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Poetry AnalysisFat Is Not a Fairy Tale By Jane Yolen This essay is about tThe poem Fat Is Not A Fairy

Tale by Jane Yolen and I chose it because I feel that I canallows the audience to connect with what the author is trying to communicate. The message she is trying to portray is that she thinks the world has this image of beauty, skinny or slim, and they show that whenever a new story or fairy tale begins, where the main character is beautiful and thin. The way the author portrays her message is quite amusing. She changes the names of well-known fairytales to ones that one would think of as the princess being chubby, for example, Sleeping Tubby. In the first stanza, she hopes for a fairytale where the princesses are not arent slim and gorgeous, yet they are princesses all the same, but princesses that are not anorexic, wasp wasted (skinny) and not flinging herself down the stairs. This line can be I am not sure what this last line means exactly, but the way I interrupted it by realizing that was that they the princesses were not werent flinging themselves down the aisle with the random stranger who is extremely handsome and probably a jerk, but they do not know that. In short, I think she wants someone to pick up a pencil and write story with a princess or prince that is beautiful like the way she sees it. Fat and gorgeously normal. And maybe someday, the rest of the world will see any shape or size as beautiful. In this verse, the mood is a mix between longing (sad) and hoping (happyish). The author is wishing and hoping for this. She made the form like this so that the titles of the big fairytales would be separated. The figurative language, well, the reader may not see it but, when the author was writing this she is giving a message by just saying it, she did not didnt need to use a metaphor or simile; she just said that she was wishing for a story where the characters are different. The second stanza is mainly similar to the first. It is still portraying the same message as the first but the author is talking more about the beautys smaller features. Where the beauty, has a pillowed breast, and fingers plump as sausage, is the last line and it is rather interesting. The simile used to described the characters fingers is very funny. It brings to mind a line from a well-known movie, Shrek 2. Making connections between poems and movies is sort of the last straw when it comes to writers block! When we get to tIn the final verse, the author is waiting for someone who will write, listen or understand how she feels about being special and wanting to be recognized as exactly that. I think thisThis stanzas mood is serious, yet still a happy thing to hope for. I like the way sheThe author does a good job concluding concludes her stanza, saying that she cant cannot wait till the time when everything round is good, like cookies and the sun. The line is a very sweet line. She made the form this way so that reader can truly understand how she feels, taking it one step at a time and emphasizing the last. Lots of people around the world can definitely understand how she feels but how can one person change how the world looks at one another; change what the world thinks is beautiful? And change how we feel about ourselves? Our generation needs to step out of the frame of mind that tells us that we need to be skinnier or our eyes need to bigger or our hair needs to be a different color, and see that we dont do not need any of that when we are already beautiful in our way. I am a Christian and I believe that I was created in this way for a reason and I dont do not need to change. Sometimes I do feel like I want to go on a diet, but not to look prettier for guys, but for my health and my own benefit. Analyzing this poem makes the

Comment [JH1]: Great point, but avoid stayin things like ..:this poem is about.. and using form language!

Comment [JH2]: Great intro, but you need to include your thesis, why does structure, mood an figurative language help the poetic to express herself? Comment [JH3]: Avoid contractions! Comment [JH4]: Avoid contractions!

Comment [JH5]: Avoid contractions.

Comment [JH6]: Why would the author use those similes to compare the objects?

Comment [JH7]: You need to have referred to the mood throughout the poem, not only in the la stanza.

Aylie, your essay points are great. But you need to have develop a thesis statement that discusses ho form, poetic devices and mood are used to make the poem effective!

reader see deeper into the fact that they are fine the way they are, no matter what they look like. And I will end on a very cheesy note; it truly is what is s inside that counts.

Comment [JH8]: Great person conclusion to t end of the poem Aylie.

The Poem: Fat is Not A Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen

I am thinking of a fairy tale, Cinder Elephant, Sleeping Tubby, Snow Weight, where the princess is not anorexic, wasp-waisted, flinging herself down the stairs. I am thinking of a fairy tale, Hansel and Great, Repoundsel, Bounty and the Beast, where the beauty has a pillowed breast, and fingers plump as sausage. I am thinking of a fairy tale that is not yet written, for a teller not yet born, for a listener not yet conceived, for a world not yet won, where everything round is good: the sun, wheels, cookies, and the princess.