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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Discover the best methods of exiting a vehicle.




Despite a loss for the football team, Canyon Ridge High Schools true potential was unleashed on September 23, 2011. This years homecoming festivities revealed high levels of school spirit and community support. The Riverhawks have become the undeniable spirit champions of Twin Falls.


Photo Collection by monnette Easter

walking miracle
Sarah Pak & Azia Nutting Staff Writers
where they have a stroke specialist. Since then, things have gotten better for Alesa and her family. Doctors were able to diagnose the problem and provide a treatment plan that has resulted in Alesas ability to begin recovery. The students at CRHS have come together to help out with medical costs by holding a miracle minute on Wednesdays sponsored by Key Club. All monies collected

Alesa Easterling: a
will go to Alesas family in an effort to help relieve some of the financial burden. There was also a yard sale and shirts for sale. The T-shirts have a picture of Alesa and say, We love you and Praying for Alesa written across the front side. Now that Alesa is back in Twin Falls continuing her recuperation, well-wishes go out in support of a quick recovery and a speedy return to CRHS.

People need to be more accepting of those around them. Discrimination against others because of looks, beliefs, or cultural backgrounds is wrong and a huge problem. This is not just an overseas issue; its here in America, in Twin Falls, ID. one cant help but notice that the wars taking place all over the world are started because people cant accept the fact that others have a different belief or way of life. Why we all cant just get along. So, the question begs to be asked, What has happened to our human rights? Yes, the government still has these ideals somewhat protected, but that doesnt stop some people from picking on others. It obviously hasnt stopped the number of deaths in the middle East and countries where individuals have little say in government policy. If Americans really have soldiers in harms way, fighting day in and day out PRoTECTING our freedom and our RIGHTS, then why abuse the privilege of that freedom by limiting that of anothers? Why mock other human beings because their

The human rights factor is alive in Twin Falls

Sarah Pak Staff Writer

labor Day, 2011, began with sunshine and the promise of fun. Alesa Easterling had gone to the City Pool to enjoy her last bit of freedom before school started. For those who do not know this young lady, she is a walking miracle. Granted the opportunity to talk with Alesa, she told me the story rather calmly. I was climbing the iceberg at the City Pool and couldnt make it all the way to the top so I let go. The resulting fall caused Alesa to hyper extend her neck, producing a tear in a blood vessel in her neck. This resulted in formation of blood clots which traveled up to her brain; the clots cause a stroke. From there, the problematic situation spiraled out of control. I was life-flighted to Boise because the Twin Falls Hospital couldnt do much for me. Boise said all I had was a concussion and sent me home. That night I had a twitch, which wasnt good, so, back in Boise again, I had my second stroke. From Boise, Alesa Photo from Alesas Facebook Profile was life-flighted again; Alesa Easterlings Facebook page has been inundated with well wishes and this time she landed at prayers for her speedy recovery. This image, one of many on her page, was place on T-shirts and sold in an effort to raise money for her medical expenses. utah university Hospital

belief system is different? one shouldnt be forcing others to change their ways because agreement is lacking. Consider this; people from all over the world are desperate to live in the united States. In other countries, theyre living in fear of persecution because of religion and politics, two biggest and fastest war starters known to mankind. Tolerance, compassion, and acceptance are necessary for change. Try to think back to the American Revolution and why and how the constitution came to be. Remember how hard Americans fought for the freedoms they now take for granted? The morals and foundations of this country were built upon attaining the right to freedoms and opportunities for food, education, and the right to be an individual. With such a diverse population in Twin Falls and here at CRHS, we have such a beautiful opportunity to broaden our horizons by learning about the cultures and ways of life of our friends. Get to know people of different backgrounds, and learn about this countrys own history, so that the true meaning of diversity will expand and grow.


NEWS: SPlIT CoNCRETE The Riverhawks football team succeeded in defeating Jerome on September 15th, but the unhappy Tigers made sure to leave their mark.
Photo by monnette Easter

HumoR: uNuSuAl WEATHER local weather forecaster Chase Petty reveals the secrets behind this weeks mysterious weather. page 07

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Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teens deserve a fair shake too

Heaven Marsh News Editor
Adults do not understand what teenagers go through daily. Adults have no clue how difficult a teenagers life is. Adults just dont get it when it comes to realizing how teenagers function. Many of these statements echo through high school hallways across the United States on an hourly basis. High school students are known for rebelling and instigating fights with their parents, but do adults really understand why? Teens across the country have been raging a verbal war with adults for years about the difficulty of an everyday American teenagers life. With everything else going on in a teenagers mind, fighting with their parents is often much easier than sitting down and talking about their problems. Teens are known for stretching themselves thin and doing too many things for school, jobs, sports, clubs, church, and community activities. Homework. Every teen at Canyon Ridge High School has to deal with homework on a daily basis. Seven classes can put a teenager under a ton of stress. Students have to manage spending seven and a half hours at school and putting aside at least an extra hour after that for homework. Students undergo so much school time that it is a wonder they can wake up at seven to get ready to go back. A best case scenario is shown here, many students end up missing a day or two at some point in the school year and may fall behind and have to work even longer to catch up with the pace of the workload. Added to everything, adults dont give the students credit for the difficulty of school work in 2011. Research has been done to show that school work is getting harder by the year and the teenagers of today are doing work way more complex than that of the school work of their parents. Many adults are struggling during this recession and are counting on their teen to get a job to help support not only the teens expenses but also the familys. Many teens at CRHS spend at least ten hours weekly working and earning money. Not every teen holds a job but many are pushed by their parents to start working as soon as their sweet sixteen comes around. Adults sometimes equate a teens job to their own however. Adults sometimes dont realize that school is a full time job for a teenager as well. Teens often end up wearing themselves thin just between a school and a job. On top of school and jobs, sports bring a whole new aspect into the picture. Teens are encouraged to be athletic and play sports all the time, but who really has the time? Athletes are often the most stressed out among the students at any high school. Not only do athletes have teachers and parents to deal with, they also have coaches. Coaches are widely known to be more outspoken than other adults in students lives. When a teen does something wrong in a sporting event, a coach lets that teen known immediately and often times loudly. Not only do student athletes have to deal with coaches, they also are adding another huge commitment to their schedule. All sports have practice before or after school. Playing a sport is much like getting hired for a full time job where the teen has no control or say about what they do. Given, the teen signed up for the sport and they should know whether they can handle both the sport, school, and any other commitments they may or may not sign up for, but every athlete struggles to make time in their day to be able to do everything they really need to get done. Parents, teachers, and coaches often only see one side of the story whereas the student is forced to face every side of the story daily. After everything mentioned above, who has time for clubs, church events, and community activities? Clubs require at least one meeting a week and have events planned sporadically throughout the school year. Church events are a must go to for most church attending families, and community events such as volunteer work really require heavy commitment. Some teens are stretched throughout every aforementioned activity! When teens come home to rest for a minute and even take a slight nap or break in their day, their parents want them to help out around the house and do their chores! Teens may say, Adults dont understand my life and everything I do, and the teen is usually correct in this accusation. Adults need to be given a lot of credit for supporting their families and working jobs, but teens are trying to better themselves for future success and are still pushed to do more. A little understanding is always nice for the other side of the story and teenagers often are misunderstood or misrepresented. Teens arent mad and rebellious all the time because they hate life and their parents, they are merely venting their frustration at the amount of stress that has built up after everything they do.


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Debt ceiling affects CRHS teens

Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator
All summer, a big debate has been going on around the country. The subject of this debate: Should we raise the debt ceiling to help the economy? Wait, politics and the economy? Who cares? Well, you should. This will affect you, your children, and grandchildren. So first off, lets establish something. Think of the debt ceiling like this: In Washington DC, there is a big building. In this building, the bills that we have to pay get piled up and get bigger. As the population of the country increases, so do our governments bills that must go to pay for lots of services. Soon there are so many bills, we cant fit anymore into the building and the ceiling is about to burst. So, our president takes a bunch of money and pays for the roof of this building to be raised rather than deal with the bills and debt that are piling up. Even though we raised the debt ceiling, we have done nothing to stop spending money on things we could cut back on. Cutting back on our spending would help diminish the size of bills and debt in the building. For example: At your home, lets say you need to cut back on spending because your family have more bills and debt than what your parents are able to afford to pay. So, your parents decide to cut back or eliminate unnecessary expenses. No new cars. No new phones. No more going out to the movies. No more eating out. No more new clothes. Mowing our own grass rather than paying someone else. Cut back on driving and gas. No more TV packages with channels you never watch. No more vacations. As part of the raising

of the debt ceiling, our government was not willing to make any cuts in government expenses like we would in our homes. So far, our national debt is $14.29 TRILLION! A trillion is 12 zeros! Even the most sophisticated calculators cant add that much! Raising the debt ceiling can be necessary sometimes but we have to help our government deal with the problem too many expenses and too much debt -- by making some sacrifices. This way, we, our children and our grandchildren wont have to be burdened by so much debt.

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Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mrs. Gayle Bean

The Riverhawk Review will report fairly and accurately while striving to include coverage of the different populations at Canyon Ridge High School. Some material courtesy of American Society of Newspaper Editors/KRT Campus High School Newspaper Service. Unsigned editorials found in Riverhawk Review represent the consensus of the newspaper staff. Signed editorials represent individual views and are not meant to express the opinions of the advisor, school, administration or Twin Falls School District. As an open forum, Riverhawk Review welcomes brief letters to the editor. All letters must be signed, though names may be held in certain circumstances. Riverhawk Review reserves the right to edit all letters for clarity and available space. No letter that is obscene or libelous will be printed. Letters should be left in Brenda Reichenbachs mailbox or sent to Canyon Ridge High School, 300 N. College Rd. W., Twin Falls, ID 83301.

Advertising Advisor

Courtney Bertoni Staff Writer

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Online Classes Required

Kylar Moore Staff Writer
As of last spring, all freshmen have been required to take History online for one semester. The freshmen do not have to pay the $75 fee for the class. Although some freshmen are upset , most do not mind that this is a state requirement. History was chosen because the requirement was that the district had to reduce teachers and make the students take the classes online, so they wanted an area where teachers were retiring so they didnt have to fire anyone. Mr. Dickenson said, It wouldve been nice to have the students involved in the choosing of the class but there wasnt any choice but history. Whitney Dillon said, Preferably, I would rather take a live class than an online class. Its a lot harder to learn through a computer than in class because you cant interact with the teacher and other students. The online classes may not be a big deal to some students but it can potentially be hurting them. Some students have a hard enough time socializing, and the online classes force them to isolate themselves. The students get to do half of it on their own time and half in a class like computers.

Jerome bus driver vs. CRHS pavement

Thursday September 15th, Jerome High School made a visit to Canyon Ridge. At the game, Jerome definitely left its mark on this beloved school. The average rivalry between the Riverhawks and the Tigers has now become somewhat heightened now that the Canyon Ridge High School has an injury. During the freshman game, the Jerome bus had a bit of a mishap. No one is quite sure what the ingenious bus drivers thoughts were at the present time, considering the damage to poor Canyon Ridges concrete. Mrs. Wray says, He was not using his noggin. As the fourth quarter of the game rolled around, for whatever the reason might have been, the bus driver attempted to turn his vehicle around. Not as easy of a task as it may seem. The Canyon Ridge staff still isnt clear why exactly the bus driver needed to turn around; maybe he glanced at the scoreboard, but whatever the reason might have been, CRHS concrete now is in dire need of replacing. Mr. Gemar states the bus driver had a, poor lack of judgment Just outside the locker rooms, behind the football field, one may notice the giant bowl shaped section of grass. As the bus tried to turn, he realized he couldnt fit without backing out into this grass. Instead of asking a staff member to open the gate, he decided the better bet was to take a 7 ton vehicle for a stroll. The grass was therefore singed and the concrete now has the mark of a 1200 pound diesel engine. Canyon ridge may have lost a bit of grass, maybe a few slabs of concrete, and found a new story to tell. No matter, Canyon Ridge did win the game.

Photo by Kylar Moore

Controlling anger in teens

Aaron Burton Staff Writer
Anger seems to be a big part of high school students experience. Whether it is handled accordingly to the problem; anger can be a shot for attention or even just out of simple sadistic beliefs. But when you learn how to control and vent properly, then your anger can turn into potential and potential turns into results in this life. Andreus Burton says, It is hard to control (anger) but if I could then Im sure I can stride with no limits. In life when someone is told that they cannot do something or that they are not capable, the vast majority wants to do it. Some people shut down but others do their best to achieve that satisfaction of proving someone wrong. When you go through high school there is always authority. Some people, unfortunately, do not respond well to the aspect of having no say. When you feel as if you are doing the right thing because you had a feeling that the authority had no idea what they are talking about, and

Students in room 301 working on their IDLA classes under the direction of Mrs. Blakeslee.

Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

Starting on August 27th and lasting through August 28th, those that lived in Florida, the Carolinas, up through to New York and Vermont were all privileged to experience the wrath of Hurricane Irene. It was the first hurricane since 1903 to make landfall in New Jersey. Mohammed Ahmed, a former student of Canyon Ridge High school that now lives in New York was able to experience the event first hand. Experiencing a hurricane for the first time in my life was a pretty devastating thing. The hurricane did not really damage Queens, NY due to the fact that it is not near any river or sea; however, the people were pretty scared because it was raining CATS AND DOGS and the speed of the wind was extremely HIGH. As Irene roared up the east coast it caused enough damage to be ranked in the top ten costliest catastrophes in the nations history. It is estimated that about 5-7 billion dollars in damage was caused by the hurricane. Mohammed

you disobey anyway, then in high school because unfortunately you are still students brains have not doing the wrong thing. yet fully developed and (Granted the teacher or they are susceptible to whoever is not telling you brainwash. Living with the to go out and kill someone). constant thought that you This action can get you in a want to make the authority lot of trouble which results miserable can and will bring in anger. This anger then you down. There is a way to pushes you to do again what take that passion, and drive, you were told not to do. Just to turn it into bursts that think if you put that anger get you where youre going. Everything is this life and potential to good use and used all of it to prove can be a stress if you let that you can do what is right; it, especially high school, then you would have a lot but this life can also be more success in what you something that you live out do. Analycia Burton puts it, the right way and feel more Sometimes my blood boils confident in what you do. and I get that feeling where I want to do all I can to prove them wrong. This can be successful if you use it that way. Counseling your own anger is not an easy thing to do, but still very necessary on your walk in this life. High school can be some of the greatest times of life, but only if Photo illustration Aaron Burton you make it that Mr. Davis seems to be very angry; maybe a visit way. So much with Mr. Pete Coulson could cure that. anger is found

Jared Berry Staff Writer

Ahmed was able to see some of the damage first hand. The coastal areas in NYC like Rockaway Beach, Manhattan Beach and other places were affected by the hurricane; most of the peoples houses were flooded and few were damaged. Thankfully Woodside, the area I reside in, and to the areas close to mine did not get damaged; however, some trees fell on peoples properties like due to the high speed wind. All throughout this ordeal, lots of rain and heavy winds damaged houses, destroyed property, and sadly, killed 55 people. This monster of a storm even closed down the New York City subway system for fear that the storm surge could flood the lower tunnels, leaving thousands of people without means of transportation. Also, over 370,000 people were given the evacuation order to leave and move to higher ground. (http://www.nytimes. com/2011/08/27/ nyregion/new-york-citybegins-evacuationsbefore-hurricane. html?pagewanted=all)

Construction Strikes Again!

now complaining that they are forced to wake up ten whole minutes early just to make it to school before The spread of that irritating bell rings. construction throughout Zerina Mehic says, I feel like Twin Falls is a rapidly Im going to be late all the increasing issue. As much time the reduced speed as one may complain of limit on Washington the citys radius, it is quite effortless to get I feel like Im going to Street is so pointless. This epidemic is from point A to point be late all the time... The causing much more harm B. However, lately, the streets are being torn up reduced speed limit on than good. Sure the streets for no particular reason Washington is so point- will eventually be drivable at a quaint thirty-five and are causing detours. less. miles per hour but who These pesky little knows how long that will routes are the much take. One can only hope longer way to point B. -Zerina Mehic for quicker construction Carmen Perez agrees, I workers. On a much hate how it takes longer to get to your destination. miles per hour; a number brighter note, after all the For the average high school in which speedsters prefer chaos that is construction student, this is an extra to steer clear of. Twenty- and detours, Twin Falls ten dollars in gas that one five miles per hour being roads will eventually be put does not willingly give a crawling speed, causes back together. Students out. Not only is forking traffic amongst the students will gain their precious over the cash a problem, of Twin Falls. Traffic on a one- ten minutes of sleep back but for the geographically way street, not to mention and the speedsters shall challenged, there is a much the traffic cones sprawled speed again. Better yet, greater task at hand. One about, makes for a time Twin Falls roads will be all may be just a few streets limit disaster in the making. pretty for the students of Many students are Canyon Ridge to drive on. over, but for some, that

Courtney Bertoni Staff Writer

is a few streets too far. Construction also accounts for the many lowered speed limits. Unfortunately for the speed demons out there, speed limits in construction zones hover at a grand twenty

For more information talk to Mrs. Bean in room 300 or any BPA member.


PA! in B

Compete, have fun, new experiences, Mr. CRHS, Hawk Shop, travel, become a business professional!

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

takes center stage

Summer of the superheroes

Shayde Alves Arts & Entertainment Editor
2011 was the summer of the superheroes! Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, and X-Men: First Class all made it to the big screen this year, smashing the box office and proving that superheroes are still in style. M o s t would say that overall, Green Lantern was a pretty decent cartoon and comic, but the movie itself was a major disappointment. It tells the story of pilot, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) who is transported to the crash site of a dying Green Lantern, and has his powers bestowed upon him when the alien dies. The overall plot of the movie was predictable from the beginning, and unfortunately Ryan Reynolds and Blake Livelys good looks werent enough to save this film from being the disappointment that it was. The film did do reasonably well at the box office, earning just a little over 200 million, but that was just barely enough to cover the initial budget that it cost to make the film. Thor, one of the Marvel Comics, was a major success this summer, and out of the four, movies it was the most successful making just a little shy of half a million dollars in ticket sales. Thor tells the story of Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the God of thunder. Thor is banished from his home planet after a battle between the two races breaks out. As punishment he is stripped of all of his powers, and sent to live on Earth as a mere mortal. Thor tries to adjust to living on Earth, but only having human strength and speed is taking some adjusting to. He misses his home, his family, and is set on finding a way back. Thor is sure to leave people wanting more, with its great acting and the intense action that goes on throughout the entire film.

Arts & Entertainment

The movie did well enough that a sequel is being talked about and is set to be released in the summer of 2013. Captain America, although not the biggest success at the box office of the three movies, raking in over three hundred million dollars in ticket sales, it was in many peoples opinions the best made film of the four. The film starring Chris Evans (Captain America), takes place during WWII. It tells the story of Steve Rogers hope to join the United States Army and prove himself to his country. He starts out as the complete opposite of what the army is looking for, but when a German scientist sees Steves heart and the good guy that he truly is, he decides to pick him for his experiment. The experiment is to take an average, everyday man and turn him into a super soldier. It starts out just for publicity and to help boost the morale of America, but in the end he becomes a true superhero and the guy that he was striving to be. X-Men: First Class, explains how and when the X-Man saga all started out. It begins with how Magneto met Charles Xavier and how they later became enemies. The film opens up in 1944 in a concentration camp, where Magneto and his family are being held. When his mother is killed in front of him, Magneto finds out that rage triggers his powers. As the movie continues on, it tells the story of how Magneto seeks revenge against the mutant that killed his mom, and how along the way he meets some familiar faces such as: Dr. Charles Xavier, Mystique, Beast Wolverine. This movie really helps to tie all the loose ends together, and makes one realize how everything came to be in the other movies. The summer of the superheroes has come to an end, but the movies will live on.

Photo by Kameron Yeggy

Kameron Yeggy Managing Editor

When it comes to the great rock bands of the 1970s, which ones come to mind? Many would respond with those such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Queen, but most seem to be oblivious to the existence of a band that emerged from this era as the third most album-selling band of all time. Who is this band? It is none other than the almighty Rush, which is comprised of Geddy Lee (vocals, bass, synthesizers), Alex Lifeson (guitar), and Neil Peart (percussion). What makes this band so great? Firstly comes the reason why Rush is so renowned worldwide: musicianship. When the holy triumvirate, begins to play, audiences everywhere will find themselves in awe. These musicians know their instruments like the back of their hand and frequently whip out face-melting solos, rhythms, and riffs. Neil Peart is considered by many to be the worlds best drummer, and Geddy Lee proves himself to be one of the worlds best

bassists also. Alex Lifeson is often overshadowed by his superstar band mates; however, he is an extremely talented guitarist who is often underrated. When it comes to live performances, each of these individuals are able to perfectly recreate the sound achieved on their studio albums, which allows for Rush to be deemed as one of best live performance bands. Alex Ridgeway, a CRHS graduate, is a dedicated Rush fan who recently saw them live. He states, This is not a joke- I literally cried when I saw Rush. They are the ultimate artists; they can play better than anyone, can relate to everyone lyrically, and have some of the most loyal fans on the planet. If you havent checked them out yet PLEASE go buy an album. When bands achieve such high levels of musical talent, they often tend to over-play their instruments. Progressive rock bands of the 1970s were notorious for creating music that was almost so complex that it was difficult to listen to. Rush, however, has found a way to perfectly incorporate complexity into their music. They are able to invent melodic sounds

that mesh well together while still maintaining their intricate style. Throughout their 37 year musical career, Rush has released 18 studio albums, each with its own unique sound. The style in their musical library ranges from reggae to progressive rock and 80s pop-rock to heavy metal. Considering this, one cannot give up on Rush upon first listen. If the first song heard is not appealing, one is guaranteed to find at least one song in Rushs massive library that sparks some interest. Rushs musical inspiration is always changing, and no matter what anyone says, they will play it their way. For example, in 1976, Rushs musical career was on the verge of collapsing, so their record label requested that they write a short, radiofriendly song to gain them airtime. As a way to stick it to the label, Rush produced their infamous 20 minute song (and album) titled 2112. Despite being highly unknown, Rush is, and always will be, one of the most legendary bands of all time.

Psych is back
Chase Petty Asst. Managing Editor/ Sports
Are you a fan of delicious flavor? That is the question to be asked if one is a fan of Psych. Psych is one of the best shows ever created and everyone should watch it. Psych is about a guy, Shawn Spencer, who has a photographic memory but pretends that he is a psychic to everyone besides his partner, Burton Guster or Gus for short. Shawn pretends to be psychic so that he can keep his job with the Santa Barbara Police Department. Shawn and Gus take only the most unusual cases. They often work cases alongside detectives Carlton Lassie Lassiter Juliet Jules OHara. With Psychs non-stop 80s references and puns all over the place, one cannot help but laugh out load. There are many funny lines, and whenever a guest on the show, they usually make a reference to a different show that actress or actor has been in leading to a very funny line. Its not just all fun and games though. On some rare occasions, Shawn and Gus get a serious case and it takes all of Shawns skills to try and solve it. Sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. So if one has ever thought about watching this show, but hasnt yet, then they should because it comes highly recommended by many people including the professionals.

Reasons to love Idaho

Blake Maughan Staff Writer
There are a ton of people who love to go camping. A reason to love Idaho is that it has the Boise, Caribou, Challis, Clearwater, Curlew, Coeur dAlene, Kaniksu, St. Joe, Nez Perce, Payette, Salmon, Sawtooth, and Targhee National Forests, a total of 14 different forests! Idaho has the second largest ratio of forestland to total state land out of the entire 50 states, second only to Alaska. These forests are visited by hundreds of people yearly. The Payette National Forest spans 2.3 million acres, and has everything from the famous Hells Canyon to grasslands and all the way to snow peaked mountains. The Boise National Forest is 2,612,000 acres and many people like its various land features, such as grasslands, forestry, rivers, and mountains. Grant Maughan says, I just enjoy the outdoors. Period.His favorite national park is Yosemite National Park, California. He enjoys the Fire Falls where at night the park staff push fires down the water falls in the area so everyone there can see them, making for a beautiful view. While there, camping and hiking are fantastic options for ways to spend your time. Lynn Maughans favorite place is the Grand Canyon, and they both agree We love the Seniors Citizens Deals, that most parks have. Junior Kendall Hall says that the Independence Lakes are my favorite places to camp, where fishing and hiking are really fun ways to have fun and relax. Although the snow can be bothersome sometimes, it usually isnt too bad, even though we had snowball fights there..in JULY! Some people think that there are just enough Forests and parks, and any more would only result in higher fees to get in. Personally, I think camping in general is fun, and there are enough parks to give variety, but not so many that we have to charge too much to fund their maintenance.

Forever Proud Forever United Forever Riverhawks.. .

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Arts & Entertainment

Alexis Bowler Features Editor
The Twin Falls County Fair brought families out for a day filled with fun as the summer of 2011 wound down. Patrons got to enjoy rides, eat delicious food, experience a great concert, and leave every night with a smile on their faces and holes in their wallets. There were plenty of rides to enjoy, from the merry go round and Ferris wheel, to the Roundabout and Kamikaze. Visitors saw llamas, a beautiful lady with a snake body, and the tiniest woman in the world, and no one left hungry because there were so many delicious food choices at every booth. On Sunday the 4th

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twin Falls County Fair

the stadium was filled with everyone singing along to The Band Perry. Senior Victoria Vance states, The concert was amazing, I had a great time! If the rodeo suits you more you didnt leave disappointed, there was plenty of action on the fairgrounds starting on Thursday the 1st continuing through Saturday the 4th. Very few people left the fair with an oversized stuffed animal, but it was the thrill of the game that counted. Those who were not lucky enough to leave with a stuffed animal were able to enjoy a real deal by feeding and petting animals from all around the world. There was something for everyone at the Twin Falls County Fair.

Raising the standards with The Standards

On September 15, 2011, over one thousand students managed to squeeze their way into one side of the CRHS gymnasium in excitement to see The Standards, a band of five brothers; Jordan, Nick, Morgan, Nathan, and Quinn Williams, who grew up right here in Twin Falls.

Shayde Alves Nashville, and have made Arts & Entertainment a pretty good name for themselves. According to, Editor

They have since moved to

Photo by Alexis Bowler

http://magicvalley.com, The Standards first started out in 1994 as a cap pel la group, and as the years have passed they have added more and more instruments to their music, making them more diverse and able to appeal to bigger audiences. The entire concert was extremely interactive between the performers and the audience, and it was also very entertaining. Kennedy Perkins, Senior says, The concert was very good. Many more students agree with her. Melanie Day, Senior says, I especially loved it when that one guy beat boxed. It was Photos by Shayde Alves amazing. It was by CRHS students raise their hands to The Standards performance. The talented group of five far the best part of brother came back to The Magic Valley to put the concert. on numerous concerts. Although

The Standards were very entertaining and their concert was very enjoyable, they hit a sad note with the student body when they read a letter another student from Idaho had written to them. The letter described the impact The Standards had on this student and about how they had inspired him. The writer also spoke about a boy at his school who had had cancer and lost the battle. The letter was very touching and emotional, and it also had many on the verge of tears. When The Standards finished the letter there was just complete and utter silence in the gymnasium. Whether one likes them or not, The Standards proved themselves to be a great group of guys who have stayed true to themselves. Of all the venues to play at, The Standards are the most excited to play in Twin Falls, the place where it all began.

A view from the Ferris wheel is unsurpassed at the Twin Falls County Fair. Residents of Twin Falls county were treated to a myriad of rides, games, rodeo festivities, and concerts leaving them to anticipate what next year will bring.

Mayhem Festival Mainstream music

Autumn Myers Staff Writer
many people to look up to. This can be a good or bad thing, considering not all artists are good influences and can make very poor choices. Also, mainstream can change an artist. So a good influence can eventually turn into a bad one. It also seems that mainstream music is lacking a lot. Sabryna Schmidt, Junior, says, I think mainstream is lacking more variety of music. I feel that it is also lacking passion for the music. I have only really seen an artists music passion in the rock genre. Mainstream artists tend to focus more on their music becoming a profit, than simply playing to show the world their talent. (If they have any.) One way mainstream could improve is starting with the fans. Those who listen to mainstream say they love Katy Perry, when the only songs they have heard of hers are those constantly being played over the radio. If the fans took the time to seek an artist and see everything they have produced, it would give a more fair outlook on the artist. As one may find the only thing they find catchy is what is on the radio. Music is everywhere, being heard everyday. If mainstream isnt for you, there are thousands of artists waiting for their chance to be heard. If mainstream is what you like, I can only suggest you open your eyes to other music. You may be surprised at the art you may find. G o d s m a c k , Disturbed, Megadeth and Machinehead, These four bands together made up the main stage performers of The Mayhem festival 2011. The Mayhem Festival is an annual touring music festival that takes place from July to mid-August. Each year calls for a new lineup of bands, decided by popular demand. Mayhem stopped in Nampa, Idaho on July 13th, 2011, and thousands of fans attended the event. Some of the fans mainly went for the main lineup. Brandon Anderson, Senior, says I would have to say I mainly went for In

Autumn Myers Staff Writer

Mainstream music, we have all heard it whether we have wanted to or not. If you have just crawled out from under a rock and are unaware of what mainstream music is, it is what a majority of people listen too. 92.7 KTPZ is a local radio station that channels this music. Turn the radio station to 92.7, and you may hear artists such as; Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj. These names are very well known due to the popularity they have gained by being in mainstream. Mainstream can be heard anywhere, and is often played since it is what the majority of people listen to. We all have our own personal views on mainstream music. Although many love it, some find it ridiculous. I am one who finds it very difficult to listen to. The same music is repeated multiple times throughout the day, and most of the times, the lyrics do not make any sense. The same lyrics are often repeated 20x before new lyrics are heard. For example Willow Smiths Whip My Hair, or Britney Spears I Wanna Go. When asked his opinion on mainstream music, Eric McDrummond, Junior, answers, I dont listen to what most people listen to. I am more of a set type of music person. Although, I feel that mainstream gives people someone to look up to. I agree with Eric. Mainstream does give the audience

Flames and Godsmack. In Flames was headlining the Revolver Stage at the time. If you arent much of a fan of Godsmack or Disturbed, there were still many other bands to enjoy. A total of fourteen bands, including All Shall Perish, Trivium, Unearth, and a local rock band 57 Heavy. If you love rock and metal music, the mayhem festival is perfect for you! There are three stages, and it is a big area so one is free to roam as one pleases. Attending this festival is a great experience; it gives attendees an opportunity to discover new bands. When asked what band had the best performance, Laura Olsen, Junior, said, Straight

Line Stitch. They had a girl that could really scream! Straight Line Stitch was a metal core band that played on the Revolver Stage. For those interested in Mayhem, the festival will be returning next summer. New bands will be performing, and there will still be various bands to look forward to. In previous years, Korn, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Five Finger Death Punch have all taken on the stages of Mayhem. The lineup for The Mayhem Festival 2012 will be announced this coming January based on popular demand, so vote!

The Band Perry

This years annual Twin Falls county fair was filled with excitement. In addition to the fun, thrilling rides along with all the food, there was something else, something more exciting than all the rides. On Sunday, September 4, 2011, The Band Perry made an appearance at the county fair this year, giving all those country loving fans a concert that will not be topped. Joey and Rory opened for The Band Perry with one of their most famous songs, Cheater, Cheater. One sister and two brothers make up The Band Perry. I loved the whole concert; my favorite song was, She was a good truck it made me laugh. Linda

Eryka Schroeder Staff Writer

said. This band has been together for five to six years. The most popular song, If I die young, on their first CD has been on the top Twenty Country Music video countdown. I enjoyed the concert not my type of country but it was still interesting, my favorite song had to have

been Grannies got her daisy dukes on and, she was a good truck. Ethan Peifer had said. Over three thousand people attended the concert that day; this will be one concert everyone remembers.

Photos by Eryka Schroder

The Band Perry preformed for a packed audience the night of September 4th. Fair-goers were treated to top songs like, if I Die Young. It was an event not soon to be forgotten.

Hawk Shop
Open @ lunch!
y Cand Nachos Chocolate

Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cellstaken without her knowledge in 1951became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and more. Henriettas cells have been bought and sold by the billions, yet she remains virtually unknown, and her family cant afford health insurance.

& Much much more!

Interested? Read the book! Skloot Rebecca

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11 , 2011

people have with the media go a lot deeper than low self esteem. They can also lead to anorexia (when one starves themselves) or bulimia (where one eats a lot and then purposely throws it up). Rader Programs states that, 79% of teenage girls who vomit and 73% of teenage girls who use diet pills are frequent readers of womens health and fitness magazines These problems are diseases, and can be fatal. People need to understand that these images the media has forced into their heads are unattainable. Only a small percent of women would be able to support the perfection the media has created. Researchers generating a computer model of a Barbie Doll showed that in real life, the back of the Barbie would not be able to hold the weight of her upper body, and her waist would be too small to contain all of the organs needed to support life. Jill Barad, president of a Barbie Company, estimates that 99% of children between the ages of 3 and 10 own at least one Barbie. People need to realize that they are perfect the way they are. Colton Whittemore, Senior, says, I think people should just be themselves. Todays society needs to stop comparing itself to the fake idea the media has, and just live life.

The dress code drama ignites student debate:

Varied opinions on what is inappropriate
Azia Nutting Staff Writer
shorts/skirts that are appro- not wear them all because priate for school especially of school! In the case of if you have long legs, then dress code, many students its even harder! Alma may say that it is too strict. have bad luck with always Everyone that intergetting caught and trying viewed had very good to find the longer shorts, so points, and in ways I agree Jacob Quaintance, junior, with them. I do think that interjected, if its sold in we should wear what we the stores, then we should want, to express ourselves, be able to wear it! Well Ja- but also, as Kaleb Price said, cob, that could be true, de- cover your selves up! Seripending on what was being ously, this is why we have made then worn. too many rules. I mean, if One person who were going to have this doesnt agree with that many codes, why not just is Kaleb Price, junior. He have uniforms? Oh, wait states that, The dress code because then we cant exisnt too strict. I dont want press ourselves. But whats to see girls bra straps let the difference if we cant alone stomachs or anything even do it now let alone else hanging out. Kaleb with the uniforms? I do also also thinks that, Some of have to say that I dont think the dress codes are dumb; theyre too bad, but some of we should be able to wear them are over board. I guess muscle shirts and show the students will just have our muscles off! Ah, what to wait and see if anything a typical guy. Hey, after all changes. we do have a Body-D class and that could be shown off. Bailey Barton, junior, also believes the dress code is too strict, because its taking away our individuality and not letting us expresses ourselves! Keri Schwarz, junior, agrees and jumped in to say, Mhmm! There are too many rules! Girls have way too many cute Photo by Azia Nutting clothes, and you Tiana Korsen enjoys her lunch while sporting cant just expect us a lovely spaghetti strap tank top. Under curto throw them out or rent dress code policy, this is a violation.

Opinion: Media Madness

Alyxis Cederstrom Staff Writer
Images of how a female should look are everywhere. From television, to ads in a newspaper, these high expectations are far and wide. They put an idea in womens heads that she needs to be 90 pounds, 6 feet tall, and wear the right clothes in order to be successful and happy in life. Hanna Kern, sophomore, states, The media shows people what they need to have and how they need to be in order to be cool and hip and accepted into society. They brainwash and blur everyones vision and keep them from being true to themselves in ways. Though television can be entertaining, it can also be artificial and, at times, dangerous. The media uses images to gain money. The more appealing the people look in ads or movies, the more people will want to purchase the product. The industry feeds off of insecure women to make money. This is a win-lose situation. On one hand, the clothes and diet industries are making a fortune because of how people think they should look, but on the other hand, studies show that these images that the media presents are linked to low self esteem and depression. These problems that

Many people, mainly students say that our schools dress code is too strict. Anybody else think so? We see in many other movies that deal with high school and the students are wearing spaghetti straps, shorts, and just whatever they felt like. Sure it may be a set for the film, but students dont think its fair. I took the opportunity and interviewed some of our CRHS students and heres what they said: Dacia Baker, freshman, commented, Its stupid, because you cant express yourself through your clothing, but I do have to say that Canyon Ridge is a lot less strict from Robert Stuart. Just being a freshmen here, Dacia doesnt like the codes, but follows them as best as she can. Speaking of people that dont follow the rules so well, and could frankly not care about the dress code, Alma Husejnagic commented, Some of the things that we want to wear arent bad at all! The teachers freak out about the girls wearing the tops that come off the shoulder, and I dont think they should if theres a tank top or something underneath, then its not that big of a deal. Also, anything that has to deal with shorts or skirts; well sometimes its hard to find long enough

Remembering 9-11
Kylar Moore Staff Writer
On September 11, 2001 our country was devastated by an unprovoked attack from terrorists. Due to the heroism and courage of the firefighters present that day as well as the structural soundness of the buildings struck, more than 45,000 lives were saved. Just as these brave fire fighters joined together to assist the victims of this tragedy, all Americans have united to aid the victims, as well as to fight the war on terrorism. This day has a lot of meaning and some do not know or fully understand what happened, but the biggest issue is we dont honor it enough. We should have a moment of silence to remember those who died and their family members who are still alive. Two planes crashed into the twin towers world trade center as an act of al Qaeda terrorism. This is something we must never forget, and it must help us understand that we should all be there for each other like the citizens of New York City did for the family members and the beautiful memorials around the city.

Where Has All the Spirit Gone

When I ask this question, Im not just referring to the dress-up days. Its pep assemblys, and the number of students attending games and school functions (this includes baseball games in the spring, swim meets, track, soccer etc., not just football and basketball!) I have noticed that the class of 2013 in particular is lacking in enthusiasm, especially at the assemblys. As for the attendance at school functions and games, we really need the attendance to go up! Mrs. Goodrich says, There really needs to be a way to involve

Sarah Pak Staff Writer

EVERYBODY, and get EVERYONE involved. Houda Abdul, sophomore, commented, During spirit week, they should do awards for the best dressed, that way people would have more motivation. Also, why are kids so afraid to dress up? Personally, I think its fun. If one has fun and get dressed up in groups, its really not bad at all. Some kids say, Well, I didnt have enough time, or, I dont have these clothes and accessories. Here is a solution! Get together with some friends and swap clothes or plan a day to go shopping the weekend before. Or hey, talk to student council and request that

they give us more time to plan ahead. Problem solved. With that being said, lets just be proud of our school! Yes, CRHS is still pretty new, but dont let that stop your pride from showing.

Photo by Monnette Easter

The best advice Ive ever been given is just jump in and be myself. -Alysa Rutherford

tudents Say...

On spirit day many students came up the stairs lacking CRHS apparel.

Just be true to yourself

Aaron Burton Staff Writer
When one really stands up for what one believes in, how does it feel? Good? That is what one would hope. There is a tendency in high school to become who one is not and to look like the others who are seen as cool, a relative term. What is cool? What is right? Questions that one day will have to be answered and one day will change lives. There is something burning inside all people that enjoys little a revolution. The inner being enjoys when something that is right is stood up for, but the problem is that same inner conscience has a fear, a fear that collides with fate. Everything a person does and how one looks is perceived as who they are, and the really is not know unless one is seen when they think no one is looking. Some showboat around and act like who they think their friends want them to be. This is often a totally different person from what is on the inside, but let it be known, the secret to respect in high school is honesty. Being accountable for ones actions and meaning what one says. In high school it is often ones dream to gain respect and friends and popularity and all the things that eventually will perish. Is popularity necessary to be successful in life? Or is the reward bigger when a person stands up for what he/she believes in? The perks of being oneself come at a greater reward than any item or amount of fame. Perhaps it is not easy to be an individual, but the most important decisions in this life are not the easy ones. Sometimes trials in life are blessing that make one stronger. So when high school is getting low and it might seem like all the experiences are just shutting you down, keep that head up and look to who you are. In the end, you will be rewarded.

Enjoy your youth while you still have it -Hana Kern Get involved with the school -Sabre Stearns

Be yourself and dont be who you dont want to be -Jake Delmar

? ?
? ??

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Support your hawks!

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19) Lately, youve been worried that you arent understood or that youre talking to a wall, but someone will soon come along that you will really connect with. Patience is the key.

The wonderful, magical Probe

Michael Chapple Humor Editor
Since the beginning of time, civilization has thrived on finding means of transportation. Transportation all started with the horse. These gentle creatures were used for many years before people started getting bad rashes in odd places. The carriage was then invented to get rid of the rash. This was the start of an all new form of motorized transportation. Vehicles have been around for centuries now and are a big part of everyday life. Many people have their vision of the perfect car. Many people think this dream car is a Lamborghini, Ferrari or some other form of foreign sports cars. The true dream car is none other than the 1992 Ford Probe. This piece of beaut has been amazing people for almost two decades with its astonishing speeds reaching almost 40 miles per hour. Gas mileage is also not a problem with this car getting close to 10 gallons per mile. One of our very own students at Canyon Ridge High School, Shayde Alves, is lucky enough to own one of these rare, four wheeled gems. Neil Kauppila, a senior, commented on his ride in the Probe, The ride was very smooth! The Probe is a ride that some consider magical. It is continuing its journey across America moving from one persons garage to the next. Not stopping for any breaks, the Probe still continues to please Americans today with its unique style and shape.


Photo by Michael Chapple

The main control center inside the wonderful magical Probe.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) Attention is the thing you want the most right now; however, things arent going in your favor. Be sure not to snap when friends and relatives are tied up with responsibilities. Your time to shine will come.

Photo by Michael Chapple

Neil Kauppila sprawling out on top of the Probe.

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20) Youve probably been really insecure recently because of the people around you or even yourself. Take some time to think about the things that make you awesome. Be sure of your actions and go full force ahead!

Forecaster claims unusual weather

Chase Petty Asst. Managing Editor/ Sports Wednesday October 12, one can expect to have a gentle blizzard coming their way. Mixed in with the snow, will be the weather man, thats me, on a sled yelling at peeps Watch out people! Jack Frost is coming for you! Ahhhh! He got me! So be on the lookout or in this case hearout for the weather man and his warnings on the Frostinator. This blizzard is going to last all day except for a 30 min break around noon for some nice snowball fights. Thursday October 13, one can expect to have

a record high heat in our area. It is supposed to be at the least 123 degrees

Photo illustration by Kameron Yeggy

Chase Petty is the Paul Revere of snowstorms. Jack Frost is coming!

Fahrenheit, so grab your shades because the sun will be smiling your way. There will be an unusual amount of food fights in the

cafeteria due to this heat. No one knows quite why heat makes people do this. The world will never know. Friday October 14, one can expect to have a volcano eruption coming down from Mount Momma Jamma. It is supposed to envelop all of Twin Falls with its chocolaty lava with unicorns riding the waves on surf boards. Whooooooo! So one can either grab their over sized spoons or go crying all the way down to Hell Norway that is. So thats the weather for the next three days. Be prepared to have some good times. Oh, and remember to watch out for Jack Frost!

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22) Things may get a little hectic in the next couple weeks, but make sure not to let that ruin your mood. You are a leader and your moods affect friends around you. Look at things in a positive light and things will only get better.

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22) The worst thing you can do is force something to happen when it isnt meant to be. Maybe its that special someone or just a friendship on the brink. Remember that the perfect friendship is not something you have to force.

Canyon Ridge Clubs and Athletics

Kameron Yeggy
1 2 3 4 5 6

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22) Youve been really concerned with your own needs lately. This isnt a bad thing until you forget to consider how your actions will affect other people. Try something new! It will really benefit you in a big way.

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) Fun is your best friend these days. Just remember that you have responsibilities and you may get way off track if you dont take action now. Find a way to add fun to focus.

Across 1.Need your cow milked? Give them a call. (Initials) 3.Saddle up and prepare to get bucked 6.Only for the most diehard Pokemon fans. 7.If youve lost your marble, Im sure this club has some spares. 8.This group always wins their arguments.

Down 2.These guys could pin you without a needle. 4.Snatch up your briefcase, contact your accountant, and prepare for fun. (Initials) 5.These fellas really know how to unlock the secrets of helping the community. (___ + Club)

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) One important thing to keep in mind is to think before you act. You may get carried away with how awesome your year is going. However, if you act too quickly you may regret those things later on.

Apples and Berries: Guide to a healthy lifestyle

Dear A & B: As a senior, I was so excited to come to school this morning that I forgot to wear pants. What should I do? Dear Pant-less: The solution to your problem is very simple. Step 1: find the nearest freshmen. Step 2: take his pants and wear them just like you would your own. Step 3: stuff the now pant-less freshmen into the nearest open locker. This knocks out two problems. First you got your pair of pants, and second you just initiated a freshmen. Dear A & B: As a freshmen I am very worried about coming to school on the first day, getting bullied, and losing my lunch money. How should I avoid this? Dear Wimpy: There are two solutions to your problem: #1. Avoid coming to school at all on the first day. #2. Become REALLLLLY good friends with the principle or nearest teacher. Dear A & B: On the first day of school I got lost and couldnt find my way to the weight-room. I really dont want to spend another class period wandering the halls trying to find it. Please Help. Dear Clueless: It is about time for you to start using your head. When this happens again, look around you and find the nearest Meat-Head. Follow him and eventually you will end up in the weight room! Dear A & B: I am nervous for the first day of school, and I cant quite decide what to wear. Should I wear a pinstripe suit or a collared shirt with my favorite pocket protector? Dear Nerdy: This is the 21st century. We save that type of attire for job interviews and special occasions (not for the first day of school.) If you want to be normal, wear a pair of ripped jeans and a cool shirt. If you dont own either of these items, jeans and a t-shirt will work just fine. Dear A & B: Every year on the first day of school students seem to fall asleep in my class. This year I want the first day to be fun and exciting so the students will actually like me. What should I do? Dear Mind-Numbing Teacher: Here are several suggestions: #1. Avoid reading from the syllabus the whole class period. #2. Do some sort of activities that involve food. #3. Play a practical joke on one of the students in class. (This student may not like you, but the rest of the class will).

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Dont let your worries keep you so occupied that you dont notice a friend in need or someone trying to get to know you. Let go of that fear and be open to those around you.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) There may be a ton of drama surrounding you at this point. The best thing you can do is find a place to be by yourself and try to work out your own thoughts before you get mixed up in other peoples thoughts.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) Your love may not be like a rollercoaster baby, but your life sure is. Slow down and take a break. A little rest will be the best thing for you.

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20) Youve been feeling really aggressive with other people and maybe a little pushy. Something that helps this is to step back and take a breather. Once youre calm, people will feel more comfortable with you.

What does it mean to wear a hat? 30 years ago one might have said, To keep the sun out of my holes. But wait! That may not be the case anymore. It seems that todays youth are using these dome covers to make a fashion statement rather than protect their eyes. So let us begin with the analysis of the generic baseball cap. There are multiple ways to wear this accessory, and depending on how one wears it, it will send a different message. The baseball cap is traditionally worn with the bill forward. By doing so, one is showing their respect for headgear and is either promoting a cause through the insignia on the front or

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hats: methods and hidden meanings

Kameron Yeggy Managing Editor
is simply protecting their eyeballs. This is the correct way to wear a hat. What happens if the hat does a 180 and ends up backwards? By doing so, one reveals confidence in their face but selfconsciousness in their neck. The individual is indirectly telling the world to look at their face and not the giant pimple on the back of their headstem. Last, and certainly least, comes the sideways hat, other wise known by me as the swag. My question to those who wear hats either completely sideways or slightly askew is, Whats the point? I researched possible reasons that one may decide to do this and came up with nothing. My only discoveries were that it makes it extremely difficult to lay down and it keeps the ladies from nibbling on your ears (true story). It might make you feel like you are straight thuggin, but youre not. YOURE NOT! Now that the methodology behind hat wearing has been revealed, I trust the public to use it to their advantage. Feel free to experiment with your own hats and have fun revealing hidden neck acne.
Photo collection left to right Lane Barker,12, confidently shows his hat off to the public. Zach Schlesinger,10, roots for his team, Arkansas, in style. Dakota Dodd,12, wears the hunter look well. Jasmine Hifford,11, Relaxes beanie style. Nik Rountree, 12, reveals his western heritage with his classic ten-gallon hat
Photo by Shayde Alves Photo by Shayde Alves

Photo by Kameron Yeggy

Photo courtesy of Nik Rountree

Photo by Shayde Alves

10 ways to...
Exit a Car
The old fashioned way

The stupidity of our generation

Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator
I have heard many adults say that children are our greatest resource. Our generation is the key to the country. Our generation IS the future. To me, this is very scary. The stupidity of this generation is unbelievable. What do you mean? you ask. Well, allow me to elaborate. Over the years, I have had class with some people who asked the stupidest, most unbelievable questions. One day a few weeks into the semester, I decided to keep a log of all the stupid questions asked in class. I am sad to say that I have almost 2 full pages of stupid questions. Now, everyone has a tendency to say something stupid every now and again. Im not going to lie; I myself am guilty of asking a stupid question here and there, but these questions were asked on a daily basis by the same people! For my and others protection, those who asked the stupid questions will remain anonymous. These are just a few highlights from my full two pages of stupid questions. Is the top of the flagpole real gold? Do you have to go to college to be an astronaut? There isnt anything in here [science book] about the main features of Earth! Did people die? when talking about the Japan earthquake. If youre a jet and you go straight, straight up, can you get to heaven? Is Smart water healthier for you than regular water? [Teacher] is that you? while watching a video of a tornado. Who the heck is Bin Laden? Was that the LA Dodgers Stadium? While watching a video of a TORNADO in ALABAMA. You know when they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? If you conceive a baby in Vegas, does it stay in Vegas? Are clouds made by the sun? Is this a true story? while watching a tornado video. Does the Lunar Holiday have anything to do with the moon? Hey! The alphabet has 13 letters right? Yes reader, these are all true. Scary isnt it? I hope that this will enlighten you and help you think before you speak.

Head first

Butt first

Out window

Funniest YouTube videos reviewed

Chase Petty Asst. Managing Editor/ Sports

Use the opposite door

Through rear window

Walk out on hands

There are many videos out in the World Wide Web on a site called YouTube that can make one laugh hysterically, but none like these three videos, the Ultimate Caption Fail by Rhett and Link, Dude vs. Wild by NigaHiga, and Man vs. Toddler by Barats and Bereta Ultimate Caption Fail is about the two guys, Rhett and Link, trying out the new closed captioning option that YouTube has added on to their videos. The closed captioning option is horrible and really cant detect what they are saying and throws out random words at you.

So to test it out, Rhett and Link write a script of them talking on a phone and act it out. Then they put that through the caption option and see what they get out of it. What happens is hilarious, but even that is not enough, they then take the words they got out of that take and put it through the option one more time to get an even more ridiculous outcome. This is by far one of the most entertaining videos out there. The next video Dude vs. Wild by NigaHiga is about a guy making a parody of the television show, Man vs. Wild. He basically just walks around a desert and acts like a stupid version of Bear Grylls. This video is

very amusing and definitely deserves a watch if one hasnt already. The last video is Man vs. Toddler by Barats and Bereta. This video is about Barats having competitions with a toddler. He has a race, a diving, a math, a drink, and being a toddler competition with this cute little girl. This video is one hilarious and one should watch it many a times. These three YouTube videos have millions of views and they have them for a reason. It is because they are some of the most stomach bursting, cant stop laughing videos out there to date. So go out there and watch em.

Dive through door

Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator

Dear reader, by reading this article, you will be saving yourself from a horrible ordeal. What is this awful thing I am warning you about? Well reader, let me tell you right now DONT EVER, EVER, EVER, get and apricot tree. Parents use this tree as forced child labor. How? Well, when you have an apricot tree, after a while, the fruit starts to fall off of the tree and you are forced to go pick up the rotten, smashed, smelly ones off of the ground. Now it really isnt so bad if you trim your tree because that makes the fruit grow big. But, if you are like my family, and you dont trim your tree for two years, the apricots turn out to be tiny and have very little flavor. Now you have a tree loaded with tiny, tasteless fruit that gets easily smashed under

child labor and apricot trees

foot. Lovely, just fantastic. To make matters worse, they smell horrible in the heat and pets love to eat them. That makes your poop pick-up duty even worse than it already is. So you see reader, getting an apricot tree is all around a bad idea. So save yourselves and dont ever get and apricot tree. (Also applies to plums, peaches, cherries, and crabapples. Results may vary with each tree.)

Out sunroof and slide down the hood


Bail out of moving car

Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking the next step Teacher Profile: Mr. Hall or is it Paul

Recently, I went to go see my sister Kelly Ann Buddecke in Dallas for a family weekend at her school Southern Methodist University. While I was there, I decided to interview her about adjusting to college life and what kind of advice she could give kids looking at college. I got some really great information that will really help all of you students out there who are looking at colleges. Q: What do you personally think is the most important thing that students can do to ensure they get into college? A: STUDY! Definitely Study! Studying is of course a no-brainer but you have to remember, it is different for every person depending on where they want to go. If you want to get into a private university, you have to study hard and keep your grades up or you will never get in. If by some weird chance you do get in without studying in the first place, you are going to get a BIG reality check if you arent studying. Q: As new students in college, whats the biggest thing they need to remember? A: College isnt like Animal House or any of those crazy college movies. There will always be parties and fun things to do but you have to be responsible and know your limits. I know that it is the first time away from Mom and Dad and you can basically do anything you want but your parents arent spending a lot of money on you and your college tuition so that you can party it all away. Plus, word gets around who is wild and who has their head on straight. And personally I dont want to be walking around campus and have people stare at me and whisper about what I did at that party last night or have everyone know how much of a partier I am. If you go out and party all night, come in at 3 am, and sleep through one of your classes, and do this consistently for the first few weeks of school, (like my roommate) you are most definitely going to fail and get your butt whipped into shape. You have your whole life to party, why spend the most important 4 years of your life getting wasted every night? Take it from me, there are more kids at home studying than there are at the Photo by Lisa Buddecke Frat houses partying. Sarah Buddecke, 10th, visits her sister at
Southern Methodist University.

Q: Are you the odd one out if you dont join a Fraternity or a Sorority? A: It depends on the school. Here at SMU? No. I live in the Honor Dorm and almost all of them are just students. Its nice to be in a sorority with a bunch of girls who are like your family away from home but you are going to be just fine if you decide not to be part of the Greek life on your campus. But like I said, its different for every campus. Q: What do you think is really important when applying for a college? A: Two words: EARLY ADMISSION! The sooner you get your application in, the better chance you have of getting in. Q: How do you choose the right college? A: Well, it depends on what you are interested in. I chose SMU because first, I looked at good business schools. There were A LOT! So then I decided I wanted hot! So I took all of the North and East and put a big X. And I didnt want to go to California because that state is just a mess so I eliminated most of the West coast. So I was left with the South. Then it was Moms turn. Anything East of the Mississippi River was a definite NO. Too far. So I was left with Texas and Alabama. I got into Texas Christian University, Auburn University, and of course, Southern Methodist University! Now I was leaning more to TCU but then I found out I was eligible for a big scholarship at SMU. After lots of stress, and interviews, I got the scholarship, and here I am! All you college lookers, scholarships are good! We like scholarships! Q: A lot of kids are probably freaking out about applications and tests and such. Any advice? A: Relax! I know its easier said than done but trust me, all this stress is most definitely worth it. I mean, this is the rest of your life were talking about here! Dont stress, you will get through it. Its tough now but in the long run, you will be glad you did it. Dont sweat! College is fun! You just have to be responsible and you will be fine.

Autumn Myers Staff Writer

Mr. Hall is a speech and debate teacher, and has been teaching for 12 years. He has taught at various schools in the district, but now resides in Room 411 as one of the most well liked teachers at Canyon Ridge High School. In his high school years, Mr. Hall explains that he had not always wanted to be a teacher. He had difficulty in deciding what he wanted to be, since it was suddenly expected to be known his junior year. Being an architect is what he had had in mind, but he soon found out that he had not been educated enough in math to do so. Mr. Hall was then unsure of what his career in life would be. It wasnt easy, I didnt get good grades, and I was almost held back in the 8th grade. I thought it would be a nightmare to only have one job my entire life, and not even knowing if its the right one was scary, explains Mr. Hall. Despite this, it does not affect Mr. Hall as a teacher. I like Mr. Hall, he always keeps the class so fun and interesting, states Todd Keyes, sophomore. Tyler Anderson, Junior, also comments, He has taught me not only how to be a better speaker, but how to be a better person. It may sound clich, but its honest. When asked his favorite subject to teach, Mr. Hall responds jokingly, I should say math. Consider-

ing his previous statements, since most of us were very But seriously, my favorite nervous entering speech believe it or not, would be class at a new high school, 9th graders. It is not what I and couldnt imagine it beteach, but who I teach. Mr. ing a class we would enHall then continues explain- joy. But with Mr. Hall as the ing how he remembers a lot teacher, your most dreaded of his freshman year, and class could end up being finds those students to be your most anticipated. the most relatable. After Thanksgiving When asked if he would break, Mr. Hall brings out take the opportunity to his well known sweaters. He switch to another career, has quite a large number Mr. Hall is quick to answer. of them, as they are rarely Ive thought about it, since seen more than once. When I will win the lottery, but Ill asked his opinion on these retire a teacher. Teaching is lovely sweaters, James Anwhat makes me happy. And drus says with a smile, I Mr. Hall shows that quite love his sense of fashion and well. With his well liked per- how everything matches so sonality, and great sense of well every day. Compliment humor, you can tell this man his sweaters, and it will loves his job. Many students make his day. As if he wasnt had something to say simi- already happy enough dolar to that of Hanna Kern, ing what he does best, he is He is really passionate and proud to be Canyon Ridges energized. He inspires me very own speech and deto where I know I can do bate teacher. anything. It is hard to find a student who dislikes Mr. Hall, since he has many great qualities said by his students. Anthony Masic says, Mr. Hall taught me my speech skills. I no longer feel as shy I did first entering the class, he made speech class Photo by Autumn Myers fun. This is a Mr. Hall pensively sits at his desk preparing for the great thing upcoming days classes. He makes a habit of being at to hear, school before dawn to ensure he is ready for his day.

Student Profile: Russells travels

his house between trips for a few days at a time. He even went to Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada, Forget Waldo! Wheres where his father was born Russell? Russell Romney was and the farthest distance born in Colorado, and is a from Twin Falls. Canadian-American. He has He was with family played on the Canyon Ridge most of the time, visiting High School Baseball Pocatello with friends, team and the Basketball and Forks and Portland team. He has, this summer alone. His favorite place alone, traveled to 12 was Forks, where he saw places across the west. family and friends who Sophomore Romney he has been away from states, I love traveling. I for some time. Saying that always have, when asked I dont get car sickness about why he traveled so anymore, no matter how much. long the trip. He has used He has been all over Greyhound buses, cars, Washington in places and even planes to get such as North Port, Forks around. (his hometown and the In other years, Russell location of the Twilight has traveled along the east series), and Port Angeles. coast. These places would He was in Utah often as Photo provided by Interstate Photography all make great trips during well, going to places like For those wondering, Russell has been Woodland, Brigham City, found! He is safely back at home in Twin time off from school, and Caysville, and Salt Lake Falls, traveling the halls of CRHS in search traveling is a blast just about anywhere! of new and exciting adventures. City.

Blake Maughan Staff Writer

Other states where he spent a little less time in are Idaho, where he visited Boise and Pocatello, and Portland, Oregon, using Greyhound buses to get around. Russell only stayed at

A new year and new CRHS beginnings

Alexis Bowler Features Editor
A new year begins which means new friends, new teachers and new experiences. Many become anticipated with the new school year beginning, but others can hardly wait for it to be over. What really counts about the year is everything inbetween, the memories made, the risks taken, and the lessons learned. Every struggle made in school can easily be turned into a great success. Every student has his/her favorite part of the year, along with their least favorite. Senior Daniel Huey states, My favorite part about the school year is seeing all my friends and lunch of course, and I hate all of the homework and Monday morning classes. Of course school has its ups and down, but overall it will be a path to the future. High school may be hard and boring, but it is a stepping stone to the real life ahead. Senior Gabe Hernandez says, School is okay, Im not really into the whole activities and spirit thing, I cant wait to pass and just get it over with. Whether the future holds college or a full time job, enjoy these moments because it wont last forever.

13: is it just a number?

Cody Cunningham News Editor
The number thirteen is just a number, right? Then why in large buildings is the number thirteen often skipped on the elevator numbers? Why it that in hotels, the room number 13 is skipped and in its place often 12-A. The truth is many people have triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number thirteen. More often feared is Paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th, not just the movie, but the day. There is always at least one Friday the 13th each year, sometimes two, even 3. In the year 2009, there were three Fridays that fell on the thirteenth day of a month, this will happen again in 2012; as if that already wasnt an unlucky year. So, why is the number 13 feared so much? One theory goes back to the days of hanging people. A properly constructed hangmans noose consisted of 13 wraps above the noose. There were also often 13 steps leading up to the platform as this was the correct height needed for peoples necks to break. Another theory supporting the superstition is that in tarot reading, the number thirteen is the death card. Studies have shown that less people choose to drive on Friday the 13th, and there are more people that go to the hospital on that day compared to normal Fridays. The actual reason the number thirteen and Friday the 13th is feared is unknown, but there is definitely something different about it.

Photo by Monnetter Easter

Such a simple number, such a complex meaning.


Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mi vida en Chile: 10
My life in Chile
Alyxis Cederstrom Staff Writer
possible in the road, and all of the streets were one way. People started going before the light turned green, and tried to make the light as it was turning red. As crazy as it seems, they all knew what they were doing. Not once did I ever witness a car crash while I was there. Another very different thing was the school system. Almost every school in Chile was a private school. Ones education was dependent upon how much money your parents were willing to spend for you to go to school. I went to the richest school in my town. Your grades in high school tell you who you are going to be in your life. If you get bad grades, you will have a career of bagging groceries or being an entertainer on the street. If you had good grades, you could be a lawyer or doctor. High school grades are VERY important there. The classes are different, too. The most difficult thing out of all, however, was the language. When I first went to Chile, I barely knew any Spanish. It was extremely difficult to integrate myself into a new country and a different language. I didnt start speaking Spanish fluently until about 5 months into my exchange. Though this was the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, it was also the most worthwhile. I gained experience and insight that I would have never achieved if I had not left. It exposed me to the rest of the world.


Hola. Yo soy Alyxis Cederstrom, and I went to Chile as a foreign exchange for a school year. It was the hardest, longest, yet best experience of my life. You know the expression, its like a different planet? It WAS a different planet. I was experiencing culture shock from the minute I stepped off the plane. Though some people may think what we do here in the US is weird, imagine how I felt being in a whole different place with a different culture, different food, different people, and a different language. There were many things different with Chile. One of those things being their driving. It was the scariest driving experience I have ever had. On the streets, they didnt have lines or anything telling them where to go. They just went where they wanted to. They tried to make as many lanes as

Things girls and guys should know

Photo by Monnette Easter

Cody Cunningham News Editor

Girls should know...

Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice them Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to Dont talk about your guy friends to your boyfriend Guys get jealous easily Girls are guys weaknesses Guys will brag about anything Guys dont really have final decisions Guys hate rejection, but they hate being led on even more

Monnette Mickael-Easter Staff Writer

Guys should know...
Never ask a girl how many pairs of shoes she has because neither of you want to know the answer. Girls say boys dont understand them, but in all reality girls dont understand themselves. We dont always look our best and we shouldnt have to. When a girl says shes fine, it means there is something wrong. The little things you do mean the most. Even if we have a bad day we still want to have fun Youre not always the center of our attention. Sometimes we dont want to talk; we just want you to hug us and never let go. We are great listeners, and we know how to respond to a problem. We might be staring, but its not necessarily at you.

Eight months in Chile gave Alyxis the opportunity to meet new friends, see exciting new places, and experience amazing new cultures.

Photos provided by Alyxis Cederstrom

CRHS clubs: get involved

As most know, high school is considered by many to be the best and most important time period of life. This may be deemed true because it is the time where teens develop and establish unique personalities and interests that are to be used throughout the remainder of their life. So what can we as students do to explore our future options in the professional world? School involvement is critical in helping decide how to spend the future. Involvement includes everything from joining clubs or sports organizations to simply interacting with classmates and making

Kameron Yeggy Managing Editor

friends. By staying academically involved, one is able to experiment and explore activities that may spark interests and lead to a career. Canyon Ridge has over 20 various organizations available to students. This ranges from simple clubs, such as the Anime Club and Key Club, to athletic organizations. Many students participate in these clubs as a way of interacting with teachers, classmates, and career paths. Mark Dolecheck, a senior here at Canyon Ridge, is an active member in FFA (Future Farmers of America). Dolecheck states, I enjoy FFA as a way to meet people, discover possible careers, and expand my knowledge

about agricultural experiences. Lane Barker (senior), a former member of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), has had a very different, yet positive experience with Canyon Ridges clubs. When asked his thoughts on HOSA, Barker replied, I gained lots of knowledge and insight into medical careers. It helped show that it didnt really fit me. Although Lane found that the medical field was not his slice of pie, he was able to find friends and got really close to the kids in the club. So get out there and join some clubs. There is no better way to explore ones future professional and social lifestyles in high school.

Burning a new beginning

Photo illustration by Monnette Easter

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S.O.S, driving in style with Camaro

Aaron Burton Staff Writer
The S.O.S. drivers education class uses a Camaro similar to the RS to train student drivers, and to equip their knowledge of defensive driving. As one might think, the Camaro can be quite intimidating to the beginner driver as it is rough to get over the anxiety of driving a car that costs more money than they have ever seen with their own eyes. Nonetheless, the S.O.S. driving facility uses this Camaro as a hook to get students and parents to buy into their program. Along with the Chevy Camaro, S.O.S. uses a different time schedule than a regular school drivers education class, allowing participants to end training two weeks earlier by using their program. This gives young drivers two less weeks of a dreadful wait until they get their permit. Two weeks earlier may seem a little early to an uneasy parent, but the end point is that in this class the instructors are stricter with how students handle themselves as a defensive drivers. S.O.S. driving school costs a seemingly whopping $300. This may seem like a lot to a parent with a budget, but the perks of the class are good ones, and all in all the students have a better experience. According to Silvester Begic, Junior, the teachers at S.O.S. driving school are, easier to learn from. When asked, Lighthouse student Julia Martinez simply replied, Awesome!

nc 0 an i $2.5 6 issues! Grea t siz es!


With the economy getting rougher, and unemployed skyrocketing, one family came together to create a local business that began as hobby, making candles. Rebecca J. Allred, Jessica Allred Meyers, and Becky Allred of Twin Falls, Idaho all enjoyed making candles and giving them to friends and family for about five years. What they considered sweet fun, soon turned into something that made them the money, helping their whole family through a rough time. When Becky lost her job and her home it was apparent that a major miracle was needed. Becky Allred said, When I became essentially homeless, there were many things that went through my mind, but with the support of Jessica and Rebecca we decided that we could come up with a new recipe for the candles we loved to make and start a business.

Monnette Mickael-Easter Staff Writer

I could get back on my feet and we could start a college fund for my grandson. Jessica, Rebecca and Becky created the family run business of Midnight Transplant LLC, and it has been up and running for around three months. From candles to scented melts all the way to fire starters, they have come up with over 26 scents and specially make every candle with what they call their own secret ingredient. These candles arent just some ordinary candle though, with the addition of their secret ingredient the candles shimmer and sparkle when lit. A shimmer candle is a special blend of waxes and unique optically active color additives that shimmer when burnt. For information on prices and styles those interested can find Midnight Transplant LLC at midnighttransplant. com, on Facebook at www. facebook.com/midnighttransplant, or at their email address www.midnighttransplant.gmail.com.

Created by advertising students

Contact: Gayle Bean Room 300 beanga@tfsd.org

Photo illustration by Monnette Easter

Midnight Transplant LLC offers a varity of candles available to the public.

Homecoming Game 2011

Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Big AARP Hall of Fame probably

Chase Petty Asst. Managing Editor/ Sports
Shaquille ONeal has definitely left his mark in the world of basketball with his big presence inside and his effect to help bring his team to championships. Now that he is retired, he is no doubt heading to the hall of fame as one of the top 50 players of all time a few years from now. Shaq was drafted first overall from LSU in the 1992 draft by the Orlando Magic. He instantly became a force to be reckoned with, winning the Rookie of the Year award. He played with the Magic for four years before going to the Los Angeles Lakers where he then won three championship titles with fellow superstar, Kobe Bryant. LA is also where Shaq got his one and only MVP award during his entire career. Due to complications between Shaq and Kobe, Shaq was eventually traded to the Miami Heat in 2004. Shaq improved the Heat squad immediately and alongside Dwayne Wade, the Heat won their first ever championship in 2006 and Shaqs fourth championship. After that Shaquille was shipped to the Phoenix Suns in 2008 where he played his last good season until he was plagued with injuries. Shaq is fifth all time on the scoring leaders list behind Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, and Wilt Chamberlain according to http://www. sbnation.com/nba. Igor Jozelic, Senior, says, Shaq is a boss. The NBA world wont be the same without him. Off the court, Shaq has starred in movies, music, and even law enforcement. Also, Shaq has had over 20 nicknames throughout his career and when he announced his retirement, he changed his nickname to The Big AARP. Shaq was a key player for all of his teams and could come up clutch down the stretch. He is second all time in field goal percentage and therefore has locked in a bid for the hall of fame for sure.


Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

The team walking out to the field.

Bump, Set, Spike! CRHS volleyball

Sara Buddecke Advertising Coordinator
Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

Football team breaking through the banner.

Walking into the gym after school is like walking into a noise box. There is screaming, yelling, the calling of plays, cheering, and the sound of bare skin skidding on the floor. This is volleyball. The freshman team practices upstairs

while JV and Varsity practice downstairs. The head coach Stacie Boer has created a great program here at Canyon Ridge. The freshman team consists of 9 girls, JV has 9, and Varsity has 12 girls on their team. Even though they have won some lost some, they still have determination. And it really showed on

September 20, 2011. CRHS Volleyball had a complete sweep at Burley High School. Freshman, JV, and Varsity all beat Burley. In fact, CRHS Volleyball made history that night. Now its time to take on Twin Falls High School Volleyball. This year, we will rock Twin! Watch out! says a hyper and optimistic Aysha Alves.

Sydney Nutting grins and says, Be sure to come and support your Lady Hawks! You wont want to miss this! Do you think they can do it? Heck Yes! Come watch Canyon Ridge Volleyball beat Twin Falls! Its time to show them that the underdogs can give them a run for their money!

Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

A big pile up while running between the tackles.

Photo by Monnette Easter

Photo by Monnette Easter

Canyon Ridge volleyball players setting up their team mates for the spike on the opposition.

Players high fiving each other during the announcements of the starting lineups.

Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

The band playing during halftime.

Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

The defense right after the snap.

Cross Country 2011

The football team came out dominant in the first quarter with a rushing touchdown by Metcalf on the first play then two fumble recoveries On the second of for touchdowns on defense September, Canyon Ridge by junior, Cameron Bartlett High had their first home and veteran Hawk Senior, football game of the 2011 Dallas Galan. season. It is coach Dave By halftime the Hawks Slottens first season as head had a commanding lead coach and he wants to be a and were poised to take s u cce s s f u l their first team this home game year. He got by storm but just that in the second with Canyon half, the R i d g e Wildcats were outscoring able to rally, Filer by 20 and bring the points in score within their 56-36 20 points. victory. The Fo r t u n a t e l y, leader of Hawks Photo by Brenda Reichenbach the the Hawk recovered the f o o t b a l l The team warming up pre-game onside kick and victory was were able to senior, Braydon Metcalf run the clock out and get who had over 220 yards their first win of the season. rushing and 4 touchdowns.

CRHS, Victory!
Justice Straub Opinion Editor/ Photography

Sports in high school

Aaron ODell Staff Writer
In a high school as nice as Canyon Ridge there are tons of opportunities to play a school sport. It just depends on if the students want to take the chance to join a sport. With one thousand one hundred twenty-three students now attending Canyon Ridge only nineteen percent play a fall sport. Nineteen percent comes to about two hundred eight students participating in a sport. Those two hundred eight students are spread throughout four sports; football, cross country, volleyball, and soccer. With two hundred eight students playing a sport, that leaves the other nine hundred fifteen not participating. Some may be doing other things outside of school. Some students like sports and some dont, so they simply dont try out for sports. Some have specific reasons for playing or not playing. When asked this is what a few students at Canyon Ridge said. The first question was directed to students that do not play a fall sport. The question was why dont you play a school sport. Douglas Tank said I personally dont play sports because I am burnt out on sports. Then when asked what is a benefit of not playing a school sport he said, I do another type of sport outside of school, its easier on my knees and I have a lot more time on my hands. Then Kendell Gardner was asked the same two questions. Im too busy in my schedule so I dont have time. Not doing them gives me more time with family and friends. Those are two interviews of students that do not play school sports. Now comes the students that do play a sport. These two were asked why do you play sports and what are the benefits of playing a sport. Cade Summers said, its a rush to be able to play school sports. I enjoy sports more than anything. Winning is a great benefit of playing sports. Its an awesome feeling. Then Kaleb Price was asked, They are fun and you get to meet new people. Doing sports gets you fit and active. For canyon ridge there are two sides to reasons why someone would play a sport and why someone wouldnt. Two from each side have been interviewed and now we have some insight on both sides. But whatever these students do they are sure to strive to excel whether its a sport in school or out of school, or no sport at all.

Photo by Jared Berry

Runners trying to take the lead early on in the race.

Photo by Jared Berry

Kayla Lee, junior, trying to pass a Twin Falls runner.

Photo by Brenda Reichenbach

Support RiverhawkBoosters

The football field where our fellow hawks pour out their heart and soul each game and practice to get better.


Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

York Jets have won more playoff games in the last two years than any other team in the NFL, but the one hurdle that they havent been able to cross is the AFC East. The Patriots have beaten them out for the division crown the last two years, and that will be the case again in 2011. No matter how you look at it, the San Diego Chargers were one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL last season. They had the top-ranked offense and defense but missed the playoffs due to a number of stupid little mistakes, but this year the team should win the AFC west comfortably.

Are you ready for some football predictions?

The 2011 NFL season is coming fast! The lockout completely changed the 2011 football season as it created a free agent frenzy and an absolutely unpredictable landscape for the upcoming season. Head coaches have little time to prepare, which means were going to finally see who is truly dedicated to the sport. As we are all aware, the NFC West was not a strong division in 2010 with the Seahawks winning the conference with a record of 7-9. Sadly the division doesnt have any signs of getting better this year and

Michael Chapple Humor Editor

with the Seahawks losing Matt Hasselbeck that leaves the Cardinals to take the division. For decades, the NFC East has been seen as one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. Year after year there are one or two teams picked to make deep playoff runs, while the others provide stiff competition as well. This year the Eagles made big splashes in the shortened but hectic freeagency period which is why they will win the division. The core of the old black and blue division has transformed into more of a passing based offense in recent years. The defending Super Bowl Champion

Green Bay Packers reside in this division even though they are not the defending NFC North champions. The Packers will come out on top this season in the NFC North. The Atlanta Falcons had a great regular season last year before being embarrassed in the playoffs by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. The Falcons are looking to bounce back from that playoff loss and are more focused on getting to and winning the Super Bowl. All this is why the Falcons will win the NFC South division this year. The Cleveland Browns have not had a lot to get

excited about since rejoining the NFL in 1999, and it will be difficult for this team to compete for a playoff spot this year because the AFC North is so tough. But this team, led by running back Peyton Hillis, will show major signs of improvement in 2011 and take the AFC North division. The Indianapolis Colts win the AFC South almost every year. The obvious reason as to why is QB Peyton Manning. However, his second neck surgery and its subsequent slow recovery is why the Houston Texans will finally rise out of mediocrity and win the AFC South. Rex Ryan and the New

NHLs hitting some slapshots Crimson Line Dance

As summer comes to a close, Americans all over will be busting out their sticks and slapping some shots with their neighbors. Thats right. Its hockey season! With the NHL regular season opening on October 7th, now is the time to break down the statistics and make predictions for the 2011-2012 season. The Western Division kept a high intensity throughout the 2010/2011 season, and fans should expect to see the same during this upcoming year. Strong teams in this sector include the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks. The San Jose Sharks achieved greatness after getting over their early year slump last season, and this greatness with transfer over to this season.

Kameron Yeggy Managing Editor

Winding Down Running cross country October

Jared Berry Staff Writer
As the football, soccer, and volleyball teams start gearing up for the season, the Cross-Country team has already left them in the dust. Cross-country is a sport that has a season that never really ends. Any little bit of activity or cross-training all helps when it comes to being in shape for a sport that requires one to be in tip top shape and run long distances. Cross-country is a very demanding sport and running is not the only thing that one focuses on when they are training for cross-country. They have to develop strong ankles and legs, a good core, and be able to run on all terrain, which can include: grass, hills, sand, dirt trails, and sometimes even mountains. So if a sport is so demanding and arduous and requires running 3-6 miles daily, why do people do it, and even more so, enjoy it? That is really all up to the individual and how they view the sport. According to Kendal Hall, a junior, at Canyon Ridge High School, he runs crosscountry to stay in shape, and also because he really likes to go running. When asked if he thinks crosscountry is the toughest sport his answer was definitely, yes. So maybe crosscountry is not as bad as it is usually made out to be, it all depends on the person. The only way to find out for yourself would be to come to a practice and give it a try, that is if you dont mind eating cross-country runners dust! As the season comes to a close with less than ten games to go, the MLB is seeing themselves in a showdown. Only two teams clinching their divisions as of today, the Phillies and the Brewers. Everyone else for now has a shot at the one thing all professionals dream about, the playoffs. In the American League (AL) wild card race Boston leads Tampa Bay by two games, and the Angels by four as. In the National League (NL), the Atlanta Braves, the St. Louis Cardinals, and The San Francisco Giants are all tangled up within at least four games of each other. With an average of nine games left between all the teams anything is possible. The division leaders are the Yankees, Tigers, and Rangers in the AL, and the Phillies, Brewers, and Diamondbacks are at the top of the NL. With an average of a 7.5 game lead on each division and only nine games left in the season teams better buck up and find it within themselves to endure to the end. The highly favored Philadelphia Phillies have gone 5-5 in the last ten games to push out their lead on their division which they have already clinched. It is smooth sailing and preparation from here on out for the World Series candidates. The New York Yankees on the other hand find themselves leading the Red

Austin Schmahl, senior, says that, The Sharks will go all the way. Setoguchi and Pavelski will lead the team to victory. The western champion Vancouver Canucks will return stronger than ever. They have strong offensive and defensive lines with plenty of depth. Daniel and Henrik Sedin, along with Roberto Luongo in the net, will result in a well-structured and efficient team. These teams will be the main powerhouses in the West, but will be contested by other teams such as the Detroit Redwings and the Chicago Blackhawks. The East is the division of debate this season. Nearly every team in the conference has different abilities to offer. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals will be huge offensive threats in the coming year. The Penguins did surprisingly well last season

without their star player Sidney Crosby (who they lost to injury), and with him back in the game, there may be no stopping the Penguins. As for the Capitals, Ovechkin and Backstrom will succeed in redeeming the team of the Conference Semi-final loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning from the previous year. Lastly, we have the returning Stanley Cup champion powerhouse, the Boston Bruins. Tim Thomas and Zdeno Chara will provide the team with an outstanding defensive base, while players such as David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron will lay down goal after goal. Although certain teams will standout, the National Hockey League is unpredictable. Every team in the franchise is not only capable of upsets, but is also capable of achieving greatness for themselves.

The Crimson line dancers have practiced all summer long. Their talent is remarkable with 6 out of 9 who have had past dance experience and they have made huge progress towards being great. They have recently added 5 new members to their team. Their first performance was September 2, 2011 at the first varsity home game. They will be performing at varsity and junior varsity half time shows. The Head Coach is Natalie Free and the Assistant Coach is Jashell King. The Captain of the dance team is Nicole Savage with Kylee Wallis

Kylar Moore Staff Writer

as Co-Captain. Not only do they perform at basketball and football games, but they also go and compete at competitions anywhere from Pocatello to Boise. They have been working hard and making progress throughout the year and will be at a handful of halftime shows this year. Bayley Seigworth, sophomore, said, The dance team is a great way to get involved with the school and make new friendships. Head Coach Natalie Free said, Want to see a story watch us dance. Its obvious the dance team is very focused and determined to be the best. Their hard work deserves to be watched by all.

Aaron Burton Staff Writer

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Marney Tripp working her way down the hill trying to catch up to the other competitors.

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Canyon Ridge and Twin Falls runners trying to get a comfortable lead at the beginning of the race.

Sox by 4.5 games. With a 4-6 record the last ten games they will have to shape up and tough it out to make sure their rival team does not pass them in the chase. Watch out for those under par teams such as the Giants who come only five games behind their division and four games behind a wild card spot. Last year proved to be a shock to the world when the least favored team in the playoffs went to win the 2010 World Series. They have the bats and they have their freak, Tim Lincecum who seems to always play the part of savior for the team by the bay. They need to prove to themselves that it is now or never to show last year was not just a ray of luck. The Rangers who found themselves falling in the World Series last year only to have their heart broken are hungry for the chance to redeem themselves. At the top of their division and up by 4.5 games they have had the opportunity to do exactly that. Watch out for the Rangers because they have a bone to pick with the National League, and they are coming in hot. Who will go to the playoffs and ultimately win the 2011 World Series? Cody Gates says the Yankees are a shoe in, they have already won the most World Series (27) and they will not stop now. It will be determined soon enough and bragging rights will begin come November.