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Medical Software

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Main value
Organizes, simplifies and automates complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that cover multiple departments; Dramatically decreases operational costs and improves employees' effiency; Increases the company's agility and competitiveness; 360 view over the performance indicators; Increases customer loyality; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners needs; Updates and develops customers' business needs.

Management value
Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.

Employees value
Clean and friendly user interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Provides technical support directly from the application interface; Provides development methods and tools for business flows and entities directly from the application.

The market of medical services is usually facing serious problems due to the lack of funds, overloading, low quality of the services and treatments applied. All these challenges can be overran when the medical units will have access to an overview on the entire performed activity that enables them a better control on resources, clear tracking of the recorded costs at any level (medical unit, section, room or bed), clear tracking of all the provided services, as well as the lowering of the routine work volume for a greater focus on the medical institutions essential activities.

Modules: n Configuration General n Patients n Appointments n Care Unit Polyclinic n Examinations Medical n Treatment Schema n Medicine Family n Occupational Medicine n Emergency Rooms / Admissions n Ward n Ward Surgery n Laboratory n Pharmacy n Investigations Medical n Imaging n & Insurance Contracts n Billing n Management Contract n Network Partner n / DRG Reports n with other Systems Interface n EMR (Electronical Medical Record) n Self Service Portal

The complex activity within a medical unit should rely on a powerful reporting engine and a unique, easily accessible and real time updated information source, regarding patients flow within the medical unit, performed examinations and medical tests or prescribed medication. Besides the care for the patients' health, the medical institutions need a strict inventory management, the reduction of operational costs by quickly recording and accessing the information from a unique information system or the automation of the specific internal processes. Only an integrated information system can contribute to creating a modern, efficient and productive medical environment that is strongly oriented on the patients' satisfaction. Charisma Medical Software is a modular software solution that integrates and optimizes processes, flows, operational and financial activities specific to hospitals, clinics, drugstores and medical laboratories. The product offers the possibility of electronic bids for selecting the suppliers of drugs, instruments, repairs, consumable items or food, while being integrated with HL7 transmission protocol for retrieving and processing data from laboratory analyzers.

Complete end-to-end solution Charisma Medical Software covers all the internal processes within any type of state or private, local or international medical institution, regardless its size or complexity. The experience and expertise of the implementation team The Charisma experts unique experience is based on a vast number of complex implementations in national or multinational medical institutions, integrating and offering business processes and best practices used in the largest hospitals, clinics or laboratories existing on the European market. Advanced modularity, scalability and adaptability Charisma Medical Software modules can work standalone or together, and can be natively integrated with any other ERP, Human Resources or BI solution within Charisma Business Suite. This exceptional modularity, as well as the use of the most modern software technologies and architectures enables a remarkable adaptability to the specifics of any single institution. Furthermore, the integration of hospitals (multiple specialty sections), interfaces in various international languages or multi-currency calculations offers a unique, transparent image on the activity of the institution. Quick and transparent access to the system The latest technology enables secured access via Web, anytime, anywhere. Access is done based on the access rights preconfigured according to the internal security policy of the institution, depending on each type of user involved in the medical process.

Why Charisma Medical Software? The unique expertise of Charisma team, formed after an impressing number of complex implementations in countries from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the exceptional modularity and adaptability of the product, make Charisma Medical Software the logical choice for optimizing the internal processes for any hospital, clinic, drugstore or laboratory, regardless its size or complexity.

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Complete end-to-end solution for any type of medical institution, state or n privately held, locally or internationally localized; The experience and expertise of the specialists, innovators and implementations n team with complete medical solutions that comply with existing requirements; Advanced modularity, scalability and adaptability for any type of business model n or institution; Multi-location and multi-section; n Secured n web access and client applications for each type of user involved in the health care process; Based n on the latest technology as well as native integration with TotalSoft solutions: Charisma BC Pharm, Charisma Analyzer 2010, Charisma Cost Control.

Customer loyalty through better compliance with appointments, online access to electronic records or history of medical data analysis, cost control and processing speed increase, data systematization or integrated reporting inside the informatic system are just some of our strong competitive advantages that we can offer to any medical or pharmaceutical institution.

for the medical

Costs and n resources control through an integrated flow and a complete solution that automates the exchange of information (schedules, patients' electronic records, medical test result automatically transmitted between laboratory and patient/doctor), ensures the accuracy and increases the institution's profitability; Processing speed by quickly n capturing and querying the information through the automation of entire patient or a medical test route; Covers nall stages, from scheduling or recording the patient in clinic/emergency room, recording primary examination and diagnosis, medication prescription, invoicing, lab tests, advanced examination or surgery stage, hospitalization, to the discharge of the patient; Strict control of expenses and n revenues by tracking expenses, revenues, as well as accounting


entries of all examinations and tests performed within the institution; Efficient n inventory management n at drugstore level n laboratory level at each n at hospital or clinic level; Reduced n internal costs with paper, film, space and other physical devices by replacing the physical management of patient records with electronic record (EMR Electronic Medical Record); it ensures the complete management of the electronic records for each patient of the hospital, clinic or laboratory; Complete n management of electronic records for every patient of the hospital or clinic by assuring permanent charge, transmission and update; 24/7 access for doctors to patient n data, visit history, and past and current diagnostics;


for the patient

ncards with points loyalty accumulation and discounts; n online examinations; Non-stop n access to medical data electronic records, as well as for the history of tests and results; Effective n online self appointment scheduling: the patient has a centralized schedule system and receives confirmations and reminders for them via e-mail, phone or SMS.

n Maintaining his/her loyalty through: n online scheduling using secured Web access; n automatic or call-center operator based scheduling; n on time notification correct, about results of the medical examinations and tests (online access, SMS, e-mail, phone); n new services promoting;

6 7

Time management improved by: n n management of the best schedule through elimination of schedule time waste, during a day; n optimization of the average time spent on an examination; n management of hospital flows, management of each section and schedules for surgeries (room, team, drugs); n personnel assignment effective by constant monitoring and increase of operations value of the entire active medical staff, according to the confirmed schedules (via phone, SMS), as well as by tracking peak times within medical unit; A secured, private and controlled n solution by using defined access levels, granted protection and password usage, by checking application traffic on the Internet; Administrative and scientific n advantages through: n of execution/reporting speed of the medical tests at laboratory level; n web access to patient records, automation of result

transmission between the laboratory and doctor and by sending SMSs for notifications or confirmations; n data selection criteria multiple for highlighting the progress of medical cases; Specialized reports and real-time n examinations: n exact tracking of admissions by sections, rooms, doctors, drugs available, quantities and prices; n and complex diagram complete of laboratory tests for the correct management of supplies; n calculation, for each financial patient in record time, by splitting on types of subsidies, discounts or payments incurred by patients; n specialized management by using electronic bid for the selection of suppliers of drugs, tools, repairs, supplies, food; Integration with HL7 transmission n protocol for retrieval and processing data from laboratory analyzers.

The Charisma Medical Software modules can operate independently or together, covering any specific medical activity from the emergency room, appointments, patients files or polyclinic care unit to imaging, laboratory and state reporting. This outstanding modularity and the use of modern technologies and software architectures allow for a remarkable adaptability to the specificities of each medical institution.

General Configuration

The backbone of any medical institution is the organization and structure method of the component units activities . General Configuration Module enables the organization to structure all units of the medical institution, regardless the complexity or size. The product manages the service types offered, medical contracts, dictionaries specific to internal section activities, name and setups of patient rooms. The General Configuration Module can be integrated with any Charisma Medical Software module.

Financial and operational benefits

Increasing the efficiency of operations for each type of medical institution Due to the organization and structure of activity within the institution, the integration of medical units, as well as the decrease of downtime, directly influences the reduction of operational costs; Lower total costs of ownership, quick return on investment Specific unit activities can be quickly automated due to the independent setups of the organizational elements.

We were looking for a system able to meet the clinical, laboratory and hospital needs and, naturally, to offer us features such as the electronic medical record within Charisma.

Calin Glodeanu, IT Manager.

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Each functional module is highly configurable, allowing definition of various required data, according to the requirements of the medical institution, such as: Hospital n data - name, trade code, taxpayer ID, addresses, phone numbers, bank account list, employee list and more - this data will be printed on all documents issued via the application; Application items: drugs, supplies, fixed n assets; Medical n services, medical service categories and sub-categories; Normal n results values; Medical n services results, as well as each result's type; Diagnostics, diagnostic categories and n groups; Medical n contracts, including contracts with the Health Insurance Houses and private companies; Medical n services profiles; a profile means a grouping of medical service, characterized by a lower overall price lower than the sum of services according to the list of prices; Application security by defining access n rights up to field level; Medical n dictionaries: blood types, test tube types, allergies, patient condition at release; Drugs and n the imported drug list, distributed by the National Health Insurance House (Casa Naional a Asigurrilor de Sntate), FDA; Sections, n rooms and number of available beds.


Financial and operational benefits

Reduces costs by eliminating paper Eliminating paper reduces time needed for filling in forms and for sending patient information to doctors, decreasing both administrative costs, as well as operational costs by eliminating downtimes. Furthermore, the illegible writing on documents is not a problem anymore as the information is saved in electronic format into the system; Increases patients' safety Thanks to the automatic tracking of potential allergies, previous medication or through the history of patients' medical problems, the system eliminates the human errors in prescribing the medication and increases the patients' safety; Simplifies the transfer to other medical units Automating the admission and transfer process, to other medical unit, reduces the time needed for filling in the formalities and increases the deliverabily of medical services to patients who need quick specialized interventions; Eliminates human errors By saving into system all performed medical examinations and important personal information, the medical history of patients can be easily gathered and furthermore accessed from a unique database, eliminating human decision errors, due to lack of information.

The significant flow of patients that medical units have raises serious problems regarding registration, viewing and also quick searching of information. The Patients Module consistently manages the data and the patient's file, including disease history, medication and previous treatments. This information is recorded and made available in real-time to the medical staff, thus eliminating human errors regarding medication and administration , thus raising the patients safety.

10 11

Manages n personal data of patients in electronic format via EMR (Electronic Medical Record) features; Enables n the attachment of scanned documents at patient level or patient record, including images or other documents directly retrieved from the medical equipment: electrocardiograms, tomographies, radiologies, echographies; Eliminates n the transfer of physical files within the medical unit; Enables n querying the patient's record: examination history, diagnostics, drugs, provided services, medical test results; Ensures n the management of patients' contracts: private insurances, subscriptions, National Health House.


Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the time needed for scheduling By centralizing all the information regarding the availability of the medical devices or examination rooms, the solution dramatically decreases the effort needed for scheduling by optimizing the time; Increases customers' satisfaction Thanks to the possibility of viewing offered services and online scheduling, customers save time necessary for scheduling an appointment at the medical unit office, and have the possibility to get an appointment based on their preferences, for certain doctors or interest specialties, thus increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to offered services; Increases the efficiency of marketing campaigns Our solution offers promotion of new services, loyalty cards with point accumulation and discounts, generating reports on the efficiency of marketing campaigns. Thus, managers of medical units can focus on the most efficient channels to attract new customers.

Appointments module offers both patients and doctors an efficient schedule management, at the level of the entire medical unit, based on the availability of doctors, loading of the examination rooms or medical devices. The solution allows schedules on multiple locations at the same time, automatically generates waiting lists, reminds of schedules via e-mail, phone or SMS and saves the patient time by offering the possibility of online schedules.

12 13

Defines n the schedulable resources: doctors, examination rooms, devices; Defines n the business hours at date, day, and week level for the entire medical unit; Enables n call center-type schedules on multiple locations and in the same time; Ensures n schedules via Internet, saving customers' time via a simple, userfriendly and easy to use interface; Manages n business hours: defines the business hours, enables blocking a time interval for schedules, and enables the deletion of a schedule and the change of a doctor's schedule; Generates n complete set of reports, such as current appointments, examination sheet, resource schedule or other type of reports requested by the medical unit; Enables n transmission of confirmations and reminders about the appointments via e-mail, phone or SMS; Enables n defining a waiting list, as well as automatic alerts in case an interval is clear.

Polyclinic Care Unit

The complex activity within a medical institution must rely on a unique source of information, easy to access and updated, both about patients and their track in the medical unit, as well as about the performed examinations and medical tests or the prescribed medication.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases patients' safety By tracking potential allergies, previous medication or the history of the patients' medical problems, the system eliminates the human decision errors in prescribing medication and increases patients' safety; Reduces the time needed for formalities By electronically recording predefined forms and eliminating the physical transfer of documents required for the admission or transfer to other medical units, the solution reduces the time spent on routine tasks; Reduces the operational costs Significantly reduces the use of paper, thus decreasing time spent for filling in and transmitting patient information to doctors; Provides high accessibility of information All patient information can be accessed any time, regardless the physical location of patient within the medical unit, and can be easily read; Increases the efficiency of the polyclinic care unit Thanks to the analysis and statistics on the indicators specific to the emergency room, the management of the medical institution can proactively act for eliminating downtimes and for increasing operational effiency.

The polyclinic care unit is no such exception, requiring complete information on the patients who come to specialist's office for examination, as well as the possibility to record all operations carried out within this office: medical tests, examinations, admission, The Polyclinic Care Unit Module integrates the entire activity with the data flow existing in the medical unit, including the examination offices.

14 15

Monitors n the overall activity in polyclinic care unit through integrated dashboard: patients in clinics, patients that are expected to enter offices/collection rooms; Records n examinations carried out for each patient who comes to the medical office, with or without programming; Records n examinations executed during patients consultation: treatments, tests, medical maneuvers, imaging, radiology, functional explorations; Records n all examinations results conducted after medical consultation; Records n and manages the references to other clinical and paraclinical examinations, internal or external; Saves diagnosis and resulted n prescription from examination and alows custom and specific printings; Allows nconfiguration of stored information during examinations, enabling continuous improvement of specialized medical data being saved; Prints patient examination sheet and n saves it to his/her electronic file, which is unique at hospital level; Generates n a series of operational, statistical and managerial reports; Monitors n used materials using Inventory Management Module (from Charisma ERP) that can automatically generate consumption bills.

Medical Examinations

Financial and operational benefits

Increases efficiency of the medical process Thanks to the possibility of adding into a single database any medical information that can be accessed by all users, every patient will be associated with the relevant information about examination history within the medical unit, diagnostics, medication or various complications, thus simplifying the periodical examination process; Reduces costs by eliminating paper Eliminating paper reduces time needed for filling in forms and for sending patient information to doctors, decreasing both administrative costs, as well as operational costs by eliminating downtimes; Increases patients' safety Thanks to the automatic tracking of potential allergies, previous medication or through the history of patients' medical problems, system eliminates the human errors in prescribing the medication and increases the patients' safety; Eliminates human errors By electronically saving into system all medical examinations or other important personal information, human errors that can occur as a result of routine or carelessness are eliminated.

An important activity within any medical unit is the management of examinations. With help of the Examinations module, services provided during the medical examinations and results of medical tests performed after these examinations, can be recorded. Resulted diagnostic and medical prescriptions are saved into the system, and can be later accessed by medical staff. Furthermore, results of medical tests can be also accessed online by patient, if present module is integrated with other modules in Charisma Medical suite.

16 17

Records n examinations performed for every patient coming to the medical office, with or without appointment; Records n medical services provided within the examination session: treatments, medical tests, medical procedures, imaging, radiology, functional tests; Records n all results of the investigations performed after medical examination; Records n and manages referrals to other clinical or paraclinical, internal or external examinations; Enables n configuration of information saved during the examinations, thus offering the possibility of continuous improvement of the type of specialized medical data saved; Saves diagnostic and prescription n resulted after the examination, allowing its printing; Generates n a series of operational, statistics and managerial reports; Monitors n spent materials by using Inventory module, the bill of material can be automatically generated.

Treatment Schema

Treatment Schema Module is intended to streamline the working processes and procedures within the medical unit, offering the possibility to determine a clear workflow that can be applied by all system users. The product increases operational efficiency by streamlining the treatment methodology for certain cases, the user being supported in making decisions based on a previously determined process.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces reaction time Thanks to clear determination of steps needed to be followed in case of certain diagnostics, medical staffs immediately knows what should be done in order to promptly meet the requests; Increases the efficiency of operations Solution streamlines the working procedures in repetitive tasks, facilitating the activity of medical staff and simplifying the process of making decisions.

18 19

n the configuration of procedures Enables to be followed in certain defined medical cases - the working procedure that needs to be followed is set up after determining certain diagnostics. Thus, after the diagnostic is determined by the doctor, system suggests a working procedure; It automatically proposes to apply a n working procedure previously set up for that diagnostic; n Tracks procedure compliance - user has the possibility to follow the steps suggested by the system and that were determined after the setting up of the working procedure; Natively n integrates with Medical Examinations and Emergency Room modules, and procedures launched for a patient can be directly accessed from these modules.

Family Medicine

Financial and operational benefits

Increases patient safety Due to allergy, prior medication or medical history of all patients, the system eliminates human errors in the administration of drugs and increases patients safety; Reduces operational costs Using a computerized system eliminates paperwork, thus reducing the operational costs and time required to complete and archive patient information. In addition, illegible handwriting problems are removed. Reduces the time needed to conduct specific family medicine activites The system includes advanced recording, monitoring and filter features for quick search of all information needed; it automates processes by allowing the configuration of the values that will be automatically filled by the system. Increseas the analysis capacity Thanks to a quick access to updated statements, the solution increases the analysis capacity of the rendered family medicine services, providing transparency in medical facilities, family doctors activities, prescriptions, disease history and all relevant information about patients.

Familiy Medicine Module integrates all specific activities of the primary care with other information existing in the medical unit, providing a unique, centralized and easily accessible overview of relevant information about patients. The product allows business reporting to CAS (Health Insurance House) for settlement and reporting according to standards of SIUI (Single Integrated Information System) and DSP.

The family doctor is the first one being consulted if a medical problem arises. Most specialist medical advices are based on a referral from your General Practitioner, this raising the issue of integrating the activities of one medical room with other offices within the medical unit. Family Medicine module is dedicated to the efficient management of the specific activity of primary care and integration of patient information with other information existing in the medical unit.

20 21

Manages lists of patients registered n with family doctors, including transfers, patient history, referrals, patient data; Records n medical services provided to patients attending General Practitioner: compensated and uncompensated ones; Saves n medical information collected during medical consultations; Records, n prints and validates drug prescriptions: compensated and uncompensated; Generates, manages and prints medical n letters, laboratory or clinical referrals, as well as tickets for admission, taking into account the specific forms; Issue and validates medical leaves n certificates if the doctors have concluded agreements to this effect, and manages patients' medical leaves number of days; Manages the standardized series and n intervals; Provides n doctors appointments calendar management; Allows n the configuration of the visual and operational interface according to specific needs; Collaborates with SIUI 2.0 allowing n offline and on-line mode to import catalogs, custom file import, reporting file export and response file import. Generates any operational, statistical n and management reports, required in family medicine practices, including activity reporting to CAS and reporting according to SIUI (Single Integrated Information System) and DSP standards.

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine Module automates the recording of medical examinations, tests and results for employees from employment and afterwards, depending on the determined periodicity resulted from the specific work conditions. The solution centralizes competency certificates and follows the employees health evolution, being perfectly compatible with SIUI reporting on expense settlement with health insurance houses.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors Thanks torecords of all information addressing the occupational medicine in a consistent, integrated information system, any human errors are eliminated in scheduling periodical examinations or in validating certain persons who do not have the necessary skills to be hired for the requested job; Reduces time needed to run the entire occupational medicine activity Thanks to the features of quick recording, monitoring and reporting of specific information, time spent with occupational medicine operations is significantly reduced, thus decreasing the operational costs; Increases analysis capability Both medical unit and customers have the possibility to quickly assess the results of the medical examinations via centralized reports that offer the upto-date situation of the performed medical tests results.

The occupational medicine represents a legally mandatory step both before hiring, both for the new employee and for the employer. This medical examination should be done both at the moment of employment and later on, with a certain periodicity determined according to specific work conditions. Keeping an accurate tracking of medical visits, medical tests and results, issuing certificate of abilities for an employee and tracking his/her progress are covered by the Occupational Medicine Module.

22 23

Enables n generating and recording occupational medicine contracts based on the employee and his/her profession; Enables n importing the information from other documents; Defines n professional risks, as well as related medical investigations or examinations, according to occupational medicine provisions; Enables n controls, investigation and examination tests based on the risks specific to professions and type of requested certificate (employment, periodical); Plans and n tracks the examinations and investigations required to issue the medical certificate; Prints and n tracks issued medical certificates; Generates n operational and statistical reports, including reports compliant to SIUI (Unique Integrated Information System) regarding the reimbursement with the insurance houses.

Emergency Room

Studies show that over 50% of the hospital admissions are filtered through the Emergency Room. Most cases coming here have to be immediately undertaken by medical staff, because they require quick interventions. An information system can significantly reduce the time needed for the procedures of admission and transfer to other medical units, generating patient condition records in emergency room and recording of examinations and provided medical services.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces time needed for formalities By electronically recording in predefined forms and by eliminating physical transfer of the documents required for the admission or transfer to other medical units, our solution reduces time spent on routine tasks; Eliminates human errors Product saves into system all medical examinations performed from showing up to the emergency room, as well as other important patient information; Provides high accessibility of information All patient information can be accessed any time, regardless the physical location of the patient within the medical unit, as well as the easy reading of this; Increases the efficiency of the emergency room Thanks to analysis and statistics on the indicators specific to the emergency room, the management of medical institution can proactively take measures for eliminating downtimes and for increasing the efficiency of operations.
24 25

Emergency Room / Admissions Module was especially developed to record patients who come to the Emergency Room, to automate generation of patient admission sheet and registration of examinations and provided medical services, as well as to facilitate processes specific to an emergency room.

Records n patients that show up to the emergency room / UPU in a unique database at hospital level: recording date and time, identity card data, the emergency room where it was registered, responsible doctor, condition, referring doctor, disease history, allergies; Generates n patient admission sheets at Emergency Room, which includes all patient information, anamnesis, symptoms, diagnostic list and all medical services provided to patient within the Emergency Room; Records n the medical services provided for each single patient: examinations, treatments, medical tests, medical procedures, imaging, radiology, functional tests; Records n all results from performed investigations; Enables n patient admission into hospital and automatically generates at admission a medical record that will follow the patient during the hospitalization period; Assigns n the patient to a certain room in the section where the patient will be admitted, keeping the list of rooms and available beds in each room; Enables n patient's transfer to other section or hospital; Automatically generates the discharge n sheet and letters to general practitioners; Prints specific patient condition records, n medical records (admission sheet), examination sheet and death certificate; Enables n the generation of operational, statistics and managerial reports.


The ward needs an effective management of admission, transfer and discharge process, recording of examination sheets, management of patients by section, room or bed, information about cost per patient, management of transfers between sections and to Intensive Care unit.

Financial and operational benefits

Efficient cost control Thanks to advanced reporting and analysis features, the management of the hospital has access to detailed cost analysis per patient, bed, room or section level, being able to make punctual or general decisions regarding the efficiency increase of the operations within the sections; Reducing the time consuming routine tasks By recording all information in electronic format, the product eliminates paper, thus reducing the time needed to fill in and transmit patient information to doctors, decreasing personnel costs. Furthermore, illegible writing on documents is not a problem anymore, and potential human errors are minimized; Eliminating the information double recording As information system runs on a unique database, all data are recorded into a single information source that can be easy accessed from any computer within the medical unit; Optimizing the cost per patient By ensuring quick access to complete information about the patients and the administered treatments, the solution enables to minimize the number of hospitalization days and thus to optimize cost per patient.

The Ward Module was especially developed to monitor patients starting with admission into the section to the discharge from section, with all medical data recorded during the hospitalization period.

26 27

Tracking n patient from admission into section until his/her release from section in one of the following ways: transfer to other section within the same hospital, external transfer (to other medical location), discharge (upon request or normal) or death; Changing n the medical record according to specifics of each section; system can simultaneously manage all types of defined medical records; Viewing n and changing medical records of patients admitted into the section. Recording n each medical service provided to patient; Recording n requests for drugs and materials (consumables). Recording n data about the patient progress, as well as about their attending doctors; Printing n patient transfer records and the number of free beds; Printing n food record and data about the diet; Automatically generating medical n certificates and letters to general practitioner; Web-based access to results of lab tests n and examinations for patient's general practitioner and / or for the patient; Generating a list of drugs and material n supplies requisition; Recording n the transfer to other medical unit (other section or other hospital); Issuing noperational, statistical, and managerial and reimbursement reports to the Insurance Houses (including the export to DRG); Recording n patient discharges, their diagnostics at discharge; Automatically generating release sheet, n filling in the epicrisis based on patient condition progress during hospitalization; Recording n and printing the Medical Record.

Surgery Ward

Surgery Ward Module is aimed at operating rooms & surgery blocks and provides users the possibility to organize processes and to collect a data series necessary for reporting.

Financial and operational benefits

Process organization Allows scheduling of surgery wards and necessary medical personnel, thus streamlining the use of hospital resources; Data collecting for surgery wards Allows specific data collection activities conducted under this type of division and the reporting to the DRG system.

28 29

Scheduling surgery wards with multiple n resources of different types: surgery wards, doctors, nurses, equipment; Allows ntransfer to and from the ATI ward or surgery ward from other wards; Allows ndata recording from pre-surgery and post-surgery states; Allows nrecording of performed surgeries with all necessary details: surgery details, surgery protocol, surgical interventions, performed procedures, material usage, prescribed medication, billed services; Allows nviewing of patients electronic data sheet; Allows nworking with closed circuit pharmacy by releasing ledger sheets; Integrates n with Imaging Module: allows the posibillity to view the patients imaging and attached documents; Allows nprinting of forms required for surgery.

The activity within a laboratory involves many key steps: retrieving medical test requests, transfer them to medical analyzers, retrieving results from medical analyzers, validating results and issuing medical test record. In a field where human errors are not acceptable, implementing an information system is crucial for tracking these steps, as well as for transferring results to the interested entities. Laboratory Module automates and simplifies key processes from medical laboratories, stores data in electronic format and eliminates human error.

Financial and operational benefits

Automates the process of medical tests Product ensures automation of processes specific to medical labs, including transmitting the request for medical tests and retrieving results from medical devices, simplifying activities and reducing time consuming routine work; Reduces operational costs Thanks to automation of all operations within the laboratory, the module significantly reduces time needed to perform these operations, having a direct impact upon the operational costs; Eliminates human errors Thanks to using a barcode system, existing from the retrieval of medical tests to the transmission of results, the system avoids any type of human error regarding the route of medical tests within the lab; Transparency on the entire medical activity Thanks to integration with other modules in Charisma Medical suite, the module dedicated to laboratories can provide a unique transparent view of the entire medical activity through a single software application. Laboratory module allows independent installation or integrated with inventory management systems, HL7 and ERP systems.

We may say that, because of the big volume of medical tests, the laboratory is a entity close to the industrial field of activity. 16,000 analysis are processed daily in the eight laboratories. For more than a half of these tests, the result must be ready in three hours. I am talking about the patients in the hospitals, because we have laboratories in six Romanian hospitals, and for those patients the response time must be shorter than the time needed for the ones that come to the ambulatory.

Synevo Medicover Romania

Virgil Ivan, General Manager

30 31

Ensures n automatic retrieving and tracking of requests for medical tests entered from Emergency Room, Examination Room and Section; Allows nrecoding new requests for medical tests, including those in subcontracting regime, but also test scheduling; Tracks requests for medical tests from n patients; Transmits n requests for medical tests to medical devices, requests that can be manually entered or automatically retrieved - the application ensures the automatic use of over 80 medical devices; Allows nrecording results of medical tests directly into the database with the help of the operators within medical test departments; Automatically retrieves results n transmitted by medical devices; the transmission with medical devices is bidirectional; Ensures n validation and modification of results transmitted by medical devices; Allows nadding comments on the medical test results; Uses medical test profiles defined based n on the contracts concluded with the insurance houses or with private companies as subscriptions; Ensures n retrieving requests for medical tests, their transmission to medical devices; retrieval of results from testers is done based on barcodes; Groups n the medical services according to various criteria; Prints the n medical analysis record whose format can be configured according to the preferences of system users; Prints the n index (report pool medical test registry) with performed medical tests; Generates n reports compliant with SIUI (Unique Integrated Information System) regarding reimbursement of medical tests by insurance houses; Generates n operational and statistical reports like the list of medical tests, grouped by department, patient, doctor or other entities wanted by the institution.


Financial and operational benefits

Increases efficiency and facilitates drug supplying operations Our solution completely automates drug supplying based on identification of stocks and drug requisition, thus reducing time spent for inventory management and attracting the reduction of the resources needed to run this process; Eliminates human errors All transactions are automatically recorded into an integrated information system, preventing human errors in the wrong planning of drug replenishment or wrong assignment by section; Increases the reaction speed to drug supplying Thanks to daily, automatic update of the inventory, all information is centraly available, at each and on the entire medical unit level, enabling proactive drug replenishment decisions, eliminating risky situations for the patients when medical unit does not have available required drugs; Minimizes drug loss By operating the outputs transactions from the warehouse in the format set up by the medical unit, Pharmacy Module minimizes drug loss generated by their effective end dates, optimizing consumption and replenishment, and having an impact upon growth of the operational efficiency.

Without a proper information system, the management of drug inventory available in each medical unit, but also requisition pick up ,for each section, and releasing of drugs according to requisition can raise problems. Pharmacy Module solves all these problems and also enables the traceability of all medical documents involved in this activity.

32 33

Manages n drug inventory regarding the quantity and amount; Records n all standard transactions into system: recording purchasing invoices, generating reception protocol (NIR), generating transfer note, cassation note, bill of materials, drugs manufactured by the medical unit; Manages n the drug inventory by section, clinic, emergency room or UPU, while the warehouse being replenished with daily drug requisition, depending on the number of existing patients in section; Assigns n each drug in inventory with a series of features that enable its quick identification; Manages n the reserve drug stock for emergency room or UPU, based on prescriptions issued by doctors and saved into patient admission sheet or medical records; Issues drug purchasing requests; n Issues bill n of materials based on drug reservations; Releases n from inventory, depending on different criteria, according to specific or preference of each medical unit: patient, prescription sheet, prescription; Manages n drugs prepared within the hospital's drugstore through micromanufacturing sub-module; Enables n use of all operation methods for inventory releases: FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, STD, instant CMP, and global CMP; Manages n reports specific to relationship with Insurance House, entirely complying to its requirements, and a series of standard reports, such as the quantity and value drug consumption analysis by patient/section/hospital, consumption report, inventory, balance sheet, timesheet, drug inbound; Allows nexport of all reports specific to the relationship with funding entities or industry authorities, as well as standard reports; Issues drugs based on national n programs, based on the quasi-opened regime (e.g. the drugs for diabetics are only issued by the County Hospital).

Medical Investigations

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the operational costs Thanks to automatic saving into system of results of radiology departments in electronic format, routine tasks and downtimes are reduced, as well as operational costs due to elimination of physical files difficult to be handled or transmitted from one section to other; Increases efficiency of the diagnostic process The system provides the necessary tools for interpretation and recording of medical results; Reduces the time needed to access the images Results of the radiology section electrocardiographies, radiologies, tomographies, radioscopies, ecographies or other specific medical tests - are automatically attached to the patient record so that medical staff can quickly access, at any time, relevant patient information.

The medical unit handles an important number of electrocardiographies, radiologies, tomographies, radioscopies and ecographies daily. Saving them in a unique integrated information system that can be accessed at any time by specialized medical staff, but also automatically matching these results to patients is a requirement that can be covered through Functional Tests and Investigations module. This module automates the radiology departments by allowing to automatically attach the results to patient record.

34 35

Automatically retrieves any type of n medical tests - electrocardiographies, tomographies, radioscopies, ecographies - and saves them into the system; Automatically attaches the results of n radiology section to electronic observation patient sheet , enabling its printing and archiving; Allows npublishing on the Web the data received from equipment, in order to be viewed by general practitioner or sent to other hospitals; Enables n viewing and adding comments over the image received from the equipment; Provides n recording the examination details, performed procedures, spent materials; Issues consumption reports, taking into n consideration various criteria: patient, period, location.


The Imaging Module provides complete management of images resulted from medical investigations, ensuring the communication with medical devices via DICOM protocol. The product ensures centralized retrieval and storage in a unique database, archiving and indexing of images, and quick access to images resulted from medical examinations at the level of the entire medical unit.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces operational costs Thanks to the recording into electronic storage systems, our solution eliminates the need for radiology films required for traditional storage process, thus significantly reducing operational costs; Increases the efficiency of the diagnostic process Oursolution instantly makes available images resulted from medical examinations to the tools required for interpretation and recording of all images. By automatically indexing images, system prevents human errors that can occur due to carelessness in traditional storage; Reduces the time needed to access the images Using this feature for quick image storage directly into the Electronic Patient Record, the medical personnel has quick access at any time to images resulted from medical examinations.

36 37

Ensures n communication with the medical devices via DICOM protocol; Archives n and indexes the images received from medical devices and transmits them to the doctor for interpretation or viewing; Enables n the registration of diagnostic based on the images received and processed from the medical devices; Ensures n quick and secure access to these images directly from the Electronic Medical Record.

Contract and Insurance

Contracts and subscription agreements with customers, pricing and promotional campaigns conducted by health units directly influence its operational efficiency and profitability. Contracts and Insurance Module was developed specifically to enable subscription and customer contracts, medical insurance and relationship with National House of Health (CAS) management and the automatic recording of services provided under contracts or promotions.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors Due to automatic billing calculation process which takes into account contracts, subscriptions and promotions for customer in the system, human errors are eliminated from the billing process; Reduces the time necessary for client and insurer contract management With the introduction of information into an integrated electronic system, the product allows monitoring and rapid reporting of any specific information. Moreover, it ensures reduction of operational costs by eliminating paper, thus reducing also the time necessary for saving complete customer information; Enhances analysis ability Medical unit management has the opportunity to assess the healthcare efficiency through detailed and updated reports on the status of relations with insurers and clients.

38 39

Management of all insurance contracts n concluded by the medical unit with natural or legal persons: n Subscription contract type; n Pay service contratct type; n Occupational contract type; n Non-standard contracts that allow introduction of any number of contractual clauses (e.g. a contract providing a free first medical service, the following two with a certain discount and following with full payment); Provide n support for establishing the pricing policy regarding subscriptions and medical services; Allows ndata base management considering each client contract; Provides n direct import of subscribers list from the Excel application; Allows na configurable billing for each client, taking into account the type of contract concluded with the medical unit.


The billing process has a direct impact upon the organization's revenues, and is directly affected by the ability of the medical unit to correctly identify the provided services, their related prices, taking into consideration the already existing contracts or subscriptions. The Billing Module covers the reimbursement process with suppliers, customers and patients, based on information in system and thanks to possibility of interfacing with any accounting and financial system.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors Thanks to automation of invoice calculation according to provided services and related prices predefined in system, thismodule eliminates any human error in the billing process; Increases the value of receipts Thanks to the automatic billing, based on the contracts saved into the system, minimizes the risk of forgetting to generate the invoice; Increases analysis capability The management of medical unit has the possibility to assess efficiency of operations through detailed reports and accurate up-to-dated statements of invoiced/to be invoiced amounts vs. collected/uncollected amounts.
40 41

Automatically identifies contracts based n on which invoices should be issued for customers and suppliers; Automatically generates invoices taking n into account contractual clauses and their terms; Identifies n precise value to be billed, according to services provided to customers; Generates n fiscal receipt or invoice for patient; Enables n integration with cash-registers; Ensures n printing of receipt slips; Easily integrates with any other n accounting and financial systems and natively integrates with Charisma ERP system.

Contract Management

Contracts with suppliers directly affect operational efficiency and profitability of the medical unit. The possibility to benefit from or to offer a loyalty policy based on discounts, the management of all the contracts and the accurate tracking of purchasing invoices are critical in supplier management field.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors Thanks to automation of invoice calculation according to services provided by partners and contractual prices predefined in system, related to these services, system eliminates any human error during billing process; Reduces time needed to manage contracts with suppliers Thanks to recording the information in an integrated electronic system, the product enables a quick monitoring and reporting of any specific information. Furthermore, operational costs are reduced by eliminating paper, thus significantly reducing the time needed to fill in and save the information about suppliers; Increases analysis capability The management of the medical unit has the possibility to assess the efficiency of the operations through detailed up-to-date reports regarding the situation of the relationships with the suppliers.

The Contract Management Module was especially designed to meet these needs, enabling contracts management with collaborating doctors or medical service providers.

42 43

Enables n the generation, management and saving of execution or recommendation contracts; Defines n discount policies based on flat price or percentage; Generates n purchasing invoices and enables the integration with any other ERP accounting and financial system; Enables n the calculation of discounts based on configurable algorithms, taking into account the price list or preferential price agreed under the contract.

Partner Network

The area of medical services has increased its diversity very much, and there are only a few medical units that can cover the entire range of services requested by customers or patients. Most of the times, a part of these services is outsourced to specialized partners. The management ofpartners and services provided by them on behalf of the medical unit where the patient shows up is extremely important in order to have an accurate up-to-date image that is directly reflected into revenues and expenses of the medical unit. The Partner Network Module was developed specifically to meet the needs of health facilities that provide complex services through a network of specialized partners. The solution records the examinations conducted by partners, ensures quality supervision of services according to contract specifications and automates the settlement process by generating detailed reports for supervision, optimization and simplification of relationship with partners.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors during the process of calculating the amount of provided services Thanks to the automation of invoice calculation according to the services provided by partners and contractual prices predefined in the system, related to these services, the system eliminates any human error in the billing process; Increases the value of receipts Thanks to the automatic billing, based on the contracts saved into the system, the product minimizes the risk of forgetting to generate the invoice; Increases the capability of analysis The management of the medical unit has the possibility to assess the efficiency of operations through detailed reports and accurate up-to-date statements of amounts settled with partners.

44 45

Identifies n the patients requesting services based on the contract signed by the partner and medical unit; Records n the examinations performed by partners: diagnostics, services, medical tests; Ensures n service delivery according to contractual provisions, and these can be accessed from the system any time; Generates n the settlement report between partners, based on information saved into the system regarding provided services, and according to contractual provisions; Generates n purchasing invoices based on the information saved into the system.

Reports / DRG

The Reports / DRG Module is an extremely robust and flexible module that offers a centralized, transparent view of all the operations performed within the medical unit. The product generates detailed reports, statistics and analysis on the financial or nonfinancial performance indicators. The lack of a reporting module decreases with almost 50 % the efficiency of an information system that would strictly limit itself to recording data into the system.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases analysis capability The possibility of configuring reports, as well as desired performance indicators according to specific or preferences of each medical unit, enables medical personnel to analyze in real-time the financial progress of the medical unit, as well as various nonfinancial indicators such as customer satisfaction or loyalty, efficiency of schedules and availability of beds, progress of drug inventory or other useful data; Offers an overview on the medical unit Thanks to detailed analyses of financial or nonfinancial performance indicators, the management of medical units not only holds updated situation of operations, but also valuable information about efficiency of operations. Thus, punctual, proactive measures can be taken in order to fix or increase the efficiency of the areas that can be improved; Quickly generates updated situations Thanks to the native integration with any other module in Charisma Medical Suite, the Reports / DRG Module quickly retrieves any type of information, regardless the desired level, and displays it in a userfriendly and easy-to-use GUI.

46 47

n a wide range of standard and Generates operational reports, including reports compliant with SIUI (Unique Integrated Information System) regarding reimbursement with the insurance houses; Statistical n reports: number of patients in the Emergency Room, number of admitted patients, transfer sheet; Operational reports: patient condition n record, medical record, medical test record, drug registry, discharge sheet, letter to general practitioner at patient's discharge, daily patient transfer sheet; n Managerial reports: hospitalization cost per patient, admission / discharge registry by sections / periods, diet record, examinations by period/location; Reports n needed to track the quality indicators of hospital, such as morbidity report by period, performed surgical interventions, number of procedures performed per patient; Enables n export of medical records selected by certain criteria for reporting to DRG or DSP.

Interface with Other Systems

Working in a medical unit involves interacting with various information systems, be they internal or external, which manage vital information for the medical unit. Therefore, eliminating human errors caused by an incorrect information acquisition and storing them in a manner allowing quick access is important for any doctor. In addition, it is essential that all data is accessible through a single management interface.

Financial and operational benefits

Eliminates human errors Automatic acquisition of medical results from other systems used in the medical unit reduces the risk of human errors due to erroneous transmission of such information; Reduces the time necessary to deliver medical services The automatic acquisition of medical results and ability to access data from other systems used in the medical unit allows diagnosis and treatment determination for the shortest time possible; Enhances analysis ability at organizational level Provides the possibility to integrate the product with systems that are already used by medical organization to assess the efficiency of entire medical establishment and a strong reporting that takes account of the information available in all departments.

The Interface With Other Systems Module ensures integration of Charisma Medical Software with any internal or nationwide computer by integrating the information into a single management system.

48 49

Automatic acquisition of medical results n from external information systems using HL7 communication protocols. This protocol is built on several levels, allowing further extension of functionality. Also, this protocol allows communication over TCP / IP or text files; Allows ninterfacing with other systems used in the medical unit for: n synchronization; Articles n Stocks synchronization; n dictionaries System synchronization; nsynchronization; People n results synchronization; Medical n satement synchronization; Payment Allows ninterfacing with computer systems of authorities and regulatory bodies in the medical field (SIUI, National Health, Ministry of Health, ) at medical services, medicines, lists level; Allows ninterfacing with current and future national systems such as Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Medicines Prescription, National Health Card.

EMR (Electronical Medical Record)

The entire volume of information conveyed in a medical unit is huge and directly influenced by the patients flow and detailed records of their medical history. Implementing a system able to ensure a significant reduction of time access to patients medical information and administration of natural archives costs, the medical unit efficiency can increase by up to 6%. The EMR module (Electronic Medical Record) facilitates the collection of medical information about patients, providing quick and easy access to the information recorded during patients visits (history, physical examination, diagnosis, advice, services delivered, recommended medical leaves, drug prescription, medical services delivered during examinations) and immediate viewing of the medical results references.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces costs by eliminating paper Eliminating paper reduces time needed for filling in forms and for sending patient information to doctors, decreasing both administrative costs, as well as operational costs by eliminating downtimes. Furthermore, the illegible writing on documents is not a problem anymore as the information is saved in electronic format into the system; Increases patient safety Due to a quick access to the patients entire medical history including any allergies or previous medication, the system eliminates human errors in treatment and increases patient safety; Increases the efficiency of the medical unit Significantly reducing the time required for accessing patient medical information, but also administration costs of natural archives by replacing them with an electronic database within medical establishment, may increase its efficiency by 6%; Provides data accuracy By saving all information related to patients medical history and scheduling examinationss in a unique data base, data accuracy and availability to all system users are ensured.

"Due to this partnership, Anima clinics will have a clear competitive advantage, both regarding the efficiency of business operations, as well as the facilities we are able to provide to our patients. The integrated system enables control and cost analysis, thus ensuring us we are efficiently using our resources for the benefit of the customers. At the same time, each patient will have quick access to all the information he/she needs quick schedule system, medical record, online scheduling, "

A&D Pharma.
Robert Popescu, CEO
50 51

Physicians n can access the work program and list of scheduled examinations within a given time and the information can be filtered by: n Examination date; nname and surname; Patient n Examination status; n Polyclinic; n Specialization; n Diagnose; Data related to examinations can be n edited and the following options are available: n Registration of data collected by history or physical examination, recording data specific to specialist examinations, diagnosis, recommendations and prescriptions; n Registration of analyses references, procedures undertaken during the examination and implemented prevention programs; n Registration of allergies and chronic diseases; nscanned documents and Patient contracts viewing; n Examination sheet and medical prescription printing; Provides n access to patient medical history and allows the modification or registration of new medical data such as prescriptions, analyses references, prescription requests from patients, dental charting, messages between doctors regarding the patient, the patients contracts; Allows nthe visualization of medical information recorded for the patient: diagnostic services, vaccines, prevention programs, drug prescriptions, test results, chronic illnesses, hospitalizations, history and other documents; Allows ndeletion or addition of services regarding the analyses; Ensures n recording, viewing and tracking the status of observations made by doctors, other than those made during examinations, which may relate or not to the patient; Provides n a complete medical test results management, allowing recording of results, collection of samples, approval or amendment results, viewing history of results, reporting results and unapproved changes; Allows nthe configuration of medical profile by editing the access data and recording most used items in the system: diagnoses, drugs and services.

Self Service Portal

Medical services delivery can be a time consuming activity, given that it involves a whole stream of activities: scheduling consultations, submitting to testing, diagnosis and treatment determination, revaluation of health status at treatment completion

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces scheduling time By allowing real time visualization of all information necessary for an appointment (physicians, specialist, clinic, time) and the possiblity to make an appointment through the web portal, the patient saves time by not being necessary to go to the medical unit; Reduce laboratory test results transmition time The system allows the transmission of laboratory test results via Internet; they can be accessed by patients directly from a web interface at any time, from anywhere; Increases customer satisfaction Due to the possibility of viewing and programming services online, customers save time as they can be programmed according to their preferences in terms of doctors or specializations, thus increasing their satisfaction and loyalty for the services provided; Facilitates communication between doctors and patients The website allows messaging between doctors and patients, reducing time necessary to obtain a clarification of medical test results or diagnosis; Increases efficiency of the physicians activity View all examinations scheduled in real time and transmit online the diagnosis, treatment or answers to patients questions.

The Self Service Portal Module is a web portal which can be adress by both patients and physicians for fast browsing of the steps outlined above. Through this portal, patients can schedule their visits to doctors, view the results of tests undergone and get details on diagnosis, treatment Physicians can view examinations, transmit test results undergone by patients and answer any questions related to treatment and diagnosis.

52 53

Facilitates n examination planning by patient, the patient having the possibility to establish it through this portal, based on a list of possible options such as city, specialty, clinic, doctor and scheduling time; Allows ncancellation of appointments the patient can filter his scheduling list according to specialty, physician, city and clinic and may choose to cancel any of them; Provides n visulization of doctors working hours patient can view the opening hours of a physician, with a particular specialty from the clinic where he/she wants to make an appointment; Allows the n possiblity to change details of the patient; information such as address, phone numbers, e-mail can be edited; Allows nthe viewing and transmission of test results doctors can record analyses references and their results for each patient and examination; Provides n a complete picture of patients medical history at any time and anywhere, simply by accessing a web browser; Enables n viewing and printing the medical prescriptions - if the patient needs issurance and printing of a new copy of the same prescription for further treatment, module allows the application for new prescriptions; Allows messaging between doctors and n patients, thus facilitating communication between the two entities; Provides n registration and printing of the medical record and prescription by request.

Mobile EMR
Charisma Mobile EMR is a software solution dedicated exclusively to the medical personnel, primarly to doctors and nurses, aimed at easing their access to the electronic medical records (EMR) of all patients, analysis outcomes and diagnoses, regardless of the patients position (emergency unit, room or any other place within the medical unit). The solution can also be integrated with any other medical activity management application that includes a module dedicated to electronic medical records.

Complete overview of received or performed visits new patients, outpatients, assignments, alerts according to case priorities; Integrated patient management data are transferred direclty from the CMS server, and according to changes performed on the PC tablet they are submitted to the system for continuous update; Extended patient history categories the application provides details on patients record such as their position within the clinic (ward, room, bed), case history, allergies and diagnoses, treatment (start date/ end date, drug type/ quantity, administration type/ frequency), laboratory requests (analysis type, processing status, detailed result, analysis report), visit program (date, frequency, doctor, specialty, current status performed/ not performed) or attachments to the observation sheet; Medical report analysis generation and import; Quick database search; definition of new patients or discharges.

Mobile Medical Software

Charisma Mobile Medical Software is an online system that provides mobility, financial and non-financial information to managers of medical units, laboratories and hospitals, with multiple locations, business lines and geographical areas. The application can be integrated both with TotalSofts medical and financial management solutions (Charisma Medical Software and Charisma ERP) or any other similar information systems.

Financial stability indicator per clinic/laboratory performance indicators of each medical unit are analyzed, while differences that must be covered in order to achieve current goals are determined; Advance filter on aggregate revenues according to the clinic or laboratorys specialty (gynecology, ophthalmology, radiology, ENT); Temporal comparative analysis, with advanced displayed data for each specialty the services performed can be viewed: number of patients, visits completed, referrals, information on previous contracts; Detailed financial analysis at service level patients, visits, referrals; Revenues, costs, profitability, number of visits and wards that have performed services according to contracts concluded and breakdown of contract revenues.

Thus, managers can make smart decisions, having access by means of a simple mobile device, to comparative analysis (budgeted vs. done) for each medical unit, overview of prepaid contracts, reports on mostly requested services or doctors schedules on each location, all these data being automatically withdrawn from the information system that manages the entire activity of the medical services provider.

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