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Essay Notes

Essay Notes
Essay on Splice. Question Ideas: Idea 01: What Taboos do people nd disturbing in the lm Splice and where did they stem from? Idea 02: What inuences did the lm Splice, and its contents derive from? Idea 03: What psychological theories does the lm Splice explore and why do they have such an effect on its audience? Idea 04: What message does the experiment named DREN try to tell audiences about scientic experiments and where has this message been told before?

Essay Notes
Bibliography Note: Splice. (2009) Directed by Vincenzo Natali [DVD] Canada, France, USA: Gaumont, Copperheart Entertainment, Dark Castle Entertainment, Senator Entertainment Co.

Penis representation- The rst experiments named Fred and Ginger look like

penises from above. Playing God- Scientists modifying nature resulting in something monstrous. Mother issues from the female scientist - Passing onto the experiment subject Incest Oedipus Complex Monsters Frankenstein References The rst sighting of DREN as Clive cuts it out of the fake womb also looks like a penis, then the next sighting DREN seems to have Hatched leaving the penis shaped esh castrated- could this lead to a hint of the Castration Complex? The reproductive chain of monsters Sexual taboos- Rape Controlling issues Sadistic tendencies- Removing DRENs tail fang

Figure 01. Film Poster: Splice

Essay Notes
Bibliography Note: Freud, Sigmund. (2005) The Essentials of PSYCHO-ANALYSIS. London:Vintage Oedipus Complex Love for the mother and jealous and hostile impulses to the father, this is in the case of both little girls and little boys but differently with girls this situation ips at some point, where she forms love for the father and jelous, hostile impulses towards the mother. This could be present near the end as well as the early stages where DREN initially doesnt like Clive and is clingy to Elsa, then at a stage in the lm where the mother has told her off and the father says they love her, she discards the mother and switches her attentions to the father.. At the end when DREN is male the Oedipus Complex applies as technically it is still mother and child, even with child being a monster, the human element is still there. Page 405 Sadistic View of Sexual Intercourse If children witness sexual intercourse between adults, they inevitably regard the sexual act as a sort of ill-treatment or view it in a sadistic sense. Page 335

Figure 02. Book Cover: Freud, Psycho- Analysis

Essay Notes
Hostility toward the mother A powerful tendency to aggressiveness is always present beside a powerful love, and the more passionately a child loves its object the more sensitive does it become to disappointments and frustrations from that object; and in the end the love must succumb to the accumulated hostility. The special nature of the mother-child relation that leads, with equal inevitability, to the destruction of the childs love; for even the mildest upbringing cannot avoid using compulsion and introducing restrictions, and any such intervention in the childs liberty must provoke as a reaction an inclination to rebelliousness and aggressiveness. Page 422 Incest Connecting to the Oedipus Complex, incest is a result of the love of a mother to son, father to daughter, or even brother to sister. At stages in history incest was considered a normal behaviour and only through the restrictions of society has it become a taboo. Families wanted to keep the bloodline their own but society knew to keep the population healthy it was a wrong thing.The Oedipus Complex comes in where boys have a love for the person who has shown him love for his whole life so fantasises about this relationship in every level, and girls fantasise about reproducing with the father.

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Figure 01. Film Poster: Splice (2009) Splice. Directed by:Vincenzo Natali [Film Poster] Canada, France, USA: Gaumont, Copperheart Entertainment, Dark Castle, Entertainment, Senator Entertainment Co. URL: http:// www.imdb.com/title/tt1017460/ (Accessed on: 12.10.2011) Figure 02. Book Cover: Freud, Psycho- Analysis (2005) The Essentials of PSYCHO-ANALYSIS. London:Vintage. [Book Cover] URL: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres? (Accessed on: 12.10.2011)

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