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Basic Overview

In the Kira game you play one out of 4 different classes, chosen randomly for you by the narrator. You are either one of the two KIRAS or L, Near or an Innocent/Criminal. If you're a KIRA, it's your goal to kill all the detectives, and if you're a Detective, it's your goal to have all of the KIRAS convicted. If you're an Innocent, you may side with either Kira or the Detectives (or neither) and support them. The Innocents can also vote to confine people thus helping the Detectives.

Start Game
What do we do?
To start a KG:TNA - There is no limit to how many people can play, but it's suggested to go with around 15-20 players, excluding the narrator. There are: 1 Narrator (neutral) 2 KIRAS 1L 1N The rest are Innocents or Criminals Each player is given an ID at random like. John Q Washington. Kira will need these IDs to kill players. The narrator makes a list (usually done in the first post of the Kira game thread) with all the participants. When the recruitment for participants stops, the narrator chooses randomly who all the roles are, and PMs these people informing them of their role. After that, the game is ready to start. The participant list will be kept updated with deaths (including death cause), confinements, and how many KIRAs/Detectives there are left.

The Narrator has to stay in contact with the KIRAs and the Detectives, and update the Kira thread if the KIRAs or Detectives have made a move. The Narrator him/herself is not a player in the game, but stays neutral.

Besides being the "manager" of Kira and the Detectives, the Narrator also has an account named "Sakura TV", which can broadcast messages from everyone. The players will contact the Narrator when they want to make use of the Sakura TV account. The Narrator will then post the message in the Kira game Thread using this account. Players can also PM the "Sakura TV" account if they wish to send a message (or fanmail) to Kira or the Detectives. The Narrator will then forward these PMs to Kira/the Detectives so they can read them. Kira's can contact eachother via fanmail, however. There will be no name telling and a limit of just 2 pm's per game. The narrator himself decides whether to or not accept fake messages.

Death Note/Kira 1 & 2

How to Use?
Kira can only kill by a person ID Name, and not their username. If you're a KIRA, and another kira comes into play after the Death God you have to contact the other Kira. You do not know who your partner is, so you'll have to go through the trouble to find your partner. The KIRAs will decide who to kill, themselves and do so with their own notebook. Each Kira has his own Notebook, and can make his own kills without discussing with the other Kira. (But also can work together) When the Narrator receives the information he/she will post it in the Kira Game thread, and update the first post with the new deaths. The second kira may also emerge by taking over the previous kiras role, if the first kira dies. before the Death God comes into play. Each Kira has his own "cool down period" where he cannot kill. This lasts for 36 hours after the latest kill. They can only schedule a death after the cool down period ends. If one of the Kira's fail to kill once in 96 hours, they die of an heart attack. Kira's can kill each other. They also don't know each other from the beginning, so watch out. Kira may rip out a page of the Death Note, and give it to an Innocent, with notice of the Game Admin, which can then use it at anytime during that game. These pages count as a kill made (not announced), but do not stop the death timer (three days without killing), this page is one time use only. Also this ability can only be used by the first kira, and not the second. The KIRAs can make use of "Sakura TV", which is a TV broadcasting company that spreads messages from Kira and L. This Sakura TV is especially useful when Kira wants to send the

other players a message while staying anonymous. When Kira wants to broadcast a message through Sakura TV, they need to PM the Narrator with their message. It must not be something like "I want Sakura TV to *insert something here*", but something that can be directly copied and pasted, so that the Narrator doesn't have to write the message himself. This is necessary because the writing style in which the message is written can lead to clues who Kira is. When making a kill, try and be creative with it.

Death God
When does a Death God Arrive?
A Death God may appear during the game. When is determined by looking at how many players that are playing the game, then select a number randomly within the amount of players. The selected number is the day when the Death God will appear. The Death Gods arrival is not to be told to the rest of the game than Kira. The Death God cannot kill anyone within the first six days of its presence within the human world. The Death God is only a trump card, which can be used by the kira in emergencies, to kill a person which name he or she does not know. Using the Death God is like using the Death Note; the kira will not be able to make another kill within the cool down period. The Death God dies and disappears when used, L or N will be notified if a Death God has been used, but the rest of the game will not. The Death Note from the Death God will drop into the human world, and will be given to a player randomly by the narrator. This part of the game can be disabled if the narrator wishes to. The narrator does not need to mention if the Death Gods are disabled.

Eye Deal
If one of the Kira's wish to do so, the Kira's will be able to make the eye deal. The Kira that has made the eye deal, will receive the name of the other Kira. When he

does so, the time of when he can kill goes to 48 hours, IMPORTANT! If a Kira is confined, he/she can't kill, and may not contact the other Kira.

L & N.
Under the category of Detectives, we have L & N. Although it doesn't really matter since the Innocents won't know who is who. The Detectives will get information from the Narrator about who the other Detective is, so they can contact each other. It is the Detectives job to find both KIRAs and confine them. They can only confine someone when there are enough votes (three at least) from the Innocents. However, the Detectives have to accept the confinement, and the Detectives are the only ones who can release players from confinement. For every two criminals that are killed (by kira), the detectives receive the ability to check the role of one player in the game. This may be done at any time after the second criminal dies. Detectives also have the ability to hide the names of Criminals after a crime has been committed. The Detectives can make use of "Sakura TV", which is a TV broadcasting company that spreads messages from Kira and L. This Sakura TV is especially useful when the Detectives want to inform the players who they suspect while staying anonymous. A good example would be when the Detectives want someone confined, but need votes from the Innocents. When the Detectives want to broadcast a message through Sakura TV, they need to PM the Narrator with their message. It must not be something like "I want Sakura TV to *insert something here*", but something that can be directly copied and pasted, so that the Narrator doesn't have write the message himself. This is necessary because the writing style can lead to clues who the Detectives are.

How does confinement work?
Players vote on a person to confine, at least three votes is needed, and a confirmation

from L or N. When a player is confined that player is no longer permitted to talk to anyone else than L or N in the game, not even the dead. Confinement will take three days, after three days, L or N has the choice to remove or hold the confined Player. If Kira is confined, he is unable to kill. For every second confinement kira will have the ability to grant two Names and ID's from two players. If you are confined, it is disallowed to post in the Kira game thread. You may also not PM other members, unless it is L or N (contact Sakura TV so they can forward your message to the Detectives) A Maximum of three players may be confined at the same time.

What do they do?
Criminals are innocents but with the ability to commit crime. Be-careful your crimes could make you a target for kira. Criminals commit crimes in the game (not affecting other players in the game), to keep the game alive. This is done by PMing the Game Admin, and telling them what crime to commit. The names of the Criminals are originally displayed after their crime; the detectives after the first crime has been committed can chose to hide the names of the criminals.

As an Innocent you can speculate with the others about who you think the KIRAs or Detectives are. But watch out what you say, because it can get you killed! The Innocents help the Detectives (or not) by voting on who they want to confine. Example: someone says they suspect Person X, gives his reasons why, and says he wants to confine said person. Then the others will vote if they agree. When there are three votes, the Detectives will decide if that person is confined of not. If they agree, person X will be confined, and won't be released until the Detectives decide to do so. There's a maximum of three confinements.

What happens if?
If Kira dies, L & N receives the roles of two players, and a new kira appears, chosen by the Game Admin. If the second Kira dies (while captured), L & N wins. If L or N dies, Kira receives Names and ID's of two players

If both L & N dies, Kira wins. When you die you're out of the game, and are only allowed to post in the Kira Game Lounge as long as you don't spoil! This condition cannot be changed.

General Rules
Do not spam in the Kira game thread. Do not double post in the Kira game thread; just edit your last post. Do not post in Kira game Thread If you are not participating. Please write in English. If you are going to pull something big that could turn the whole game around, alert your narrator ahead of time and get the OK.