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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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About The Company. Corporate Backdrop. Response Orientation. Online Tracking Advantage. Mission & Goals. Services Provided. Sea Freight. Import. Export. Consolidations. Outbound Groupage. Inbound Groupage. Door-to-Door Logistics. Air Freight. Outbound Air Freight Services. Inbound Air consolidation Services. Buyer Consolidation. Logistics Support. Customs Clearance. Warehousing. Transportation Project Handling. Emu AS Shipping Agency. Emu Operations. Questionnaire

About The Company

Corporate Backdrop:
EMU Lines is a part of a multifaceted corporate house that has, since 1989, established itself as a conglomerate of individual business entities with a strong presence in multi-modal International transportation. As a neutral NVOCC company backed by a blend of unflinching professionalism and core innovative values, EMU Lines is a commitment to service with a global accent and a true customer orientation. Armed with a team of qualified professionals, performing together towards excellence, the Company has created for itself a bank of satisfied customers. EMU Lines. It's a move towards total reliability.

Response Orientation:
EMU Lines has a flexible organizational structure and a network of offices that look after particular cities in their respective domains. The objective is to maintain a 'Quick Response' Support System.

Online Tracking Advantage:

Freight forwarders, consignees and consignors can avail of the Online Tracking facility for both inbound and outbound freight.

Missions and goals

The corporate mission of EMU Lines is to be the most efficient and comprehensive distribution services network through a continuous effort in upgrading the key elements that form the very basis of service EMU Lines aims at providing the most practical and effective Logistics Solution to a well defined target group by way of:

The most efficient and tailor-made shipping schedules for maintaining timely deliveries. On Time! Every Time! A highly technologically advanced and user-friendly computer communication network, especially the web site, that enables online cargo tracking and facility to overseas partners for downloading shipping documents related to their shipments. This gives EMU Lines a definite edge in the trade, helping overseas partners, an access to all the shipping documents anytime of the day. A highly motivated and trained team of professionals, financial credibility and integrity.

Services Provided.
Sea Freight.
Emu Lines offers inbound and outbound services for both LCL (Less Cargo Load) and FCL (Full Cargo Load). We have special contract rates with some of the leading main line operators with service coverage to and from all major ports and destinations. A multi model door delivery transportation model is also available. Like us, our worldwide Associates are well established and reputed Organizations and have the same philosophy of rendering you the UNMATCHED SERVICE at all times. Import. -> Pioneers of Consolidation -> All Major Origins Covered -> Fixed Weekly Departures -> Direct Routings -> Fastest Transit Times -> Competitive Rate Structures -> Competitive Ex-Works Costs -> Through Bills Of Lading Export. -> Weekly departures and on-time arrivals -> Through Bill of landing -> Service to worldwide destinations -> Door to door pick-up and deliveries -> Worldwide network of agents -> Cargo tracking system

Outbound Group age:
As a commitment to providing world class service, EMU Lines has endeavored to establish fixed date stuffing for worldwide distribution, in consonance with shipping schedules of premium carriers. EMU operations are smoothened out with the help of our Associates who are strategically located across the world. They are essentially handpicked professional organizations linked up to form a highly response-led and effective EMU global network.

Inbound Group age:

Working through an extensive global network of Associates and innovative routings EMU Lines ensures that inbound freight into India are economical, effective and time-bound as far as deliveries are concerned. Thats More Value to Customers.

Door To Door Logistics:

EMU Lines specializes in offering services that span Shipping Documentation, Custom Clearances, Cargo Insurance, Warehousing and Local Distribution as a part of its Door-to-Door Logistics Service. That's the Convenience of a Single Window Advantage. In essence, you can hand over the documents to us and we will deliver the cargo at your doorstep, almost anywhere in the world.

Air Freight.
Outbound Air Freight Services:
With an in-house IATA accredited company, EMU Lines provides comprehensive air freight services from India including door-to-door services. Extending the advantages of house airway bills, RBI Approvals for outbound consolidation, insured warehouse facilities close to airports with state-of-the-art stacking, on-line cargo tracking on traxon, in-house customs clearance and own vehicles for cargo pick- ups. Thats a Constructive Build up.

Inbound Air Consolidation Services:

A committed and efficient team of professionals at EMU have developed an exhaustive worldwide network of associates and an effective chain supply system to cater to demanding customers. A committed and efficient team of professionals at EMU have developed an exhaustive worldwide network of associates and an effective chain supply system to cater to demanding customers. Together with highly responsive and dynamic global partners, EMU provides time -bound and cost effective services always.

Buyer Consolidation.
Buyer Consolidation is our core activity and capability. We can receive cargo from multi vendors at any of our warehouses and custom load containers to suit your requirements. This would translate into more speedy delivery at destination and the container can be unloaded at the stores directly. We are continuously striving to provide logistics solutions to our customers which give them the leading edge information on their products. We have a broad menu of services that covers the whole

supply chain management and on-time information on the products. EMU Lines can also provide to its customers both Origin and Destination services pertaining to their valuable cargoes. EMU is well connected globally to serve the customer by giving realtime information on the product as it travels through supply chain. Your information security is our prime concern. Each customer needs to register with EMU in order to avail of this service and ensures security. We also have EDI transfers that can be tailor-made to suit your information requirements.

Logistics Support.
Customs Clearance:
EMU Lines, through its in-house company, are a licensed Indian Custom House Agent and a leading customs broker providing services to a large number of clients for varied products for their export/import shipments. It is EMU Lines' specialization in undertaking consignee/ buying houses consolidation & forwarding of day-to-day information on the web site for the various consignees/shippers to know the latest on their shipment status.

EMU provides warehousing of both inbound and outbound cargo. The warehouse is fully equipped and insured for handling various cargo and storage in excellent condition.

In agreement, the Group provides for door-to-door transportation of less than container load cargo and full container load cargo. EMU has excellent transportation arrangement which include the normal trucks and container carrying vehicle for door delivery.

Project Handling:
EMU provides 'Complete Project Solutions', from documentation to movement of project cargo from origin site to shipping areas, custom clearances, en-route taking care of surveys of sites, civil work etc. You name it and we can do it with the support of the EMU Team

EMU Lines in its effort to cater to the large clientele of shipping lines of which they are agents in India has established an AGENCY DIVISION SERVICES which exclusively looks after the interests of the various principals that we represent. We represented Norasia in Northern India for over 5 years before they ventured on their own. Today we represent Bay Lines, O.T. Africa, Trans-Asia Line ... Our specific interests lie in generating the maximum revenue for our principals, ensuring timely and safe delivery of their import cargoes and judicious turnaround of inventory in the form of prompt export bookings. Following an efficient reporting systems we undertake timely remittances of surplus in accordance to the much liberalized regulations now prevalent in India. Agency services are being gradually developed keeping in view its steady improvement over the years. Coming from our perfect relations with port and customs authorities, we can offer and guarantee excellent services to any ship-owner and vessel within a reasonable price. With its own professional offices spread all over India, EMU Lines is ready to take up the challenge of representing any shipping line / operation with ease and competence expected out of a highly motivated and disciplined team. Our state of art software will be an added advantage for shipment tracking. EMU Lines is a move towards total shipping logistics and reliability.

EMU operations comprise a network of fully fledged offices that are strategically located all over India, to cover each region and interconnected for greater convenience. EMU ensures that it is always accessible through electronic mail and its web site. Localized Customer Service and Support is provided through independently operating EMU offices. The relevant office in each region has been color coded on the map.

1. How do I Track my consignment?
2. Can I get to Know Shipment Schedule? 3. If I have Some Query, Can it be answered online? 4. What are the various Logistical services provided by EMU Lines? 5. Do you have offices throughout India or only at major cities? 6. How do you logistically support your clientele? 7. Where & How can your customers contact you? 8. Do you have any special service for your daily customers?