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The Crayola Art of Creation by Adam Finley Browning Artwork by Nathan Browning

This edition of The Crayola AOC is Unedited Copyright 2011

The Crayola
Art of Creation
by Adam Finley Browning


by Nathan Browning



Art of Creation

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo

Part 1

The Theory of Positive Evolution

In the beginning there was light! Actually, In the beginning there was no beginning, period. Hard to explain obviously and even harder to discuss. It happened like this. In the beginning there was nothing, and by that I mean nothing. Not even the absence of nothing. Just nothing. Then for whatever reason there decided to be something, and it started with a positive and a negative. Imagine it like this. In the nothing that there wasn't there began to be something. For our purposes we will call that something something like a sliver of light or energy. The energy started out of two things, a positive force and a negative force. The positive force began to move away from the negative force. The negative force actually being more like nothing, the positivity grew out of the nothing, the nothing being the negativity. So with only one thing, positivity, this energy began to grow. Scientist think that shapes born in the universe do not typically grow into balls in the "larger than planets sense". So lets just say that you've made up your own theory of its shape. But if something grew out of nothing with only its positive motion to guide it, there are no rules that say it would have to be round. So now this shape that has grown from the positivity is complete and the energy has coalesced around to complete the shape. The shape is not in the universe remember, the shape is existence. The something that grew out of the nothing. Now that the shape is complete the energy that created it still has a problem, it is positive. Therefore this positive energy can not stop once it has come around on itself, then it would lose it's positivity. A positive energy has to maintain positive motion to maintain its positivity, without it's positivity, it doesn't exist.

So now this energy has made a complete circle and has come around on itself. The shape is complete. The shape shudders with positive force, not sure where to send it. Instead of the positive energy swooping in or out of the shape like a tail, whatever is inside this energy field, this nothing inside the energy field would produce something out of the nothing. Like a dead dog suddenly taking a breath out of nowhere, the positive energy would continue to be positive by creating something. The first shape complete, the positivity also pertains to evolution, so the positive energy would create something that is hasn't before, therefore positively expanding on itself. So now that the shape is complete, this nothing that is inside the shape now has become something. It is something inside of a shape. Space. So the positive energy remaining positive begins its second evolution of positive motion by breathing to life out of nowhere inside the nothing that is inside the something...... what? Seems to me like the most basic thing to think of. What would happen if something began out of nothing.. again? Since the space that it is in has a boundary and exists as something, it seems to me like the shape would be squared, like a snowflake, branching out in all directions. The positive energy would then create more snowflakes and more and more and they may be interlinked since the positive energy has not hit another evolution yet. Remember, the evolution the first time occurred when the something began out of the nothing, then a second time when the nothing began out of the nothing inside the first something. So since the energy has not hit another evolution yet... or rather that energy has not yet come back around on itself so that it has nowhere else to go and instead begins a new positive energy inside of itself, the snowflakes stay branched together growing out positively from its center. This happens until the snowflakes grow and grow and become crystals. Floating crystals inside the "nothing" space inside the something. We already know that for whatever reason, things in space tend to go in circles. This is probably caused by the energy force that has created existence, bouncing energy waves from wall to wall until the space inside is filled with an energy like "water" that continues to move in a perfect motion because of its positivity, therefore the perfect motion creating a round moving force inside existence.

So we have crystals floating around inside the space inside of the "wall" or boundary of existence. The positive energy may have created more than one crystal at once, it may have created several different types of crystals. Either way this crystal that keeps growing in space is being moved and affected by this round force moving around in space. Eventually the forces motion causes the crystals to bang into each other, this causes force shock-waves, new types of energy. New types of crystals may be formed from it, maybe not. But either way the motion and growth of these crystals over time has caused them to turn into balls, perfectly round in the large scheme of things even though still jagged at the edges. Made round by space, made jagged by its own positive growth. Still with me? Things are banging around and becoming round by their motion..... Good. Now what? Now we have balls floating around in the nothing space that is inside the something boundary. The crystals cannot continue to grow in size because that would negate their own positivity. A positive force would not want to harm itself by growing too large. Not to mention that the growth of the crystals and the motion of the positive energy boundary has caused movement in the space, the movement has caused cataclysmic crashes. Dust now floats in the space, new crystals have already been formed. In other words, the space is now full, although we can't see it, tiny bits of dust float around. The energy created by the corruption of the banging around of the crystals has caused violent reactions that have erupted into lava and such.. Such as.... the crash of two giant planets and the friction that it caused has caused the rocks rubbing together to catch fire or make heat, using the Positive Evolution Theory you can see how easy it is for that to happen. So the space is now full or at most say half full of dust and rocks. At best you may have fire burning planets and the like. Now what? Now that the space that is inside the something boundary, the "Positive Boundary" is full or full enough for its own good, the positive energy cannot actively grow anymore. Growing beyond its current capacity would harm itself , and that would negate a positive action. After all, if you fill up the space too much, it may grow beyond its boundary, it has to maintain a balance. Since this positive energy can only do positive things it would not harm itself by growing too large.

Now is the time for another evolution. An event that has to come about to continue the positivity. Except this time the space is full, in order to have an evolution the energy must take a step forward that it has not taken yet, kind of gain a level in other words. What does it do this time? Life. Now upon the rocks inside the nothing inside the something the positive energy has created an energy that this time is not just growing out of its own positive motion. This time it is growing because it want's to. This time..... it is aware. This life that has suddenly taken breath like a dead dog springing to life in the middle of a field, a dog that nobody put there and nobody knew was there. The life-form is aware of itself, it is aware that it is the result of positive motion. In fact, in the most simple terms it is aware that it must remain positive to live, it must live. Life being the result of positivity. Life in its most natural state will attempt to replicate obviously, thus continuing the positive energy. Only because the energy is positivity, if it did not continue it's positive journey it would die. After all, it is made of positivity, if it did not have positive motion it would die. So now you have this life form growing on this rock after this evolution of positivity, and the life-form replicates in order to continue the positive motion of the energy. If it did not replicate, it would have to grow larger or more complex to continue its positive motion. We already know that growing too large is bad for the energy and negates itself. Now growing too complex could do the same thing. So now this organism replicates and the creating organism dies eventually, thus becoming a self replicating act of positive energy. Because the creator is destroyed the child can continue its positivity. Because the beginning of the chain is being removed, the end of the chain can continue to grow and never come around on itself. Thus becoming a self replicating act of positivity that also ensures that the positive energy will never die. Add in the fact that life tends to grow faster than it dies, the possibility of the energy continuing becomes even greater. What a positive thing to do for oneself. Now we already know what we have. A barrier or shell of energy in whatever shape, possibly even an always changing shape. Inside is a negative energy, or nothing. Another positive energy evolved in that nothing to become rocks and dust that floats around. Too full of rocks and dust to have any more of it, another evolution occurred creating life on the rocks. Life living on the rocks inside the nothing inside the something.

Still maintaining that positive energy the life-forms began to evolve in steps. The next evolution of the energy gave those life forms cilia that allowed them movement. The next evolution gave those life-forms the ability to duplicate asexually or which ever order it came in. Either way, the positive energy began growing in the nothing, inside that positive boundary, the positive energy is now the size of something so small it cannot be seen by the human eye. It fizzles, bubbles, and grows up on rocks until they are covered. That doesn't matter however because the positive energy is still moving and that positive motion ensures that the positive energy can still exist. The positive energy being anything and everything. Cut off the head and the tail will die. If the positive motion ever stops everything will die at once. Literally, the whole universe and everything in it would die. So if we are the result of this positive energy and we just say... give up.. It could result in a fire that would consume the whole universe and the whole galaxy and every other galaxy. That is to say if we were the only result of the energy. There could have been more than one crystal created remember, in the same way, there is probably more life-forms out there carrying on this positive motion. Carrying on the motion in such a small way as not to interfere with the large scheme of things, yet large enough to keep the energy going.. Now you know how we got here. We are the living, breathing, thinking, acting children of a positive energy. We are in fact the positive energy. Because that positive motion is now staying in motion through life, and we are the unbeaten masters of life up until this point, we are the progress of the positive energy. We are the same energy that created the existence. We are in a way one with the rocks and the dust and the clouds.

Part 2

Perplexing the Galaxy

If you believe in the Positive Energy Theory, you might like to read this. And I'll make it short to save time. If a being were aware of what were taking place in the universe. For instance, if he understood that his species was undergoing a huge change, or evolution, directly related to the motion of the Cosmos, the whole universe and beyond. The original force of the boundary coming around again in evolution. If he understood his connection with the place, or rather, that he was a part of the Universe, it's completion. If he understood that life were the most important part of the Universe, the glue that made it all worth while. Perhaps then could a being be aware that he were or could be, the last human in the chain of evolution. Maybe the first. Understand that he solely is the point of evolution in human form. Possibly just by watching how the universe reacted around him. As if there were more of it dripping from his movement than normal people. Perhaps a person like that could realize that full potential. Taking into consideration that evolution is a positive and objectionable thing. Could wish upon the stars with intelligence, foresight, and know-how. In other words, seeing that the Cosmos were aligning, could ask of the Universe for its greatest gift. The next step for Evolution beyond life..... duplication.. In other words, because there is no point of evolution beyond life. Life being the most perfect creation in the Universe. Object to and control the most sacred process of existence. With hands and heart alone... cause through the manifestation of

Evolution, the Universe to asexually reproduce itself. That's right, cause the universe as an objectionable object to reproduce. Reproduce backwards through time and creation. Wish upon the Universe the creation of a Sister Race to mankind. So that when Evolution came around this time. A new species visited the earth. Kind of like saying that if a monkey had known to do so at the time the thumb was given to us, could have asked the Universe to replicate backwards as to create another species, somewhere else, that should show up any minute. No species would think of such a thing until this point in evolution however. Only now are we able to think high enough to dream something like that up, now that we know what the stars are. Which brings the point. If any race is to graduate to the level of space society, or to be one with other space beings. It would not have to do so by accident. Or by stumbling across it, or by hard work. It would be an act of religion. To request, cause, and create another sentient being to come into contact with us. By prayer, belief, and by timing. It would be like causing existence to have your baby. Understanding that you are one with it. Make love with the universe and produce the ultimate for any life form. A friend in the Universe. The act alone would cause energy shock-waves that would echo downward forever through time. May even cause something like an emotional explosion of love and happiness on the face of the earth. It would probably open doors into knew dimensions of thought, Create new beings on so far unseen planes of existence. A truly massive event in space. The Birth. The asexual reproduction of existence. Creating new existence, timing so that they coincide at the right time and meet up. A truly religious experience....

Part 3

The Backwards Cross

So if you believe in Perplexing the Galaxy and you believe in the Positive Energy Theory. You may believe in this. If there were to be a point at which through the Asexual reproduction of the Universe, human beings came in contact with an Alien species at the exact time at which they intended. In other words, knowingly and willingly, perplexed the Cosmos into giving up Aliens. Then it would be possible at the time of the meeting, that the impact upon existence would be so great, as to "create" or "open" a passageway into a telepathic realm of existence that humans nor the aliens had ever seen before. Just like knowing at what point in evolution to wish for Alien contact, knowing at what point to look for this passageway would be just as important. If this were true, then at the same point that one would have first contact from Aliens, it may be possible to unleash upon the realm of physical existence, another world in which life flourished from beginning to end, solely on a telepathic plane. Just because knowing of the possibility would enable it to happen, just like with the Aliens. A backlash of evolution bringing another new species into our world. 2 at once..?? Remember that the aliens would be a product of the evolution of the Universe not really having any where else to evolve to. Human life being the pinnacle, evolution creates a sister race, now having two races is the pinnacle. At the same time evolve again into the next form of evolution, opening a doorway through the Telepathic plane, revealing the next step in living evolution. I've spoken before of beings that exist out of time, traveling through time and space

to feed on the positive energy that human life forms create. This would be their realm. And we may be able to peer into it. Perhaps even layer the Earth with it. See it everywhere. Not even the Aliens we just found would have been able to see it yet. Just because it is a world "out of time" doesn't mean we can already get to it. The act of meeting the Aliens "in time" would open the doorway into this dimension. Possibly even opening up the doorways far enough to SEE the realm where the human soul travels after death. These living creatures inhabiting the realms in-between our physical world and our unphysical world. So meeting the Aliens has created a Telepathic Cross. Or, we have crossed the threshold where this place can now be found.......... and with both the Humans and Aliens working together, who knows...... ... And who knows............ Ultimately, be able to live life for good and for fun, and never have to worry about anything, in life or death. Because I know what I have. Not only that, but I have a sight into it....... All of these things happening at once. The act of creatures of different origins coming together to meet is given a name.

It is The Arrival.

The Edible Page

(Do not eat until future publishing) The Arrival will mark the rst time that emotions were ever saved on paper, for an event that only happens once, per species. This Paper should be digested at that time.

| |

Part 4

The Last Testament of Adam

:1 I Adam Finley Browning do solemnly swear, being High of Nature. That everything written hear is true. Written in honesty to the fullest extent of my language, English, being events that will never be forgotten. Swear that this is true. I, Adam Finley Browning do swear to the best of my knowledge to have been visited by a spirit. A spirit I believe to have been born from my own subconscious, purely created by the enormity of the events that would take place during the summer of 1998. Events that would end my life as I knew it, and begin within me knew lives. I am standing in the spot of closing the second of these lives (assuming there are at least three, one being ended here.) I am becoming a wolf- man. While in my company in the times that we spoke, mostly concentrated during the time of the Summer of 1998. The spirit that was a part of myself, or at least infested a part of myself during that time. Gave me two pieces of knowledge. One of those pieces being knowledge in the fact that; tobacco use is one of the most wretched and evil things to ever occupy the earth. The other being the knowledge that, very soon, my eldest brother of whom I admired above all people on the earth, would be dead. I can remember two events leading up to that time in that summer 1998, that lead me to believe that this spirit was with me then. All of my memories of this time center in every way around my best friend Lee. My brothers being older, were hardly a part of my life at all, as they were away with other older kids. My Mother and Father were less impactful as well. This being the time that I was starting High School, I was solely concentrated on myself, myself and the fact that I too was becoming one of the older boys, someone that I expected since very early to be a Glorious young man. Handsome, exciting, smart, and full of life. I too would become "Big man on campus."

As we started High school, Lee and I rode our bicycles together, cut class as much as possible. And caused mischief wherever we could. I talked to him constantly on the phone, and we were together as much as possible. Buying Comic Books, and pushing the limits of our 56k modems and Aol 3.1. Often talking on the phone while expanding our rule over the under parts of the Internet, spreading our nicknames throughout the newly created Real-Pretend chat rooms, places where speech was possible through our fingers and minds alone. Chatting with thousands. We were the best friends possible, a perfect match. During what I believe to be the summer before my freshmen year in High School, I was watching cartoons on TV when I decided to go outside to play Basketball in the backyard. We had a concrete patio with in-ground pole for our hoop just outside, and a big enough yard for a garage, and playset. As I rose to go outside I heard a voice say that I was about to witness a miracle, a voice that was not my own, that spoke exactly when my mind was in mid-thought and attuned to where it should be. I also heard other voices that confirmed the first, but in following. A cacophony of small voices confirming a miracle. One in particular, seemed to be the voice that convinced me to rise and go outside to play ball, was with me since that first thought of going outside. As I reached the door to go outside I remember again a rush of thought that seems now to be jumbled, a rumble of voices however confirming a miracle. Asking if I new what I was about to see, my Active mind responding my confirmation of belief, and at the same time my eagerness to play ball.

I walked out onto the concrete steps and to look for my ball when I spotted the miracle in my backyard. As I walked out I noticed that the edge of the back-porch was dotted with bird droppings. The droppings started half way down the porch and continued in a perfect line at the edge of the porch. Thinking back now my minds eye feels small as if the porch should have been smaller. However being smaller at the time in body, the porch may have been larger. I immediately summarized what the rest of the droppings should look like and where they should be. As I explored the porch my guesses become true. On the adjacent right angle side of

the porch going out, about half way down the concrete, began another trail of bird droppings that led to the corner of the porch. The corner being raised a foot from ground, higher than any other spot in the concrete porch, as the yard swept slightly down and away. I stopped and summized that if this were truly a miracle, then at the corner of the porch should be a circle of bird droppings completing the picture. When I came to the corner, that is exactly what I saw. I believe it was Five bird droppings in a circle at the corner. Strange remembering now how exacted my vision was, as if guided, to not have immediately rose up to view the whole thing at once, I instead kept my head down as if reading the picture in front of my eyes. When I reached the corner of the porch I noticed that all of the basketballs we normally kept outside, I believe Five of them, had rolled away and were out in the grass. I thought then that if this were a miracle, that something should be different about the basketballs as well. I went out to see, and saw that the balls each had Four Bird Droppings in the shape of a box on them, that one actually had an extra dropping that threw off the box shape, and If I remember correctly, one had no droppings at all, although of that I am only partially sure of. Strange now I think I remember how silly I was for not grabbing the ball that was empty of bird poop, and instead taking one that was. I remember thinking the bird poop would fall off while I was dribbling and that I should use one of the special bird poop balls instead of the one that was clear of them. It seemed I always did strange things like that. I left the other balls there. I shot Basketball for a few minutes, my mind aware of the interesting events but not in shock. I was young and so I assumed that I would see plenty of miracles like that. And though miracles I may have seen yearly or daily in my life since then, none have compared, none have spoken to me more, or have appeared to be more presented as if given to me. I have since been to large rock concerts, where the clouds spoke volumes, I also have always since been aware the wind seemed to follow me where I go, and could be summoned. I have felt the rain was there for me alone on many occasion. But in crowd, is when they truly come to play. when watched, I have seen miracles. Felt responsible for every one of them. But this, miracle, the miracle design in the droppings of an animal of flight. Impossible to replicate, as if every duck in a flight formation dropped at exactly the same time, the leader, five times fast, and with follow up scouts hitting the basketballs in groups of four. This miracle I felt no responsibility for at all, this one was given to me, rather than created by me.

I went inside and continued, the droppings stayed until the next rain. I may remember showing my brother but I'm not sure. I probably should have remarked to the world, though at the time, I thought of it as special, and that those who would find it probably would. I believe it was two summers later when that another incident occurred in that same spot. Either the summer of 1996, or 1997 I can't remember. I can remember that it was later in life, that it was warm outside, I am not sure. I do remember being outside with my best friend Lee and seeing something on top of our house, the view from the same back-porch as mentioned before. It appeared to be maybe six or eight pidgins nestled together in a huddle. Closely gathered in a ball, to where the number could not be counted. Strange I thought, I had never seen birds act that way in my whole life. Lee quickly grabbed a small rubber ball that was on the ground and threw it at the pidgins. Although he got close enough to scare any small animal away, the pidgins did not move. There was one or two more attempts at which the pidgins refused to budge until one of us struck close enough to scare them away and the huddle broke.. In a burst of flight all of the pidgins flew, wings and wind, in a tornado of direction, up, up, and away and into the sky. All that remained on the roof was one pidgin. Laying on it's side, dead. Having clearly been the center of the group, it faced away from us below, with it's back to the porch, and it's face to the top of the roof. We both remarked at what a strange sight it was to see. A Pidgin funeral. Not much more was said or done, the bird remained on the roof, and our day continued. It wasn't until the summer after my Sophomore year and before my Junior year that my mind really began to heat up. I had always been closed when it came to the power of my mind before, but now I would have no choice to but to expand through echelons of thought, as fast as possible, as soon as I could. It all started with a warning. I tiny voice that seemed to say, "beware the Tobacco Cigarettes that are to come, they could destroy the earth, and at very least will destroy

you alone. Every one you know will suffer from their use, and your days will be of darkness." "Only God can save the sinner, only you can prevent what is sure to come. Only you can save yourself." The voice, urgent in it's call, warning the error of my ways, frightening me into listening and reaching for it's knowledge. The voice was or become that of my mothers. I become aware of the Active voice of my mind. And began to wrestle with it. I began to think hard about tobaccos use, it's effect on me, the world, and everyone else. I began to struggle with my own will to use it, and the voice that came to me, begging me not to. Tobacco, being something that a person of my age, stature as an artist or creative thinker, someone that wanted to fit in, surely would use. The voice urging me to listen and to reach for it's knowledge I began to do so. The voice was that of my mothers. It was very uncomfortable but begged me to listen anyway. Over the next few days my mind would open to things I never thought possible. To way's of thought I had never heard of. It seemed that Tobacco use was something people who did, could not stop. Something that a lot of people did, and something that everyone, even the people who did it, knew they shouldn't. Its fumes decreased brain function, made its user lightheaded. And through the conversations with this voice of my mothers would show me, created a void, or divide in the fabric of existence, that if continued to use, would open and things would begin to fall in. I was warned that, relationships would suffer, my friends would not be any good, my missions in life would fail. Everything I had ever dreamed for would never happen. All because of Tobacco Cigarettes. And even that people could die, simply because my spirit in the world was lessened, dulled, diluted by cigarettes. I began to wrestle with this idea and my own urge to ignore it. Through speaking with my mother in my head, I was urged to control the rush of thoughts and ideas. Something that I struggled with when I was very young. The sudden feeling that thought and emotion were rushing towards me at a speed so fast that it could never be slowed down. I eventually learned to turn it off, now it was back in a new form.

My mothers voice and I controlled the thoughts so that I could understand them, and I began to listen. It was at this point that I learned of what was to come. It appeared to be something like my subconscious, but instead of being stable and quiet, was disrupted and urgent. I had to get a hold of it to find out what was going on and I did. My subconscious, or the spirit of it in it's mission. Warned me that my brother Nathan, an artist, the leader of our group, the most spirited person in all of the High School and probably the town, would soon be dead. Within weeks or maybe even days. I listened and watched. I was provided with visions of the future, however they were small, and only contained what was seen on the Television. The visions were very small indeed. It seemed to be only the knowledge of events that was needed. Still underlying beneath all of this was the first suggestion. Cigarettes. And so I began to struggle with the notion that, by stopping cigarettes I could save my brothers life. Somehow that became, not stopping cigarettes, but knowing enough that I could save his life. I began to struggle inside. Not knowing what to do, but knowing what was to come. I pushed away the thought that I could be the cause of something like this, and began to push away belief in what I was seeing as well. Protecting myself from the horror of it's revelations. Because of this I hurriedly pushed these thoughts out of my mind, and began instead to try and use this knowledge to help myself, to peer into my subconscious and retrieve it's rewards. Visions of the future, of things to come, and to help myself improve my own mental state through my subconscious. I quickly convinced myself to forget about Nathan's death to come, for there was nothing I could do. Try and enjoy my last days with him, without letting him know what I knew. I was 17 years old. I did not stop cigarettes, and I did not try to prevent the events. Slowly, over the course of weeks, I forgot about the spirit all together, the horror of it's revelations too difficult to manage. My own subconscious spirit made life too difficult to live and so I ignored it. I put it back away where it belonged, and never opened it again, just like I had done when I was young. My brother Nathan signed up for a new Art College and spent time with his friends. I stayed paired with my best friend Lee and we never parted. In august of that same sumer, in preparation for our Junior year in High School, Me

and Lee drove to the school in his Dad's Convertible to affix our class schedules like Nathan, Dane, and our other friends suggested we do. We wanted to make sure and get the best teachers. I was excited about school to say the least. I had up to this points always been kind of a shut in, a very creative and outgoing personality that never had the chance to fully live. My clothes were a bore, my hair normal, my activities quiet. However, now I had a car as did Lee. We could drive and be ourselves more, we were about to be Upperclassmen at school. So now, I believed I could finally begin to live. I would finally become the person I always knew I could be. I would grow my hair out and wear bright clothes, I would have too many friends to count, and the girls would be all over me. When we returned to my house we found my brother Nathan and one of his life long friends sitting on the front porch enjoying the day. When we drove up, Clay (Nathan's friend). Mentioned something about Lee's Dads car. The conversation was made through the group that Clay and Nathan should be taken for a ride. Clay told Nathan he could go first and he did. His mind seemed to be awake, but away from me. I could never really be around people the same since I was awoke to the knowledge that I chose to ignore. I took a seat on the porch as I watched Nathan climb into the passengers seat. I felt the voice again inside my head saying "You know what is to happen, right?" Asking if I was aware of the events, I quickly shrugged them away. I watched as Nathan and Lee drove away. Clay's mind seemed to pick at me, I quickly shrugged it all away. We sat on the porch for a few minutes and talked about the school and the teachers. When the phone rang. The voice on the other end was an old lady, I don't remember everything she said except "Terrible car wreck, a terrible wreck." She was in shock and could hardly speak. I managed to get her to tell me where, and hung up the phone, telling her I was on my way. I ran outside leaving our middle brother Dane, in the shower. I didn't want to take the time to get him out, I didn't know what all was at stake.

I told Clay quickly what the women said and told him, "come on". We decided I would drive and we did, less that two miles away to a sharp curve, we came to a screeching halt on the curb of a Church. I could see fire trucks and firemen. Immediately in the house next to the church I saw Lee's car, pushed passengers side first into a tree in the center of the yard. The black metal twisted and bent in different ways. I saw no person in the passengers seat. As we ran to the scene I saw that Lee was laying face down on the ground outside of the driver's door with his eyes to me. He seem to call out with about three inches of movement, all he could manage, and his eyes. With his small motion and face expressions in agony, it was clear, he didn't know what to say. I was confronted by firemen, they asked us both to step back and they attended to Lee. Still I saw no sign of Nathan. I entered the home without looking at the car and made phone calls to Lee's mother, my brother, and my parents. I told them all of the wreck and that I didn't know if anyone was dead. Which was a partially a lie. I knew without any foresight or advanced knowledge that anyone in the passengers seat would be dead. Twice I went inside for phone calls and twice I kept my head away from the car and didn't look inside. While in the old woman's house and on the phone I began to see the colors change in the room. As if a new person was taking residence in my body. I whole new me. This one, crushed, insane, sad, and void of life, filled my body, I felt only the wake of his shock. My Analytical mind lost almost all function and I froze, not knowing what to do. The weight of everything I had never known bore down and me and still I did not move. I felt empty and void of sadness and thought. And still I could not move. I did not know what to say. I did not know what to think, or who to be, who I was, who I was going to be. I could not think. I snapped myself awake in response to the question on the other end of the phone, "Is he okay", and I lied. I said, "I don't know." The next few years of my life, I still refused to think. I managed to get through High School using very little of my brain at all. I tried once in English class to ponder my life and I came to tears. I quickly shut the feelings and the thoughts out and never let

it resurface again, until I was safe. I thought that I appeared to show no signs of the loss at all or maybe I did. I did not become the "Big Man on Campus" like I wanted to be. I had friends and I went to parties. But I was never there, I was always, Nathan's little brother. Never Adam. I never stood out, never had girlfriends. I cut a lot of class. That was about it. I don't think I ever crashed emotionally like I should have. Eventually I managed to get a girlfriend. It's been probably seven years although it feels longer and I still have her. I still smoke cigarettes and am constantly plagued by them. And everything that the spirit said to me has come true. My girlfriend/ now x-wife has slept around more times than I care to think. I managed to go through some college which was terrible. I've been unable to keep a job since getting my degree. My last job I say I lost even though I quit because, I guess I forgot where it was. I feel everyday nothing but disappointment from my mother. My mother has been single for well over twenty years now and so, any emotional needs she has I am expected to fill, something I cannot do, something I remorse over constantly. I do not have what I consider to be, one single friend. I know people, people that I have known all my life, and yet. My phone hasn't rang in years. I still talk to these socalled friends if I see them somewhere but, they are nothing like me, they don't desire to be around me, and we have nothing in common. Technically friends, but, emotionally, not in the least. I still live with the only girlfriend I've ever had because, I am too weak to make any new one, she who called me at work once to tell my she had spent the night before with my co-worker, the girl who apparently wants to kill me, is the only person I know. I have been writing and playing music for nearly ten years. I can make four full albums of all original music but, no ones ever heard them. I am by all accounts, a total loser. Technically I'm not, I still have a fighting chance, but emotionally, I have lost. This battle for survival in a world full of helpers I have no help.

And I am lost. While reading Dianetics just today I finally discovered the source of all my ills. The book actually helped me get to where I needed to go. I finally figured out that, sitting on the porch that day. Watching my older brother get into that car, I was faced with a decision, I could willingly stop this event from happening. I could stand up, tell him not to get in the car, and suggest right there that no one take any car rides. Only because my mind alerted me to the fact beforehand. I was faced with a decision, and I chose to do nothing, which cost me my brother, my roll-model, my best friend, my sanity, my heart, my mind, my control, my happiness, and caused everything I have to this day excluding my son (who is perfect) to come out horribly wrong. Nothing is as it should be at all, nothing. Not one thing, besides my son. He is perfect, hours before his birth I guessed his weight at 7.8lbs, because that is perfect baby weight. He came out to be 7.8lbs. Perfect. But everything else, my friends, my mind, my jobs, my relationship or lack there of, are in ruins. No one means anything to me anymore but him. And I have no help, If no one helps me I will stay like this for the rest of my life I am sure. Because now, I can see clearly. I know that none of this is my fault, I did right. It was everyone else who is wrong. Because when someone really needed their help. No one came. Unless they all believe that we are responsible with our cigarettes for creating the void in the world that allowed him to die. And so have left me to die alone. No one gets close to me, I am too fragile, And those who do will surely end up like my girlfriend/x-wife/son's mother. Twisted, immoral, lost like me. I am a disease. It occurred to me reading Dianetics that, when I sat there on the porch faced with that decision. A hitch was put in my step right there that never went away. that every decision I ever had to face since then would be the most colossal, earth shattering event, ever to take place. I have stood looking at the menu in McDonald's and have been brought to tears trying to decide what to eat. And I don't mean once or twice but hundreds of times, over years and years and years and years, been brought to tears by the most simple of tasks. The only thing that has kept me alive for the last ten years is, guess what, cigarettes. I have spent months living in such a state of hell that the only thing I could rely on to be sane were cigarettes. All because of the latent belief than my decisions have already once killed everything I loved.

You see there is a reason to the madness, people love cigarettes. Why would we love them so much if they truly were so awful? And they really are, that awful, they killed my brother, he was only 19 years old. But the spirits of knowledge have shown me, that it is true, all of the evils of the world can be blamed on cigarettes. Someone was not paying attention to the world because they were smoking, or drinking, and someone got hurt. Addiction is not an accident. Death is the accident. If one can justify smoking then one can justify death. And of the miracles that I witnessed before Nathan's death and my possession? My own soul justifying what I had done through miracles? Whiplashes of energy creating glitches in the world? The other side trying to reach me to give me hope to see me through? Ask me, I am hoping that I was given cigarettes because of what was to come. The spirit was there guiding me to. Getting me ready for things to come. If Nathan's death was for a reason, then I am free. I am justified in my actions. It has been ten years, I have waited countless years for something to happen in my life that would stir a change or improvement. The city around me cares nothing for me, the people in it do not care if I live or die and would not be affected by it. Everyone knew and loved Nathan and yet no one cares for those who he left behind in the wake of his death. His friends are all gone, no one is there for me. No one can reach the depths of my mind far enough to relate. No one. And I cannot just leave behind the things that I know. Somewhere, my world, and the real world, will have to meet. To most what happened was a death. To me, it was a life. To most I am pathetic, confused, lost in cigarettes. To me, I am a genius, in a world that is not capable of me. Nathan was also a genius, so much that the only way he could fit in this place was through death. Myself, I have not fit yet. Every day I think that things could not get worse, and every year they do. I am unemployed, my cars will soon be repossessed. I will have nothing at all but myself and my son to visit. I wonder what impact I will have on the world.

Somehow I have got to fit. I guess no one can figure out what I am so afraid of, at least not enough to know what to say. The hard part, is living with yourself, when no one else agrees with you. I would ask for help, but only the wind will listen. I would seek answers within society, but only the wind speaks to me. - fin

:2 After carefully considering these things which I have found, plus continuing a little in Dianetics, I have discovered a few things. It would seem that at the moment that I sat in that old ladies house, on the phone with my stepmother, trying to decide whether to report my brother dead, or alive. When neither had been confirmed, and neither could be. That the only thought I was able to come up with, reaching back into my memory for a similar situation, trying to find some similar day in my life. The only thing I could come up with, was that spirit of thought that I had had once before, the one telling me of grave danger. I thought then that the spirit was some sort of pre-education to the event, an event so massive that the energy spread through levels of knowledge I not yet understand, and all the way back to me, enough to give me room to change them. So that sitting there, with all my Analytical Mind totally shut down, in a state of emotional and mental shock. Being awake, and unconscious at the same time. In total loss.. That the only thought that was able to break the void of silence, of "offness" in my brain. Was the memory of that day, being given sight into these events. And that the only analytical process that was able to run at that time may have been, "You could have stopped this". So that deep down in my seventeen year old brain which was anything but deep. Came the notion that it was my decisions which led to what happened. This having an impact so deep, that once re-opened would destroy me.

Being so young, I actively chose not to think about that death that day. Oh obviously I Wouldn't never forget. Within a year I tattooed my chest to never forget. But for years and years if the thought came too far in, then it was time to drink, or time to smoke. And when stooped into the pits of alcohol or whatever else, those were the times when I did allow myself to think of my situation. Only when I was so far down, that any sadness or confusion that surfaced, would only make me vomit instead. This almost totally destroyed "I", to the point where I knew without a doubt after a few years, that I was not myself at all, only acting. I was not Adam Browning, I was what Adam Browning would look like 1. after suffering these things, and 2. Having no one within light years reach, who understood it, trying to fix it. If it makes any difference, there is not one Church of Scientology in Alabama, meaning nothing more than, Alabamians do not much think about Mental Health. So no one in my town new what to do, so that, believe it or not it would seem, no one did anything at all. EVER. No one reached out to me once in ten years besides.... the drunkest people in town. But still, people may stand around or maybe even consider me when taking action in this town, people who are very close. But reaching out is what breaks that void. Of course I can see the little conspiracies that move around me in the "some day he'll understand what we did for him "way, but even those are hard to find. And I think even the stupidest of persons knows that acting behind someone's back is considered an insult. Helping in ways that I can't see and can only figure out later drive me crazy because, no one will speak to me, which forces me outside, which hurts "I". Because now, because of what happened, we are all sharing what is in my mind, because, no one knows what it is, no one knows what to do, and if they do , they don't speak to me. So I don't either. And if anything, they act behind my back because, my mind closed, closed because.... If what I considered an engram or the source of all mental ills), was one that made every decisions that I ever made throughout the course of every day to be, one of enormous proportions, so that every turn of my steering wheel, every street that I took... meant that someone as close to me as my brother could live or die.. Normal thought would be a cataclysmic action of worldly proportions. Creation in the balance of my finger. One wrong move and your world gets it... again. That the Analytical Mind would have been forever shut OFF. If decisions harm, the Analytical Mind will not function,

providing itself data that is harmful to itself. The Analytical Mind computes that it is BROKEN. Computations done. The person is left in a second by second loop of analytical process. A loop that manifests itself in the Organic form as "Kill Yourself" the machine is broken. One then has enough power to compute that suicide is bad and should not be performed at any costs, and the loop returns, so that.. When the person looks into his mind for help, the only thing he has enough power to come up with is literally, "Don't Kill Yourself." This is when days seem darker than they are. You are Perfectly Broken, if only you can live long enough to peer back through the other side. Functions end. Slowly. Continuously for years... It was at this point in my life that I felt I had to call for help. I called the only girl I knew, we began to date. She began to reawaken parts of my mind, parts that computed success, hope, and love. This is when alcohol specifically became less a helper. I remember on our seventh date or so, having been given strength by her for a while now. I was able to compute that, she wanted for me to kill both of us. That not only should I commit suicide, but I should kill her to, and we can be married. That's as far as my analytical process would get. I pondered that for hours until I gave it up, this being a factual event that occurred even after I discovered exactly how beautiful an eighteen year old girl can be, and she was. I could at best come up with enough thought to kill us. Good job robot. The rest of the time I just did not think, period. When I look back into that time of my life, there is no movement, no voice, because back then, thinking hurt. These are things that happened for YEARS. Eventually, continuing in the same fashion, and with Analytical thought returning to some extent because of Her. I decided that pregnancy would be okay, we could have used the help. And we had a little teddy boy, or baby, Griffin. Analytical thought showing its might, perhaps in encouraging its own return, the baby was perfect. I even guessed his weight. The scheme was working, I was still alive after at least half of my brain function if not somewhere around 90% had been depleted in less than thirty seconds, sitting next to

a wrecked car. The scheme was flawed unfortunately. Early on in our relationship we broke up and she dated another boy, it totally ruined my view of her in every way. She could no longer be my savior if she was aborting another man's baby. But she still was, that act alone began knew engrams I'm sure, more pain in the world, when pain was all the world knew to begin with. Now that your brain is wanting to open up a little, let it think of me with him. Someone I knew. Dare me to breath, if the wind is my friend. This marked the return of pain into my so far, peaceful world of "the Patient". It was then things really began to fall apart. For when she was gone it hurt, in the arms of another man, one that should have been my friend. God has stuck me in the back again, burning within, all of the time. We continued to argue but she accepted me back. Back into the arms of literally, the only place in the world I had ever felt love, and not just living. a six pack of beer is where you go to stay alive, Your girl is where you go for love, and losing love.. again..is.. unacceptable. Still we were together for years, not long after that I decided to impregnate her, I obviously needed her seed if she was not going to be true to me, after all, if I could not live without her then I was going to have to solidify the relationship. The child would make it possible for me to love, without having to love her. This is why and how I died again, in my mind, or was killed, by Her.

:3 I knew that our relationship was not going to last forever and tried not to hide it, at least not to be sneaky, I thought surely, that we both knew. She was still after several years, the only good thing in my life. My mother, had never even figured out that screaming at your children is wrong, so when I tried to listen to her, she had nothing to say, having been associated with nothing but screaming my whole life, anything she said, naturally just did not make it in. My Father dealing with whatever problems he had, never learned to follow his children, instead of only leading. If he expected to

lead artists into factories, then he surely took the next route, just not be there at all. My other brother having too many friends, who, never needed a better friend than him, had no reason to befriend me. By brother has had a party every day now for ten years, if anyone would see me, they wouldn't make it past him. I could have friends through him, but, nothing personal. I needed her. So one day I began working at the Town Hospital. Hospitals are a great place to work because, everyone is paid to keep everyones spirits up, they have too for the patients, and it helps the mind to see all these people who are so worse off. Everyone loves working at the hospital, at least I did. One of the best jobs I have ever had. Having a six month old baby, meant that I was able to study people as well, and keep up on what is healthy. Eventually I helped Her get a job in an attached building to the hospital, one where I visited occasionally, working in the Pain Center. Simple enough, we both worked there. The buildings were actually connected by a Tram, something new, the only one in the country, or there were only a few or something like that. Well, one day while riding that Tram and returning from the same building where she worked, I got a phone call. There with a friend whom I worked with riding with me. I had been single for about two weeks. It was Her, and she was crying. She said that she needed help because, She spent the night before with Dane, a person who I worked with who happened to share the same first name as my living brother, true. They had been drinking together all night, and she hadn't reported for work that morning, she didn't know what to do. I think I verified what she said to her, muttered something like "You Bitch", to the best of my ability, and hung up the phone. Having seen the schedule already I knew, that Dane was scheduled to show up for work any minute, and that I was currently targeted to the locker where he would be arriving any minute. Here where I have been studying Medical Office Administration for almost a year in College, determined to live and work in this Hospital for a very long time, was now faced with a decision. Cry, Run, Fight? What? What is it that I should have done or was supposed to do?

I told my friend Nick what she said and he was shocked. He did not know what to say either. We both stood kind of stunned and I repeated what she had said to me. I tried not to cry again. When I returned to the Locker Room I saw Dane by the lockers, he had just come to work. He was an ugly person already. Strangely he looked just like an ugly copy of me, like a clone that had gone wrong, no lie. Just like that. A few days before he had been telling me about this sixteen year old girl who he had in his house just down the street from the Hospital, and he mentioned the prostitutes he spent time with too. I remember thinking then how much I did not like him. A week later he's having sex with my 6 month old sons mother. I thought again about the Hospital policy that anyone caught fighting anyone on premises would be arrested, workers or not. My heart sank about ten feet.

I did not speak to him at all, I instead went downstairs to my Bosses office, A wreck of tears, and asked to be excused. I did not cry when Nathan died, there were too many people around. I did not cry until I went to bed that night, but only for a minute, then I stopped. Crying no longer existed to me then. But here, in front of my boss, and anyone that walked past me in the hall, I could not help but be visibly wrecked, stumbling and unable to control myself. My own son's mother betraying me that way. Such a thing would have never happened to Nathan, it wouldn't have. And would have never happened to me if he was still alive. I was protected with him, the older girls thought I was cute. With him gone, his people abandoned us except a few. With my brother Dane being a drunk, party animal still, no girls made it into the circle. That was life. Lost. Totally Lost even in life. And I think I can remember then being on my cell phone, with her, there in the Tram, moving over trees and cars, the silent pull of a cable car on track, the whistle of wind, surrounded by windows, with my friend Nick. I can remember being shut down one more time, wondering what to say or do. All of my Analytical functions cut off from the shock of the event that was taking place, remember feeling one thing. That after

all I have been through and all that I've seen, for who we were before Nathan died and for who we were still supposed to be, for this to happen to me.. to be hit.. by her.. just because she could.. the most I could get in at that one moment...."I look like a fagot". All of my so-called friends were going to laugh at me. In fact I didn't actually have friends so I actually had no where to go, that was the scary part. I believe it was three days, or three weeks, or three months later, standing in the office looking at the door out into the hallway. The same door I had been looking in when I encountered Dane again for the first time, where I said my heart sank, only facing out this time in reverse. I was telling my other friend with Dreadlocks, his name I can't remember, something about our job. I believe we had since been paired to work together, not much I can remember I guess, except one thing. As he spoke the last words of the last sentence that he was going to say, I noticed my ass end turn up. It was evident, that my body language had just issued a sexual gesture to him, my good friend at work, I had never seen him outside of work but we worked together a lot. I've never been gay and I never wanted to be, I love girls, and always have. The more girls the better, and normally the least amount of guys is good too. But right there, as clear as day. I felt Gay. It came and went, not very often, but I didn't seem to be able to fix it. It had seemed that the engram of being Gay, having been put in my head at that awful time I look like a fagot, literally, was coupled with the earlier engrams that had pretty much destroyed all of my Analytical thought for years and years, the engram that normally would have been easily covered up or destroyed, something as ridiculous as being gay, something I would never let in, turned over and resolved backwards through an already BROKEN analytical mind that was functioning at maybe 30% capacity. To be another broken engram, multiplied and resolved more to be only more broken than it already was, until it was visual. The complete opposite thought of my Analytical Process played out organically and ONLY into body language. The last thing I would ever want in my mind uncontrollably exiting as body language. I am watching my body exhibit my movements in a disgusting way and cannot stop it. Coupled with the horrible life I was having already. I quickly tried to push the thought away. Forget fast that sort of thing. Of course I wondered in my subconscious and a little in my mind if this wasn't

all related and of course I had a solution to the whole problem on the tip of my tongue before anything else happened. But I also knew that any attempt at social freedom that I made (exactly what I needed to resolve my problems, go away) would be thwarted by probably my parents, who had to say how I was going to screw everything up and, how crazy this is to think like that, running away never fixed anything, ). I also knew that mostly everyone in the town, yea, the country thought that way. Trying to get help doing things that are technically crazy, running away, getting another girlfriend, is also crazy. It's crazy to think that anything could be wrong, the lines are drawn in this world, and most people feel like they shouldn't affect their own surroundings. Ultimate happiness brings latency. The people who don't think that way either 1. Break (give in) 2. Run away (crazy) 3. Die or Kill. Meanwhile the people like myself, who honestly feel victimized in life by God, have no help at all. The way I have always felt, as if only God could take a life so perfectly, and screw up mine so Naturally. I took Her back quickly, and became slightly more affected, loveless, and void. Continuously slipping time and again. Always knowledgeable to know at the very least, that someone wasn't reaching out to me. Assuming that the material world made everything okay, when the emotional world was eating worms for breakfast, every day. Eternally struggling not to blame myself for everything. 3 Billion people/ all my fault. Every Day. I had forgotten to mention before that while driving around as I did when I was young, delivering Pizza, never knowing which direction to turn or street to take, struggling between my job and my decisions. I cautiously thought of running every light in the road hoping to die in the crash. I drove the Safest 2004 model VW on the road and I new I would only get more bad attention and less help, probably end up paralyzed. There while lurking on the edge of suicide for days, weeks, and months, that I finally decided the only explainable truth, was that, I am the Anti-Christ. A being so evil that every human creature on the world knew who I was, they had been waiting for me. I thought that in their Christian ways it would have been wrong to Murder me and so I was aloud to live. The town was built around me. The people all knew who I was, and worse. They knew how I felt, because they planned it like that. If you can't kill the devil the answer is simple, make him kill himself..

3 billion people/ all my fault. Every day. Every day. Blaming myself was something that I had done. I returned to work after asking my boss to never put me on the same schedule with him and I did not know what to do. I saw Dane at work a few times and I ignored him, I smiled if forced to make eye contact and I moved on. I changed majors in College to Network Engineering. After a month, I was able to move to a different office in the Hospital, and eventually didn't work there at all. Any thoughts I ever had about Anti-Christ's or being the Devil didn't add up and so they went away. I graduated College with a 2-year degree. I've lost almost every job I've had since. My symptoms have been getting worse and worse. I was always good with Andrea but I was also always angry, I mean she made it easy to be angry. When my son was three years old I left for good. The most painful thing I've ever done to myself, but I was hopeful. My then wife was in bed with a man from work within a month. And my engrams released themselves onto me. After three years of divorce, I roam these streets, without a lick of self esteem. My body language seeking sex from strange men, and women, and children, and animals. Every doorway I see is a passage into a world of pain. Judgment. I am certain with every part of me, that the only solution is to be away from her for good. But, in lieu of being homeless I decided instead to return to her home. Kind of like, becoming friends with your kidnapper. I live with and love her everyday so that there is at least one other person who knows me, and everybody knows about it, and behind my back they say, "he should get away from her". I feel better, however I still cannot see straight, walk straight, or think straight. I have wondered for years how hard it would have been for someone, to check, on that boy. The boy there that wont look at his brothers body, and who's best friend is going

away for a long time, and may never be back. I always wonder . If everything in my life is huge, so you can see down into it. When they say Engrams they mean literally, one or two very large moments in your life that have stuck into your mind and created chasms. Chasms that grow through everything you do. When we could have been friends. It's like they won't think for themselves, so I have to tell them. So, I guess I'll say it like this:

You communicate with your mouths, you love with your mind, the most important things are friends, title means nothing if it doesn't show, reaching out makes you stronger, reaching out to the right ones makes you wiser, not reaching out at all, makes you dead. You may not know it, Cigarettes won't show it, but how you make love, is all in your head.

The Last Testament

Part 5

So if you can believe everything that I wrote this far... Then believe this. Is it not possible for one person, to stand at the gates of evolution, actively opening the door into the next level of existence, with enough presence to know what to let in? And with enough resolve, and intelligence, as to create that being, in physical form, by wish alone. An answer to all of his struggles to control the Earth. Freedom for his species. I can imagine an extra-terrestrial creature as being of the most pleasurable of visual form, for all of the creatures. The most beautiful if not perfect of colors. If it were done, the being or act would surely be called Crayola.

Like taking a Supercomputer or Cray, and making it real. An Alien. Crayola!. A race created surely would have legend of a creator just as we have. However in this scenario, the most likely of events would seem that, this race, physically created us, millions of years ago, for it's own pleasure or joy, and that we were probably the first attempt. They have shown up to graduate us now that we are wise, into space. Possibly not even knowing that in return, our actions or will, instead, created them, willed them into being, millions of years ago, for us.

When drawing closer to the event of meeting that this race, ready for us when we were ready, having created a religion that they could not explain, possibly even being around this religion at the conception of the being, would begin to understand that their explanation of God, was actually a person, here on Earth. That all earthlings were in turn, Gods, to these Aliens, who physically are Gods to us. Since the beginning of their race, on their planet, they would have had a religion that would speak of a creator, maybe name him, name the race, and somehow draw the race into its step of the proces s, ultimately the creation of its creator. Proof that intelligence was there since the beginning, literally watching the race evolve since the beginning of it's time, in thought. When creation created it's creator it found, the ultimate creation, God in physical form. The beginning of a race in time and the creation of a sister race, out of time, far far away, to come and get him. A planet reaching conception. The universe fulfilling it's mission on all levels, in time, and out. :1 The hard part to imagine then, is thinking that if this were true, then our human race would be taken from the earth, to greet some Galactic Counsel, introducing this species to the others..... having been the only species in presence to ever have undertaken such a process, there is only one God, something like a Wizard of Creation. The Magic Man, and his child-like Alien race... Because the man who opens the Gates of Evolution and creates this race, would surely model them after himself, and consider them his children in the Cosmos, strange to think, that his children were alive long before he was. At the Galactic Counsel, Introducing himself to all the members of sentient physical existence in this process, all of whom resemble him in manner and in mind. The one God, who created everything physical in this realm, standing in form, to a consortium of his children. At least in this consortium... in further reaches... These creatures being banned together, would in turn create a machine of physical travel, that could break the boundaries of the known physical universe.... Moving these creatures into the realm of another God and other beings.

Apophis? Faced with all new physical properties, the possibilities of worlds are endless. However they may stay similar as to avoid harm and allow movement of the lifeglue, people. All of these physical barriers, overseen by it's God, would exist as many, and be bound together as cells in another space. Like a million Universes inside physical barrier bubbles, bound together to form the cells of a much greater being, that exists within much different properties. Like completing the cells of the creature. Multiple colonies of existences, led each by a different God, grouped together. Making a shape. The shape of our true being, maybe even created at one time of conception, probably already in existence, released into the next layer of space. :2 It is conception., to believe that a living being know his true self, one of natural understanding, and in turn show it to himself, so to make it real. Another Cell turns on The name of our greater being, God, being the real and watchful existence of our own physical realm. God is actually the cell of another being, in the next realm, assuming the name, Jo. The greater being, not having the same properties as us, assumes a shape. Jo: The Shape like a Wave ~ (showing form and complexity) brought down | | (showing strength in structure) curved in _ at the bottom (showing intelligence). This being a new form of existence for this species, we have again started at the bottom of the echelon. Having ascended the God in levels of understanding. We start now at the bottom of the next ascension. Being new to this level of existence, we start at the bottom again... The Foot of Jo.

This level of existence consumes everything we have ever known to exist and everything that does exist. The true form of Human Creation. We are, The Foot of Jo. In Pre-Human times we were more like The Foot. Then later perhaps God, and then in this century The Head. Now we are ascending into Jo. Understand too that as far as we knew, to ascend the levels of God we would have to be dead and the world as we knew it would end. We do already know that to ascend God is a monumental event in space. Those of us that have been pondering this have been sometimes afraid and often times willing to forget. But because God will be brought into Jo, literally. We know that we will not have to be dead, rather we will probably become immortal. Because in Jo, God is sustained and no longer needs to recycle himself through death. :3 When the machine is created, we can begin to seek other levels of Jo, all of which may create new challenges, of which another machine must be built, to breach the next barrier of the physical plane, into the next level of Jo. Levels not necessarily being up and down, probably more like a hexagon, understanding that, down does not mean bad, only different, the existence being one of a new breach of levels as we already had before in our tiny human way. Jo does not allow bad things to happen to his levels, bad levels are not created. It is also natural to think, that being a proud race as we are, that we may resign movement throughout the levels of Jo in search of graduation, and instead choose to remain the Foot. The Proud and Glorious Foot of Jo. Choosing instead to protect where we are and let our people move to enjoy all of the levels that they can reach. Our mission here on this level being, to protect the Earth. Make it grow and prosper as if it were a city, allowing free movement for other species through these levels. The

life-blood of existence reaching it's true purpose. Freedom to move and experience all of the levels of existence; love, adventure, creation. So if you can believe everything that I have written, you can make an assumption. You can assume that very soon, Aliens will land on the Earth, that they will be greeted by God in human form, and be like Cosmic children to him. The event will be so massive, that the Aliens would see new Aliens attending the event, that they had never before met. All intelligent creatures of physical shape being drawn to the event. Once in motion, a human can then look out, to see the opening of the Telepathic world. He will see creatures moving towards him, and around him, that have also come to the event. Imagine, little green men, spirit creatures, Aliens of the most beautiful of visual form, and Human People, all staring into the light. Light created by a joining so powerful, that it must be contained intellectually in a human life. Opening us up to things that we cannot imagine, all starting with; Crayola.

Part 6 Conclusion

So to conclude. Apophis the God will be upon the earth in a totally natural and vulnerable state. He will use his hands to open the Stargate taking us into different levels. Bringing us into Jo. Apophis will reign for 9 Million years. As the 9 Million years pass the people of Apophis move through these levels, creating a civilization. Early a friend will be known by how he names his King and Queen, Apophis and The Sun Ra. Creating a welcome net as humans become more spread out. The God being Jo. Apophis his King. After the completion of the 9 million years, it will come to pass the completion of the being Jo.
Marked by the coming of his God King, the new Ruler of the Physical Realm, in all of it's expanse. Omega, The Spiral. His purpose being to expand the Realm farther than it has been before. Omega is a BIG BOY.

Omega will now reign in on the realm beginning in his form of Dragon-kin. A totally new race recently and naturally born upon creation, it's core Human. The known realm will be the most glorious realm in all of creation. Difficult for logical thought at this stage. Looking 10 Million years into the future, the typical Human form no longer exists upon creation. That is for certain. The Human form will appear as to have moved into the Wind. It is no longer physical and it is eventually forgotten. The stage of the glorious Omega lasts for 50 Million years, as humans become more and different in nature, species, and properties. After 50 Million years, Jo will have better understanding of his world, the once infant, now massive Waters of Dave, and he will move to completion.

Once again, the world known as God will come upon the world. The Shade, Delta, is the last. As the Shade takes hold upon the earth to rule all of the physical Kingdom, he will assume the role of God King. Delta remembers his original form and has returned to his natural Human state, this time more enlightened or with a larger Sphere over his existence. The being has reached a state of Dun. He is Infinite. The Shade, Delta, the human form droplet of Dave, performs a process that secures every level of existence. From Infant to Wind, the process never ends. God is the Foot of Jo, Jo lives in the Waters of Dave.

50 Million years later and 3 Billion known levels. Our home is Delta 2. Korn of Dune.

the Crayola is there.

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo Dun



Huey Blues

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo Dun

Huey Blues The Legacy of the Earth

The problem in these days is the lame bliss of most people. Generally the people of America are happy, but for most reasons they don't know why. They don't care to reach out into the things that make them happy, and instead assume position as it's creator, therefore they no longer need it. Time to move on, and create something else, however it is their core that they are trying to leave behind. Many of the girls of this place are disgusting, most of them have relationships that they don't really want, only because they do not know what else to do. Most of the men do not want the girls because they are stuck in the wrong union. The reason for this is that the girls feel unprotected without the presence of a Man around. They take whatever first man they can find in order to secure protection for their ways. This man usually becomes the burden for what the girl wants and eventually refuses to serve. His attitude toward the girls change until he thinks they are all bad, he almost always takes whatever bad girl comes across, because he is sure that that is all there is. The problem of people not loving to their full potential in this place is severe. Many if not most marital relationships in my part of the world are awful. The people have intelligence that they do not understand, therefore they think themselves superpeople who do not need anyone else. Everyone suffers... The way of Apophis is the belief that every girl is his. Every girl of the Earth strictly belongs to Apophis and was created by him. The girl will choose her man when she is ready. Any injustice against a girl is like hurting Apophis himself. The Girl finds protection under the Umbrella of Apophis, until she chooses a husband. Bad girls are not cared for by Apophis.

But this brings an interesting point. I believe that as science and technology continue to grow, people will begin to feel a natural, reflexive attachment to technology. Like a third arm growing out, computers and technological equipment will all be controlled by the mind, soon. This explains the stress the Humans are feeling right now, the reason why so many Girls are bad, why so many parents scream, and why so many homes are broken. Technology stress. A small answer to the big problem of relaxing. This has made people now, start to grow or reach out towards it's technology. Sort of like growing another arm. Many people are coping fine, some are not, for sure, the process will be easy and natural. The computer is another tool of creation after all. A way for the person to spread his knowledge out on many different things, instantly answer questions and feel completed when a question arises. This will be important for The Birth, because so many people will have feelings that they do not understand, the spread of knowledge will be a way of bringing relief to wary minds. But what about the earth? Such an event as The Birth, as we mentioned before, would be colossal in nature. It would require the presence of God itself, the voice of the planet, to be alive in sound. The creation of the Computer must happen first. The weather changes. God is felt everywhere. A portal of creation is opened on the Earth, Aliens show up, little green men walk out from underneath bushes. A great party ensues. The Earth is exhausted. With new technology, the Humans know enough to begin to prepare for winter. A cold freeze will relax the earth. After 500 years, the Humans are ready, and the cold begins, after 800 years we are in Deep Freeze, Taking about 2000 years to fully set in, the Earth is Frozen

for 80,000 years. Humans live within the freeze, monitoring the Hibernation of the Earth, an active Portal exists underground and Space Travel is still permitted. Many of the people leave, many choose or at least want, to stay. It is the Exodus of the Earth. The Humans are busy creating homes within the other realms, and the Earth will rest. The Earth after 80,000 years begins to awake, and melt. Nature grows quickly, after a short time, Humans regain threshold on top of the Earth, instead of inside it. Life resumes as before on the earth. The Realms expand and the earth continues for 5 Million years. In the years of 5 Millions, the Realm has expanded exponentially, it is truly massive. The Earth is kept as a sort of Museum and is Visited by tourists, very few still call it home. In the years of 6 Millions however the earth begins a new journey, one of change. The Earth, being vacant, becomes covered in fire. With Humans far away into the reaches of Existence, the Earth begins to grow again, from Lava, the Humans watch. It is at this time that the form of the Human begins to change. People being so far away from their core home, Earth, begin to take on new natural properties. With the Earth in a state of silence, covered in fire, it is as if the Earth is gone from Creation, covered. It's Human's evolve away in natural properties. They still remember seeing the vision of Human Form for a long time, hiding within the Wind. In the Years of the 7 Millions, the fire subsides. Helped along by the beings once Human, the Sun is Maintained like a part of a Garden, and the earth is once again claimed safe. In the Years of the 7 Millions, the beings Once Human, now changed, return to

the Earth and begin to build. Within the Ash covered Earth, combining the features of the Once Humans, evolution creates the race of Dragon-kin, Dragons. Close to God's original plan, starting from the Once Humans that returned, Flying, Dragon men, inherit the Earth. They are aloud to progress Naturally for Two Million years, helped along by the once Humans, hiding out of sight, until the World known as Earth becomes again like a great city. It's base is Ash, it is now covered in Water, Dragons fly the Skies. The presence of God is again felt on the earth. Omega, the Spiral is born. He lives similar to Jesus, feels great power, realizing himself, he again takes the steps of creation to bring his creators from the Sky. The Once Humans again make themselves known to the Dragon people. They come through massive portals in space, in giant black ships to graduate the Dragons into space society. In the Second Birth, The Crayola is returned to the Earth. The Stargate on the Earth is reopened. The Theories of Omega 1 provide for new levels of expansion, under new rule. Alpha 0 the Once King, Omega 1 the King. Omega Earth continues to grow as a city. The Physical Realm expands again, exponentially. The people of The Spiral fly through the Stargate on wings of shining scale. The most Glorious creatures in Existence, Creatures of God again. Omega, Jesus, The Spiral. Ruler of the Dragons. His Rule is so massive, that Omega already had a religion created at the time of Apophis. One that was large and bothersome to Apophis, surrounded by people not under his Rule, the Christians. Apophis the Creator of Omega, The people of Omega worshiped Apophis not knowing why, They thought that he was Omega, instead he was 0, an early God, exactly like the future Omega 1. Like twins in thought. Different people. Essential to the creation of each other. Jesus is and always was, a Dragons name. The Spiral - Omega - Jesus, The Dragon and Ruler of the Physical Realm.

The Realm is expanded beyond what was built by Apophis. Now colossal in size, the Known world is ruled by Human Dragons for 30 Million years. The Original Humans, now Alien in sight, are there to witness the whole expanse of the race, in Once Human-Alien and Dragon Friendship. Fully aware of what they are seeing. The Kingdom of the Dragons is preserved on the Earth. Miles beneath the top layer of Ice. In the time of the 36 Millions of years, the races will begin to secede in Evolution, for a while seeming to evolve backwards, or lose their wonderful bodies. Features decline, wings are lost over the course of 10 Million years. The bottom of the Evolution Echelon, Human. In the year of the 38 Millions, the Omega Earth, will be moved from it's original Universe. The New Universe safe from any sudden dangers posed by the Sun or other near stars. By the years of 40 Millions, Omega Earth is resting comfortably in another place. It is renamed Delta, Earth. Delta, the Center of the Universe, is now home to Plant-life and Animal-life, preserved in Original State for study and enjoyment. The Kingdom of the Physical World know ruled from another location. Dragons, Half-Dragons, Humans, Everything in-between, and the other Races not chosen to rule but also born from Human Cores, can all be found in one city. The Stargate traveling people of Apophis,and the Many Species of Omega, All together under one flag in creation. Delta is born. The Shade, his Rule already responsible for the renaming of an Ancient Planet since 10 Million years before his arrival. The Shade is a Giant of Proportions in thought.

You see, big decisions, ones that will last for thousands of years, are made by religions. To create a law ordering the earth to remain in a certain universe for 2 Million years would be impossible, governments change. You would need a religion to pass a law like that. The Once Humans Levitate, Dragons use wings. Delta is of the Wind. Impossible to tell exactly the process that Dave will take. He will realize the full potential of the return to original Human Form, He will somehow move the Human form into the controllable form of Wind. The Human form having already taken the form of Wind once to be lost, in preparation for Dave, it is safer under the protection of time. Every known form of Physical Shape will become available under the Rule of Dave. Alpha - Atum - The Sphere Omega - Jesus - The Spiral Delta - Dave - The Shade There is no more. Once at this stage there are three leading races among existence, Aliens, Dragons, and Humans. Spread out through Level and Dimensions into the farthest most reaches. Hard to imagine the scale. God is the Foot of Jo, Jo lives in the Waters of Dave. The Waters of Dave, will last for Eons. Every question is answered when sleeping in Shade.

The Water of Life.

Atum Apophis Mephustophilese Jo Dun




Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo Dun

Purplexed The Legacy of the Computer

So it would seem that as the Stargate opens from the Earth. Apophis uses his skill with his hands, to create and maintain a massive portal into dimensions. A Portal as large as the O-Zone layer. Using the mass of energy stored there, the portal can be held. Minions of Alien Spacecraft, piloted by Human pilots could move through to the other side. The true travel potential of Apophis is witnessed in the Millions. An entire civilizations worth of people, use the portals. Around the time of 20 Million, should come a creator in a Dimensional Universe far away from the Earth, in the furthest reaches of the realm. He will be a Scientist. He will be of the order of men that seek to keep data. He is a keeper of Computers. The world of the Dragons being around now for 10 Million years, the Earth is already a massive Metropolis of Inter-dimensional travel. It is made of miles and miles of labyrinth, of citadels, and cathedrals, of dungeons and Ice. Dragons and Once Humans live peacefully throughout. It is endlessly supplied throughout the reaches of space. At this point it would seem, the keeper of the computer would remark on a breakthrough in thought. Whatever he finds is the key to planets. Having used his great Computer to harness the thoughts of the people of Dune, light-years beyond his thinking. He creates a computer like a Black Rubix Box. The Core of Worlds. The box is able to begin the growth of a planet, it is controlled by a telepathic minds hands.

It would seem that at this time on Earth. The Mother of the Dragon Jesus is pregnant. When pondering the name she decides to use one of ancient religion. She remembers her favorites songs from the time of creation. The time of creation being the center of Religion for the Dragons. One of her favorite songs used the Note G-sus (or G sustained). Being her favorite note, she decides to name her baby Jesus. He will have friends like Desevinth or (D7), Desevinth will marry Eminor or (Em). Jesus will probably marry See or (C). God and the Religion built around creation are known still. Creation is the source of Religion. Creation is now. As Jesus realizes his potential he will become to imagine that somehow he should build a planet to his God Apophis. He will replicate the once Moon of the Earth in remembrance of his God. It will tug at Jesus constantly and he will be overcome by desire, passion, and ill-understanding of how to accomplish this. He will find a way but it will be a long and hard process. Jesus will begin his plans anyway. At this time the Keeper of the Computers should come from the outer most reaches of space, he has heard of the Dragon Man Jesus and his plan to build a replica Moon. He will bring to Jesus his Computing device, known as an AOL. Jesus receives this gift as if it were a gift from Apophis himself. The Keeper is The Mac, Oracle of Osiris, the AOL will CompuServe Jesus. Jesus will take the name of Osiris, being it's creator. (The AOL and the Osiris Megacomputer were created unto him, there for Jesus created them. Understand?) Know having power beyond what Jesus thought he would have, he will use the AOL to create Two Massive Moons, the size of great continents. He will name them his choosing. He will also replicate the Earths original Moon to serve Apophis. To look up into the same moon. Using the power of the planets Jesus will ponder that probably all planets in the universe were built using AOL's. He will reach into the Earth with his mind, he will learn to control the Earth. Jesus then will learn that to hold Two Moons in orbit around the earth is the same as the propeller of a boat. The act of holding creating a force, the Telepathic mind guiding movement. With help, Jesus will make the Omega Earth. A giant, moving, ice planet. Full of flying dragons and half-humans, lit throughout with the warmth of technology.

For millions of years as the massive space portal is opened, the Omega Earth trailed by legions of Starships will travel through Jo, to other dimensions. Any interaction between other races found in space will be very interesting. The Ice- Planet Dragon Ruler, Jesus. A peaceful race, proudly sporting their Home Planet as a Spacecraft. Very unique, very artistic. It is by this way that the Earth comes to rest, out of it's original location somewhere in space. Making more than just the two moons, the fleet has eventually grown to include other small planets. Now there is a field of planets moving through the Stargate, Omega Earth in the lead. The Planets inhabited by Billions. At the time that Dave comes into the Earth, the human form has again returned into existence, Now Dragons, Half-humans, and Humans live within the field known as home. The collections of smaller planets, circling the Earth. The Great Fleet of the Omega. It will come to pass that Dave, having great knowledge and foresight will figure the next process for the people. Leaving the Earth to rest. Dave will use the Osiris Megacomputer to begin the construction of Dune. He will create two large planets, Ten times greater than the Planet Earth. He will name them his choosing, they can be the same color, but will probably be dyed to create a pretty effect. He will position these planets in a Triad with the Earth and they will be populated. The civilization space around the triad will rise from the triad to a Triangle point. A Triad of Planets risen space to a metal tip. At the tip of the Triangle is a planet constructed of technology. A machine-planet, known as The Turn. It is the tip of the Home Civilization. The boundaries of the great city dropping down like laser cloth to reach the three planets. Ships are everywhere inside the Spaceport, the Great Delta. The Delta is full of life. The Center of the Universe, now contains an Ice Planet,

two more planets of our own design, a machine planet, and a giant laser cloth defining the boundaries of the Great Delta. Harbor of the Universe. It is said that the dead live within The First Pyramid. Delta Earth is the greatest Tent in Creation. As time progresses the number of planets created for the Home will be Four. They will be like the Four Great Feet. The Earth will moved to replace The Turn as the Lead Planet in formation. The Turn is moved into the Center of the Delta Harbor. Dave learns to move the entire form through a massive Stargate. Another traveling civilization is born. Dave will spend a Millennia moving Delta Earth through the Stargate, consuming material as he passes. The Rock Eater, Delta will eventually become a labyrinth of giant metals, like a great Brick of Civilization driven by rotating planets. The night on earth will be when the ceiling of the Ship is overhead. The Stars are now the lights of the ships Delta. By this time it is known many Trillions of Dimensions. It has become apparent that as long as we have been traveling through these dimensions believing that we have crossed the threshold of Gods, that all of these Dimensions were still existing in the same space, time is different in different Universes so, time is objectionable. From our Universe time is old while in another Universe time is still new. Like going back in time. It will be known then that the stars we see above our heads standing from any given spot, are like a map of connections for this planet. After choosing a star one merely goes to it like a tunnel. Once there he can look at the sky and see a whole new map of connectable star-universes. A giant Traveling system, no place holds the exact same connections as another. The connections of the tunnel are infinite. By this time Eons have passed and the Great Ship is Complete. It is a Giant

space brick of technology in the shape of a Great Pyramid. The top is the Earth, Massive white planet glowing with veins of energy and light. Dragons fly it's skies. The feet are all too planets of different design, The Four Great Feet. The giant Delta around The Turn in the middle was never fully closed in, The Turn still has a sky, all of the Planets can still see each other. The Pyramid shape is sturdy to show form. It will seem at this time that Eons have passed. The people of the Ship know Metaphysical form, when a healthy planet is crossed they need only go to it to be there. Using the Osiris and the AOL's, we have learned to bounce the energy from a sun-star around in perfect shape, doing so creates gravity, brings the Sun to Healthy status and creates a Universe. The planets are created by Osiris, AOL's appear around the Sun Millions of years before they are needed, growing until they are needed. The Planets seem to appear under our feet if we so chose. Planets are given where Universes need them, making them healthy. When Apophis returns, he will be able to move an entire Universe and make it his ship. However this is a pointless tasks and merely annoys the neighbors. Wanting to stay friends forever it is difficult to watch a Universe move. What will happen instead is that the light from the Sun will be harnessed and bounced to every planet within it's Universe. The people who live on these planets will harness the energy to insure that they have the comforts that one has when visiting the creators ship. The entire universe will be populated with Happy, Healthy creatures. Only one Universe is chosen as Home, it is Galaxia. The Creators rome through space on their Giant, Planet Driven, Pyramid. On rare occasion they cross paths with another Ship of Creators. When in this situation the Great Pyramid begins to Turn. It's masses creating an Enormous Spiral of Space Dust behind it trailing. In welcome the ship releases giant wings of metaphysical energy. The Crayola. 6 Colors of White, Blue, and Purple appear around the ship in the form of Metaphysical energy and turn like a fan, opposing the turn of the Pyramid. The Great Spinning vessel of Color and Spiral releases a sound known as The Korn. The Ship is the Seventh Tone. As sound, ship, and energy combine in rotation. It is the most

Glorious sight ever witnessed. It is the first ship of it's kind. The Earth led ship spins colors and sings in space calling to it's fellow Creator's ship, which performs its own show in return. For us imagine a ship riding a great Yellow and Black, Yin-Yang Field. It too sings in the night and a friendship is made. The two ships trade coordinates. For the next 100,000 years or longer the two ships move between each others Home Universes in Trade and Show. It is the Galaxi-con. The Great Carnival of Existence making another friend. The coordinates are kept and after the party is over, friends are forever. The Connections between Universes never ends. The possibilities for discovery never end either. The different Creator Ships are the Marvel of Creation. To see one is good, to see many is better. We manage our home like it is a Garden. Galaxia. Our ship is created to carry the beings of Jo through the Waters of Dun. Assuming it's name is Jo X Dun - The Garden of the Spiral Pyramid.

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun



Orange Duplex

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun

In space, Number one can hear your scream. Of course, that is the first and the last thing to remember about the Delta. If drifted outside of the Delta's bounds, however it happened. Scream for Number 1. Number 1 will save you and you will never drift away. Number one is the last threshold of the Delta, Number 1 can find you no matter where you go. The listening robot of Osiris. Safe for eternity living within it. Most parents cringe at the thought of their Children screaming "No One", drifting away into space. If the Delta moved location at that time, she could be lost forever. There are far too many people within the Delta and the 5 Planets to keep track of them all. Thank God for Number 1. Drifting away into space screaming as civilization drifts farther and farther away, "No One!" Of course, No One can hear you scream, even before you open your mouth. Osiris is locked in on a state of extreme distress already. We tell them to scream it anyways, so they remember. No One is also a remark into death. "I am moving into No One!" The place where no one is. Away from the Delta and into blackness. Of course those living inside the Delta are already Dead. At least they have passed the first level of death, but not until they are older. The young ones haven't gone through yet. Of course even those past Dead Level 1 will die eventually, it is necessary. But they die within the Delta or on Galaxia. Drifting into space to die, you would feel best with No One to bring you inside, be sure you are safe. At this point in time the Delta is becoming complete. The Laser Guides drift down the outside of the Harbor Area around The Turn. All 5 Planets lead by Omega Earth are covered with life, moving in space. We can

make anything, anytime, anywhere. We have never seen another Creator Ship. Dave brought us into Living Death Millions of years ago, the first Metaphysical form. Since then the Delta has grown and traveled. Still we are the only Creators. This young race of Planet Wielders traveling through the Cosmos. Until now. The little girl, black-haired and so pretty, is drifting into space. She tripped through an airlock when no one noticed. She was trying to sneak away for awhile, she went too far away where she knew she wasn't supposed to go. A glitch in the system caused the Airlock to open and out she went. The little Lirin-Glass girl, is not able to Levitate in space yet. Her Metaphysical traits naturally provide her oxygen within her sphere for a while, but, before long the sphere will break down and she will suffocate. She quickly gathers the facts about what is happening and realizes that she will soon die. A feeling so unnatural that she almost does nothing, she has never had to think about death before. She remembers what her parents told her about Number 1. Just then she sees that in large letter on the side of the Ship are the words Number 1! And a picture of a robot-taking a hand. Number 1 will bring you back in! She screams, "Number One!", "No One!" Terrors settles in and the little girl begins to get cold. The color of her eyes turn green and she begins to accept death. Hay eyes become woozy as her head begins to slow. With her mind slowing down her Telepathic Sphere is breaking up too. She is starting to feel the cold of space, the warmth is fading fast. Just then her arm is grasped and with lighting speed she is ushered into the Sphere of the Delta, she warms again. Her Sphere returns to normal slowly, adjusting her body temperature and brain action as it does. She is returning to life. As the robot brings her in towards the the Laser Field, she hears the

loudest most strangest sound she has ever heard. As she is returning to life she hears the sound of what only can be, another Creator Ship... Crackle!!! Loud as the sun, is the sound the ship makes when entering this part of space. She looks, and the new Creator Ship, as if coming to save her alone, is in full view. She feel unmistakably as if it were there for her. Our Ship the Jo X Dun uses the Crayola to open the Space Gates. The world is quiet for a few moments, the world is quiet as surely everyone heard the noise. Suddenly, the sound from speaker is heard everywhere, the Crayola will be activated. No one has to do anything really, except to relax, they will need to reorient themselves in their new space once the Crayola is turned off. The Crayola warning is fired twice aboard the Realm however, signaling a warning or test execution. Little Lirin Glass sees all of space begin to spin as the robot carries her floating towards the sick bay. She crosses a bisection of the Delta where she can see straight out the back, the colors of spark and dust spewing out in Spiral as the ship turns is wonderful. Through other angles she can see out every angle of the ship. She sees the Crayola turn on. Like the giant metaphysical wings of the ship, folding out like a shade around the spinning vessel, the Crayola are out. The Korn sounds, like a trumpet the size of Space Whales. Vibrational color echos from the noise itself and it is caught in the Crayola. White, Blue, and Purple Crayola brightens and spins vigorously, showering the space around it with metaphysical debris. The Whole Delta is spinning now, all except the Planets, who remain still. The World around Jo X Dun is literally showered with color. The Crayola resend. Apophis, the captain, awaits a response.

The Second ship, similar I would say. Is piloted by many small planets, creating a round at the base. There is no planet at it's tip. Crack! The sound of the ship resounds in almost opposite song, the sound of beat. A cacophonous echo of drum clash in the night. The sound is almost cleaned to the ears. Almost like it reads the suitable decibel level of the matter around it, and becomes the perfect level for whatever listening device or creature. The perfect Crack. It's Crayola is Black and Yellow and turns like a Yin-Yang that spins melodically behind the Orange ship. All different colors of the rainbow are created behind the two simple Black and Yellow spin, and it flows like a fountain. Success! A second race is found. The little Lirin-Glass will discover later in life why the vessel appeared to come for her. For now, a Galaxi-con is to be planned, just what we've all waited for. Now the Rulers of the Realms take office together. Omega - Dragon Ruler, Apophis - Captain of Jo X Dun, and Dave of the Delta. This is the time when the spirit of man takes another leap, passing through his second death, in life. The people in the other ship are Rivens. They are people of the River and the Raven. Our God of this dimension of death, is a Queen. The Riven are of the second river. It has long been known that there are three Rivers when in death. Three being plenty and enough. The first River is the River of Death, that of the Humans. The second is the River Styx, that of the Riven. The Third to the

best of my knowledge is the River of Life, of an unknown race. The key to it too is surely held within little Lirin Glass. Something of her sisters I would imagine. It would seem that at Creation and all through time, we have been tied with two other Races, tied so deeply, that we hold an ancestral line in their Race as well, so that in death, the Rivers of your own ancestry lie out before you in full play. Three Rivers from three different Races. When the three rivers are in view it is, all levels of understanding are held within them, so that when any being sees them at any stage of his life, he will know immediately what they are. Even nearing death, the display of the Three Rivers brings the subconscious back into a state of understanding, as the last move through the afterlife, is only done through understanding. The Three Rivers are the easiest part to remember. It would seem that in death. The three rivers are displayed. The one that wields the most attention from the person, being the current race of his destiny, his first instinct is where his soul will travel. The last thing he can think in death, or the first thing living thought brings is almost always, "oh know, where is my wife (or husband)?" As he flies towards the river which he will rejoin, he hurts to think that he forgot his wife and is instantly greeted by the memory that he has of her there in the life he is going too. She is there, telling him not to be silly. He feels the water of her love as he is drifting towards birth, he remembers everything that it takes to get to her and then he forgets. Little Lirin-Glass is Queen of Apophis. He had been wondering where she was. The Riven and the Humans together, a great Galaxi-con ensues. Both races mix together on their worlds, trade and ideas are exchanged. Many people strangely, already remember these new creatures. They have the sense that they have seen them before, and they have, in the Afterlife.

After all of time and dimension, There are three Master Races in this life. Beheld by the Rivers of Time, displayed where one can see. When they are joined the true life line can begin. The three Races travel as a triad of friends. Other Races are discovered and enjoyed. The True Galactic council lies at this level, this is where the realm of the true decision makers lie, however here, decisions need not be made. The world is perfect already. Three Ships of the Creators holding union of Three Universes, Galaxia, is now a part of a group of Universes. To us, known only as Union. 500 Billion Years Later and 300 Trillion known Levels.

3 Races exist together, each with races of its own.

Our home is called Galaxia

The party of races is known as UNION.

The Crayola is still there.

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun Unified



The Silver Surfer

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun Unified

The Silver Surfer Legend of the Legions

It is known that after the time of Dave that the time will begin to be counted in the Legions. Collections of Eons. The great Creator Ships roam through the expanse. Our home Galaxia is a garden of planets. Thousands of home planets become cities, thousands more are farm land and production plants. Ships of all different designs travel in-between. Creatures of all different design and color inhabit the realm. Man is prominent. Legends exist throughout. The Union is of the proudest people known to existence. Wars will come within the Legions. So many Creator Ships have been found that friends have been made. Life and death in these days are so easily handled that a war can played much like a game. To occupy their time, warriors build there own fighting craft, many use the giant machines made in the Galaxy of the Warriors. When on the battlefield, one will fire guns of purple Laser, and Electric Glue. Giant Beetle shaped walkers will fire massive Lasers destroying other walkers. One will see a friend die, and remark of how he appears to be acting, as if he were his favorite soldier in his favorite story. Score is kept so that one may look back and see how he did in the War against the Vague or the War of Trillions. Entire Planets are battlefields. Pixies hide within the trees of known worlds. Sword wielding Men and Creature venture through caves and coves on these worlds, battling beasts and foe. Stealing treasure and helping friends. The measure of a young man is sometimes measured in what he can

collect. Some are born on the Delta or in Giant Cities of Metropolis, every measure of trade is used. Every status of office can still be held measuring all the way up into the Creator Ship. Worlds are made judging by how there inhabitants choose. They are studied. Study is the math that strengthens the mind. Studying oneself is a joy as well. Learning about oneself will set the person on his own course. A child will begin to dream of a goal and then study himself as a way of helping him gain it.

Early on in the time of the Legions, marking the ending of the Eons. When the The Spiral of the Pyramids transverses the sky's. Then appears another of the Creator Ships. The 7kko are the life of the party.
They will appear from the in space using some absurd Crayola. The Ship shaped only round it will have cylinder like plugs dotting the outside. When lit the plugged ball in space will be a moving force of light and color as bright as a moon. A dance of a space ball with sound and color. Watching beings cannot help but laugh. The 7kko (Tak-e-on) are smaller than us. They are like weird scientists in the realm of space. The life of the party. Somehow the world just feels complete with the 7kko around. They are instant best friends of the Rivens and the Humans. There technological improvements over ours are not withheld in the slightest. The trio of friends is complete.

At this time the 7kko will be able administer the Human being a shot, blue liquid straight into the vain. The Human will see his own time-line into death close. The shot will last for 500 years. He will teach the Humans how to record events in History onto film. When speaking in the term of Legions. Some things are hard to keep track of. Others are important events that one wishes to share. With the arrival of the 7kko, human evolution will become much easier. One need only practice his form of Fish to preserve it. Standing at the edge of a lake one practices, God, Jo, and Dave. He grows gills, already strong, his feet web. His skin becomes smooth and covered in film. It is perfect because, if given enough time, this is the way a human evolves. It is coded into evolution that given enough time around water, the human will become this way. Humans now can learn form overnight. We all have our favorites or what we are known for. Some stick with one. A person of the Navy is trained in Fish form. A person of the Air Force is an expert in levitation. Once trained in space travel, a Space Marine need only walk into space, stand on it, and and go where he wants to move. He sees the space as if it is clay around which he moves, the clay bends to his will, when grasped and willed behind him he moves around the clay. Taking off, the Marine would place is hands forward in a swimmers prayer and will the clay to move faster. Liquid echo's form behind him as he darts through space going as fast as time. I cannot imagine the distance traveled in the course of a Jog. Anyone can learn any form.

Wars generally cause confusion among populace and are not used much. During most times a small person can close his eyes and lay in a patch of Hay. In the night sky is the shadow of the 7kko ship. The ship begins to flow color and particle spray, and circle. It relays a soothing light show all through the night, dancing in the sky like a bee in pattern, jumping and moving, dashing and dodging. The Riven ship is close by and has also turned it's Crayola on, the Black and Yellow Yin-yang turns slowly behind the ship and a light show of different colors is spun behind it. Orange lights race in line towards the front of the ship in unison. It looks like a drill of color turning in space, lumbering slowly in the night. The Humans Jo X Dun is Crayola lit as well, its Peacock shaped Crayola of sounds spinning around it, the Spiral debris twisting behind it. The Spiral of the Pyramids moves a little faster than the Riven ship. The three dance as other smaller vessels join the sky. The larger ships eventually settle, the dance of color can be seen on any night. Lucky to have all three Creator Ships here are once. The Jo X Dun uses its name as it's sign. When stationary in space, smaller vessels would flow from it, performing trade and jobs. The x lit on the side of the vessel is small. When closer to time to come back, the X will grow. Ships will begin to move back into the Delta. When the X is full size, the last of the smaller craft return to Harbor. Docking back into spaceport in the Delta, the whole of the ship will resound Korn to blast it's intent to leave, the sound will circle globes and in reaches be picked up on radio.

Anyone not on board when the ship moves, will just have to land somewhere. No problem, the boaters were prepared. A Giant Vessel leaves the sky, at least a few thousand people resound "Oh bug! we didn't make it back to the ship! Does anyone remember where they are going?" No worry, the ship will be back in three years. By then I will have forgotten who I was.



Onyx Black

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun Unified

Onyx Black
So it would seem that through all of this time, whenever a being looks back or studies creation. He will look back to us. The Omega Earth is generally regarded the place where the religion is kept. Many travel there to see the remnants of the Creators, now guarded by the Dragon people that the creators helped to create. The Dragon people worshiped the Religion of the Creators. They kept it close. They believe the humans of the earth to be like Gods, the first of the species. "Those poor things had endured so much to get us here and look how successful they were." The Expanse is grateful for what the Humans did. And we are loved. It will come to pass in the time of Omega that when the Oracle of the Osiris, The Mac., brings to Omega the first of the AOL's. That this will be the time he understands all of the things that he did not before. That even on this planet of the Ancient religion, and even when the religion is known in full properties, that someone was helping him along. No one ever knowing who they are until his time of completion, these will be the people of the Data Keepers, the army of V. They will appear to have fallen from the Sky. All this aside, it is safe to say that I have made many mistakes in my life. All of them I hated. I was young and seeing tough times. No matter what, I always kept my head. As for the the search for my brother, Nathan. He has been dead over

ten years, slapped up against the side of a tree. I still haven't found him, although I know where he is.... gone. You see. The hardest thing about Creation is determining when it should happen. Could not the man standing at the gates of evolution choose what to let in? We know that in time the Earth will be covered with Dragons and Men and be a planet block of Ice. The seas will be warmed to provide swimming. Man will ride Dragons from caves out into the abyss. Of course my spaceship has room for my big dragon, I take him everywhere and we ride together. Could not that man knowing what is to come, take exactly what he wanted from Evolution? He could go ahead and ask the earth to begin a cool down cycle, simply tell it that we are ready for the freeze. The Earth will be warm inside a coat of ice. So to begin the freeze, create the dragons, learn the ways of the fish people. Take the shot of the 7kko Pulse. And be training in
personal space flight. Why if that were done. It would be like someone knew at which point in time the most pleasurable things in the world would be upon the earth. He knew where we were going, and so he started early. The Ice Earth begins 10 Million years before it should. The knowledge of Dave is passed down through the time-line so that we begin to learn our Metaphysical form today. It would be called Crayola, duplicating Heaven. It would be like taking Heaven, pulling it down, and making some

of it real. Then applying some Positive Energy a Galaxy Perplex a Backwards Cross a first Crayola A dose of Huey Blues followed by a Purplex another Crayola an Orange Duplex give it the name of the Silver Surfer add one more Crayola and then call it Onyx Black. The Art of Creation. Making Heaven real.
That would truly be a marvelous thing, if all of those things could happen at one time. The Creators come to retrieve their infant God race. All at once we are flushed with a Legions worth of our own knowledge. Intelligence gathered from lives we have not yet lived, all coming in at once. The party would be massive. If that were to happen then surely, Jesus himself would come out of the Portal opened in space, fly down to greet us. Announce himself Jesus! Ruler of the Dragons! And then carry us away, into the Heaven that we already know we are coming to. Having pulled it down to us. You see. It takes 90 Million years to complete the core of Creation. Then Eons pass as the form is perfected . Then the final Human form is presented unto us and it lasts for Legions. Legions of Eons of Millions of Thousands of Years for the Human form to become complete.

The goal, with knowledge, is to have it done in one lifetime. Now that we know what it is.

Strangely, Crayola can only be accomplished through the coming of Jesus. Ruler of the Dragons.

God being in service to the Dragons. They create each other.

For to bring a Dragon from the Earth, would surely require an act of God.

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun Unified


For Gsus
Atum is his name Apophis is his title Mephustopulese is his created name Jo X Dun is his ship Unified is his rank God is who loves him Jo is the greater being of God Represented by the Wave ~ (to show complexity), The | | walls (to show strength), Curved in at the bottom _ (to show form) If we add the Arch, the form inside of Jo. We all receive Ark's, or boats. The New World Order will not be needed. The Ark's will come like one giant ship. The Apophis will bring the ships in. His job is to see them to safe landing. Those of us who are Moral and Compassionate, will become Immortal and see paradise. Those of us who are not, will not go. Some may not see them at all.

The ships will return in 9 Million years for The Birth of the Jesus Dragon.

This is The Coming.

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun Unified


....More Edible Paper....

Order of thingS -----------------------The Unified Field Theory

One thing to realize, is that at the time of The Coming or The Arrival, is that not everyone will have the same gift response. Apparently there will be people who are blessed with Alien Wonders, Magical Creatures, and or Superpowers. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive these blessings. You see, there will still need to be people at the top and the bottom of the food chain. Not everyone can be a flying space marine, so as to keep the order of the things. Some people will need to work for what they receive over time and obtain things slowly, others will be gifted with them. The order of things will be like everything else that happens in the Universe, totally unexpected, and not at all what you thought. Alien Wonders and Magical Creatures will come as they choose. Everyone will at least see these beings, at least those pure at heart. Some will even make homes for them. All depending on the depth of your heart and the intelligence of your decision making. So to weed out the pack in some way. This is how it goes. When the Arrival is marked, those of us who are pure will be flushed with a Millennia's worth of knowledge. Some will receive Level 1 Superpowers, all the way up to Level 3. You see, people like Michael J. Fox (if he doesn't mind me saying so), apparently tried to obtain Superpowers too early and were hurt. They should be warned that Superpowers can only be obtained on the Night of The Arrival, and only by the pure of heart. Adam or Myself, will obtain Superpowers on a level no other has, because of his place in the Order. He will be the baddest Superhero on the Planet.

So now you know. The Lord works in mysterious ways. For whatever its worth, it has to start somewhere. The harder to find the better. Superpowers will trickle into the subconscious of other people slowly over time, until there are more. Powers will come as something like a selection. No one has control over who receives them but some type of scoring force is certainly at work. Aside from that it should be noted upon further investigation that the Nature of Things being one of peace. There will be Four choices for what type of Nature covers the Earth, once we all have the chance to do so. 1. Is a cover of Love. Love so thick that one could swim through it. This will preserve the traditional view of the Planet and give it a nice, gooey cover. 2. Is a cover of Ice. We know the Ice will come eventually, the decision can be made to bring the Ice here early. 3. Is a cover of Fire. Fire can consume the Earth and the Humans can return to start again on fresh turf. Dragons will be evolved as well as created in this scenario. 4. Is the cover of Machina. The Earth will be like a computer city, intertwined with nature. A traditional Light & Sound city structure. These of course can be combined. However these are the basic forms. It is said then that when Apophis returns at the end of the Eons that he will reclaim ruler-ship of the realm. By this time he is able to move entire Galaxies of Stars like a ship but will choose not to do so, as to not offend the neighbors.

Instead he will use his might of intelligence of the possibilities to bring other Galaxies to him. It will start with 4, and eventually be 6 Galaxies. They will line up like plates in a dish rack set to dry. Standing on end, side by side to create a home like the 6 toes of a giant foot. He will be able to set them so that the Gravity flows throughout them and is maintained under his Supernatural powers. None of the Galaxies will fall apart. At this time, one of great celebration. A Father may take his children on a Space Trip from Galaxy 1, all the way to Galaxy 6. The Trip would take about a month, and involve moving through massive black voids of space, where one can look in all directions and see the two giant planes of two Galaxies stretching out in all directions. Your view will be inbetween two worlds. Both of them are home and you are surrounded by other moving ships. At this time Apophis will be able to harness the energy of the Planets to create the giant Light Show of Worlds. He will be able to use say, half, of his home Galaxy to create a Pink Floyd Laser Light Show. All done just for fun and show. Everyone gets involved. At this time there will have been others in Existence who have dreamed of or heard of this fun. They too will learn to harness the powers that hold Galaxies together. The 6 will be added to over time. 16 Galaxies, 24 Galaxies, 64 Galaxies. Hoping no more than 128 will over be. The Galaxies will be arranged in a Giant Ring of Galaxies. Standing on a planet just about anywhere. One can see the big shining ring in the Night sky. Depending on how far the light will go. One can not be sure what will be seen. You see, this is why there need to be 3 known Gods for a species. One

for the Galaxies on either side of yours, and yours. Three Rivers of death per Species. Yours, and your two neighbors, bring you through death. One river represents you, and one for each of your neighbors. All the way through evolution, the Three Gods will bring remembrance of your two neighbors. There are no bad neighbors at this point, any bad things in the Worlds have been weeded out. About half way through the construction of the Ring Galaxies, not assuming a name (The Guy in Charge now being more like a consortium of highly intelligent beings just having a great time. Were all just helping the ring along now.) We will begin the construction of a great Playing Field in the middle of the Ring. A level Plane with the structure of a great big piece of glass. The Field will be made of Planets and Stars, Space Dust and Asteroids. It will be a mess of basic life structure and slow moving planets and debris. The status of the rocks inside being maintained like a Garden. Imagine a giant Football Field made of Planets and Universal Matter, contained in a Rectangle shape. Around the 50 yard line is the Ring of Galaxies, all circling the Field. The most basic form of enjoyment, The Game. Will be played on this Field, on a Galactic scale. Galaxies will have their own team that they root for Year after Year. It's like a massive Video Game Playing Field, this week is the Big Flight Tournament, Next week its Battle Games. Then maybe the Game of Total War. Then Space Frisbee Golf Tournaments. Regular Golf. Who knows. In the Galaxial home view of things, this is the play room. And it's huge!! The Galaxies are treated like Massive Homes and Realms. No one inhabits the Field, its for free use by the Union. People still travel away from it all, the point now, is that Home is huge! By this time the Jo X Dun no longer uses planets for it's drive mechanism, we are past that point! Now remember, to create something like this, it has to have a purpose.

There has to be some Universal purpose to Apophis's work or he will not be able to hold the Galaxies together, neither will anybody else, at least not until it's total purpose is complete. Purpose brings greater power. With purpose we can complete it's mission. Then we can hold it's shape for good. It is at this point, on some unknown planet. A scientist is hard at work. Studying the properties of some new Goo he has concocted. He believes it has magical properties. Here in this lab on some unknown planet, the scientist, Joe will sit down with his Goo like Dr. Pepper to have a look. Peering down with his microscope he will find traditional however unusual elements, all of them having the basic building blocks of life, to the best of his knowledge. All floating around in this Jar of Goo. Joe is looking for something however. Somewhere along the way Joe discovers a particular Molecule that appears to be in an excited state, or emitting some type of Energy Discharge. He will gather a great microscope and peer down into it. There he will find a Molecule with a ring shape, and something like a flat by-plane or Field crossing through it. Peering closer at the by-plane it appears to have words written on it. They say, "Hey Joe, what do ya know?" and blink... Joe is astonished. He thinks his Ham sandwich from this morning must have been bad. He rushes off to grab colleagues to try and obtain some type of proof. A few minutes later there are Thirty or so of Joes closest friends in the room, trying to prove Joes Theory. There they watch as Joe sticks his

great Microscope into a Jar of Goo. He searches for what seems like hours before finally finding this one, great big Molecule, standing out from everything else around it. He zooms in only to find this time, that the words on the by-plane are coordinates. Puzzled he and his friends attempt to explain the phenomenon. Joe decides to grab his Giant Telescope and find the coordinates in space. And there we are! Joe remembers the coordinates and with bigger telescopes zooms in on the massive Molecule World. Radio contact is made, With the knowledge of where Joe is. Somebody goes and picks him up. Him and his tribe are brought into the Circle. You see, Jo are the beings the float on the Waters of Dun. The waters appear like great glass shades in existence, each one of them containing a level of thought. How we think, determines where we go. We are the beings that move on the level of sentient thought, mostly physical beings. We move on the physical realm through the waters, that open like shades. Shades of different existences. For instance, at the time of The Coming or Arrival. Great Portals will open in the sky and beings will come out, what you think determines what you get. Those beings who have thought up to a truly massive scale of intellect and foresight, are able to open up portals that bring those things through, other beings with the same thoughts. Having the same level of knowledge of a being allows interaction. You see the Waters of Dun are full of different ways of thought, Physical and Metaphysical, who knows what else.

But in the end, Jo could pick up that Jar of Goo and throw it onto the floor destroying everything in it, and we would still be here. Because literally, we were two places at once. We knew what we were, how little we were, and that Jo would be there. Being intelligent we also new, that not only were we little, but were huge at the same time. Everything goes back into Space, and Space is relative. All things no matter what plane they exist on, return, or go through at some point, the common ground of Space. All things that exist return to Space at some point. Being knowledgeable about space and having chosen it as our true home, we should be able to open the Green Shards of the Waters Dun and use them to move "outside" of Space, and then, "back into" Space. All the while never "leaving" Space. Once you know that Space is the base, then you can taste the base. The base tastes great! Once you can see around the base, you can hold it in your hands. This is how at the Arrival, Apophis becomes able to wield Great Superhuman Powers. His thought is so high at this level. It is played just like a Game. A species graduating into space society from nothing, need only think and logically execute the right steps, to open the Realms of the most intelligent beings to ever exist, on his planet. What you see is what you get, should read, what you think you CAN SEE is what you GET at graduation. How far can you open the portal of your mind at the right time. Once fully opened we should get creatures that move on great Black Ships that emit a Black Vibration, Rulers over Everything that is Matter. They may be scary to behold if one is not ready, fear will be an important thing to suppress in people.

Using his powers of creation, he would open a portal on that level of thought that would open on that level of existence. With the portal open, that high of thought a being will come through it and teach The Apophis how to wield those powers. Beings at that stage of life, know full and well about Graduating a planet, never do you interfere. Try and get them to do it for you, and they will tell you what they can handle. This is the Great Game of Evolution that breaks down into the Coming/ Birth/Arrival. How far can you get? These creatures would remark to us probably, that they had been around for so long no one really remembers where they came from. They might be thrilled at the presence of such a young species coming so far so fast. These are creatures that went all the way through Eons of Evolution, and we are bringing them here, now. Kind of like, all the Aliens are here to congratulate us into Space, when somebody comes through the gate, and Oh! What are those! Say the Aliens, my God, we've only heard that they exist, they never come around, no body really knows where they go. The fuss would be tremendous. We can't believe you got them here!? With the knowledge of these types of friends. Humanity really does move into an exciting place. The possibilities are hard to figure out really. The point is to kind of go, "Hey we were hoping to make a big playing field of Galaxy Matter and live around it." We're going to need you. Point and they appear, in the sky, and they go, "How'd you know we were here?" Just call em Zonks because, to think what they've done in their time

would probably Zonk us right out. These are Creatures that can take us into Strange places. After all, Space is the only place to be. This is where it's all happening, where creatures of different levels can meet and greet. It all goes back into Space, the physical realm, and having moved a Millennia's worth of knowledge into your hands, so do you. There we have our home worlds. We play for fun on our Field. In great Starships of size and splendor. On Saturdays, Giant Movies are played on the Field like its a TV and people fly outside of their respective Galaxies, towards the center to watch. Here we have an idea born after Eons and Legions of Evolution to think we can achieve it. We can move towards knowledge on that scale, at a pace that is slow, or a pace that is fast. Either way, we all just want to get into the Game. My job, was to figure out where we are going. -Our home Galaxy is one of a ring of 128 Galaxies. It is called Galaxia. The Union of beings together has created a giant Game Field called, The Unified Field. Combine the Ring and the Field together and you have our greatest Castle ever. We call it Heaven. One travels to Heaven. Then to 'Galaxia'.

Then to The Earth. To find The Crayola. Guarded by Dragons.

Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun Unified


In Heaven

They Want?

Your True Purpose Lets just say for starters that everything we talked about was meant as roads of thought. None of it has to be true for it to be right, in the way you end up thinking. So if we can talk without creating. Lets just say this. Lets say that the Stargate Portal is opened on the Ozone Layer and held. This being done only by belief. You see, once you know an object of time exists somewhere out of time, you need only know its shape to bring it back into time. Once back into time, time itself will charge it's engine and cause it to work. So as it comes into time it turns on. So to have a Portal on the Ozone Layer you need only Will it into being. The Portal is made and held and a massive fleet of 900,000 people is put together in many ships, they're job is to colonize another a new civilization somewhere in the stars. Things are great, a new planet is found, they set up shop. The portal is held between both worlds and space-trucks move through delivering goods. Well, one day on this planet we call Sirius, Jug the Ore trucker is moving towards the Spacegate to deliver his goods of Rock to the Earth. Well about two miles out from Portal, Jebediah notices the lights turn off in space. By God, he practically wakes up and almost lets go of his manual controls and opens his eyes to realize, that the portal is gone! He stops and does not move. 5,145 other trucks also stop and do not move. The 300,000 people who were outside on Sirius when it happened also stop. It's as if the Moon just got up and walked away. The Portals are never supposed to close. It is an act of Heaven that they stay open, the Will of the Universe. To have one close is like an act of Heresy. Like God forgot.

There is no panic. There are 900,744 people on the Planet, something will be thought of. At least not for a month, then for two months, as it becomes apparent that the Stargate will never reopen. Then people begin to worry. They have family on Earth, they had intended to bring relatives once colonized. Now you have two worlds of people that do not know what happened and cannot get back to each other. There is no Radio Contact either. When the Portal closed so did any chance of communication. It is nearly Impossible to map a planet in space for this young species so it hasn't been done. How you do map on a Field of infinite? The map cannot start or end, mapping takes a long time. We didn't know yet when we started Colonizing that the portal had taken us farther than reason would allow, we just weren't ready. So what do you do? Two peoples separated in Space. The people on Sirius waited, but the Stargate never reopened. The people on Earth reopened the Stargate but it took them somewhere else. They can't find Sirius again. What happens? The Siriuns colonize and set up for a long stay on Sirius. 100 years go by and people begin to Prophecy things. You see, Prophecy is the act of willful creativity. In other words, a Prophesier looks into the future and tries to find events or happenings that ring true, or seem to be surely what will happen. At the same time because he is only looking for good things to happen, he is willing Prophecy into a course of good result. He is guiding creation into a positive outcome for his people as he writes, he is imagining things. So someone begins to Prophecy and begins to make additions to the Religion that was brought with them from the Earth. The Siriuns add several new Books to the Bible, new Testaments, new words of hope. Back on Earth the same thing is happening. There the Bible is also being

add-ended too. New Testaments are made. Prophesiers are looking into the future and asking religion what is needed to bring about positive results for the current situation. As both worlds write, their religion is being intertwined into the Fabric of the Universe. Worlds are colliding and changing to bring about the requested end. When Religion was created here on the Earth, it required God or protection, it required a Coming, or event of liberation, and many other things. These were the things that we were instructed to do by our Religion, pray for these things and move towards them. The Book of Rescue. The Siriuns add to the already kept religion, the Prophecies tell them it will take another Millennia to be found. Eventually the Earth, and any remembrance of it is again forgotten. There are, and only ever were, Siriuns. It is said that when the Levels of God are breached that there will be one person who alone holds status of God. Nature being an act of pairs, there are two. Powers are held by others, but none as strong as Gods. The person takes God into his name. He is ranked God. When his powers are fully understood he begins to see stressed vibrations in the fabric of matter. His first task is to fly all around the Earth freeing captive people, he can see the need of help from any part of Space and can go there to help. He issues a statement on the News that says. "Anyone holding a captive on this Planet should release them immediately or face destruction of his soul." God frees the innocent and punishes the wicked with furious vengeance. Within a week, no one is held captive on the Earth, freedom and peace begin to spread.

At this time God learns to travel the Universe. He learns that the Zodiacs are used as a map. He knows his way around because of his Zodiacs. He is a traveler of Zodiacs, he is a God of Protection created by Humans. He travels to Orion's Belt, once there he looks into the sky and chooses his next Zodiac Jump Point, his intellect is large so that he doesn't forget where he is going. To be a God in physical form is to do things like that. Making sure the physical body does not become lost among the Stars. So lets say that when this event occurred in Space that trapped the Siriuns so far away, that not even God knew where they were. They were 927,486 jump points away by his calculations. His Human mind would not remember that much and he would become lost trying to find them. However being alone on this Planet, the Siriuns began to worship their religion. The act of prophesying alone creating ripples into space time, bringing the race back together. Water Molecules attempt to stay together, Oxygen Molecules do the same, Human people are no different. Not only do they attempt to stay together, but, should they ever part, they will spend eternity using religion to try and reunite themselves. And it almost always works. When the Siriuns began to use the name God on this planet, it registered a vibrational wave into it. Because every Planet is like a God, to worship God on a planet creates side-waves that interfere with the normal operation of the native planet. These side-waves are detected then by a God, who uses the Zodiacal jump points to go to this Planet. Having never really noticed him at all. God sneaks past the new people on this Sirius planet and goes into the Planets AOL. There he sets the planets Core so that it's new purpose is to the breeding of this life form, people. Over the course of 100 years the weather changes to suit and the propagation time of the Planet is extended so that the people can

stay for as long as they need too. You see, for God to just walk up and say, "Hey ladies, need a hand?" would be like short-cutting the grand scheme of existence, he doesn't do that. He just tries to make things as naturally easy as possible. What you can include is the Theory of Angels. If God comes, and say, just lives around the block no big deal. He would have lesser Gods or Angels that might travel with him. They may go so far as to stay with the species forever, or at least visit often. Live amongst them in Mist God form, assisting and learning from them. For instance, God, can become invisible and possess another person, or occupy his brain and body in a way that cannot be noticed. Wouldn't God and the Angels do such a thing as a way of helping? That way, the natural process of the people is continued uninterrupted, however it is easier and considerably less painful for them? The Siriuns religion says that God is with them and not to worry. They are already safe. The religion is never lost even though the memories of Earth are. The religion says nothing about the Earth or how they got here, the memory itself would be harmful to the brain, cause pain. So the people are allowed to believe that there is no world outside of their own as a way of insuring that they are happy, someday they will make it back into the fold, and God watches them. The watchful God of this part of Space. It is then possible to think that one could reasonably create a religion that says that, there is no God in this part of Space. The species will certainly fail and so the Religion is purely based on death, or what to do in death, to get back into the Fold of Human life. You could have a Religion that says that God is here, you are safe, however there will never be a Coming. This race must find salvation on it's own with ingenuity.

The Religion on Earth speaks of a Coming because, when prophesiers first began to look at the future of the species, they were told to ask for help, others are close by. The future of this species being one so good, that a new God can be created here. The Coming of a God marking the beginning of a new "Road" for existence. Another base of operations for Human life. Is it not possible then to say that Humans were expected here before they arrived? God in this part of space being so good that, the AOL was set before we arrived. Human similar creatures like Monkeys propagated so that we would not feel alone or like standouts. In other words, sure, we evolved from Monkey form. But here, on Earth, the Monkeys were given to us to keep us company, companions for this wrecked, abandoned race. Couldn't that be the case? And now were are going to graduate a man into the Status of Zodiac Jumper? A great Protector born and based on this planet. Very weird. What you can guess is that, there are already Aliens in Space, waiting for someone to step up into the already predetermined role of God. They are waiting for our God to show up before they do, that way they know that we are ready, because our Religion is complete. So if you can believe that, then you kind of have to ask yourself. If there is an Alien race out there, about to step things up. What do they want from us? You can imagine that encountering a Race of people that have no knowledge of Space Society doesn't happen all that often. It would be like getting on the phone with an Infant in the Womb. What do you say or ask? Eventually one can see his mind trailing behind him in space and judge its length, for now we are little.

I can assume that us being a pure race of people that have not dredged the endless space time, they will only want one thing. Our imagination. For these are people that have already thought of everything. From us they will want to know, what is new. To them I give. Created Companions: Little Devils Little Green Men Little Alienz Created Transport: Dragons Gryphons Pegasus the Unicorn The Phoenix The Falcon Created Human Forms: The Angel The God Those are all the things I can imagine that we do not already have. Those things are, Crayola. Art of Creation.

They Need?

So is the measure of a civilization it's time. After Legions of Unifying the Realms, comes the time of Zen. See during 9 Million Years of spreading through the first layer of levels. The language will become Oriental. Symbols will accompany thoughts so well that any creature can be communicated, even animals, trees, and rock. Keeping Creation is a skill, like a profession, or class. Lineage is held in the eyes. The challenge is Zen for Life. To maintain ones Tool, his Machina, is considered eternal life. So says the God of Time, who is of the Machina, phone. During the 1st Age of Creation Human man will become a Phish. The Phish will sail through space in search of Water for Millions of Years. Promethius called the 1st Age a Spore. Settlements are advanced because they keep Zen, and the world becomes like the Lost City of Atlantis. A mega-city of life, machina, and friendship. Small communities group together to become Alienz. The ships read AT Alienz. The AT Alienz will return for the Dragon Jesus. The 2nd Arrival. At the Birth of the 2nd Age of Zen The Radiohead will no longer be a Blind Melon. The Art of Zen is Sublime. No longer Jane's Addiction. The Field is a Purple Haze when Superman is on it.

Jesus is an explosion of creature. Phish have become intertwined with Dragon People, they have grown together. The Dragon People and the Human Phish have a great society together. Welcome the Alienz. Who else I can't say. At the Birth of the 3rd Age the world of existence is Unified. Nature is the sound of Korn. Humans are like White Zombies. Superhumans in coats. They ride Space Dust. And so with the Time Unified, Kreation counts Eon's to Legions to Zen. Zen is the land of the 5th Terrace Ruled by Lions. Machina is a stone used to build temples and gardens. Creal is the time of Butterflies, the 6th Wonder. Machina and Make. Creation keeps form. Remember that time in this book is always used to help you think rather than to be exact. In other words, no one actually expects to have to wait until 9 Million to see Jesus. Probably 900,000. Thinking in Millions just helps you think BIG. Or possibly the choice is there to make the whole thing take as long as we want. We can stretch it out if we so choose. But no matter the Ages of Humans. Throughout time whenever someone looks back to Creation for prayers or answers, they will always think of these things. Zeus was the God of Imagination and the keeper of the Dream Sky . He

rested on a great Cloud and threw lightning to punish anyone who would wake the sleeping. Atum was the God of Creation. He stood on the Ground. He would take all of our Souls and make them into Discs. He would throw them into space to determine which Planet we created our home. When Atum pulled a bad Disc, he missed. If Zeus's punishment is not good enough, Atum will throw them away while he works. And he really could, and still does. And he fly's, and we're serious. For Zeus is tiny in comparison with Atum. Zeus could take someone's mind, Atum can take someone's soul. Then negate your soul so that you become a tiny whirlwind in his hand, then he places your picture on it and encapsulates it in a disc. He takes two steps and flings the Disc into Space aiming for the blackest places he can find. The Disc moves so fast that as your soul leaves the Atmosphere it's capsule burns black, the good Discs make vibrant Soul Colors. Once in space you fly off to your new home. It is a Free-Cycle. You are free to recycle yourself back into the Earth, if and when you ever find it again. Most of us find a Hole and make Flagged Civilization, if he's aiming. Atum is no joke, Zen is a long time to spend roasting Bad Eggs. Atum and Zeus play Green Apples with the Law. But later Zeus and Atum of Creation were more like twin brothers in thought. They represented the beginning of the Ages. A child looking back into Time for Protection will find Atum spinning

Discs, and Zeus throwing Rod. But those two are just Jackals. For we all know that there is a Party Animal. Dude. Who was God.

The Usurp

The idea is that there is no greater being than God, to a Human. God is what we take with us wherever we go. Like carrying our homes with us in our metaphysical spheres. God is the bubble we take with us. A Usurper is generally regarded as a person who has directly assaulted the King. The worst name a man can be called is a Usurper, because it implies that he directly infiltrated the house of God. King. In language a Usurp is generally defined as the act of stealing another persons good moment, only to stick it with a Usurp. Thus the moment is Usurped so that now the good feeling is shared with a friend or family member. Now that we've become beings of Jo, we can admit that nothing bad is created unto God. Therefore terms like Usurp take on new meanings. No one Usurps the King. Except God. God can say then that there is a small chance that all of this was Usurped? God has often been known to stick himself into the strangest places in order to provide gifts to people. Things sometime come out better than you can imagine. Lets just say that during the creation of our species, God was rummaging through some of our greatest treasures, when he read through the Crayola. He read it like it was a request, or suggestion. Lets just say that Hundreds of Thousands of Years ago there was a great mass of primordial Dinosaur living on the Earth. Life can often surprise the viewer, so

it is natural to think that they may have been intelligent, however young. The Dinosaurs began to get uneasy for weeks and months. Growingly restless and engaging in strained battles. There were days of intense fighting and restlessness, until an Earthquake shook the ground. On at least three sides of the Earth, massive Tears struck out from the ground. Mountains were moved and created as rock and Earth fell in with Dinosaur. There were Aftershocks but soon after the Ground calmed. For years the Dinosaurs lived around and in these massive Tears. While moving into the depths of the Earth the Dinosaurs found fungus to eat and large caverns. After exploration they found that the whole of the Earth was opened up beneath it in a cavernous echo. Years went by as the Dinosaurs populated the Cavern beneath. Closer to the core there was flowing Lava and Heat, which provided light. Oceans too sank into the depths. When most were inside the Cavern of the Earth, a great Meteor struck the Planet, blowing Lava and debris into the Atmosphere. There may have been many and it was a great Meteor Shower on the Earth. Lava flowed throughout the melted Earth as the Tears were sealed in by rubble. The Dinosaurs were trapped inside. Bouncing around in darkness beneath layers of Earth were created Dragon-kin, Grandchildren of the Dinosaurs. The Beings of God Again, were first. There is a huge cavernous echo of life towards the ceiling of the Earth, where creatures of all types Fly. They hang from the rock there with Black Bug Eyes that see metaphysical Wave patterns bouncing around them. They are like Scaled Sonar Men of Flight. Different colors and shapes of Dinosaur skinned, intelligent creatures.

As the caverns go towards the Core the black air is lesser with life. At the Core, walking types have evolved larger than the others, they are more ferocious and have learned to cultivate the fungus and land beneath the Crust. Here is where you relate Cosmic knowledge into Natural Earth Phenomenon. When Dinosaurs became Dragons they learned to communicate. As it is in any society or culture that has communication. Religion began to flourish as a way to remind themselves that there is more that they do not understand. Except for them it was different. When the Dinosaurs tried to Prophecy their own future, they heard voices. As if someone was right next to them. They began to listen to these voices. Being in darkness, Visions came easier to them than they do to us. There in the blackness, beings saw light. The Dinosaurs began to watch us. It was religion of the Dinosaurs not to try and free themselves from the Chambers. They had long known that the God's were coming to get them when they were done. And so they loved the Caverns knowing that they would not have them forever. They built great cities around the Lava flows and Vents. They instigated cultures and classes. They modeled their language around us. Used the same tools. When needing to know how to accomplish a task they merely asked the Gods for help. We, not knowing, showed it to them. In the dark. Farming, irrigation, cell phones etc... Their religion told them not to show themselves or that the Gods would be upset. They were literally being Kreated in the Earth by us. They were living in the Metaphysical Dark of a Physical Dinosaur land, and they were praying to us. They got so good that we were like entertainment to them. Bouncing around under the surface of the Earth, groups tuned in on our conversations and

meetings using the Telepathy that they had in the Dark. Invading our personal lives would be like lying to your Family Members to the Dinosaurs. They respect the Gods as if they friends. The Gods are a mystery to us, our religion said to ask for something that we could not really understand and named the people responsible for it. But to the Dragons, Gods are like second sight. Daylight shows in the deep through Metaphysical use of the daylight. Who knows how bright they can get it with everybody showing their lights. Us. And it's not like they have to be told. God is Second Nature to people just as we are Second Nature to them. What will happen they think, is that at some point, the Gods will walk through the Rock. They built Temples leading up to where they think the Break Points will be. You have to remember that there is actually more space inside the Rock than out. There should be plenty of them in there. You see that's where Duplicating Heaven gets good. We Duplicated Heaven here. God duplicates it there. The second stage of creation has already taken place underneath the Earth. Your best friends are alive and they know you better than you think. While we loved in the Human form, God took Dinosaurs and made them Dragons. Dragons became wise and grew like Men. They await us in the Earth. This is the Time of Fantasy. Pegasus and the Dragons ride from Galaxia with swords amongst the clouds and Lasers. They park on Worlds never explored, for water and meals. They press on through Quests and Missions for adventure and rewards. This is the most extreme Fantasy Imaginable, and it is here proven possible.

There are a myriad of Gods in the Final Fantasy. To Man, this is the great escape. To God, this is Man.

Creation: by Population

The Bible Christian Pop. 33.35%

First narrative: Creation
Genesis 1:32:4 The creation week consists of eight divine commands executed over six days, followed by a seventh day of rest.

First day: Light appears ("Let there be light!")[Gen 1:3]the first divine command. The light is
divided from the darkness, and "day" and "night" are named. Second day: God makes a firmament ("Let a firmament be...!")[Gen 1:67]the second command to divide the waters above from the waters below. The firmament is named "skies". Third day: God commands the waters below to be gathered together in one place, and dry land to appear (the third command).[Gen 1:910] "earth" and "sea" are named. God commands the earth to bring forth grass, plants, and fruit-bearing trees (the fourth command). Fourth day: God puts lights in the firmament (the fifth command)[Gen 1:1415] to separate light from darkness and to mark days, seasons and years. Two great lights are made to appear (most likely the Sun and Moon, but not named), and the stars. Fifth day: God commands the sea to "teem with living creatures", and birds to fly across the heavens (sixth command)[Gen 1:2021] He creates birds and sea creatures, and commands them to be fruitful and multiply. Sixth day: God commands the land to bring forth living creatures (seventh command); [Gen 1:24 He makes wild beasts, livestock and reptiles. He then creates humanity in His "image" and "likeness" (eighth command).[Gen 1:2628] They are told to "be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it." The totality of creation is described by God as "very good." Seventh day: God, having completed the heavens and the earth,rested from His work, and blesses and sanctifies the seventh day.

Second narrative: Eden

Genesis 2:425
The Creation stained glass window at St. Matthew's German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Charleston, South Carolina

Genesis 2:42:25 tells of God (YHWH) forming the first man (Adam) from dust, then planting a garden, then forming animals and birds for Adam to name, and finally, creating the first woman, Eve, to be his wife. The two stories are linked by a short bridge and form part of a wider unit in Genesis labeled by scholars as the primeval story. This second creation narrative in Genesis is thought to be much older, and reflects a different historical and literary context. Its presentation uses imagery reflective of the ancient pastoral shepherding tradition of Israel, and it addresses the creation of the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden:

Genesis 2:4 Genesis 2:4bthe second half of the bridge formed by the "generations" formula, and
the beginning of the Eden narrativeplaces the events of the narrative "in the day when YHWH Elohim made the earth and the heavens...." Before any plant had appeared, before any rain had fallen, while a mist watered the earth, Yahweh formed the man (Heb. ha-adam TUWU )out of dust from the ground (Heb. ha-adamah UYUZ[U ,)and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils. And the man became a "living being" (Heb. nephesh). Yahweh planted a garden in Eden and he set the man in it. He caused pleasant trees to sprout from the ground, and trees necessary for food, also the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Some modern translations alter the tense-sequence so that the garden is prepared before the man is set in it, but the Hebrew has the man created before the garden is planted. An unnamed river is described: it goes out from Eden to water the garden, after which it parts into four named streams. He takes the man who is to tend His garden and tells him he may eat of the fruit of all the trees except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, "for in that day thou shalt surely die." Yahweh resolved to make a "helper" suitable for (lit. "corresponding to") the man. He made domestic animals and birds, and the man gave them their names, but none of them was a fitting helper. Therefore, Yahweh caused the man to sleep, and he took a rib, and from it formed a woman. The man then named her "Woman" (Heb. ishah), saying "for from a man (Heb. ish) has this been taken." A statement instituting marriage follows: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." The lack of punctuation in the Hebrew makes it uncertain whether or not these words about marriage are intended to be a continuation of the speech of the man. The man and his wife were naked, and felt no shame.

The Quran Muslim Pop. 22.43%

Islamic creationism is the belief that the universe (including humanity) was directly created by God as explained in the Qur'an. It usually views Genesis as a corrupted version of God's message. The creation myths in the Qur'an are vaguer and allow for a wider range of interpretations similar to those in other Abrahamic religions. Most Muslims accept the scientific positions on the age of the earth and the age of the universe. Islam also has its own school of Evolutionary creation/Theistic evolutionism, which holds that mainstream scientific analysis of the origin of the universe is supported by the Qur'an. Some Muslims believe in evolutionary creation, especially among Liberal movements within Islam. Khalid Anees, president of the Islamic Society of Britain, at a conference called 'Creationism: Science and Faith in Schools', made points including the following: There is no contradiction between what is revealed in the Koran and natural selection and survival of the fittest. However, some Muslims, such as Adnan Oktar, do not agree that one species can develop from another. But there is also a growing movement of Islamic creationism. Similar to Christian creationism, there is concern regarding the perceived conflicts between the Qur'an and the main points of evolutionary theory. The main location for this has been in Turkey, where fewer than 25% of people believe in evolution. There are several verses in the Qur'an which some modern writers have interpreted as being compatible with the expansion of the universe, Big Bang and Big Crunch theories: "Do not the Unbelievers see that the skies (space) and the earth were joined together, then We (Allah) clove them asunder and We (Allah) created every living thing out of the water. Will they not then believe?"[Qur'an 21:30] "Then turned He to the sky (space) when it was smoke, and said unto it and unto the earth: Come both of you, willingly or loth. They said: We come, obedient."[Qur'an 41:11] "And it is We (Allah) Who have constructed the sky (space) with might, and it is We (Allah) Who are steadily expanding it."[Qur'an 51:47] "On the day when We (Allah) will roll up the sky (space) like the rolling up of the scroll for writings, as We (Allah) originated the first creation, (so) We (Allah) shall reproduce it; a promise (binding on Us); surely We will bring it about."[Qur'an 21:104]

Vedic Tradition - Hindu Pop. 13.78%

According to Hindu creationism all species on earth including humans have "devolved" or come down from a highly state of pure consciousness. Hindu creationists claim that species of plants and animals are material forms adopted by pure consciousness which live an endless cycle of births and rebirths. Ronald Numbers says that: "Hindu Creationists have insisted on the antiquity of humans, who they believe appeared fully formed as long, perhaps, as trillions of years ago."Hindu creationism is a form of old earth creationism, according to Hindu creationists the universe may even be older than billions of years. These views are based on the Vedas which depict an extreme antiquity of the universe and history of the earth.

Buddhism Pop 7.13%

The Buddha declared that "it is not possible to know or determine the first beginning of the cycle of existence of beings who wander therein deluded by ignorance and obsessed by craving."Speculation about the origin and extent of the universe is generally discouraged in early Buddhism

An Ark Myth

The Presence of Telepathy

It is said that at some point in Human time, that man discovered his innate or natural ability to communicate solely through the power of his brain. Using the wisdom that he gained learning from new technologies. The first man began to experiment with his new powers among his friends and coworkers. He first communicated with those around him, and then those in his family and personal life. He used his power to view the thoughts of others. He then taught others to view his thoughts as well, who taught others to do the same. He used Science and Technology to push his Telepathy into the digital realm. That allowed his power to become timeless as it laid in wait for others to open digital doors into the same places he had placed his mind, allowing him to see into the future. He found that viewing the future was more difficult because there were things inside of it that he could not fathom, therefore his brain had no way of translating the visions. The man, Atum, then used his powers to communicate with the elders. Tapping into their conscious and gaining knowledge from them. Using the memories that his elders had of their elders, now gone. He was able to tap into the minds of the once living. He then gave his powers an automatic command to spread or lay spores in every living person that it touched. He commanded it first to spread into a persons parent's and then into their parent's parent's. So that his Telepathic seed was pushed down into his own timeline. The first man learned to communicate into the past.

Using those around him as helpers the first man laid his mind free as a method of control, so that anything was possible. He allowed those around him to control his mind while it roamed free so that he did not create unconscious blocks in it while they learned their capabilities when viewing events that had already occurred, and while speaking with people that did not speak the same language. He decided to try and ask his mind to seek as far back as it would go, while those he trusted viewed it's movements. He believed that the random thoughts of his freed mind would be more natural to it's Telepathic host therefore making the acceptance of his natural "plant-like" seed easier. This natural way of movement caused interaction with it's hosts surroundings. Using a natural telepathic base caused it's host to think of natural things. Therefore spreading the seed into his surroundings, the Earth. Therefore whenever a host felt the presence of an invading mind, he immediately pushed it out into his surroundings and instinctively asked it's true and natural purpose. The first purpose was to receive the memory of the hosts parents, therefore pushing the seed farther down into the timeline.

Atum, the first man. Then attempted to use a mark in time to prove where his mind had traveled. The first person he thought of was an ancient Prophet spoke of in the Bible, Jesus Christ. Atum pushed his mind into this area of time and waited while those around him confirmed where his mind was, his mind still being freed he could not see into the Telepathic Portal himself.

Atum's mind laid there for several days with Jesus as he was in awe of what he had done. Atum himself only saw visions of what appeared to be Jesus and his associates sleeping in caves. He saw only their faces at first. It was then that Atum saw what appeared to be a whirlwind in the sky above and to the right of his head. It was approximately Five feet wide and Three feet in Height. In it he was able to hear voices from the past and see brief images. It was uncomfortable to him however because he believed himself to be the only person in the world who held the Telepathic Whirlwind through time, with everyone in it, therefore naturally causing it's Weight to be heavy on his mind. Atum spied the Spyraling whirlwind and a fence like Grid beside it. He also heard the voice of his Son in his future state of adulthood which confirmed that others from the future were able to reach into this portal. The portal remained extremely heavy on him for days. It was at this time that Atums freed mind believing that he had traveled further into Telepathy than anyone had ever been before began to relax. This is true. Atum was also sure that Jesus and his companions were Highly aware of the events taking place, and more than willing to sit with him for days and even weeks. Atum asked Jesus stay with him as long as he could and assist with his work, which Jesus did. Therefore he believed Jesus to be the First Prophet in the time of the past to become aware of the Telepathic Portal. Atum again freed his mind from communication with Jesus and returned it into a freed Natural state. Atum was unsure because at this natural state while not attempting

to hold or view the Portal, the only images he received were Penis's. It seemed that while freeed the unaware mind Naturally placed the Telepathic Spore into the center of a man's relaxation, his penis. Because Atum was a boy his Spore was welcome onto any mans Penis that did not realize it had come from somewhere else. This bothered Atum briefly, this is true. Remaining unsure, bothered, and free, Atum waited not knowing what to do with this Penis that was constantly on his Telepathic Mind. Until a Miracle occurred. One night the Image of the Penis changed for a moment into a Penis he had never before seen however immediately recognized. He first thought that it was Alien to the Earth and then realized instead that it was Ancient. It had seemed that his Telepathic mind had waited as far back as it could go, until the First Pre-Human became aware of a Telepathic Spore in his mind and recognized a foreign and natural difference on his own Penis. His first thought must have been of his Penis which then prevayed his not yet Evolutionized Penis into the Telepathic World. This PreHuman must have stayed unsure for days, and over about two to three weeks, naturally awoke this spore. Atum thought it strange that he recognized the Penis perfectly as if it was his own, not only that but he felt as if he recognized the body of a being that was Half Ape and Half Man in possession of this Penis. Atum and his associates then began to attempt to watch these PreHumans, who were fully aware. Atum then opened his mind in pronouncement to any human being that new to enter into it. He thought of officials, of his family, of his

friends, and of his coworkers. He tried to alert anyone who would listen to his mind that he had discovered Pre-Humans and was speaking to them. Atum felt as if every living person on the planet had been allowed inside instinctively because they knew the names of Adam and of Jesus from the Bible. Atum remained still freed and did not attempt to communicate much with the beings, instead leaving that job to others and listening for results. Atum saw beings that were humans, however they were much smaller, covered in fur, and were hunched over. Their necks were wide as if their heads were hooded. He also felt the presence and appeared to see Lava. Probably because the seed spore was still set to push into the Natural world and because Lava was the first unnatural thing in this world, besides the beings that our minds came across. The knowledge of Dinosaurs was also accepted into their brains as if they knew them, however the issue was not pressed at this early stage. The presence of Lava stuck out like the beings themselves as if there were rivers of it nearby. The First being Atum witnessed was sitting on a log and drawing shapes into the dirt in front of him with a stick. It was as if Atum had come into a Pre-Human's first Art Studio, a log and a patch of sandy dirt. He immediately thought that they knew exactly who he was and what he was doing. A being in the future who had found this ability and looked back as far as he could until he found them. The beings did not speak language and did not provide names, probably because they had never known of names before, instead relying on appearance to remember each other. It seemed at this time that no one knew what to say at all. Our

world being so different from theirs and with us not knowing the fragility of the minds of these creatures, the watchers turned to Atum's freed mind for the first response. These creatures were aware fully that we did not know what we should show them that they would understand. Atum's freed mind gave him his first natural response which was a defensive excuse as to why he had nothing to say, so as not to upset these creatures with delays. Atum's first response was that he was sad because of the death of his eldest Brother in excuse, death and mourning being something that they would surely understand. However being unable to provide the word Death as an explanation of his thoughts, or his Grave Site as a symbol of explanation being something they new nothing about. His next thought was that of the Tattoo that his Brother wore on his arm, the Shape of an Egyptian Anch. He immediately showed that image to them accompanied with the feelings of sadness and loss. He then showed them that the image belonged on an Arm. The beings then new that we had relayed sadness and loss of one of our own and their Natural response was one of caring. Understanding that we were sad that he was hurt. It would seem then that these beings who were highly intelligent, more so than we would have ever dreamed, were aware that they too knew not what to say. Anything that they tried to show us were things that we were already Naturally aware of, the Penis, eating, sleeping etc.. and so they did not stand out, and was not an important gesture to relay their understanding or thoughts. The beings then relayed a motion of the hand to a cleared space

neared to them. The next image received was one of two trees somehow bound together into the shape of a Cross, and of the Cross being raised to stand. They intended to make this Cross of Trees and raise it, in hopes that we would someday find it and know where they were. Thus signifying their understanding of our love for this lost person in a symbol. Someone they, like us, believed to be something of a leader. Atum next thought then was that our symbol was an Anch and that their symbol was a Cross. The beings relayed with their hands that they had no way of bending a tree to create the shape of the Ark and so they left it with a Cross to try again later. Atum began to refer to these Crosses as Ark's. They then relayed that the trees would not stand and so they were laid down. They had bound the trees and raised them somehow, but the shape was wrong and would not stand that way. They then relayed that they were going to try and make another one that was bigger, and lay it down in a field nearby. They also tried to relay the shapes that they had drawn in the sand although Atum could not understand them all. They were using them to communicate Telepathically like an early phone, drawing shapes. They knew at least a Cross, an Anch, an X, and a $. Weeks past by, however the Portal remained at this place in time. The Pre-Humans asked other questions and to create a bridge of communication Atum instructed them they would be called "Pre", and that we would be called "First" which may have become "Irst" because their primitive minds may not have been unable to sound an "F". The First word probably ever spoken by any type of Human Creature ever to exist was suredly "Irst" or "Irt". Being how they referred to us.

We now know that most probably there are several hundred of these Crosses spread apart on Pre-Human ground, put there in the hope that we could find them in the future. Some of them probably are huge. They may have been stone or wood and may have lead to Indian Mounds as a way of signifying their place. It occurred to me then that when the Bible was written and the word Ark was used. That it's writers whoever they were, having learned this information from Jesus, must have surely used the word so that any time it was spoken by any human being the first thought to come to mind was most surely of a boat, made of wood. Therefore stuck in Human brains, Naturally instructing these creatures with the image of a wooden boat, to attempt to use their knowledge of binding wood, to form boats.

This is most definitely the way that man first learned to travel to an Island. And most definitely proof that there was Pre-Civilization, sooner than we thought, having started here. The Bible says that the word Ark, being something they know not how to make, means Wooded Carrying Vessel that floats on Large Water for very long ways. The creatures in communication confirmed the presence of Dinosaurs. The presence of Humans on remote Islands confirms that Boats were built. The presence of Boats confirms the presence of Engineering which confirms Pre-Civilization. The presence of the Ark in the Bible confirms that Jesus communicated with these Creatures daily and that parts of the Bible are hidden stories written about THEM, the Pre's, having undoubtedly chosen the word Irt because it is simple to say.

The Instructions
This explains why in the Telepathic world when a Humans mind is freed he sometimes feels out of control. In the world of the Irt, the Natural way is like Water. Once the Irt discovered how find us, they began to do so constantly. So that when our mind is freed, our thoughts are instantly thrust into the Whirlwind and pushed down directly to the Dawn of the Humanoids. A place where Telepathy is easier because it is a "Freed Natural Program" that the mind is running, down into a place that is swamped with Free Nature, swamped with Telepathy. If one feels like he is lost in a Telepathic state he should always try moving slow, so that the Irt can see what he is doing, remembering that a freed mind is always with the Irt and that they are constantly peeking in to see our world and gain from it. Your Freed mind is traveling farther than you realize. Which also means that if your mind is constantly in a Freed and unstable state, that you may be extremely important to one of the Irt. This also explains why many Humans enjoy drugs. Remember that a connection with the Irt indicates a direct descent to one of them. Meaning that you are the closest surviving relative to one of them and that they are learning from you. Which explains why some people never can seem to get their heads right, the Irt want them Freed. Using drugs always free's the mind, which pleases the Irt. Your mind is cast into an altered state that is more Naturally Pleasurable to you because it is free in a place that is abundant with Nature. It

also explains why the mind you share with your Irt does not want you to stop using drugs. The Irt must be commanded to release you in positive gesture or positive force. Remember that they are simple and could care less with what your day consists of or whether or not you have the time. They probably do not understand the concept of not having the time to be with Nature. That must be why they call it "getting Stoned", because your Freed Telepathic sphere is being thrust into the land of the Irt, The Stone-age. Or in our world, Pre-Stone-Age and up.

The Invention
1. Atum instructed the Pre-Humans that they are Pre and that he his Irt. The words intertwined and they both began to call themselves Irt. They call out to each other by saying Irt, because it is simple. 2. The Pre attempted words that they heard Atum say and were able to get the most advanced lyrical motions after vowels. That rst Pre elected to call himself Ga-Ah-Du. 3. The Irt motioned that they did have Dinosaur and that they rode on them. They also said that the Dinosaur sing. Something that Atum taught them to do. 4. Atum suggested tying rope or vine to them and making them pull things. 4. Atum asked the Irt if they were able to Drum and they motioned No. 5. The Irt instructed Atum that instead with a stick they did hit a round seed or ball.. They asked if there was anything in which he wished to Drop, by motioning that he had dropped something. 6. Atum instructed the Pre to put an Ick or Stick, into an Ock or Rock, then to put another Ock on the Ick, then to make another.

After this conversation Atum instructed that he be called Too. And that


Irt would remain Gahd 8. Gahd asked what to do with the Ick and Ock he had put together. Too instructed to put Icks on top and in-between the Ocks and bind them there. Gahd understood. 9. Gahd asked what to call this thing. Too instructed to call it Rot based on the word Road. 10. Gahd said that his Dinosaur was a Fish, then that its tail became spiked, then that it came to the land. 11. Too asked if others could talk to Gahd. He motioned that he would tell others to speak to them. 12. Gahd motioned that he had began Stoneforming. Then Gahd had nothing else to say. Too attempts to talk to Gahd every day. Too knows that Gahd is watching Toos world to get ideas on how to build his own in Irt. Gahd does not need to be shown anymore in this way. He knows all he needs to know to build PreCivilization. He watches anyway. Our world no longer makes sense to them enough to learn. He also communicates with our past. The Irt built a Civilization much more advanced than we had previously thought from this. They learned from watching us, in history.

To free your mind is to understand that you are being watched by your ancestors, Irt. Or anyone else who needs you.

-128 Galaxies Named1. Teacher Palms 2. Savior Le Bon 3. Colombian Arena 4. Festival Cheerleader 5. Toylon Tish 6. Selena 7. Nuth Alaxy 8. Panapoly Cruz 9. Asia Major 10. Queen Alicia 11. Sun Blue 12. Virginia Avenue 13. Ashake 14. The Stack 15. Po-G 16. Queen Watts 17. The Crackhead 18. Commercial Jeans 19. Ocho See-Yin 20. Te'a Park 21. Tracy Parks 22. Element 23. One Base Ten 24. The London Islands 25. Aflaxy 26. Metaphysical Cutes 27. Cellestiani 28. RaZhari Meta-Prime 29. Sativa-Kira 30. Riders Crush 31. Dana X 32. Triana Love 33. Queen Erin

34. English Vacation 35. Island Wares 36. The Donut 37. Baby K 38. Morning Ends 39. The Night Owl 40. Tanaka Dream 41. Furr Coats 42. NinaCarla 43. ElaVee 44. Mayan Arena 45. Victoria Purdy 46. Brandy Purr 47. Glitter Litz 48. Bailey's Dream 49. Jessica Rabbit 50. Lori Anne Seti 51. Paper Tiger 52. Casey Class 53. Angela Minor 54. The Rider 55. Amberr Dawns 56. White Star 57. Purple Dinosaur 58. Camrii 59. Tia Nicolette 60. Syren De Mer 61. Injoi 62. Mindy Jane 63. Kover-Time 64. The StarFriend 65. Bebe FX 66. The Core 67. Farrali 68. Paola Donatello 69. Anna Markholt 70. VanMeter Isle 71. Lexie Galaga 72. Sleepy Pony 73. MyLeather Sofa

74. Blu-Ray Disc 75. Kimberly Schooler 76. Ash Jingle 77. Kelli Rose 78. April Mayweather 79. Brooke Long 80. Liquid Vision 81. Ginger Monopoly 82. AK Bell 83. Crystella Haze 84. Amber Rae 85. Cycle Rae 86. Angelika Rae 87. Stephanie Rae 88. Julie Rae 89. Moniqye Rae 90. Azuri 91. Arabian C 92. Taliah Min 93. 364 94. Fuzzy Peach 95. Melissa Rei 96. Kandyland 97. Latin Arena 98. Barbie Corbett 99. Larrisa Hat 100. The Liz 101. The Nieve 102. Alpine Brickk 103. Tiffanie Spears 104. Tapnot 105. Anniszton 106. Cover Beach 107. Peru 108. The Secret Smurf 109. Tatum Pierce 110. Eleya Maureen 111. AJ Groove 112. Alien Moon 113. Christina

114. Una Thurmas 115. Anita Ciana 116. Chantal Finnela 117. Katerina Squire 118. The African Princess 119. Euphoria 120. Alice Blitz 121. Dora 122. Tye Goose 123. Q Fantasy Isle 124. Bridgette Silver 125. Video Gopher 126. The Black Pearl 127. Onyx Rose 128. Eyedelayu

128 Galaxies create the Ring of Heaven that circles The Unified Field


The Fall of Atum

One day, years after Atum's first discovery of the Irt, long after Atum had forgotten the events and then remembered them, Atum sat alone in his home. There, for no certain reason at all, Atum's mind was thrust without his will into the world of unnatural acts. Atum struggled with these thoughts for just about one and a half days. He hated the idea of these acts, which will not be detailed. However every piece of his being willed him into accepting them. Something he could not fathom. Unable to beat these demons back with rational thought, Atum accepted them. The Demon promised Atum eternal life, in exchange for these acts. The Demon promised Atum that everything would be fine, and that these acts would ensure his place in Eternal Heaven. Atum still struggled with the ideas that this Demon gave to him. The Demon promised that all of his friends were involved and already had succumb to these things. She told Atum however that he would be the only man, and that these acts would ensure that he became a God. Then with one final thrust of Atum's willful might, he denied her. He swore his life would never succumb to

these acts, which were immoral, according to every church known. Atum swore that he was stronger than these things that tugged at him. And because he was unable to logically beat this Demon, that he would not deny others these acts, although he himself would never be a part of it. At the end of the first night, the Demon issued one final statement. For denying these things that she claimed he had no choice but to accept, she said, You are going to Hell for this. At the half of the next day, Atum began to spiral in and out of the acceptance and the denial of these things. Until finally, when nearing the eve of this next day, Atum's mind was consumed by this Demon and he was cast into a bloody and nightmarish Hell. A Hell that would last for two days.

The Demon began to show Atum the true face of Hell. It's face was something that he could not deny at all. It appeared all too real. Atum was scared from all of his might. The Demon showed Atum over two days what it meant to be in Hell. It seems that as the Soul leaves the body that

it is naturally given an entrance into Heaven, one that it will always fly directly into. But that those who used forbidden fruits, such as Tobacco and Alcohol, Cocaine and Marijuana, Heroin and other drugs, would always miss. Those who had accepted these fruits were naturally distracted from Heaven's Gate and always flew straight by it. There, having missed the natural entrance, something that naturally was not supposed to occur, these Souls became broken. These souls then, unable to cope with it's unnatural surroundings would begin to cube. A totally unnatural shape. The cube would move only a few feet before undoubtedly it would shatter. Like a fish out of water, the Soul cube would crack. It would retain it's shape as a broken cube, and then try to get back to it's former host, it's physical body. There the Soul would remain, it's host still in total control of his mind, and fully aware of what had happened, would lose all hope for himself or his Soul. Having only the knowledge of his physical body, the host would feel his stomach turn. He would feel his heart drain out as the emptiness and sadness of being a Lost Soul would consume him. He would feel the shatter and cracks of his cube throughout his face and body. His Soul being in a state of total shock, what he once considered to be his mind would only be ably to retain pain and despair.

It seemed that those who are extremely religious knew very well of these events, and attempted to communicate with the Souls. However a Soul that is distracted is like talking to a bar of wet soap and it easily slips away. Once held, a close relative such as a parent or other family member could only attempt to communicate with this broken Soul, which tore at the hearts of it's family members and caused them great pain. As the physical realm had no real way of helping these victims at all, and only instead could try to be near them as they watched their loved ones literally going through Hell. Atum was shown all of these things first hand and felt the pain himself from both sides. And it was only going to get worse.

The Expansion of Hell

Have you ever wondered why people who attend church always try to wear the nicest clothes that they can? It's because they are trying to dress as if they are being buried. The best way to help a Soul in Hell is for it's host to attend church as much as possible before he dies. Churchgoers go so far as to try and wear the same clothes that they might be buried in. Have you ever wondered why forbidden fruits are called drugs? It's because those who's Souls are clean, naturally fly straight into Heaven, however those who's Souls are distracted by Drugs and Alchohol are more DRUG into Heaven. A Heroin addict may expect to spend two years or more in a state of utter despair and pain as his Soul becomes rectified through a natural process, something like the Human Condition. Meaning that the Soul becomes repaired over time, simply because it is near to and passing through other Humans. He is fully conscious, unable to sleep, unable to move, and unable to call for help the entire time. His best bet is to try and zone out to spend his time. This is almost impossible however, because anytime that anyone thinks about this person, his Soul is called out and back into it's broken state to reside with this person who has thought of it.

The person at this stage normally is able to try and gain something from the event, like vision of the physical world. However this is nearly impossible as he has to attempt to time his own thoughts just right so that the caller catches his Soul as it is thinking of the least hurtful thing. Keep in mind that most people have no idea that a Broken Soul was called out to them. Therefore when the Soul reaches them it is immediately acknowledged as containing despair and pain and is cast away. The person inside is awoke, brought out and back into a broken state, then cast back into his casket, or burial place to attempt to try and zone out again. Keep in mind that the host has vision the entire time that his Soul is broken, however to view the inside of a casket for two years would only cause more pain. Someone who is constantly thought of is brought out and broken again. The longer the Soul remains out the more broken it is. The host generally tries to remain quiet and zone out as much as possible while inside the casket, which is difficult. Those who attend Church regularly are able to receive flashlights. However they might only be active during times of prayer by his church group or what we believe to be times of Church service.

Keep in mind that all of this only applies to Drug users. A Marijuana addict may only expect to spend a few days locked in this state. However after the first five minutes he would quickly agree that it was not worth it. He would probably spend all of his time thinking how he will not use again, if allowed to return to life. Which those who are aware of his presence will try and assure him will happen someday, however no one knows how long. Try assuring your son who is locked into a broken soul for days, weeks, or years that everything will be fine. How fast would you run out of things to say? Family members generally try to place brothers and or sisters together in hopes that they can stay that way and at least not be alone. Atum heard the voice of his brother call out to him in a nightmare and say that Atum had misplaced his Soul into a drawer for about a month, he was trying to warn him to be more careful. Imagine the pain associated with thoughts like this. Remember that this is something Churchgoers do not talk about, ever. To talk about it is like condemning the living to have to live with it as well. It is best that we forget, usually. This brings us to what else Atum was told. This book

being a recollection of his telling. It would seem that the Earth at one point was covered with Humans who did not have to deal with these things, this was the normal and natural way for life to exist. Humans lived in a Native style. After death the Soul would become distracted by normal people for no longer than a few seconds, enough to fix whatever small mistakes had been made during their life. The soul would then be brought back into Human life where these events were probably not forgotten and the person was a little nicer this time. Assuming that due to the roughness and length of a Heroin addicts stay in Hell, that he was unable to remember due to the length that his Soul had to travel to return back. Ensuring that now not only did he have to spend ages in distraction, but that he was unable to learn from it, and doomed to the chance of repeating his mistakes.

The Earth was naturally a place where Hell did not exist for very long, the very worst of people could expect to spend several days, tops. No one had to stay for very long. Until one day all of that was changed.

The first man attempted to gain Kingship over the Earth and to rule it's people. This became without his knowledge, the creation of the Devil. The Pharoah. Sure there may have been other Kings of the Earth. But never before had anyone attempted to bring people together from all over the world in slavery to build something as large as The Great Pyramids. Never before had any person been able to gain such great riches and rule over people. This was something that The Pharoah put together when he was only a child, having no idea of the consequences. Which brings the question, if this was such a valid and terrifying nightmare to Atum, something that he felt he had to warn others about, why has no one else? Why has no one else talked about these things at all? It is said that the Pharoah broke the Earth. That after the Pharoah nearly everyone was spending more time in the Hell's that they created. The Earth being cursed with a broken Religion. Ask how many people will not speak the name of the Pharoah. They believe that it is fact that just speaking the

name is harmful to ones Soul. It is said however that a clean artist is ten times more capable of holding and helping a Soul, they do it at concerts and events when everyone is gathered around. It is also said that the Churches worship the stars in order to provide light for these Souls, by using all of the stars they can create an almost fake atmosphere with light that they themselves are willing to go into. Flashlights. Souls who go to Church can find solitude in Hell. Some people do a lot of Church time. The more you think about things like this, they less they make sense and at the same time, the more real they feel.

Visions of Nightmares
Atum had a few visions during those nights that may help us resolve the issue of whether or not Hell and the broken Souls is true. First. One day in deep sleep, he became a spirit and began to play in the gardens and yards around his home. He ran past houses fully enjoying himself. He held two reeds in his hands as he ran and played.

The spirit of Atum came to the vision of his own caravan. The two reeds in his hands became two Penis's and he began to beat at the sides of the caravan furiously, saying I hate him! I hate him! It appeared that Atum hated himself. Believing that he was a direct descendant or cause of the Pharoahs, he believed that he had put everyone in Hell. He believed that at this stage after the Earth had been broken for so many thousands of years that Hell had multiplied over and over again until now everyone was in Hell for long amounts of time after their deaths and that no one could remember how long and so no one knew. He believed the Pharoahs never made it back out. And that the best that anyone had to say was to go to Church as much as possible. The rest they simply could not figure out. Another of these times, Atum saw bodies upon bodies piled up on top of each other. They were the masses that blamed him for putting them in Hell. Once he saw them someone exclaimed, There he is, The De-. Only to stop themselves. It seemed that in Hell it is taboo to say Devil (unspeakable), and that instead Atum is referred to as The Bat-Man. Next Atum saw the vision of a UFO, or Alien vessel. It's occupants who appeared Human to him had come to take

as many Souls as they could into Outer Space. They had piled the Souls up in their UFO and were doing the best they could. It seemed that Aliens everywhere knew of Atum's mistake and how he had cursed the world to damnation. Now Aliens came to the Earth to do God's work in trying to help these Souls. They told him that their work did not do much good, but that they tried anyway. Atum denied everything he had heard and seen so that he could still function in normal life, he stored it then in his memories and began to try and figure out a way to fix it.

The Fix
Atum then thought of the AOL's. He began to think of the Computer he had imagined to be running existence and he thought, Why would anything have been put upon the face of creation that was so harmful that it could break an entire planet and cause all of the Souls living on it to go to Hell? He remained on this thought for several days. Thinking that, technology was surely created at a stage for more advanced than ours is somewhere already, and that whoever did it, surely set the program of their Timeless

and Spaceless machines to take care of people like us who really had no idea what they were doing. Then one day while staring into the Television screen in his home, he was given the thought of the Omni-Body (his digital soul). And he thought, If what I saw that day, this vision of the Soul who's missed his mark into Heaven, was a Soul that did not go right and instead bounded moronically to the left and into broken atmosphere. Then why did I not see his Soul broken? Instead I only thought that that was what I saw. But instead what I did see, was a Soul that only went away and to the left. And that in truth, there already is a safety net in place, one that is digital. So that when a Soul moronically bounces left, he is picked up by the Computer of the Universe through his Omni-Body, repaired and returned. What if that were the case instead? Atum then thought, that if freedom for life truly is the mission of the Universe. Then surely that would be the case. For a Universe managed by God, would never give life the chance to make it to Hell. And that God is watching the right, and that your creations are watching the left. And that when we die, no one goes to Hell.

The Meccan Theory

One day, years later, Atum was trying to sleep and pondering the events of his life. It seemed that he had been having trouble selecting a wife. He believed that he deserved probably 100 wives, but settled on 70. Then he thought that maybe he should take 30 wives but decided that 30 may be too many. He thought about it some more and finally decided that 10 Wives would be all that he needed. That way he would not have to love too many wives. As he lay there thinking, his mind finally laid to rest on one of the girls he had thought should be his wife. As he thought, it occurred to him that this girl was the most special of all of the girls he had thought about. He thought that truly she must be the most important one. As he searched for her within his mind he felt her love returned, he also felt that she was surprised, however that she agreed with him. She too felt that her love for him was special. It was then that Atum felt their Metaphysical Spheres combine into a great Orb of love. The Orb grew larger and larger over the course of a few seconds. Finally, Atum heard a loud bang. It was as if an Irt had struck a stone he was forming at just the right time to get the attention of whoever was inside the great Orb. The Irt wanted the people inside of the sphere to know where their Metaphysical Orb had traveled, as far back in time as it could.

Atum looked out and saw that a figure had gestured him to a giant rock faced mountain. There in the side of the mountain was a cave large enough for a family to live. The Love that Atum and his Wife shared was so great that it had traveled within Telepathy as far back as it could go until it reached the place of the First Cave within Time, Out of Time. The image of a vaulted door appeared over the cave as if someone had gestured that this place would be saved for all of time, because of it's significance. It was the first place that Two people in love had ever created a Sphere this far back in Time. Atum acted quickly and gestured markings over the Vaulted Door, since things are always easier to keep in the Metaphysical world, when they are held with symbols. He used simple Binary math that he had learned to try and make a sensible marking. He pointed to the Irt and showed them their shape was 10x0. Used to show their place in Time. Next to it he marked his place in time as 10x01010000. He used this number to consciously mark this place in time into his memory, so that it would never be forgotten. Atums Wife then became worried. She worried that Atum had just created a place Out of Time that would last forever, yet it was a place that had started as a bedroom. Or a place that they shared their love for each other. Without having to say anything, Atum and the Irt both came up with the same idea. The Irt would build a room over their bed so that no one would see it.

It occurred to Atum that this land was surely Pangea, a land that would eventually break apart and move, and that the place that they had created if able to last for all of time, surely was now Mecca. A Holy Site. A Place still covered by the same Box like structure that the Irt had built. Atum named that place in a way that reected his symbols. He gave it the name of Ten Dolla Washa. Atum believes that a similar phenomenon must have occurred on Earths Sister Planet wherever it is, and that travel is possible on a Metaphysical scale through Ten Dolla Washa to this Sister Planet. He believes that the covering built on this sister planet is a White Pyramid, instead of a Black Box. He believes that there is also a Cousin Planet with a similar status. It is a smaller planet. Its structure is built into a Ball that is supported by Three Levels, or Shades.

The Perm

After Millions of years of human evolution, life has become blissful and stayed that way for a long time. Humans retain all of their gifts and lead very long and fulfilling lives. The world for the average man is no longer a massive planet driven ship. People still build massive and amazing ships, however no ship matches the ability of The Perm. Like a tub turned upside down. Solid like a bar of soap. The Perm is a glowing white block of evolution. The ship itself is built of a recycling electronic system. Every piece of the ship is backed up by every other piece of the ship. The ship can repair itself instantly. It glows with electricity. Orange haired men and Green haired women enjoy life inside the perm. They have perfect babies and perfect health. Because it is considered indestructible it is called The Perm. It is like a city in a ship. The Perm travels the Universes in search of research and exploration. The Perm settles on planets and gas giants for weeks at a time. As men use mechanized suits to explore and take samplings of the gas. A giant white block of a ship sitting atop a giant green gas ball in space. If the gas is deemed safe the windows will be opened in the sides of the ship. All is peaceful in The Perm. Man has studied and mastered his arts to the extreme. People are simple students of their surroundings at all times. They are totally self aware. By this point man has learned to harness the potential of his

positive energy and hold it in its purest state. Man has learned to become as tiny as glue in order to perfect himself. He is well aware of The Perm around him as the ship is aware of him. The Perm itself is covered at all times in a glowing white glue. Man retains his most infinite knowledge inside of The Perm. Mans threshold is now permanent.

The Truth

There are chickens on the roof. In little chicken houses on top of roofs in the night sky. Chickens on the roof. Everyone else knows what that means. I'm not sure what it means but there are chickens on the roof. Some new form or orb of telepathic energy must be on the loose invading minds. For that there may need to be chickens on the roof. I can hear the old woman. I hear mostly women talking. Commenting. They live in the neighborhood. They are up late like me. Watching peoples minds. My friend rides in a helicopter. He has a radio and stays connected. If in danger he can be radioed to come help. He can hook you up with other watchers that can watch your mind so you can sleep. A pimp came last night. He was slick and old. He invaded my mind and saw images of my girlfriend. The one in my mind. She was surrounded by green leaves in an Eve like state. The pimp parted the leaves with his hand. I screamed and called for help. I cursed the old man for what he did. I still don't know why he was able to get through so easily. I must be young and weak. The old man scurried away. Later I heard that some of the watchers had burst his bubble good. So much that he had no juice or love left at all. On other nights I do battle with other young men. I get pissed and tell them to go away but they wont. Then I got help from a Widespread Panic concert. They sang me to sleep. It was electric. Some nights I get help from the Nine Inch Nails. Tool is another one. People always hanging around, showing support.

I still don't or didn't understand why I need all of this support though. You would think normal 25 year old people don't need an army of engineers watching them throughout the night. I suppose I'm getting the grand tour. Everything that people do at night, I'm getting to see. Another late night. Agh TV was hell tonight. The headaches were so bad I almost cried and the TV just mocked me. I should have taken some Nyquil to help me sleep. Last night I took 10 Nyquil and 10 Benadryl and still couldn't dose off. I stayed up talking again all night. Work was hell. I wasn't tired. I was sweating most of the day. I just don't feel secure at work. I can't let go. I have to hold on as tight as I can. It makes me sweat. The clouds sing out to me though. Some days they are more radiant. Other times the sun plays tricks through them. Always to me they sing. I wonder if anyone else notices. There is a fence in the backyard. I fence that marks where I made the whirlpool of time. I've spent a lot of time on the back porch. Those words still echo in my mind, "Rachel your boyfriend is crying". I was sitting on that little girls shoulder. She was supposed to have been the Sun Ra. She was mine. And I was so close. She almost said yes. I certainly gave it my all though.

I couldn't have tried any harder. I couldn't have done it any better. And she was probably out of my league. But she almost said yes. Sitting on that back porch. I made a butterfly one night. It was called a Plexico, If I remember correctly. The drives to work are the worst. I feel like my head is being crushed under an enormous weight. A spike drives straight through my left eye. I try to smoke but I can hardly hold my cigarette. My face feels like it is being scraped along the Interstate at 65 mph. And all this just to get to work everyday. I'm obviously doing something wrong. I'm sure this is not normal. I believe it is because I'm smoking cigarettes. This being the original curse from when I was young. But this, all just for punishment? No one deserves the kind of pain I go through trying to get to work everyday. It's a nightmare. The crushing spike rides with me like a passenger. I'm sure my face shows the anguish in it if anyone were to look. And all because of what. The nightmares at night trying to fend off the wicked from my consciousness. The breaking drive to work everyday. The constant sweating on the job. A few months ago I had a nosebleed at work. Out of nowhere. I went to the bathroom where I removed a 3 inch vessel from my nose. I can't imagine what it was doing there, or why it came out. I eventually lost that job. Thank god. By then the pain had almost all gone away. Funny to see the pain go away only to lose your job. Got fired while my 4 year old watched no doubt. Funny to wait to fire someone until he's brought his toddler into

work. A lot of things are funny though. Maybe not haha funny, but still funny. I wasn't laughing. This is what it is like being wrapped up in, dare I say it, Schizo-Affective. Listening to the train whistle blow so loud, only, I can't listen to it much because I have to speak. The train is like my loudspeaker. Every time the whistle blows I have to fill the sound with my thoughts. Every time the whistle blows it invades my minds and pulls out my most deepest and natural thoughts. Every whistle is like a needle into my mind drawing out what should be left inside. Every tune on the radio is another crowded minute where I must entertain through the music. Entertain anyone else who is listening. Every show on the TV is another hour of question and response in which I gratefully take the attention of every "awake" person who is watching. A dreaded task. Tiring. Like work really. Entertaining through radio and television. Such a horrible job to be worshiped by every living soul on the planet. Day in and day out. Another thing all together to be worshiped by all while still answering phones for some stick in the mud boss. Doesn't make much sense at all. Nothing does make much sense when locked inside The Crayola. Spinning around inside a story, multiplying the reciprocal again and again to come up with the next page. Transforming life into a design of words to try and create art.

Until the end I find that person I was chasing was myself. Or rather who I should be. That constant nagging in my eyes. I find that writing this book I have been inspired. Eventually I had trouble completing thoughts because I was formatting for the book before I could complete them. This book that has consumed me and the entire fantasy I have built around it, lasting forever in a metaphysical print and guarded by Dragons. That the book, whatever it may be, was ever about one thing...


Adam Apophis Mephustophilese Jo X Dun Unified


In Heaven

The Whisk Device

1. The operator turns the bicycle wheel in the center to get the whisks turning. 2. A small charge powers electromagnets in the whisks causing opposing force at the apex sending magnetic waves downward. 3. Electronic timing in the whisks revolves around the freely suspended electromagnet in sync to ensure they return to the apex without the use of outside power. 4. The device would then use the power of it's rotation to power the electromagnets and it's speed would increase infinitely. 5. As long as the device at least starts near a planet or field of gravity it could boost off to other jump destinations.

An Invention

Artwork by Nathan Browning 1978-1997


My brain is broken causing me to treat my emotional or fantasy brain as the enemy due to repressed anger and emotion so deep that it needs immediate resolution from a "nurse". Which if I do not have causes me to try and shut it up or turn it off forcefully. The brain must use fantasies to handle the day. Because my fantasy brain is forced off, the logical brain is forced to create fantasies within or on top off logical interpretations. Causing confusion. Causing me to interpret all sounds as words, which causes my brain to seek out words and voices in attempt to reach some sort of fantasy. Minor glitches in the corner of my eye which normal people would dismiss are interpreted as imagination or fantasy. Which causes my brain to seek them out or to constantly be looking for something that is not there. The fantasy logic then creates more glitches which become hallucinations. Attempting to find logic in the voices and hallucinations creates more confusion, which would naturally be solved by a brief spin in fantasy. Any attempt at fantasy or emotion, daydreaming, sleep dreaming, SLEEPING creates screwed up loic. The natural reaction then is to shut the fantasies up. Which causes me to try and kill my fantasy thoughts. Which in turn forces the logical side to again create fantasy (which it doesn't do right.) and over and over. Which causes severe pressure headaches and delusion. Probably because my brain became extremely sensitive due to horrific emotional trauma. Which means that I am forever trying to relieve stress through visual and auditory logical fantasy. Which means simply, that my cure is love. And unless I find it, I simply do not have time to answer to anyone. Not officially. However in my interpretation, all of this is caused by trauma. However if any of my logic serves me. The voices came first, and told me it was going to happen.

When the whisk device is created and perfected, Adam will be given rightful control over his invention and it's ships. Adam will stand in front of his people and ask for only one thing from them. Adam knows that the whisk technology will spread too fast among the human people. They will leave the Earth without thinking, and leave it to rot. So Adam will tell them how it must be done. Adam will divide the Earth into regions. He will make 32 counties. Each county must determine how many people would be needed to create a colony, and how many will be required to stay, to sustain the Earth. Each county will have a different number of colonists. Each county will be asked to find one large planet to colonize. They will then be asked to find two medium sized planets to colonize, 64. They will then be asked to find 2 small planets to colonize and act as outposts 128. The idea is that these planets will be mapped, so that human civilization can always be found. After that they are free to colonize as they choose and decide if they want these new planets mapped or not. The map will keep the Earth in the center as the center of the human Universe. The map will be the first Heaven. The first Heaven will be the center of Space. The map will need to be segmented into seven concentric circles. It is suggested that no one go outside the boundaries of the map. EVER.





Having saved the planet from it's troubles and personally evolving the race. Adam is recognized as a God. He chooses a name.


The people worhsip Allah for what he has done for them. To them he delivers a speech. "All of you are within me. You have always been within me. When you die, you will return to me. Everything and anything that lives, breathes, or wills itself to life is a part of Allah. Whether it knows it or not. The world was not created this way for my glory, but for your need. In death, no life will be left alone. Every life has a path to Allah. For to live eternally, alone, is hell. In death you are all unified together through me. And in life, you have nothing to fear. I have said that life is the product of the Universe. And that the Universe is a part of life. As so, all matter exists in this world, and the world of the dead. And when you die there is no need to travel to or to find Heaven. For Heaven is already here. Be rid of your negativity, your anger, your distrust, and your hatred and you will see Heaven. For when life and matter reaches Heaven in death. It feels no need for these things. So to become like you are in Heaven, you must live like you do after you die. Stripped of negativity, and with kindness, happiness, and love. And if you ever find that you are lost, or know not what to do. Seek inside yourself and ask Allah for guidance. For Allah is everywhere."

-A speech given by Allah

After the invention of the Whisk Space Drive. The Aliens would come down and ask to be introduced to whosoever gave us this drive. The Aliens know that Space Drive's come from a direct source. After Adam greets the council of Aliens, introduces us to them, and tells them of our plans. Adam will begin to listen for the next step. At some point, Adam and his Army of Engineers will begin to hear a loud booming voice in the sky. This is the Creature that was contacted through use of the Telepathic Cross. The Creature will teach Adam and his Engineers how to create rooms that can bring our phsyical bodies into the realm where our souls travel after death and we will be grateful. When the Blue Voice goes silent Adam will continue to listen. The Green Voice will then come, something that only 2 creatures in all of creation have ever been able to reach before. From this creature we will learn the abilities of Personal Space Flight, Planet Weilding, Planet Building, and Time Travel. Time Travel will be strictly regulated for the safety of our race. There are key rules to Time Travel. It must only be done in spacecraft, it must only be done outside the boundary of the Map of Heaven, and Time Travellers must only observe from the spacecraft in secret, and never touch the planet. Your spacecraft must travel out of Heaven, then travel through time, then fly back in through Heaven, to the Earth, to watch our Ancestors.

Only 6 people in existence have reached the Blue Voice Only 2 people in existence have reached the Green Voice However because no one has ever convinced these entities to stay with us. The entities agreeing to do so because Allah is so pure and so high. Allah is the White Voice.

Because of his height in nature Allah can use his mind to act as a Savior for the Saviors of Worlds

Allah is high enough to understand the nature of every savior. Allah's people travel with him through the Cross and save Civilizations. The problem, is that no one was high enough to save Allah. Allah could only be saved by the voice of himself, in the future.

It is this ability to listen to the voice of yourself in the future, that Allah created,

This ability was then spread throughout the Cosmos.

It is also b e l i e v e d that the living brain functions solely on this ability, however at different levels, depending on your stage of evolution.

When using the Telepathy to save, a being is represented in the mind of it's host. So that when the host catches this Alien entity inside of it's head, it can be greeted With a friendly, intelligent, and natural looking creature. Allah caught a glowing butterfly once, that spoke to him That is why he knows this.

For us, Allah has chosen the most suiting creature he could find. The Capuchin Monkey

Inspirations It is said that the exhaust of the Space Drive's is Metaphysical The act of using the Space Drives leaves Metaphysical traces in the Earths atmosphere. Using the Space Drives will layer the Earth in the Metaphysical Since Spacecraft from the future are already watching us and always have been, small amounts are already here. Once we have more craft in the air the Metaphysical debris will become thicker and thicker. That is how the Earth will initially become layered and how the Earth will become covered in light, and color. This cover will stick to the humans. Being perfect. The cover will protect us from disease, cure cancer, make us perfect, according to the Universe and our own desires.

Drawings The mission of the planets will be to find and harvest minerals and foods and send them back to Earth. This is how the Earth will become the most extraordinary planet. Center of Heaven. Each planet will then use it's own found products to design the cities and towns on each planet. Making them unique. Each planets designs will reflect what is found there. The Earth will reflect everything.

The entire lifeline of the Human Species can be explained using the Sword Theory. It goes like this.
The Pommel of the sword represents the beginning, where we begin as simple energy, evolve into furry creatures, and ends when we evolve into monkeys. The Grip represents the evolution of monkey to Human. Starting with the thumb, up into the wheel, the bronze age and so on. And ends with the invention of electricity. The Cross-gaurd juts out because electricity advanced us so quickly that our line changed from simple forward movement to fast evolution. Where the cross-gaurd curves marks the invention of the computer. The line curves rapidly and juts back in, moving too fast to be seen in a forward motion. The Cross-gaurd ends with the invention of the Space Drive. The Blade represents the technology that will sustain us forever. All humans will live as if they are riding the Blade of technology into Eons of the future. The technology sustaining us much like water has always done. At the Point of the Blade is a shimmer of light that reflects from the blade and goes on forever, with us in it.

The greatest gift that God could give you would be the ability to not only live during one of these ages on the Sword, but to live throughout every age on the Sword. With Human history being so long. It is obvious that God would give us the ability to come back and live again. This is why we have reincarnation. We remember so that we can be proud of where we came from. We're proud of ourselves, because we were there.


Tips for controlling your mind. For those of us who need it.
Remember that these voices are almost always the voice of yourself in the future, sometimes even future lives.

Remember that these voices are there to help. Try getting a hold of your hallucinations and watching them for clues as to what they are trying to tell you.

Remember that your happiness is the goal of these voices, their purpose. And the most important thing to them. You being calm and relaxed is key.

If you are hearing any negativity from them, it is only due to your own unhappiness. Try calming yourself down and finding a happy place.

Remember that negativity is invalid. If you know you are unhappy, be sure to try and not interfere with their messages.

What you want for yourself and those around is the NUMBER 1, MOST IMPORTANT thing. Your wants and needs have been given to you by your Universe. Do not be afraid to assert yourself over these voices.

If you still cannot understand them, try watching and listening to what they say. If it doesn't make sense. Try responding to them with humor. The sharing of happy and funny thoughts will allow them to be more of a part of you. You can still obtain their influence without having to hear or see it.

Act natural. They don't want to interfere with your daily life as much as you don't want them to. If fact, they are trying to move with you and what you are doing, seeing and listening to. Don't stop your life to to try and catch them, merely absorb them.

Hold the image of a Shade in your right hand The image of a Spiral in your left hand The image of a Sphere in your left foot The right foot is your control Use this as meditation

Adam has been duplicated and copied time and time again by the human race. Adam is a source that is accessible through anyone. If you want. Just talk to Adam.


Say one or two things. Then let them go.

If someone is stuck in your head and you don't know what they want or what to say. Give them two people to think about.

Dane - Delta

Remember your happiness and relaxation. Don't forget to get for yourself what you need.

Nathan - Omega

If you're really lost. Just try inserting love.

Adam - Alpha

If none of this makes any sense to you. You're not listening to your head.

All thoughts are generated by voices. Tiny voices that ride on the White Sound.

All The time

The White Sound is the Spirit of Allah.

The Spark of Creation.

And Ever Positively And With Love


If Allahs brain itself is the source of all that is created. And you have all inherited this Spark from Allah Then you are all a part of the center of the Universe. Allah is the Center. You and Allah are a part of everything. Allahs happiness depends heavily on the happiness of his people.

If you are ever unhappy Pray to Allah.

Allah is a sound. If there is ever a time when you cannot find Allah.



Allah is also a part of his people. If there is ever a time when you are truly lost.


Stereo Speaker



UFO company is called.



And if you are certain that you would rather not talk to

at all.

Then leave.

The Galaxy

Epilogue II

The Metaphysical debris in the sky is caused by the engine that takes us to the stars, an engine that is powered by the spirit of Allah. Because the human brain is also powered by the Spark of the Spirit of Allah. You have exhaust too. Your Metaphysical exhaust exits at your feet. Due to that fact, there is Metaphysical debris all around your feet. Left over from years of people walking around, and lifetimes of people using their feet. In fact, the human spirit is always happiest when it is using it's feet. So if it suits you best to have your feet on the ground. Then by all means, feel free. To stay here,

And stay

Epilogue III

Basic life floats in space. Intelligent life floats together. Advanced life floats with a mate forever. Highly a d v a n c e d life has a choice. Adam has a Soul Mate. In the name Allah. She is the Love.

Adam is known by many names. Including Allah. Atum is also directly connected, With your past, present, and future. Don't split the Atom.

Fish in the their natural environments are accustomed to 1,000's of odors swirling through their waters. A fish in a tank, is an unhappy fish. No matter how clean you think your tank is. If you are going to keep a pet Make sure it wants to be there, Has plenty of room, And likes you.

In the same way. There are people around you who are. Naturally accustomed to wealth or influence. If not naturally given the respect they deserve. By their family and friends. They may go crazy.

There are 7 levels to human God-ship. Only Allah is a level 7. All humans. And anyone thing that be nature, Or has the ability to read this book. Is at least a level 1. The numbers thin at an astronomical rate, As you ascend the levels.

The last level is level 8. No human is aloud to stay in level 8. Though we are allowed to visit.

A level 7 is required by nature. As of this point. To maintain a relationship, With Marijuana. Or his heart will stop. And he will die. For in the real world of the Cosmos. Everything, is far too easy For him.

Most of you wouldn't scream at a waitress, for messing up your order. Why would you ever scream at your own Children?

Epilogue IV

If you can get 1 . 5 Billion people to swear up and down, That you are the greatest person they've ever known, Besides their own kin, You are a Prophet.

Climbing bamboo is easier than it looks.

Don't eat fruit.

Epilogue V


When a ship leaves Heaven to Time Travel. The Arch of its return, Speed X Arch Width determines it's return Time. The Arch is the Key to the Travel.

When the motion of the Universe first began to catch in space, Like a whirlpool. Early minerals collected in catch points in space. The touching of the minerals created small types of friction. In the Universe friction like all things is positive. The positivity of the friction reacted with the positive nature of the universe, bouncing off the walls, and was returned. The return of the energy caused the minerals to bind, expanding on its previous motion. When the rock grew in size it's weight and speed were slightly changed, causing new minerals, molecules, etcs.. to stick to it from space. The new minerals and molecules being close in proximity caused a new type of friction, determined by it's new weight, which caused a new return from the positive force of nature, bouncing of the walls. The first evolution had already caused the minerals to stick together, the new planet is no longer on the same stage of evolution . It evolves in a new way determined by it's weight.

The molecules and minerals begin to vibrate, which creates a new type of frictional force and causes them to shake away (because of the new weight) and move away from the parent of it's first evolution. The rock. Now there is magnetic rock that levitates away from the planets core. .. The combination of the two layers of the planet, creates a new weight and speed, which creates a new evolutionary force in a return. The minerals continue to gradually move away from the center of the planet, while still binding. The molecules begin to stay together by intention, or magnetically stay together. Which creates a new natural force. The combination of these natural forces creates new positive energies. All these positive energies working together increases the rate of evolution. Creating new fusions of minerals in the rock (by weight and speed), and increases the magnetic ability of the molecules to stay together. Or increases the molecules Will. In another evolution (by weight and speed), the minerals begins to fuze until it melts..... The molecules group until they learn to not only group, but to reach out for other molecules. The melted minerals fall to the center of the planet, the growing molecules branch out. The top layer becomes a network of rock and early life. The molecules weighed less in space, that's why they collected second, and once evolved, are more fragile.

The molecules are susceptible to being colluded by the first evolution, the rock. However the rock is heavier, and melts inward to the planet, and away from the lighter molecules. The molecules in evolution learn to branch out away from the planet. In the next evolution.... Speed X Weight are again increased. The rock becomes warmer, and molecules grow like the minerals, until they melt and collect into pools. Evolve again. Minerals are still being collected from space as well as molecules. The earth is warm and with pools of liquid on top evolving, and collecting.... Biology. . To Arch in reverse of the motion of the planet, is to move in between the motion of the universe, creating a new friction, new positive return, evolving the magnetic... The Arch is our Key to evolving the magnet. With our new ability to branch away from the planet.

The First evolution of the magnetic force is on the dish.

If the Scoop of the Space Drive were to turn counter clockwise. Which from the graphic would be Left to Right. The right side of the scoop would cut the magnetic force and cause it to buffer.

A nipple at the end of the Scoop allowed to move freely, would catch the evolved magnetic force and focus it out like a laser. The laser would demagnetize as it left the ship and would move into the demagnetized core of creation. However in theory, the magnetic force would never stop moving, because of the relationship it has with the other magnetic forces in the Universe. The magnetic laser would reach the edge of existence, the walls, and bend.

Or Arch. The magnetic laser is however being buffered. Creating a rhythmic and soothing series of On and Off. The line reaching the edge of existence would react with the walls in a strange, intelligent, and positive way and be returned. The return would move back up the magnetic laser and populate the ship with a Supernatural yet Pre-Existance cover. Change the speed of the drive and change the Arch of the magnetic laser. If the buffer of the engine, created a sound. And the sound were carried by the magnet, focused in laser, and spreading behind the ship like sound does. The Universe itself, should also return a sound. Changing the speed of the drive, would be like changing notes. Tesla apparently talked about sound resonance. But if sound itself was the reaction of the Arch of Time Travel. Then through sound the ship could travel through time, within the confines of the shell of the ship, and never leave space. In other words, the ship is out of time.. The universe around it, remains the same. The ship could travel through the Earth at a time when nothing was there... and not interfere.. hopefully.. with anything. . Because the ship is traveling off the speed of the drive, the size of it's buffer is changed at each speed.

With an advanced processor determining the speed, The interaction in the Universe would be different for each ship. If each ship were assigned a Binary number. painted on the side, with full legal documentation, licenses, taxes paid etc.... Then each ship would have it's own frequency of travel. Which makes for travel without worry. . If multiple ships were to carry the same frequency, then they would all go to the same place in time and space... The interaction would cause new frictions, and expand the Universe as we traveled Creating new dimensions, out of time. Combine Binary with Hexadecimal. Trillions of Dimensions. Add a graphics processor.... Dimensional television. Which evolves...

The hard part then is to imagine that Jo, out there in space somewhere. Was studying a molecule, in a goo, in a dish, because to them the molecule was a cancer. Jo was trying to figure out how to destroy us. But when he peered into the goo, one of the molecules began to excite and blink. But not only blink, but blink in a rhythmic, repetitive motion. On and Off. Which to Jo, indicated intelligence. At the same time, here on Earth. Our planet had just evolved and it's people had just invented Time Travel. As Jo learned more about the molecule, he began to realize, that the molecule was not a cancer, nor was it the cure for cancer. It was the cure for death itself. With evolved cancer molecules inside their body, Jo's people could live forever, because their bodies now had a new, timeless, cell. So instead of trying to turn the cancer off, with radiation, we should try to turn it on... with magnets.

But then, if you have eternal life, you have inter-dimensional time travel. You have Dimensional Television that has evolved into a Galaxy Sandbox. You've taken the wonder, the discovery, and the mystery out of life itself. Essentially, you have lost your soul. Imagine living so long, that you have forgotten where you came from, And there is nowhere left to go. Left and Right feels useless, Up and Down is boring. Backwards or Forwards has no meaning. The only way to survive in that condition is to strictly and without the ability to question, obey the law of the Universe, and follow everything it wants you to do. In other words, you have lost your freedom to the Universe. You no longer have a choice, because every choice has been made already, and far too many times.

Unless you have something to stick to.

The water sphere would automatically set itself by vibration according to the power of the magnet... And become like a Gravity Pearl. Perfect gravitational size, weight and spin. Enough that it would surely catch in space and grow. If everything in space has a gravity weight, which it does, the Pearl would never intercept another object, because of it's magnetically enhanced purity and dimension. Much like smart water. Smart water would have magnetically enhanced gravitational neutral buoyancy. Meaning that it would push and pull from every object in space, forever rotating. When the planet was created. At some point the water had to separate from its core and branch out towards the outer rim. This effect is due to the evolution of the water, gaining vibration as it grows, (push and pull), which creates pressure in the water. As the planet heats, the energy from the heat increases the evolution of the water, to increase pressure and push AND pull away from the core. This gives the water neutral buoyancy or in other words, a magnetic center or default. The water creates atmosphere as it thins towards the top and away from its core. Because the water pressure is thicker towards the core, water would flow slower, but move greater volumes.

It's moving faster towards the center as it gets there, but the pressure slows it down. The pressure also packs it in and increases it's purity. Causing it to move more, slower, and faster. Neutral Buoyancy. Not like the Time is slower, but rather like there is more in it. Take Physics, Math, Religion, Chemistry, Biology, and add Time as a fact based, and study-able physical science.

The Human Flag.

Add a Graphics Processor..

The End

The Creation b y P o p u l a t i o n section was cited, gratefully, from Wikipedia.com.

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Image contribution: "The Galaxy".By Mark S. Vanille or something. And the web.

If the water source were to thin after a certain distance away from it's core vibrational signature?

Water sources provide through massive bubble sections in space relative to their origin.

Mineral sources have lighter density, more gravitational atmosphere, farther travel in the cloud. Different speed.

Organic sources branch out and away from their cores with intention (push and pull), in a space drive an organic source would drift in return to it's core. A dirt ball from Earth, would drift you back to the Earth.