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Every organization is divided into deferent departments. Each department performs different kind of jobs and requires staff with specialized skills to handle particular job. This increases the efficiency of workers and makes. There are several aspects on which departmentalization in an organization can be based. The division can be done on the basis of function, product, customers or geographical locations. The PTCL Head Quarters is comprised of several departments. The division is made on the basis of function they perform. Hence it can be concluded that PTCL has adopted the policy of functional departmentalization. The main departments of PTCL are mentioned below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
10. 11.

Human Resource Management Dept. Finance Dept. Commercial Dept. Operational Dept. Technical Dept. IT Dept. Corporate Affairs Dept. Special Projects Dept. Marketing department Customer Care Dept. Revenue Dept.


It is a huge organization and being considered as one of the biggest company in Pakistan. It has more than 56,000 employees and a huge network of organizational management has been spread throughout the country. PTCL is engaging a substantial number of experts and specialists of standing caliber in different spheres of profession. Job analysis and revision of jobs description was undertaken for improving the performance standards. To meet the future challenging situations in the face of privatization and post

monopoly challenges, a corporate culture and competitive environment has to be developed, for which all the available resources have been taped. Special training courses and workshops have been conducted for the top and middle management through reputed organizations like LUMS.
Efforts are being made to improve productivity and efficiency of the Company while

emphasis is also being placed on effective management employees relationship and better line of communications to achieve corporate goals.

This department is divided into following three sub-sections: Finance Accounts Revenue

The Finance Wing deals with the revenue matters of the company & the Accounts Wing is responsible for proper book-keeping of the financial transactions, commercial audit & preparation of periodic accounts of the company. The Accounts Office of PTCL is in Lahore. Finance is the backbone of every organization because without finance any organization cant run its business. It plays an important role in determining the long-term objectives and evaluating the feasibility of the business. The financial activities of PTCL have been split up into three major branches: Finance, Accounts & Revenue. The details regarding this section will be covered in finance section with reference to my project

Commercial section with qualified/experienced staff is being established. Company section is taking both short-term and long-term view of emerging trends of highly competitive markets as its monopoly is coming to an end. It analyzes all the possible Company options, i.e. introducing new services, adopting new technologies to maintain the leading role in the sector and preserve its dominant position in the industry. The Company likes to reiterate that it will continue to play a prominent role in Telecom sector of Pakistan.

It considers that one of the most important aspects of the forthcoming competitive environment is pricing of products and services. The new paradigm would require cost-based services with thin-profit margins but higher volumes. Inherently, PTCL services were not cost-based. There were in-built subsidies and long distance calls, both domestic and international, were highly priced. The Company, therefore, evolved strategies of gradual price rationalization Commercial department should try to make PTCL the most profitable organization, which should generate a great deal of revenue in local & foreign currency.

Manages operations of PTCL HQ, with regional offices, branches, and, subsidiaries as well as with other corporations.

This department is engaged in the management and control of technical aspects of the company, e.g. technical manpower, technical training, technical equipment, etc.


This department is established to introduce new and advance technology in PTCL. Due to IT department working system is too converted in a computerized system.


This department deal corporate level issues such as PTA, International Telecom Union, Legal and Regulatory affairs etc.


This department is doing their activities on behalf of president.

Marketing Department is called a revenue-generating department of an organization. Marketing Department undertakes market research and gives feedback to management about

customers needs and wants on the basis of which, products and services are developed and positioned to give value to the customers.


PTCL has established its Customer Services Department at different levels the overview of the said department is as follows. i. Corporate Customer Care Center To facilitate Corporate Customers PTCL has established Corporate Customer Care Centers at all Operation Regional Head Quarter Level, in all the meager cities country wide. The Corporate Customers can get their problems resolved under one roof in a one window environment by dialing UAN 111-20 20 2. The Customer Relation Officers register the complaints & forward these to the related office.

Customer Services Centers To facilitate consumers PTCL has established Customer Services Centers at all Tehsil Level cities/offices. Here the consumers can use Fax Facility, Voice Telephony for Local/NWD/ISD dialing. On divisional Offices Level duplicate phone bills may also be obtained from C.S.Cs.


Toll Free Help Lines PTCL offers state-of-the-art call center network to its all type of valued customers for convenient frequently asked Questions, Complaints regarding their services, T/No enquiry. The following three Toll Free T/Numbers are available for this purpose.

The revenue generated by the marketing department through selling the company services/products is collected by the Revenue Department. The roles played by the Revenue Department are following: Bill Printing & Distribution Issuance of Duplicate Bills. Error correction of Bills. Collection of defaulter amounts.

Bill Printing & Distribution The printing is basically carried out by regional billing computer center at every regional headquarter. These printed bills are handed over to Post Office after sorting & stapling by the Assistant Revenue Officers staff at Distt level. Issuance of Duplicate Bills In case of missing or damaged bills received to customers the correction is also Revenue departments responsibility. For this purpose the revenue office deputes its staff for each Tehsil level PTCL office during the bill payment dates normally from 18th to 30th of each month. Error Correction of Bills In case of late payment or any other discrepancy due to missed collection by banks the previous amount is also included in the new bill. The revenue office is responsible for such kind of correction. Collection of Defaulter Amounts The amounts defaulted by the customers or the bad debts are also collected through revenue department. Each Telecom Recovery Inspector (TRI) is assigned a target of bad debts collection on monthly bases. Now a days as incentive is also offered on more than 100% recovery each month.