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Friday, April 25, 2008 Fremont, Washingtonï Volume 86, No. 1 The Fremont Independent ï Section B

Photo by Mark Harrison
Tulips bloom aplenty in a field midway through Tulip Town, a flower-abundant resource for those who celebrate the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

April showers bring in

Photo by Mark Harrison

Blooming is in abundance again, thanks to cool spring weather.

By Jeff Smith activities including art shows, tours, and

Staff writer open-house events at farms, wineries, Shoppes in Burlington are an option for With so much going on, be sure to
nurseries, museums and more. bargain browsing. allow plenty of time for your Tulip Festi-
The tulips are finally starting to In La Conner, shops and eateries The Kiwanis Club celebrates 20 val visit. Tulip Town offers a trolley ride,
bloom in Skagit Valley Tulip Festi- along the scenic waterfront, the Skagit years of its popular Tulip Festival salm- but if you’re venturing to the outdoor
val fields, and there’s an upside to this County Historical Museum and the Quilt on barbecue, daily through April 27 at displays, be prepared for muddy terrain.
spring’s very cool weather, according to and Textile Museum offer lots of oppor- the old, well known historic Hillcrest
festival director Cindy Verge. tunities for a day excursion. The Outlet Lodge in Mount Vernon. See “FLOWERS” on Page 2B >>
“The daffodil fields are still spec-
tacular,” she reports.
Most years, the daffs are done by the
time the tulips bloom, but this year “the
weather is holding them like the cooler
in a florist shop,” Verge said.
This weekend, most tulip fields will
be showing some color, with areas of
early blooming varieties and some fields
still waiting.
The picturesque tulip fields are the
Tulip Festival’s main event but far from
the only attraction. Photo by Mark Harrison
The entire Skagit Valley is busy with A mule-drawn wagon rides through Tulip Town, west of Mount Vernon in Skagit County on a sunny afternoon.

Gourmet French bakery doesn’t brown bag-uette

European coffee beans, croissants.
The 40-year-old Bellevue resident,
croissants and quiches spice who grew up along the French Rivera,
up breakfast and beyond was baffled that the Eastside, with all
its worldly residents and tech workers,
By Tan Vinh didn’t have more French bakeries. So he
Staff writer opened one last month, across from the
new Heathman Hotel.
The French Bakery is exactly what The menu: A selection of cakes, fruit
its generic name means — except tarts, quiches, salads, turnovers, ba-
this new Kirkland boulangerie/patis- guette sandwiches, and sweet and savory
serie serves North Italian coffee. Proud croissants — both traditional and with
Frenchman and owner Frederic Courteau Courteau’s own twist, such as a croissant
hates to admit it but says the Italians Photo by Erika Schultz stuffed with spinach and feta. Portions
make better coffee. He has gourmet Delia Mukhamedjanova picks are generous, and most are $4 or under.
coffee beans flown from Bologna every out pastries for customers at The
week to serve with the baguettes and French Bakery in Kirkland. See “FRENCH” on Page 2B >>