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Jeff Vankooten is a subject matter specialist on resilience.

Inspiring and helping people to thrive in life and work is his passion, and he does so with a style that is part strategist, part social commentator, part humorist, and loaded with zest. Jeff has presented to a wide variety of public and private organizations in virtually every arena, from the tech sector to nancial services, manufacturing, health care, hospitality, entertainment, retail, legal, and the US government. Always keeping a sharp eye on the future, his work reects his broad experience as an innovator, trendsetter, humorist, and change catalyst.

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Jeffs keynotes provide an arsenal of actionable strategies to engage the radical shifts in the world
Bounce Back and Thrive. Change is wearing down a lot people these days. Its
intense. More complex than ever. But the world continues to pressure organizations and people to improve performance like never before. We need new solutions. In this presentation, I introduce nine new rules for engaging change and managing stress.

The Importance of a Leaders Heart. The inuence of a leader isnt

accomplished primarily through experience, knowledge, or skills. It comes about because the spirit of leadership is so powerful. In this presentation, I give four provisions leaders contribute to deepen meaning and restore hope into peoples lives.

Boldly Go. In order get our bearings in a confusing world we need to orient ourselves
with a new mental map and take bold action in our careers. In this presentation, I use the common language of movies to extract lessons we can apply to the wild terrain of business today.

Liberate your Creative Thinking People who think creativelyhave a sharp eye
for possibilities and gain a competitive advantage. They operate with a spirit of curiosity and a hope for breakthroughs. In this presentation you will learn to tap intoyour innate imaginative thinking to co-create change with the world of tomorrow. Just a few fans
Out of a possible score of 5 in three categories, (objectives, work of presenter, & met my expectations), you scored 4.8, 4.8, and 4.7, respectively. One person even gave you 5+, 5+, and 5+! Lisa Mull, Meeting Planners International Jeff can communicate with the best of them. Hes funny as can be, silly smart, and deeply insightful in his grasp of transitional moments. Jeff can speak, write, challenge, stir up, and calm down his audiences with a gracious vision for the future. If you want deep thought coupled with energizing humor, Jeffs a great choice! Ron Forseth, Vice President, Business Development at Outreach, Inc.

To Check Availability: jeff@jeffvankooten.com