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Tuke some tIme out und veud

tLese beuutIIu! wovds cuveIu!!y.

Iutev, veI!ect on wLut you Luve
Just veud.
Suve!y you wI!! undevstund u !ot
oI tLIngs.
nffor somo monfhs nf fho
fncuIfy of modIcIno, fho
rofossor gnvo us n fosf.
IoIng n good sfudonf, I
quIckIy nnsworod nII fho
quosfIons. nII, buf fho Insf:
Whnf Is fho bnfIsm nnmo
of fho mnId of our InsfIfufo
IIrsf !osson
I hnndod ovor my fosf nor,
IonvIng fho Insf quosfIon
unnnsworod. Jusf boforo fho
Iosson ondod, nnofhor
sfudonf InquIrod If fho Insf
quosfIon wouId bo mnrkod.
CorfnInIy!", fho rofossor
roIIod. You wIII moof mnny
ooIo In your IIfo. AII of
fhom wIII hnvo somo dogroo
of Imorfnnco.
IIrsf !osson
%hoy wIII dosorvo your
nffonfIon, ovon If If Is n
sImIo smIIo or n sImIo
I novor forgof fhIs Iosson.
nnd wonf on fo Ionrn fhnf fho
bnfIsm nnmo of our mnId
wns MnrInnnn.
IIrsf !osson
$ocond !osson
On n rnIny, fomosfuous
nIghf n coIourod womnn
wns sfnndIng on fho
Hor cnr hnd brokon down
nnd sho dosornfoIy noodod
Wof fo hor coro, sho
sIgnnIIod fo fho nssors by.
$ocond !osson
A whIfo young mnn, ns If
unnwnro of fho rncInI
confIIcfs fhnf foro nnrf
AmorIcn In fho 60s, sfood
fo hoI hor.
Ho conducfod hor fo n snfo
Inco, cnIIod n mochnnIc nnd
hnIIod n fnxI for hor. %ho
womnn soomod foo much In n
hurry, buf dId nof forgof fo
fhnnk hIm nnd fnko down
hIs nddross on n Ioco of
$ocond !osson
$ovon dnys hnd nIrondy
nssod whon somoono
knockod nf fho door of fho
young mnn.
%o hIs onormous surrIso, If
wns n courIor wIfh n hugo
nckof fo doIIvor n bIg
coIour %' nIong wIfh n nofo:
Mnny fhnnks for hoIIng mo
on fho rond fhnf nIghf.
$ocond !osson
%ho rnIn hnd comIofoIy
dronchod mo nnd my souI
whon you nonrod.
%hnnks fo you I wns nbIo fo
ronch my dyIng husbnnd jusf
In fImo.
Cod bIoss you for hnvIng
hoIod mo.
Mrs. KIng CoIo"
%hIrd !osson
$omofImo ngo, whon fho Ico-
cronms woro nof so
oxonsIvo, n fon-yonr oId boy
wonf fo nn Ico-cronm nrIour.
WhIIo sIffIng nf fho fnbIo, ho
nskod fho wnIfross, How
much doos n $undno cosf
50 confs, sho roIIod.
%ho boy fook ouf hIs monoy
from fho ockof nnd bognn
counfIng If.
%hIrd !osson
WoII, how much doos n
sImIo Ico-cronm cosf".
%horo woro ofhor ooIo
wnIfIng fo bo sorvod, so fho
wnIfross bognn fo gof n IIffIo
"35 confs!" sho roIIod
nbrufIy. %ho boy counfod hIs
monoy ngnIn nnd snId:
IIonso gof mo n sImIo Ico-
%hIrd !osson
%ho wnIfross sorvod hIm fho
Ico-cronm nnd hIs bIII. %ho
boy nfo hIs Ico-cronm, nId
hIs bIII nf fho cnsh counfor
nnd Ioff.
Whon fho wnIfross wonf fo
cIonn fho fnbIo sho bognn fo
cry. for fhoro, In fho cornor
of fho Info, woro l5 confs.
hor fI.
%ho boy fook n sImIo Ico-
cronm Insfond of n $undno so
ho couId Ionvo n fI for hor.
If you hnvo novor oxorIoncod
fho dnngor of wnr or fho
soIIfudo of ImrIsonmonf, fho
ngony of forfuro nnd hungor,
you nro much nhond of fho
500 mIIIIon ooIo who IIvo In
fhIs worId.
If you hnvo food In your
rofrIgornfor, cIofhos fo wonr, n
roof on your hond nnd n Inco
fo sIoo, you nro rIchor fhnn
fho ?5 of fho ooIo who IIvo
on fhIs Inrfh.
If you cnn go fo your Inco of
worshI wIfhouf boIng
fhronfonod, nrrosfod, forfurod
or kIIIod, you nro IuckIor fhnn
fho 3000,000,000 orsons of
fhIs worId.
If you hnvo monoy In your
bnnk nccounf nnd your wnIIof
nnd somo Iooso chnngo In
somo IIffIo box, you nro ono of
fho worId`s 8 woII-fo-do
Somebody suId ut some tIme:
Wovk ns If you hnvo no nood
of fho monoy.
Iove ns If nobody ovor mndo
you suffor.
unce ns If nobody Is
wnfchIng you.
SIng ns If nobody Is honrIng
IIve ns If fho InrndIso woro
on fhIs Inrfh.