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Business Orchestration with S&OP

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) in its essence is not new. Companies have been utilizing its core concept of collaborative planning over two decades to balance demand & supply and to keep the business in-control. S&OP has become arguably the #1 improvement initiative in many companies. Beyond its quantitative benefits, improved coordination among senior management brought by S&OP has rapidly advanced its adoption across industries. In recent times, S&OP has been utilized to synchronize operational-financial metrics, project future earnings and continuously reposition the business. These issues have always been important but in current times, they are critical and a matter of survival for many companies!
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Solution Description S&OP has many meanings in the industry. We look at S&OP as a process centric business capability utilized by senior management to drive a companys integrated planning and performance management.
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The gap between leaders and laggards will increase faster in current times before the laggards disappear.

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Irrespective of the industry or the attributes of a companys value chain, an effective S&OP capability has the following three key characteristics:

1. 2. 3. It proactively balances demand and supply; first at aggregate level, and then product mix level. It translates the operations data (units, analysis & performance) in financial terms; and vice-versa. It provides executives, the capability of proactive decision-making to ensure operating plans across ALL functions are in-sync with the companys business plan.

planning & performance management is the key to winning in uncertain times!

Starting with this anchor viewpoint, iLencer builds custom capability for its clients to orchestrate business with integrated planning and performance management. Implementation Options We understand that every client is different, and each one has unique needs & preferences about utilizing consultants. The relationship becomes even more sensitive for critical business processes like S&OP. Weve build flexible engagement options that align with the business needs of most clients. Utilizing our toolkits, well tested approach and our experience, we can help you achieve the goals of your S&OP efforts better, cheaper and faster! Client Scenario Increasing iLencer Responsibility S&OP working well, need to refine job design or enhance teams SC planning, S&OP skills Client want to implement S&OP themselves S&OP working decently well, need to enhance Need to evaluate organizational capabilities & readiness before committing to an S&OP initiative Need help putting together S&OP vision and strategy to achieve it Need help building S&OP capability, or need help getting a new capability implemented & adopted effectively Need S&OP partner to drive the business transformation initiative iLencer Solution/ Project Type S&OP Excellence with Right Talent S&OP Learning Programs Do-it-Yourself Toolkit, & On Demand Consulting S&OP Adoption Excellence S&OP Readiness Assessment Supply Chain Assessment Right Starting the S&OP Program S&OP Capability Development S&OP Capability Implementation Business Transformation with S&OP

How will you keep your business in control and continuously reposition it for success?
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iLencer is a leading S&OP consulting and supply chain talent development company. Guided by our overarching principle of "No-Nonsense Consulting for Business Performance" iLencer consulting services are characterized by clarity of our value proposition. Based in Mississauga, ON, Canada, iLencer strives to be the standard for business consulting anchored in supply chain talent.

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