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Entrepreneurship Management

Nishant Parashar , Hanish Singla , Nishit Pal , Manvi Gupta (MFT 2010-11) 9/15/2011

Business plan
Company Name: - Memoirs Company Business: - To communicate feelings with loved ones. Mission Statement: - To become an integral part of all the joyous occasions of the families Vision statement: - Made of them, for them -with elements and expressions unique to their world.

Service:1.) Description: - A fantastic opportunity for someone to make a personal statement to their families and loved ones, to communicate feelings and love that is never broken but sometimes unspoken. 2.) Consists of: - memoirs require talent for filming and editing but it is an enjoyable work and is fairly straightforward. One needs to travel to various locations to film such as the place where the client`s marriage took place or where they first met or any other place of utmost importance in their life. A soundtrack could be included perhaps featuring the client`s favorite songs. 3.) Fees charged: - It all depends on one`s filming time and expenses but a basic rate of 6,000 INR can be charged for a one hour video. Market:1.) Trends: - People usually go for filming only on their marriages or any other functions. But Lamhaa provides them opportunity to capture and revive their past memories in an utmost loving manner to reignite the lost love in a relationship or show one`s love and care towards their family. 2.) Target market segment: - upper middle to high class. Mostly working people who are too engaged in their job to take out time for their loved ones. 3.) Projected size in dollars:Land: - SCO 125 SQ YARD (SHOP CUM OFFICE) Land Rate: - 25,000/ SQ YARD Address: - SCO 61-62 SEC 14 OLD DLF GURGAON HARYANA INDIA

Working Days: - Office timings Mon to Sat 9am to 6.30 pm Service available 24 *7 Booking 3 days prior Payment Mode: - Net banking / Cash/ Credit card with 50 % payment payable at time of booking.

REQUIREMENTS:1. Equipments: - 2 SONY CAMCORDERRS HDR XR 160E Price range- Rs 40,000 2. Laptop:- 2 dell laptop Inspiron Price: - Rs 35,000/ laptop 3. Furniture :- Ten table chair all accessories approx.( Rs 10,000) Distribution:1. Sales channels :- through brick and mortar concept Telephone booking, internet booking 2. Customers:- Memoirs is one stop shop for capturing all your nostalgic moments, Our target customers will be working people who are too engaged in their jobs and dont get time for their dear ones

SWOT ANALYSIS Strength:1.) Re living the moments that have passed away. 2.) An entirely different concept for uniting the families. 3.) An everlasting treasure. 4.) The best gift for your loved ones for the present and future. 5.) Preserving the moments in a most effective and loving manner. 6.) Exclusivity

7.) Custom made gift. Weakness:1.) Low initial profit. 2.) Limited clients. Opportunities:1.) High demand for personalized products. 2.) A rejuvenating way of reducing the monotony in life. Threats:1.) A high competition from other personalized products like coffee mugs, cushions, books, with imprinted photos etc. 2.) People who make videos for marriages and parties. 3.) Government policies 4.) Societal norms

Team:1.) Managers 2.) Technicians 3.) Video recorders 4.) Video editors 5.) Receptionist 6.) Personnel workers

Policies: - as it comes under the entertainment policy As per the govt. norms Service tax implied is: - 10 %

Vat: - 12.5 % Inclusive of all the taxes and charges implied. Project implementation period:The project started will take about 3-4 months to get implemted.

First month:1.) Location set up. 2.) Buying of the land. 3.) Finalizing the staff 4.) Finalizing the interiors Second month 1.) Finalizing the sales channel. 2.) Deciding the advertisement budget. 3.) Planning the profit margins. 4.) Buying the equipments Third month:1.) Putting advertisement in the local shops and newspapers. 2.) Finalizing the initial working radius. 3.) Giving video man training for special recording. 4.) Starting with the project.