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Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Chapter 11 Solutions

Review Questions
1. You want to use Network Monitor to monitor only NWLink traffic on a network. How can you do this?
Answer: d. Create a filter.

2. You have purchased a network management system and already have the network management station
installed on your network. Today you are reviewing vendor statistics for switches and routers because
you plan to buy several new ones for the network. What network management feature should you look
for in these devices? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. and b.

3. Your boss is trying to find some statistics about the network traffic across the Windows 2003 server
that processes student degree checks at a college. What tool might you use to determine the number of
broadcasts and multicasts seen by that server?
Answer: b. Network Monitor

4. Your advertising firm is expecting a new client to visit in about 15 minutes. In preparation, you have
been printing out reports and graphics for the meeting, but the print process is slow because the server
is so busy. What can you do to best help ensure the printouts are finished in time?
Answer: b. Increase the priority of the print spooler process to AboveNormal or High

5. You are about to back up a Windows 2003 server in a small office, and everyone has gone home for the
evening. However, you notice through a window in a locked office that a computer is still logged on
and seems to have a file open. How can you log off that computer from the server?
Answer: c. Use the Users tab in Task Manager.

6. Your server is running slowly, and you suspect there is a program or program process that is causing
the problem, because you just installed eight new programs on a Windows 2003 server, which are run
by you on the server and by clients using Terminal Services. Which of the following tools enable you
to monitor for the problem? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: b. and c.

7. Which of the following modes can you use in System Monitor for displaying tracked data?
Answer: d. all of the above

8. You want to track each communication event associated with a computer for which you know the
network address. What monitoring tool enables you to do this type of tracking?
Answer: c. Network Monitor using the Station pane

9. You have opened Network Monitor, but it does not seem to be able to capture data from your server’s
NIC. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
Answer: a. Network Monitor Driver is not installed.

10. Your network has several older NetWare servers using IPX that seem to make the network operate
more slowly. What should you monitor in this situation?
Answer: a. Use Network Monitor to track traffic from NetWare servers.

Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2003

11. While you are directly logged onto a Windows 2003 server using Internet Explorer, you discover that
the program is not responding to any keystroke you make, including your attempts to close the
program. When you go to another window, all functions are normal. How can you close Internet
Answer: d. Use the Task Manager to end the Internet Explorer task.

12. You are receiving calls from users that they cannot log onto a Windows 2003 server over the network.
You know that the server has a reliable NIC and network connection and that it is running without
apparent problems. Which service should you check as one place to start working on the problem?
Answer: c. Workstation

13. After you install the SNMP Service in Windows Server 2003, what should you configure first in order
to guarantee security?
Answer: b. a community name

14. You have been monitoring a network that normally has network utilization at 20% to 30%, but during
the past month the typical network utilization has risen to 75%. What should you do?
Answer: c. This percentage represents a serious problem, and you should begin more intense
monitoring to locate problems and possibly upgrade portions of the network.

15. Which of the following is (are) made possible by using SNMP?

Answer: d. all of the above

16. While practicing, your assistant changed the priority of Windows Explorer and now the server
response for all users is extremely slow. What priority did he most likely set?
Answer: c. Realtime

17. In Question 16, if you did not already know the process for which the priority was changed, which tool
could you use to determine the process?
Answer: f. only b. and c.

18. You want to monitor a server while you are in a long morning meeting, because that is the best time for
you to capture the data you need. Unfortunately, you are worried that it may slow server performance
if it runs for the duration of your meeting. What can you do?
Answer: d. Create a counter log to automatically start the capture and stop it after 10 minutes.

19. Your boss has been using System Monitor to exclusively track the Processor object and % Processor
time on a single CPU server. She does not have much time to monitor, but has decided that it is time to
purchase a faster CPU because % Processor time occasionally reaches 85% to 100%. What is your
Answer: d. You recommend doing nothing for now, because this probably indicates efficient use of the
CPU by some programs and services.

20. Network Monitor is installed from which of the following?

Answer: a. Add or Remove Programs option in Control Panel

21. Which of the following are Windows Server 2003 services? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a., b., c., and d.

22. One of your server administrator colleagues in another company is struggling to understand the data
produced by System Monitor. The servers and network at that company have been in place for about 5
months, but he has been too busy setting up clients to gather information about server performance.
Now he does not know how to interpret the information so as to determine in what areas performance
is normal and in what areas it is not. What should he have done in advance?
Answer: a. Gather server and network benchmarks.

Hands-On Microsoft Windows Server 2003

23. You want to stop the Network DDE Service, but are not sure what other services depend on it. How
can you most easily find out?
Answer: b. View the properties for the Network DDE Service in the Services portion of the Computer
Management tool, and access the Dependencies tab.

24. Which of the following can you view in the Graph pane in Network Monitor? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. and c.

25. You want to create a filter in Network Monitor, but the Edit Capture Filter button is deactivated. What
is the problem?
Answer: c. Network Monitor is already capturing data and you must pause or stop capturing.