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1.0Technical & Financial Capabilities

1.1Technical Resources

DPM has now over 70 employees including a highly experienced team of multi disciplinary
professionals. The Company Staffs have vast experiences of working at home and abroad in
the Middle East, Far East and African countries also.

The number of staff by discipline working in DPM is presented below:

Disciplines Permanent Staff

Roads and Highways Engineering 8
Civil, Structural and Bridge Design 6
Water Resources Engineering 15
Transportation Engineering 1
Hydrology/Hydraulics 1
Environmentalist 1
Agronomist 1
Supervision and Project Management 10
CAD Design Engineer 4
Quantity and Cost Estimating 3
Information Technologist (IT) 1
Computer Personnel 4
Human Resource Development/Training 2
Material and Geo-technical Engineering 4
Urban Planner 1
Fishery Specialist 1
Administrative & Accounting Staff 10
Total 73

1.2Logistic Resources:

Office space:

The Head office is located at the 2nd floor of House No. 4/1, Road No. 4, Dhanmondi R.A.,
Dhaka-1205 and comprises of approximately 350 sq.m. and has temporary site offices at all
site locations.

Communication facilities:

Telephones : Office telephone numbers: 8610567, 8610116-7

Fax: 880-2-8613043 (ISD)
E-mail : ,
Web page :

Office equipment:
Server(s) : 2 Set(s) of servers:

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Server 1 : Windows 2000 Advanced Server Acting as Active Directory

Controller or Primary Domain Controller.

Server 2 : Windows 2000 Server Acting as Backup Controller for the ADC.

Network System: Intranet Based LAN (Local Area Network) established through Tree
topology with 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, running under TCP/IP and SPX/IPX protocol.

Computer : 25 set(s) Pentium – IV and above

Printers :
 HP Laser Jet 4v - 2 nos. (A3 Size) @ 600 dpi
 HP Laser Jet 1100 – 2 nos. (A4 Size) 600 dpi
 HP Laser Jet 1200 – 1 no. (A4 Size) 600 dpi
 HP LaserJet 5100TN (A3 size) 1200 dpi
 EPSON Stylus Pro XL - 2 (A3 Size) 720 dpi
 EPSON Stylus colour 1160-2 (A3 Size)

Plotter : HP Design Jet 500 Postscript Printer (42 inch)

Laptop Computer : TOSHIBA 31CDT, Pentium III 700 MHz.

Digitizer : Cal Comp Model No. 34600 (60” x 40”) upto A0 size

Scanner : 1. HP ScanJet 6100C legal size

2. HP ScanJet 6350C

Projector : Panasonic LCD - PT-L595E

Photocopier : 2 Canon Heavy-duty photocopiers

System Support Facility

The company has a full functional IT Division in order to cater both in-house & external IT
support needs. The IT Division comprises an active system support & solution cell to
mobilise its computer facility.

Major Software available:

Structural Analysis and Design:

 STAAD Pro 2005

 SAP 2000 Nonlinear
 SDL Series

Drawing, Mapping and GIS

 AutoCAD

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• ARC view

Custom Developed Software:

Software developed in-house:

Number of software developed in-house for structural analysis & design of abutment, PC
girder, deck slab, pile and pile cap for RC and PC girder bridges.

1. DPM Bridge Design Software Pack 7.9 (DPM - BDS Pack) an independent
component based bridge design software
2. DPMC Bridge Drafter (AutoCAD Drafting utility developed in Auto LISP Bridge
3. LLC/Pro: wind Load Calculation and Seismic Load Calculation as per BNBC/93

Training, Library and Other Facilities:

DPM provides training facilities with classroom, computers, projector and other training
equipment. DPM is maintaining in its head office a well organised library with vast
collection of latest books, manuals and reports covering all knowledge requirements of the

1.3Financial Resources

1.3.1Bank of the Firm

DPM maintains its business transaction with internationally renowned bank Standard
Chartered Bank Ltd. A/C No. 01-1248553-01 and joint venture local bank Dutch-
Bangla Bank Ltd. A/C No. 011 41100 432

1.3.2Annual Turnover of last 3 years

Annual turnover of the company for the last four years is shown below:

Table 2.1 Financial turnover of the company

Sl. Year Amount in BDT
1 2006 236,46,163.00
2 2005 165,69,630.00
3 2004 105,72,428.00
4 2003 134,63,943.00

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