadda, whether it be military, medical, engineering expertise or otherwise, so that our people in Libya will form the selfreliance necessary to empower them to thwart the conspiracies of NATO and its supporters. I also advise our brothers in Libya to gather weapons and store them in preparation for the events and circumstances to come. I urge them to place importance on the weapons of guerrilla warfare, such as light machine guns and their ammunition, RPGs and explosives, cannons, Katyusha rockets, mines, mortars and their ammunition, and booby-trap equipment. 3

They should pay importance to holding training sessions to train the largest number of loyalists, the people of piety, and those who are ready for sacrice, so that the masses become cultured with Jihad and gain enough experience to rid Libya of the corruption of Gadda and the greed of the Crusaders. The battle in Libya today is the battle of the Muslim Ummah and its masses, after the governments had failed and given up their duty to protect the Libyan people from the crimes of Gadda, satised with begging for foreign intervention from the Security Council. The Arab governments failed while every disappointment and cowardice is expected from them - to support a neighboring Muslim Arab people that had called to them for help and assistance. This neglect appeared in its ugliest forms in the military council ruling Egypt that gave up supporting its Arab Muslim neighbors, preferring friendship with the invaders of Egypt, despite all the danger this posed to its national security. And why not, when it previously chose the takeover of Palestine by Israel, besieging Gaza on its behalf?! Indeed, the military council gave up its direct responsibility to protect the lives of Egyptians in Libya who are calling upon it to save them. But there is no life in whom you call, for the military council left them as easy prey to the shells of Gadda and his mercenaries. In Misrata alone, seven thousand Egyptian families ask for help and no one responds. Victims fall among them, while the military council is occupied with the siege of Gaza and cannot move its forces that are surrounding it to rescue the Egyptians in Libya.

As for my second message to our fellow Muslims in Egypt: To begin with, I congratulate the Egyptian people, the Muslim Ummah and the Arabs, all the free and noble, and all the weak and oppressed in this world for the imprisonment of Hosni Mubarak and his two sons. All praise be to Allah, who showed us this day for a man whose cronies claimed that Allah could not defeat him.

A Break with Video Excerpts Recorded from the Egyptian Street

- An Egyptian Muslim who had been released from jail: 4

They thought that they could

scare us by shocking us, but we would be electrocuted and call out to Allah. The man would be afraid, and he would tell me: Yeah, let that Lord of yours help you, let that Lord of yours help you. The people who believe that the State Security are Muslims...there is no one on earth more indelic than the State Security. They are the dirtiest people on the face of the planet. After they would electrocute us, they would say: Sorry, I do this in the rst place because you have no religion.

Another Muslim: This happened in about 1998. Where is the pamphlet you are distributing? The ofcers name was Ahmad Heshmat in the Jaber bin Hayan branch. I told him: There is no pamphlet. Of course, I was beaten. And I said: There was no pamphlet. I can now say that there was a pamphlet, and the pamphlet was about Hijab. So he said to me: 'Where is the paper you are distributing?' I told him: There was no pamphlet. He said: You will be punished for these words when we go to the ofce. This conversation was at my front door. When we went to the ofce, he spent an hour and a half continuously beating me. And when he talked to his wife on the phone, he said: Lower your voice so you dont hurt the feelings of the lady. Then he would say: Dont you say, Help is sought only in Allah? Let Him help you! I swear that Allah assisted me, and I never imagined that a human being could be beaten like this and survive. But Allah assisted me, and I suffer from the pain of torture to this very day, and Allah is sufcient for me, and what a good advocate!

- A third Muslim: My name is Ismail Jad Ismail, and I just left a week ago. I was arrested when I was 19 years old. It was because I had organized a Quran reading session in the mosque, and I would make the children and youth memorize the Quran. They came and took me from my house at 2 a.m. and took my twin brother with me. They wrecked the house, stole my books, stole things from my house, and took me to the Jaber bin Hayan branch in Giza. When you rst go in, you are stripped and then you are beaten. You are almost naked except for a blindfold. He tells you that this is your private parts (the eyes): a blindfold. He interrogated me sixty times. They hung us on the door like this [gestures with his hands behind his back] and suspended like this [hands put before him], and in a suspended hang called the rotisserie, he puts a stick between your legs like this and twists your legs... [he indicates how the stick is placed under his foot]. He spreads you out on a bed and electrocutes your body. I was investigated sixty times. Sixty times! There are also women being tortured. He would tell us: My son, our Lord isn't able to defeat Hosni Mubarak, so you think you can defeat him?! My brother companion would tell him:

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Think not that Allah doth not heed the deeds of those who do wrong (Ibrahim: 42) And he told him: Rumors my son! They consider that this book was written by Muhammad's companions. My son, we are not Abu Lahab. He says, My son, when you do what you do, you cross paths with the Pharaoh. So you tell him, Dear sir, you left be hind true men after you! My son, I am an indel and I believe that I am an indel. If you go to the ofcers while you are being tortured, he tells you: They are youth who believed in their Lord, so we gave them more, so bear witness to this! (in mockery of the verse in Surah Kahf). Then they would all laugh at us. My son, our Lord does not know of this place. My son, you will never see asphalt (roads) again. They would threaten us that they would bring our families, and threaten us with our honor. One boy who was 16 years old was with me and was tortured because he had memorized the Quran with me. Reporter: How long did you stay in prison? Muslim #3: I stayed for two years. I left a week ago from Al-'Aqrab prison. 6

Reporter: Because you were a Quran teacher? Muslim #3: Yes, because of the Quran. There was no charge against me. My father submits a case for me to the court for innocence. I'm supposed to go, but they don't let me go. They put me in Jaber bin Hayan for ten days. After that, it is written that I have repeated my past behavior, meaning that they released me, and after ten days I resumed my activities, so they brought me in again! We demand that they treat us like they treat the Christians in the days of Habib Al-'Adli, and nothing more. Meaning we had no rights. We would ask them to bring animal rights organizations to come see the situation we were in. In prison there is a strange nutritional plan. They would bring us food that was inedible in the rst place. We would be beaten in prison. We would be stripped all the time. The whole cell is beaten. We sleep on the oor. We had with us people who had been in prison for 15 years. Reporter: So how do you feel today? Muslim #3: Well,

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And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not. (Yusuf: 21) They told us that Allah was unable to defeat Hosni Mubarak, and now Hosni Mubarak is imprisoned, and Habib Al-'Adli is imprisoned. And we, by the grace of Allah, are out and he was imprisoned in our stead. Reporter: Allah is the greatest. Muslim #3: And all praise be to Allah, and the glory is for Allah, His Messenger, and the believers. Was-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.

A fourth Muslim: I was in the Sixth of October building, and I swear by Allah the Almighty, they would prevent us from reading the Quran. We had nothing in our hands but small copies of the Quran. Whenever we would open them, they would ask us to close them, close our eyes, not to speak to our brothers, and turn our faces the other direction. 7

Beside me, there was a great Sheikh, I swear by Allah the Almighty, his hands were dark from being strung up so much, but nothing happened to me, thanks to our Lord. Another man would be electrocuted until he screamed, and you would hear his screams at 11 or 12 at night. One would be electrocuted in his stomach and another in his head. He was in the cell before us, and I swear by Allah, they took a Palestinian man from his wife, and his wife was pregnant. They threw him in there for a month of torture and misbehavior. They took me, I swear by Allah, because I had grown my beard; only this. I was reported by people they put as informants in every supermarket. In every kiosk you nd there is an informant. In every area there has to be an informant. Reporter: How long did you stay there? Muslim # 4: I was in Jaber bin Hayan for three days, and another three days in the Sixth of October building. Reporter: Did they make you sign anything? Muslim # 4: No, they didn't make me sign anything, and after you are released and shave your beard, they are reassured and leave you alone, meaning he is reassured that you have left the religion, and there is no problem. He wants you to live like animals. It was such that when I would quote various Quranic verses to the ofcer, he would mock me. I would tell him any Quranic verse, and he would mock the verse and the words. Clear blasphemy, I swear by Allah the Almighty, there are no apostates worse than them.

A fth Muslim shows the methods of torture: The rst thing was called: The rotisserie. How? Like this [He shows how in front of the people gathered]. He would suspend me like this, and leave me like this for hours. The second type of suspension: he would bind my hands from behind, and tie them up high for hours. He would hang me on a gas pipe, and I would be tortured for hours. Also, the frontal suspension. He would tie me thus and leave me for day and a half. He would go home and sleep for the night, and then come the next day and interrogate me. Something else: He would hang me foot by foot, one foot per day, and the next day he 8

would switch. And there are other torture machines like the one called the bride. We are crucied upon it like so. We will bring, Allah willing. We will bring it, and everyone will see it. We are crucied, and we take off our clothes, like our mother gave birth to us, and they torture us everywhere. One half of the body then the other half...Allah sufces for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs. Allah sufces for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

A sixth Muslim: I can honestly say that there is no equal to Ashraf Ismail in criminality, crimes such as burning copies of the Quran One time, I swear by Allah, he entered at night where the prisoners were and asked, Why are you still alive after all these years? If a donkey were imprisoned in your stead he would be dead by now. A brother replied, We have the Book of Allah, and all praise be to Allah. So in the morning, he gathered all copies of the Quran in a big bag and brought us all out, and he said, Turn around like prisoners, and he threw the Qurans and burned them. This is one of his smallest crimes. One time, he brought out all the prisoners from the wards other than ours to punish them. There were nearly one hundred brothers. He distributed them eight by eight, and he started beating all of them. Then, he brought me and another brother named Hisham Abdul Mun'im. He was a Kung Fu champion, and his brother trained the national team. He brought us out while we were shackled and made us both stand. We were together in the same cell for years. He made us stand, brought those brothers, and told them: Make Tawaaf around this tree and say, Labaik, Allahumma Labbaik (At Your service, Allah, at Your service), of course while being beaten. I swear to Allah this happened. They followed accordingly. There is a picture of Hosni Mubarak on the walls of the prison, so he told the brothers to prostrate before it. The brother who was with me started to say to them: Fear Allah. Do not do this. So Ashraf Ismail broke the brother's jaw, and so the brothers prostrated. 9

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, may Allah protect him: Our fellow Muslims of Egypt! There are numerous challenges facing us in Egypt, the most important of which I had indicated in my previous message. Today, I will elaborate more upon some of them. Some of these challenges are domestic, while others are international. Domestically, one of the most important challenges is judicial and legislative reform. One of the most important legislative reforms that are required is the changing of the second article of the constitution to state that the Islamic Shariah is the sole source of legislation, and that all articles of the constitution and laws which oppose it are invalid. The second article of the current constitution, which states that, The principles of Shariah are the primary source of legislation, was cunningly drafted to trick the Muslim people, and it does not result in the application of rulings of Islam. The article states some principles of Islamic Shariah, but does not specify its rulings. Principles of Islamic Shariah, such as no harming and no being harmed, prevention of harm is given preference to seeking benet, the requirements for the fulllment of obligations are themselves obligations and a ruling depends upon the existence of its decisive factor and necessity justies using what is forbidden, may be shared by many man-made laws, and yet differ in their actual rulings. Furthermore, this article mentioned that the Shariah is the principle source, but not the sole source, of legislation. This means that it is possible for there to be additional sources of legislation rivaling the Islamic Shariah. This is the current reality, where the Egyptian law is taken fundamentally from French law and other non-Islamic sources. This impotence in the second article of the constitution did not escape the attention of the judge Abdul Ghafar Muhammad in his ruling in the largest and most famous case in the history of the Egyptian judiciary. It was the Great Case of Jihad, where he mentioned in his arguments:
Regarding the second article, what has settled in the conscience of the court is that the judg ments of Islamic Shariah are not applied in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and this is a truth that


is extracted from the rst truth which is the obligation of applying Shariah. Then, he listed evidence of the absence of Shariah including: "The appearance of phenomena in Egyptian soci ety that do not agree with the judgments of Shariah, from resorts in which the deadly sins are practiced whose administration is licensed by the state, to alcohol factories whose establish ment is licensed by the state, to places for selling and serving alcohol whose administration is licensed by the state, to audio, visual, and print media that publishes and broadcasts that which does not agree with the rulings of Islamic Shariah, to unveiling women that goes against what Islam, the ofcial religion of the state, has decreed.

He also decided in another part:

The truth is that the second article of the constitution, after its amendment, stated that Islam is the ofcial religion of the state, Arabic is its ofcial language, and the principles of Islamic Shariah are the main source of legislation. But it is sufcient for the court to indicate that the rulings of the constitution do not agree with the rulings of Islamic Shariah. What Umar Ahmad Abdul Rahman decided, as one of the Muslim 'Ulama before the court in the session on September 3, 1983, is that the constitution clashes with Islamic Shariah, and is not ruled by it. The articles 86, 107, 108, 109, 112, 130, and 189, give the council of the people the right of legis lating and drafting laws, and in Islam this is for Allah alone. Also, article 75 of the constitution does not place being Muslim and male as conditions for be ing president of the government, and this is something that goes against the unanimous agree ment of the scholars of Fiqh. And article 165 states that the ruling used in the courts of law does not agree in its style of issu ance and its texts with Islamic Shariah.

He also decided - in another situation - when describing the current state of Egyptian society prior to the beginning of the case:
The absence of Allah's Shariah in the land of the Arab Republic of Egypt has already been proven by the court with irrefutable evidence, such that it sees no need to repeat it. But they in dicate that the legislative authority has not nished codifying the rulings of Islamic Shariah, which it has been doing since 1979. They also indicate the existence of phenomena in Egyptian society that do not agree with the rules of Islam. It cannot be imagined that a government whose religion is Islam can license resorts where obscenity is committed, licenses factories to produce alcohol, permit the selling and consumption of alcohol, allow the visual, audio, and print media to publish and broadcast things which do not agree with Allah's law, or allow wo men to uncover themselves in public in ways which oppose what Islam has clearly dened.

Thus ends the words of Judge Abdul Ghafar Muhammad in the greatest and most famous case in the history of the Egyptian judiciary. It is not appropriate that Judge Abdul Ghafar Muhammad, a judge who rules with secular law, take notice of this neglect and impotence, while it goes unnoticed by many of the preachers and Islamic workers. The present situation proves to us that since this article of the constitution was written, to 11

this day, these man-made laws that oppose Islam have only increased the level of corruption on earth. This is what the martyred Imam - as we consider him - Hassan Al-Banna may Allah have mercy on him recognized from Abdul Ghafar Muhammad in his last article entitled: The Battle of the Quran, Where is Allah's Ruling?, in which he left the summary of his long experience and the product of his Jihad and struggle for others to come. In it, he conrmed that the mere statement in the constitution that the ofcial religion of the state is Islam is not sufcient to make it an Islamic government. I will quote the following paragraphs of the martyred Imam - may Allah have mercy on him from this article, which is one of the last things he wrote, due to its importance: Islam is a religion and state, and there is no doubt in that. The meaning of this phrase, in clear terms, is that Islam is a divine law that came with humanitarian teachings and societal rules which tasked the state with its protection, its spread, the supervision of its implementation among all of those who believe in it, and its preaching to those who have not believed in it yet. It has tasked the state, or in other words, the ruler who presides and rules over the Muslim body and Ummah. If the ruler insufciently protects these rulings, then he is no longer an Islamic ruler. If the state neglects this task, then it is no longer an Islamic state. If the Muslim body or Ummah accepts this neglect and agrees to it, then it also is no longer Islamic, no matter how much it claims to be so. One of the conditions of the Muslim ruler is that he himself adheres to the tenets of Islam, far removed from what Allah has forbidden, and not one who commits great sins. This alone is not sufcient to consider him a Muslim ruler, until the conditions of his government also oblige him to defend the rulings of Islam among the Muslims and specify the state's position in their regards, based on their own position in regards to the call of Islam. Then, he says, may Allah have mercy on him: It is not sufcient for the implementation of the Shariah for the state to declare in its constitution that it is a Muslim state and its ofcial religion is Islam; or to rule with the Shariah in personal matters or those matters of blood, wealth, or honor which are forbidden by Allah; or for the rulers to say that they are Muslims whether their personal affairs agree with these words or oppose them. This is not enough at all. What is meant by the presence of Allah's laws in a state is for it to be a state of preaching, and for this feeling to permeate the rulers no matter how high of a position they hold, as well as their subjects no matter how diverse their work may be. This appearance must be a permanent stamp upon the state which the people use to describe it, known to be as such in the international gatherings, and portrayed through all of its actions, connecting to it in words and actions. Then, he, may Allah have mercy on him, questions: Where are we regarding all of this? The truth is that we have nothing to do with this, and all that we have of it is the text of article 149 of the constitution. Then, what remains is in the souls of these people of feelings, emotions, admiration, righteous deeds, 12

and worship. As for the government and the state, they are in another place. Then, the martyr Imam - may Allah have mercy on him - calls to the Muslim Ummah as if it is his bequeathal, saying: And so, O Ummah, you are responsible for the approval of this deviation from the ruling of Allah, because you are the source of its authorities. So resist your rulers and force them to adhere to Allah's ruling, and wage with them the battle of the Quran, and you will have victory Allah willing. Yes, by Allah, it is the battle of the Quran. So, O Ummah of the Quran! O supporters and soldiers of the Quran! Wage the battle of the Quran, and launch in defense of the Quran and its rulings and Shariah in a preaching, inciting, and popular uprising that gathers the Ummah of the Quran in defense of the Quran. O supporters of Islam, its preachers and soldiers! Be as one rank and roar in one voice: We want the rule of the Quran! We do not want rule without the Quran. Form your ranks behind the Quran, rise above your loyalties and organizations, and remember your loyalty to the Quran. Adhere around this honorable cause and noble aim, and demand that the constitution state in clear and absolute wording, which does not allow tampering and has no loopholes, that the Islamic Shariah is the sole source of legislation, and that all other articles of the constitution and laws which oppose it are invalid. I call upon all Islamic workers to reap this opportunity before it is lost, and the secular governments once again trick the Ummah, and the Ummah is once again forced to wage a lengthy resistance for decades of trickery, sacrice, confrontations, prisons, and persecution. And one of the complementary elements of this signicant cause is for al-Azhar to be liberated from the control of the government and its shackles, so that its free people are able to defend Islam and the Muslims, and its lions are released to preach the truth, promote the good and forbid the evil. Al-Azhar's endowments should be recovered, its scholars should select its head from amongst themselves, not imposed upon them by corrupt and corrupting governments, and its scholars and callers must have their own union and assembly that will defend the religion of the Ummah and its rights, and support those of its Ulama who are persecuted. Also, one of the most important domestic challenges is providing freedom, releasing all political prisoners, and ending the emergency law. It is sad that the military council has not released all political prisoners, and sadly Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zawahiri was re-arrested after having been released. Why should those who have been released be re-arrested? These words about Muhammad Al-Zawahiri are not a personal matter. I have in the previous episode criticized the military council in several matters including the case of prisoners after I had received word of Muhammad Al13

Zawihiri's release, but before I had received word of his arrest once again. Muhammad Al-Zawahiri was sentenced to the death penalty in absentia by an improvised military court as part of the policy of Mubarak in using armed force against the people. Then, he was captured in the Emirates and extradited to Egypt under the supervision of America, and he remained in the prison of the Egyptian intelligence in total isolation from the world for ve years. What bothered the Americans and the Mubarak regime about Muhammad Al-Zawahiri was that he and his brothers refused the joke of recantations administered by the investigators of the State Security through temptation, terror, blackmail, and the threat of never leaving the prison until death. Then, Muhammad Al-Zawahiri after the deant, honorable, and mighty revolution of the Egyptian people - was released in the second wave of political prisoners. It was the duty of the leadership of the armed forces to seek pardon for the injustice that befell them in the military courts, but sadly, Muhammad Al-Zawahiri was arrested once again. His arrest once more raises innitely signicant questions: Is there is an American veto on releasing certain prisoners? Is America still the one that has the nal word in Egypt? Does his second arrest conrm what I mentioned in the previous message that the military council has imposed a state of emergency for six months so that America can arrange its affairs, and so that the military council can arrest whomever it wishes without charge of trial? Why are those who were released arrested again, and why are many people being arrested through the emergency law, yet the same law is not used to arrest Hosni Mubarak and his family? Why is the emergency law applied upon those who challenged the injustice of Mubarak's regime, yet is not applied upon the greatest criminal in Egypt? Why did the Attorney General not call Mubarak for an investigation, and why was his money not frozen until two months after his removal from power? Was he given the chance to arrange his affairs? Does this not conrm what I mentioned in a previous message that the Attorney General Abdul Majid Mahmoud is a gang member of the previous regime?

How can this not be, when he was nurtured in the state security and rose to the position of Attorney General due to his hostility against political dissenters, especially Islamists? The Egyptian people in their revolution put much pressure to end the tragedy of political arrest, but the military council has once again repeated this tragedy. This repetition of political arrests is a very dangerous matter, one that proves that the corrupt regime still exists, and that the widespread mentality that was in existence before Mubarak's isolation still remains in power. I do not have an exact gure about the number of political prisoners still in prison, especially those from Islamic parties, but they number 14

in the hundreds and maybe in the thousands. Some of them suffer from signicant and numerous ailments, gures such as Sheikh Nabil Al-Maghribi, Sheikh Ahmad Salamah, Sheikh 'Adel 'Awadh Shahito, Sheikh Marjan Mustafa Salem, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Aswani, and many others who were barred by Mubarak and then by the military council from receiving proper treatment, just as the people of Gaza are barred from it.

Recording of an interview with a released prisoner: There is no bathroom, and they do not give us more than two bottles of water per day, and therefore, we do not wash for prayers because the water is only sufcient for drinking. The brothers were fasting daily and using a bottle for drinking and a bottle to wash their underwear. The dirt was horrible and so were the lice. We had many diseases. They did an experiment on us, and I will not mention the names of the brothers upon whom the experiment was done. Brothers died from sexual assault. When a brother would get sick, they would give him antibiotics. Allah is my witness, and the scholars have agreed that whoever uses Allah as his witness on what is false then he has committed indelity, so I will not blaspheme by lying. I swear by Allah that they would empty the antibiotic capsule and put inside it some sort of drug so that the brother would then sleep. They would take him to the investigators who would sexually assault him, and when the brother would wake up he would see that he was sexually assaulted. Two of the brothers went on a hunger strike until they died, one of them from Alexandria. They did not eat until they died, I swear, and the department would come because of the topic of Ahmad Suleiman. Host: Can you remember the names of the ofcers? Yes, they are still around, and I did not forget, thanks be to Allah. Host: What is the name of the warden of the prison? His name was Muhammad, and Waleed Farooq Al-Nadi is the head of the whole affair. Walid Farooq Al-Nadi is still the warden of Abu Za'bal prison. This man gave to the regime what no one else did. A brother named Ahmad Abdul Rahman from Fayoom is also there. He was arrested because of the case of the Shawqis. He became ill with hemorrhoids. He continued to bleed for three years, and no one treated him. Ahmad Abdul Rahman Al Shawqi bled until he died of dehydration, may Allah have mercy on him.


Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, may Allah protect him: Until when will this injustice continue? Will this never end? And when speaking of political prisoners, we remember those arrested in the prisons of the Coptic churches such as Camilla Shehata and her sisters, whose cases rocked Egyptian society in the era of Mubarak. It is not possible for the Egyptian people to rise up for freedom while these sisters remain deprived of it. I hope that the intellects will nd a solution for this case that remains a aming ember under the ashes. Before I move on from discussing the prisoners and those who were arrested, I wish to direct a message to my brother prisoners who were released. I repeat my congratulations to them for their freedom, and remind them that this freedom is another trial with which they will be tested. Just as they carried for decades the responsibility of resisting this corrupt regime, they must now bear the responsibility of the call for a proper one. They must spare no effort in the call to empower Shariah, recover lost rights, and support the oppressed and unjustly treated. I ask Allah the Exalted to grant them success so that their release is a support for Islam, justice, and those who are unjustly treated in Egypt, in our Arab and Islamic world, and everywhere else in this world. The third signicant challenge that I wish to mention is the issue of social justice, and if you wish to be more precise, the social injustice from which many Egyptians suffer. It is not acceptable for most Egyptians to live on a few dollars a day, while there are certain groups that swim in billions. A popular campaign must be launched in Egypt to restore the rights of its people, especially the poor. This campaign should seek to excise social injustice, poverty, and need from Egypt. The Islamic call should consider the cause of social justice one of its top priorities. The Prophet, may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him, said:

}EyN q@ BN BN E] Uq zu4\ q
He who is full while his neighbor beside him goes hungery is not a believer. The obligation of Zakat must be revived, the obligation that the great Abu Bakr As-Siddiq and the companions - may Allah be pleased with them - had waged war to protect. The 16

stealing of the fortunes of Egypt must be stopped. One of its clearest of examples is the export of gas to Israel, which the Egyptian judiciary had ruled as invalid. Yet to this day, the military council still exports it to Israel.

As for the challenges on the international level, one of the most important is the relationship of Egypt with America and Israel, and the issue of the siege of Gaza. Here, I would like to direct a salute to the youth of the revolution who refused to meet with Hillary Clinton. This is a great stand that deserves applause and praise. It is a stand that shows the youth's awareness of the crimes of America and its political hypocrisy, and I hope that the youth will remember the description of Saad Al-Din Al-Shazly, upon whom the crowds in Tahrir Square prayed the funeral prayer in absentia, of the American and Western campaign against our Muslim Ummah as the eighth Crusader war, a campaign that targets our values, religion, morals, freedom, resources and country, and which supported and continues to support the corrupt rulers and the oppressive regimes in our lands. The youth that exposed the political hypocrisy of America and its role in suppressing the Egyptian people must continue their march towards liberation and independence, liberation that is only achieved with the liberation of man from the enslavement of man, and the fulllment of the Tawheed of Allah, the Creator, the Provider, the Giver of Life, the Bringer of Death, the Judge, and the Just. Man must be liberated from the enslavement of man, so that none is feared but Allah, none is obeyed but Him, and only His Shariah is followed, so that the horizons of political, mental, and social freedoms open up before him. The youth must continue their march so that Egypt returns to be sovereign, independent, and free, and fullls its known role in the defense of the Muslim and Arab Ummah and the rest of the oppressed peoples of the world. Egypt will not return to this role unless it cuts off its evil, shameful relationship with Israel.

I know that the military council and its ministry are too weak and incapable of doing this. How can this not be so, when the leaders of the military council are Mubaraks men and 17

his agents who changed the creed of war of the Egyptian military, such that it could no longer see that its primary enemy was Israel? Instead, it came to see its primary enemy as its own people, imposing the rule of the military courts over them and the Muslim Ummah, to which it subjected its forces in the Crusader war against Islam in the name of terrorism. As for the matter of the siege of Gaza, I do not expect - and I hope that my expectations will be wrong - the military council to lift the siege from it. Its foreign minister, who was educated in the school of Camp David, has been in power for more than two months. Where have all his heroic statements that the siege of Gaza is against international humanitarian law gone?

Break for recorded video excerpts from Palestine:

An ill Palestinian youth: I have a brain tumor. This tumor is from 6 to 8 cm in size, as the doctors told me. The tumor requires an excision because it is placing pressure on the optical nerve and as well as those related to hearing and the likes. When it is removed, all my senses will return to normal. The pain that I suffer today is dizziness and headaches that come during strenuous work, meaning I can walk here and there, but I cant do heavy work. I went to the hospitals in the Gaza Strip, but in the current situation, there is no medicine in the hospitals, and I have been waiting for 7 to 8 months now with all my papers ready waiting for the Rafah Crossing to be opened. Spokesman:


There is a list of over one thousand patients who were presented to the Egyptian authorities to be allowed to exit through the Rafah Crossing, and all these cases are urgent. We are not talking about normal cases or those who are looking for a better opportunity, we are talking about those who need special treatment. The ill Palestinian youth: Today I will go to the Crossing, but where is the person who will open the Crossing? The pain increases terribly, the sick are there day and night. Most of the sick have left. Many others went home. I can't go home. What can I do other than wait...my pain increases...my pain and anguish increase.

News report: The Washington Post has discovered that Egypt has agreed to spend large amounts of money to purchase technology to detect tunnels along its border with Gaza, while a report by the United Nations Ofce for the Coordination of Refugee Affairs counted that twenty eight tunnels had been destroyed during only two days in August 2008 at the hands of the Egyptian authorities. Twenty seven Palestinians were killed in the same year due to the collapse of tunnels for several reasons, including Egyptian military operations.


An elderly Palestinian: The Egyptians, if they sense we are there, they would come with a tractor...on the line, and they would ll the tunnel with gas and kill us an operation. They would execute us immediately and kill us, meaning, there is no chance. If they sense there is an eye or anything there, then immediately they would get the gas and water and pump it into the tunnel. Whoever is in the tunnel would die.

Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, may Allah protect him: This is where the role of the Ummah and its masses comes into play, in pressuring the government of the military council that has resumed exporting gas to Israel, despite the ruling of the Egyptian judiciary to stop it, while at the same time it continues to blockade Gaza, despite its people's call to lift it. Is it to be that in Israel the wealth and treasures of Egypt are sold for the cheapest of prices, while for our people in Gaza there is nothing but blockade and restrictions in all forms?! The Ummah must mobilize, and the masses must put pressure on the military council that only moves when pressurized. I call upon the Egyptian masses for a widespread and popular outburst of rage that will mobilize the marches and demonstrations from the different parts of Egypt towards the Rafah Crossing to break it and remove the barriers between us and our fellow Muslims in Gaza. These were some of the signicant aspects of the desired reform that I thought I should 20


As for the third message, it is to our fellow Muslims in Syria: I salute the lions of Syria and its honorable and free, quoting these stanzas from Ahmad Shawqi: [Poetry] ]u B jnin 7 u9 * * * WD BE^ zu 8Z ;S j^ zd Wq8 N * * * hlq HdWq Ueu Kd w|q Sh WZ6 h * * * BO k6 rKlq h ;S HNW`u S snD * * * BD WvPq HWPrq
I send you peace that is softer than a breeze *** And not enough tears, O Damascus The excuses of the cowards and the talkers *** This is an indescribable big afiction Those killed give life to others *** And those captured sacrice for and redeem others Freedom has a red door *** On which every bloodied hand is knocking

I call upon our people in Sham, the land of Ribat and Jihad, to continue their resistance and defense against this unjust, oppressive, and arrogant regime that kills its people and that ees from its own land, the regime which has ed from the Golan, carrying out massacres from Hama to Daraa. O lions of the Sham! Continue your march, revolution and uprising against this regime which participates with America in its war against Islam in the name of terrorism, so that it remains silent about shedding your blood and plundering your resources. Do not be fooled by the wavering statements of America about your uprising. America is the one that handed over your brothers to that tyrannical, violent, and corrupting regime to torture and punish them. Patience, O lions of the Sham! The land has begun to tremble under the feet of these titanic Tawagheet. Have Patience, our Ummah everywhere! America has gone through four disasters in the past ten years, beginning with the attacks of New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, then its defeat in Iraq, and here it is being defeated in Afghanistan. And the fourth: The commencement of the fall of its proxies like the dry leaves of autumn in Tunisia and Egypt, and tomorrow in Libya, Yemen, Syria, and the Arabian Peninsula.

B|rMu rQ wq K:q Bveq BeD o;D seh jm WJ wq BJ 6dWh qBD WQ:_q DBN zU:q vL8 Eq h w|rd :F_h B[iq B|h WMm>h 8Eq h gb zU:q B^W4BEq o:D : Ud Z o;D

Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the 'Ad (people), of the (city of) Iram, with lofty pillars, the like of which were not produced in (all) the land? And with the Thamud (people), who cut out (huge) rocks in the valley? And with Pharaoh, lord of stakes? (All) these transgressed beyond bounds in the lands, and heaped therein mischief (on mischief). Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements: For thy Lord is (as a Guardian) on a watch-tower. (Al-Fajr: 6-14)

And our nal prayers are all praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and may Allah's prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad, his family, and his companions. Was-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu.

As-Sahab Foundation for Media Production 19 Jumada al-Akhirah 1432 May 22, 2011

Translated by:

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